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Morality, ethics and the emotional engagement of populations are in a constant state of change. Only the greed, corruption and treachery of the powerful and rich elite remains the same.
"A good slave works for food alone."

Q of the week:
Q: Are Saddam's crimes more onerous than those of right wing terrorists like Pinochet?
A: What a foolish question. Everyone knows that oppressive cruelty by those who oppose U.S. economic dominion is evil, while violent fascism, especially when it labels its opponents terrorists, in the defense of conservative principles of greed, is the price we must pay for freedom... Dohhh!

The Mother of All Lies

   It's no longer about, never really been about, competing philosophies or religions. It's not about variations on the dominant economic theme of a time or place. Nor is it about conflict between existing political systems. It's about the freedom of the ruling wealthy elite to continue to live in workless class indolence, while the rest of us do the work that provides sustenance for the human race. We create material goods. They devise abstract means to steal them from us. If their law or morality fail to acquire the fruits of our labor, they organize us into police, armies and nations to control ourselves. We maintain their suzerainty by staying in the massmind places into which they put us. We're self maintaining thralls... virtual slaves.
   Right now, as at most times in recent human history, soldiers are acquiring the fruits of the labors of our fellow humans somewhere. That is being done for the benefit of the elite parasites who infect all the people on the Planet. I deliberately exclude the wealthy from the human community. They prey on us. They're no longer human because they do no work but thieving.
   Don't condemn the soldiers among us, who do the work of the masters. Like most of us, "they know not what they do." When they confront the counterparts they've been pitted against, they may only choose to kill or be killed. Thou shalt survive is the fundamental law of nature. We all work, most of us unwittingly, for the masters. We enslave ourselves then forget, with the aid of grandchildren of the mother of all lies, its supporting disinformation and propaganda, the true nature of our existence. We no longer perceive reality. We must at least pretend to believe the lies that rationalize their greed. If we don't, it's hard to earn a living. Most, who renege on the birth contract of virtual slavery, die. If the police don't get 'em starvation will. The dead and imprisoned can do nothing to help us awaken to the truth. But the dead of the rich can imprison our minds.
   If we're to be saved we must save ourselves. That starts with awareness of the "Mother of Lies"... the human culture of the past 5000 years and the greed its based upon. No philosophy, morality, economic or political system that's been theorized, invented or implemented in that time is adequate for our salvation. To begin to help find a better way we must first open our eyes to reality. When enough of us are aware of the problem, we can begin to create a solution. The goal is to alleviate suffering and pain inflicted by poverty, which is the inevitable result of the greed of the rich. Ask yourself: How is the "Mother of Lies" reinforced by her descendant, contemporary propaganda?

Volume III Issue 3:
Distractions: Politics:
   Is the freedom of capitalists to monopolize the wealth of our nation and every nation more important than our right to live on the Planet Earth? What deceptions and diversions will be used to distract US from the ultimate issue of conservative policies... the fruits of The Mother of All Lies?
   The defense of freedom, the liberation of those more oppressed than ourselves, "the spread of democracy" are the tried and true in the bulwark of deception that defends the right's right to benefit from our work and that of others around the world, in order to satisfy their lust for power and wealth. That's what righteousness means to them. That's what it meant to Hitler, Pinochet and many others. Saddam is a bully and a tyrant but that's not the crime for which he's being punished. Plenty of brutal dictators have been supported and even placed in power by America in the past and present. (No, we didn't put Hitler in power. We didn't put Bush in power either. They both obtained it fraudulently.) To gain our favor, evil must only submit its population to corporate economic terror of a kind approved by America. That is: American ruling wealthy elite and their British antecedent must get the biggest piece of the pie.
   Peace and freedom are the rationalization for the war of acquisition of the wealth of Iraq. It's not enough that the Iraqi people, not Saddam, must pump and give up their oil for food alone. Now our greedy masters want the entire infrastructure. And they want US to give our lives to get it for them. Aside from the satisfaction of "liberating Iraq", as Bushian propaganda would have it, how will most Americans benefit from the spending of our children's blood?
   The greedy few claim that the capitalist's right to increase profits by sending jobs out of the country, forcing both parents to work to feed the family, in the best case, homelessness and death in the worst, is the foundation of freedom. The owners are liberated by the evil suffering and misery they cause US. But it's treason to Americans that the controllers, through Bush-like puppets, commit. Yet that perverted "freedom", to steal our works, is that which we're defending by attacking Iraq. The irony isn't acknowledged by conservative plutocrats. They aren't aware we're not all deluded. In fact, most of them actually believe the deceptions employed in the perpetration of their scams. Those who are honestly cynical think they're guarding the secret of wealth for the "deserving" few. They believe themselves to be smarter than, stronger than and morally superior to the rest of US. If you don't believe that, read it in the eyes of any of their middle class understudies [wannabes], as they childishly mimic their masters looking down their noses at you. But maybe you think our condescending "betters" are those who protect US? Remember, the shepards are dressed in sheepskins and they eat mutton! They'll only protect their own interests from foreign or other rival predators. And, when it comes down to it, we do the protecting and dying, to preserve their right to prey on US.
   Will there be more jobs and higher paying for the working class and poor enlisted soldiers who're fighting and dying in the war? We're ostensibly fighting to free the world of the threat of mass destruction at the hands of a terrorist regime. But it's the corporate service economy (an institution of economic terror) that benefits. They'll end up owning the rebuilt Iraqi infrastructure1 when they squeeze the conquered and foreclose on the loan securities. India, Argentina, Chile and many more have fallen or are falling to the new [abstract] colonialism. Iraq has been harder to crack. We're now resorting to the tried and true: military aggression. If you believe, as George probably does, the reasons given for fighting in Iraq, you've been deluded by proxies of rich puppet masters. If, when our girls and boy's come home, they grow angry over ingratitude and inequality here and commit a crime of protest against slavery, they'll be imprisoned. And so they'll finally learn what happens to spirited young Blacks and Mexicans who won't stay in their place in America.

