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Morality, ethics and the emotional engagement of populations are in a constant state of change. Only the greed, corruption and treachery of the powerful and rich elite remains the same.
"A good slave works for food alone."

Q of the week:
Q: Is a visionary a prophet who sees what's coming or what may be?
A: Perhaps. More importantly, the visionary sees what is, with a rare perspective. The view is un-occluded (or at least less than ordinarily hidden) by the illusions, distractions, distortions and lies created by the wealthy elite and propagated by their corporate owned politicians and media.

Volume III Issue 10:
   Righteous morality, just law, a sense of fairness are virtues by which we ought guide our existence. Some believe we do. The not quite but more like reality is: scoundrels pretend to virtue while stealing from fools who live virtuously.
   Donít jump to conclusions! Itís not foolish to live virtuously. It is inestimable folly to act virtuously towards those con artists who use a pretense of virtue to hoard collectively produced wealth. To deal honestly with those who will only distort, distract and lie in order to gain advantage is madness. Yet, unscrupulous politicians and other minions of the economically elite masters count on our sense of fairness to assure the success of their eternal fraud.

Illusions, Lies and Distractions:
   "Shut Up and Sing" the conservative propagandist and subverter of democracy writes. She defends conservative greed and ruthlessness by labeling well known artists who oppose the fascist evil as the elite. This typically disingenuous projection is the only thing thatís genuinely tried and true in the policies of the economically elite rapists of Humanity and Earth. The misdirection produced by the distortion and lie seduces US with the appeal to our sense of fairness more than any other virtue. It is similar to how talking about what a sports star deserves distracts US from the unearned wealth of the truly elite and greedy: the rich masters who own all politicians but control most completely the conservative "mind".
   Conservatives see opposition to their adventurous greed as "Treason". I see economic treason in their businesslike subjugation of America and the world. Profit at the expense of an increase in poverty, pain and suffering for the majority, here and all over the Earth, is betrayal of humanity on a scale never realized by any tyranny since the beginning of history. That is injury in need of vindication. To have some last blush Barbie Doll project the evil of her masters onto the victims of their greed in a misguided and distorted nationalistic fervor is adding intolerable insult.

   When conservatives have distorted an idea, principle, religion, democracy or whatever, to serve greed and economic tyranny by the workless class elite, they cling tenaciously for many generations to "their" corrupted ideologies. Their mind set is a sense of their right to dominate and be served by the rest of US. They possess or are possessed by a demon-like malignant sensation of moral, spiritual, intellectual and genetic superiority. That works well for recruiting most rank and file thralls (the wannabees) but it makes sincere ideologues uncomfortable.
   I feel concern and pity for the true believers. But they lead the rally to make concessions to the conservative evil. To compromise with those who will only consent to place themselves above US, to dominate and be served by US, is to surrender freedom. Loss of freedom is the broadest avenue to pain and suffering; therefore it is the greatest evil on Earth! It is evil for all who participate. Economic domination in a democracy is equivalent to any form of totalitarianism. To dominate others or allow domination of self is Original Sin. Metaphorically speaking, this evil must be eliminated from the gene pool, if we are to live truly. No person, only ideas must die to progress to the elimination of the desire to dominate and be served from our consciousness.

