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11:59 AM 2/20/2003

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A G Kaiser
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Morality, ethics and the emotional engagement of populations are in a constant state of change. Only the greed, corruption and treachery of the powerful and rich elite remains the same.
"A good slave works for food alone."

Q of the week:
Q: Do we label leaders morons because we're envious of the rich and jealous of their pampered people managers, like W?
A: I believe the habit to be lazy and the result of poor role modeling more than envy. The ad hominem argument is just too easy in George's case. With conservative attacks on liberals almost exclusively limited to the personal, good people should try to set a better example. It's dangerous to have an imbecile in the white house and we must protect ourselves. I suggest we find a more effective weapon than name calling.1

Volume III Issue 2:
   Iraq is the distraction. But does George know it? I don't think so. He wants to believe a connection with al-Quaeda. He wants to believe there are hidden weapons there. It distracts him from the lost war on terrorism. It distracts him from Osama, who's perhaps hiding in Pakistan.
   Pakistan! In the center of Pakistan live the "Muglia", the descendants of the Mongol hoards of the eighth or ninth centuries A.D. Converted to Islam more than a millennia ago, they're still a fierce and independent people. The Pakistani government is unwilling to interfere in the tribal lands, unless severely pressed.
   Several months ago the army of Pakistan removed a suspected al-Quaeda terrorist from the Muglia territory. That person is in Guantanamo today. Several weeks ago the same army stopped eight Muslims at a check point. They attempted to restrain four of them. The suspected terrorists and their four companions were surrounded by a crowd who took them into hiding. The tribal Mullahs claimed the refugees to be religious scholars and refused to turn them over or disclose their whereabouts.
   Following the previous arrest of the Guantanamo detainee, the democratic government of Pakistan lost 52 seats in their Parliament to the Muslims, led by the dissatisfaction of the Muglia. The government is not responding to any pressure that may be being exerted to interfere further in the central tribal region of Pakistan. They don't want to lose more seats, possibly control of the nation itself.2

   Pakistan, created by British edict, has an interesting cultural history. It was the first part of India to be reached by Muslim missionaries. By the time The Great Khan arrived about the tenth century AD, Islam was well established. The Mongols, called Muglia by Pakistanis, though largely converted to the predominant religion, remain territorially aloof in the central Tribal Lands in Pakistan.
   Should Pakistan, a nuclear power, come by free election to be in the control of the cultural heirs of Chenkis Khan, will George invade to free the world of the threat of their [proven not assumed] weapons of mass destruction?
   Conservative principles demand, as George well knows, that we exert sufficient pressure on the Pakistani government to get those terrorists and possibly Osama himself into custody. If the nuclear arsenal of the democracy of Pakistan, through free election, should fall into the hands of the Muslim descendants of the Mongol hoard, so be it!

   Our tax money goes to corporate welfare. Star Wars is one large example but not the biggest part of the anti Robin Hood American tax structure. George had spent the imaginary surplus twice before the first tax cut passed. Now that the depression, the inevitable result of shortsighted, take the money and run conservative policies, has half killed the economy, George's solution is, guess what, another round of tax cuts for the rich while borrowing against taxes the rest of us must pay in the future, to give his masters more corporate welfare today.
   It's bad enough that the rich have already stolen all the money through the legal and systematic means available to corporate culture. Now they want to use their wholly owned subsidiary politicians to tax our children in the future so they can have more money than yet exists. And they want it today! George has words for everyone but the goods always go to his masters.

Editorial Column:
   The pressure of economic survival, under which most in America suffer, may be accurately likened to terror. The stress of anxiety about job and financial security are the chief products manufactured by corporate terrorists and compulsorily consumed by US. Their price is heart disease and clinical depression for many... purely psychosomatic symptoms for more. Everyone, we're told, is envious of the "successful". So the elite conclude they're justified in continuing to dominate US for their own selfish gain.
   The truth is reality. The truth of the economy is it's the means by which the human race feeds itself and so continues to survive.
   The fundamental economy is about material things... the necessities of survival. We can classify various works according to the material support they provide to humanity. We may say that they contribute to our well being or that they diminish it. Some useful or necessary services may contribute nothing material. Other services are purely parasitic because they're unnecessary.
   The purely parasitic elements in our economy are like a pyramid scheme. This was acknowledged by Adam Smith. He pointed out that the system can survive only as long as markets continue to expand. Like a pyramid scheme with ten lines by ten letters,3 more people than exist on Earth are required to participate in order to make it work. Our economic abstractions produce imaginary wealth just like a chain letter. Banks, stock and bond markets, brokerages of any kind etc. take the material goods we produce without producing any real wealth. In the end they can only bleed us dry. Starvation will be our end, and their's,4 unless the greedy fools wake up or we put them in their proper place. We support them! They do no real work! They are our dependents, though in their infinite capacity for denial and projection, they see just the opposite. The arrogant and pretentious elite are the dead weight pulling down the economy and the rest of humanity, including US.

1I plead guilty to much laziness and labeling in the past and promise to at least attempt to find a more effective means to take down the idiots running the human world... Dohhh!

2My facts on current events in Pakistan are attributable to PBS.

3A ten by ten chain letter requires 1010 (ten billion) people to respond in order to fulfill its promise to the person who started it. More importantly, the money always moves from the bottom to the top. Theoretically, the recipient will spend it and it will circulate. That's more likely to have some effect [Those with newly acquired wealth don't often immediately see that they must start some sort of bank or other financial scam in order to secure a high return on their money.] than trickle down does in the overall economy. The revitalization is hampered as more money is created by the inflationary interest charged on that which is loaned back to us.

4They may be able to cease to depend on us to do their work for them... if we develop robotics or cloning sufficiently for them to survive without our cooperation... Dohhh!

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