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A G Kaiser
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Morality, ethics and the emotional engagement of populations are in a constant state of change. Only the greed, corruption and treachery of the powerful and rich elite remains the same.
"A good slave works for food alone."

Q of the week:
Q: What is the greatest evil perpetrated on the American People by means of the Patriot Act?
A: Unpublished, unofficial abuses of surveillance tools are the real danger to [life and] liberty perpetrated by the treacherous fools who created the Patriot Act.

Volume III Issue 8:
Illusions, Lies and Distractions:
   Today the government needs to survey email, web sites and maybe your hard disk to be sure you aren't planning a terrorist attack. Long after the latest class of boogeymen have been exorcized from the national consciousness and replaced by some new hysteria, the snoop technology will still be in the hands of the best government money can buy. And even today information irrelevant to the apprehension of the forces of evil but of great interest to your employer may find itself the subject of an unofficial conversation. That phone-call could cost you your livelihood. Many of our politicians and their corporate masters dislike criticism of any kind. They think you should not acknowledge awareness of their scams; you should stay in your place and keep your mouth shut. Theyíre very patronizing. Theyíll abuse their power for personal gain, then claim they had to do it to survive in the business climate they created themselves. If that email to your friend is critical of your employerís downward spiral of morality or some politician who supports corporate freedom at the expense of individual well being and liberty, you could find yourself sacked without knowing (or ever finding out) what hit you.
   Some may smile and say scornfully that such things have always gone on... that Iím naive or paranoid or [by a schizophrenic critic] both. Arrogant posturing words are of no value to anyone. Hypocrisy is the evil corruption that eats away at the human race. Some care only about their personal situation, with no regard for the consequences to those of us who toil creating luxury, while living in relative misery ourselves. These are the corrupt center of our self destructive culture... the "Heart of Darkness". To all greedy, shortsighted fools I say: thereís a train cominí down the track and its headed for your SUV. High tech is gone to the Pacific Rim. Computer programming is shipping out to India. Accounting is moving to Malaysia. Most manufacturing was exported years ago. If they havenít got to you yet, you probably know someone whoís no longer with your firm. Was he or she the critical sort? Theyíre always the first to go. By the time they get to you it wonít matter what youíve said or done. Theyíll laugh at the naive loyalty you hold up like a shield. America will have been successfully looted and weíll be moth-balled, awaiting some final solution.
   Hope springs eternal in the hearts of fools. We still think our masters are going to take care of US. No matter how many times they screw US, we never see it coming! But weíre superior to the ignorant masses at home and to all foreigners... arenít we? We all have someone to look down on, from our grand house on Paranoid Heights.
   But do we believe any of this? Iíve said nothing thatís not taken for granted. Itís the (long ago accepted because what can you do?) baseline for our culture. Weíre so thoroughly conditioned that the truth we all know also sounds like paranoia to US. If mass schizophrenia is normal will we ever know it? I mean, we know the reality of our condition but we're so convinced it can't be any other way that we allow ourselves to be deceived about its quality. We know the facts but wonít face the truth.
   Hark, I hear a conditioned thought response! What say you, Penkoff? What alternative have I to offer? Whatís better than this? Iím telling you weíre on a self destructive economic, ecological and dysfunctional cultural path and you want to know how to tweak it? A boulder is rolling down the hill towards us and you wish to discuss the relative morality of kinds of rocks? Iíve warned you of the danger. I donít care what you do about it. Hang the politicians. Nuke the boulder. I donít care. Just do something. Nothing is better than what we have! That is: chaos, no social order, is better than the virtual slavery of debt and ever increasing poverty. Iím tired of living only to satisfy the greed of the masters. Iím ready for a change. I want the right to a real life that may be lived without taking from others of my own kind. Down with the socioeconomic cannibalism of the past 6000 years! Eschew the ill-gotten gains of economic self consumption. Just say NO to greed!

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