Editorial Column:
   How can you tell theyíre lying? The only true and simple answer would be some sarcastic remark like, "There mouths are open". While it's a fact that what most people say most of the time is not completely true, that doesn't always equate to lying on their part. Most people believe their illusions and delusions. They merely repeat the lies of others with which they've been deluded. Statistically then, and truthfully, there's a high probability of correct procedure if you judge people to be uttering untruths whenever they speak. If only fools are honest, there's no one to be trusted. So dies the hope of salvation.
   Hope lies in the development of a "clear, strong and autonomous" thought... "stripping away the worldly conditioning". Those quotes from the I Ching are easy to understand. Their truth is obvious. Get rid of the delusions (cultivated by the selfish and unscrupulous) and think for yourself. But implementing them in our lives is no easy task. It can't be done in a day. Many can only work toward the goal. One may seek the truth for a lifetime and never quite find it. However, I prefer the unsure path to truth to the certain capitulation to delusion. Now we're back where we started. Instead of "how can we tell when they're lying", you can ask, "what are some of the guideposts on the path to Truth?" I warn you: it's a difficult road. In the end you'll have to find your own way.
   The human imagination holds an image of good and evil, by which we judge our acts but mostly those of others. Even in that sentence there's a conflict between the collective and the individual. Almost anyone who judges an act to be qualitatively good or evil, will also be attempting to influence their own self interest, usually at the expense of the rest of us. When most people tell you what is good or evil, they're also enlisting you in the service of what is "good" for themselves. That selfishness may be furthered by creating cliques of common self interest within the general community. Whether by an individual or by a subset of society, placing self ahead of whole results in an increase in the suffering and pain of many... for the benefit of a few. So, I throw out the qualitative differentiation of good and evil.
   I want no kinds of good and evil. Still I must judge the effects that acts (and words that result in acts) have on me and on the community of humans and on all of life. The way I've found to deal with my paradox is to redefine good and evil. Good is that which aids or is conducive to living. Evil is that which causes suffering and pain and hampers survival. The first law, the law of nature is: "Thou shalt survive"! In order to live we all do good and evil. We may judge our acts and those of others by the quantities of good and evil that they contain for us, individually and collectively. Obviously, by my definition, a thing may be simultaneously good and evil.
   It is not by qualities but the quantities of good and evil that we must judge. If a thing is helpful to my survival and that of the human race and not harmful, it is good. How good it is depends on the measure of the benefit it provides. If a thing causes pain or suffering it is evil. How evil depends on how much pain and suffering it causes (only how much never to whom). We also see by the light of this truth, that the greatest evil that we do is that which we do collectively. Yet we invariably attempt to find individuals on which to fix responsibility and blame for the ills of our society. We will never create a better world in this way. We must learn to fix the problems, not the blame. We must want to see reality truthfully if weíre to know our problems.
   Our greatest problems are not, strictly speaking, caused by individuals. They are certainly not caused intentionally, though they may be the result of the deliberate behaviors of many. They happen none the less. What ultimate evil is responsible for most pain and suffering on Earth? I donít think anyone will argue that poverty is at the root of most pain and suffering. Disease is connected to poverty; the rich can afford health care not available to many: a bigger problem in America than in most of the first world. War results in an end to suffering for some of the poor who have to fight it and enrichment of those for whom itís fought. Poverty or that which results in poverty is the primary cause of pain and suffering. What causes poverty, the unequal distribution of material goods? Many more than those who call themselves conservative would rationalize their greed by having us believe laziness and stupidity are the cause of poverty. Blaming the crime on the victim is a way to place responsibility for collective problems on individuals. But itís not greed or abuse of power by any one individual that results in poverty. No one person could work hard enough to be rich and no one could be evil enough to be responsible for poverty. To be rich one needs to take a little portion from many people. To cause poverty requires the cumulative effect of part of the population attempting to expropriate more than their share of the collective product of the human race. The cumulative effect of individuals acting in their own self interest without regard for and often with malice towards their fellow humans is the greatest evil on Earth. All material goods of human societies, wealth, is produced by cooperative work of the collective. To be rich one must have a greater share of the goods that many people cooperate, willingly or not, to produce. The rich are the result of collective action as much as the poor. To solve our problems we must see them for what they are: collective problems. If we are led into denial by our individual greed, our problems will only get larger.
   Here is one example of the application of the quantification rule for the measure of evil. Though placed in terms of individuals it applies as well to groups. I once stole a pound of cheese from a supermarket because I was hungry. If my theft caused pain and suffering it was on such a small scale that I've never become aware of it. It involved no excess and I stole only what I needed to live. Enron executives, the tip of an iceberg, stole hundreds of millions. They caused and continue to cause a great deal of suffering and pain among thousands of people. They and all who hoard wealth are to be judged grossly evil for the great harm they do to individuals and to the community they depend on to produce all they've stolen. My evil is negligible beside their's. If I and every poor person on Earth stole a pound of cheese tomorrow and every day thereafter, the collective evil we would do would still be negligible compared to the harm done collectively by the rich, to the entire community, every day that they exist.
   The truth is reality. To dissemble or obscure parts of the truth is to lie. Lies, like any other evil, must be evaluated by the amount of pain and suffering they cause. It is never not evil to hoard excess material goods at the expense of the collective or any individuals ability to survive. Most lies, especially the fundamental illusions and delusions, are in the support of the greed of the elite and may be apprehended by following the trail of the money.
   We started by talking about the differentiation of lie from truth. We conclude by realizing that lies must also be differentiated by the quantity of "evil" they cause. The most harmful lies are the rationalizations for evil that are told to us collectively. The pain and suffering caused by the existence of an elite who hoard collectively produced wealth is so great that most other evils are insignificant compared to them. The lies they insinuate into our consciousness, which create a basis for our thought and an excuse for their greed are the greatest evil done to the human race and all of life. How can you tell when the rich are lying? That they exist is sufficient evidence. The wealthy elite, their politicians and the other corporate clones who rule in their name, con the rest of us with any lie that serves to maintain their workless class economic superiority. They are rich because we cooperate with them. Our cooperation is bought with a little money and a lot of intimidation and lies, the greatest of which is that we need them to survive. The lives of the rich are dependent on us and the lies they tell us! The existence of the wealthy elite and their lavishly compensated minions, the intermediate overseers, is an evil that we can no longer afford to overlook or tolerate.
   If you go about speaking these things how will conservatives (reactionaries) react. If they really donít believe such to be true their arguments will be inept and they may grow angry. Thatís because they only know what theyíre told by their overseers. A more intelligent conservative will know the truth and, by first choice, project his own evil onto you. Failing that, heíll attack your character, credibility and self confidence vehemently. Conservatives donít wish the truth to be generally known. It would queer their pitch. If you get the second reaction from a dumb conservative its because heís clever enough to mimic his masters when confronted with something he doesnít understand. If you ever convince one of the truth, heíll likely seek you out for a rematch after conferring with his mentor/controller. If he comes up with a better argument on his own it may be attributed to his thorough psychological and behavioral conditioning.

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