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Morality, ethics and the emotional engagement of populations are in a constant state of change. Only the greed, corruption and treachery of the powerful and rich elite remains the same.
"A good slave works for food alone."

Q of the week:
Q: When is the truth disloyal?
A: The most important loyalty is the loyalty to the truth. The truth is reality.

Volume III Issue 9:
   Is it disloyal to speak the truth about national security secrets? I know no security secrets and doubt that many do. Childishly dramatic conditioned thought responses can be at ease. Those are not the truths I wish to speak. Ironically, the most obvious truths are not hidden but remain less well known than the secrets our paranoid politicians fear will be disclosed. It's no secret that the emerging first world nation of Iraq of the 1980's had its blossoming infrastructure bombed into rubble between 1990 and the present. It's no secret that the American people will pay to rebuild what Americans payed, sometimes with their lives, to destroy. It's no secret that the Iraqi people will pay interest on the reconstruction debt, never owning their country or its produce... or that our government will give the spoils to the corporate masters. That is: we pay with our blood and money on both ends and our masters pocket the profit and do the Iraqis into the bargain. Yes, I imagine that conservative politicians, the only kind we have, preach that it's disloyal to speak those truths about the proven purposes of wars, though they're obviously no secret. The best kept secret I wish to know is this: How will the American people benefit from the appropriation of the Iraqi infrastructure by multinational corporations who have impoverished US already and now seek fresh blood in Iraq?.. in India?.. in Malaysia?.. on the Pacific Rim?.. in Argentina, Chile, Brazil and all over South America, Africa, the Earth?
   Are the stocks of aggressive economic institutions doing well? Can we eat those stocks?

Illusions, Lies and Distractions:
   Does the conspiracy theorist sense something false in government or society, then jump to a conclusion concerning what it might be?... Is it like a person who senses a falseness or childishness in a particular religion, who then seeks a new religion to fulfill their need to remain psychologically secure and dependent?
   Are we deluded about the nature of our society and economy? Can a system be said to be good that requires many to live in debt and poverty, so that a few may have much more than they need or can use? But hasn't America always been the good guy, supporting freedom and democracy and the rights of the downtrodden? Have we ever fought a war of aggression or acquisition? I mean before Iraq. Well, besides the Mexican War... the American Indian Wars... the Spanish American War... the Korean War... the Vietnam War... countless incursions in South America and Africa... many even found WWI questionable. But we still have the American Revolution, the War of 1812 and WWII. Dohhh! I forgot the subjugation of the socialistic Hawaiian natives by right thinking corporate farming interests.

   As the economy becomes more dominated by abstract mechanisms that create money for rich individuals but produce no usable thing... that take from the collective effort and create nothing but suffering and pain for the majority... that are parasites on the body of the human race, the moral issues we really need to face will become more apparent. The rights of the individual are not more or less important than the rights of the group.
   Which should we support the most, collective or individual rights? It seems somehow schizophrenic to me to pit the individual against the collective. Both are required in order to survive as either individuals or as a species. We must do the things that need to be done as group. I must do the things I need to do as an individual. The group needs are dependent on the cooperation of individuals. Individual needs and acts are not truly so if they're dependent on the cooperation (or defrauding or coercion) of the group.
   We all cooperate to make our economy work to provide our wants and needs. The greatest part of the increase due to our collective effort is appropriated by a relatively small number of wealthy con artists. What are their most lucrative frauds? Money lending, banking, brokering of all sorts and insurance are the principal usurious occupations and those which do the most damage to the economy. They are parasitic in nature and dissipative of the collective well being. We need some of these services but they don't deserve to be rewarded like real work. Garbage collectors are more valuable to society than bankers. If both occupations disappeared tomorrow, who would you miss first? Remember, trash collectors take from you that which you don't want. The collective needs, those we all require, can be done collectively on a non-profit basis. Thus they will damage US less than they do at present. The only way to save on hog food is to get the biggest pigs away from the trough. Send them to market and realize their potential value. I wonder if their parasitic greed has any value in a truly private marketplace? We know the only use their "public services" have is to build their individual wealth at the expense of the public good.

Editorial Column:
   Do you think I'm too hard on America? Do you understand that it's not America or Americans that I criticize? The economic elite and their wholly owned politicians and corporate overseers are not true Americans. Their acts of economic treason are the source of most of the suffering and pain in America. Their treachery is the greatest evil on Earth. Much of it is legal. [They control the legislatures.] We must take America back if we're to save it!

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