   We fight and die to defend the rights of our masters to take the greatest part of the wealth we produce with our hands. The wealthy elite take the profits and pamper the politicians and middle class corporate clone overseers. We who die to support these useless parasites get service economy jobs at McD's not at the bank or the brokerage. Our families suffer. They squeeze the education of our children and the medical care we get, to further increase the profits or decrease the taxes they've never paid their share of to begin with. Those profits, already bloated by exporting the good jobs, will be further exaggerated by munitions and military supply contracts, which produce no permanent wealth2, such as houses or other necessary and durable goods. War is wasteful when waged for the best of reasons. This one's true purpose is for the worst: to feed the greed of the workless class of wealthy parasites. The soldiers and their families will do the work and suffer the pain but won't share the reward.
   We can pretend our leaders are fools who try their best and these things just happen. The consistency of suffering of the majority, who work to provide sustenance as well as luxury for the rich, workless class minority, indicates some intelligent coordination. The politicians and CEOs and certainly the rank and file conservatives may be unaware of the means by which their actions are directed. There may have been no conspiracy to direct the nominal corporate leaders and their politician pets. But they act in unison to take and hoard the material goods which they placed no hand upon during the creation thereof. The political and economic propaganda helps them sustain the system they inherited. We are those who support these parasites. We tolerate them because we believe their lies, not least of which is that we can all be rich if we work hard enough. They tell us prosperity will result from allowing them to rip off more. If we work harder for them we'll all benefit. It always works for them. We never get what they promise.3 But we continue to believe.

Editorial Column:
   The service economy is a conspiracy of fraud that constitutes treason to the American people by the wealthy, through the use of the corporations and politicians they own. In the past thirty odd years the standard of living afforded by the income of the average American has decreased to forty per cent of what it was in 1970. Thirty-three years ago a construction worker or middle manager earned about $20,000/year (probably more because un-clocked hours didn't exist back then). In 1970 I bought a new Oldsmobile 442 for less than $4000. T-bone steak was 89 cents / pound. A new sub-division home could be had for $25,000. Today the average income in America is about $21,000 [1999] with many under $10,000/year. Fifty to sixty thousand dollars per year are required to approach the buying power of one income thirty years ago. I don't care that it was not deliberate. I don't care if we trample on the rights of the greedy few to correct it. I care that its continuation will result in increasing misery, suffering and pain for most of US. I care that the freedom to starve to death is a bad joke. I care that they have the money that we need to survive.
   Money represents material goods that people work to make. The most important thing we make is the food we need each day to survive. There are other important things but it'd be miraculous to live long without food. We may say that the primary purpose of human economies is to provide for our survival by the creation and distribution of material goods, especially food. Money is a token which is useful for the distribution of goods to those who need them to live. But it's also helpful to understanding, to think sometimes in terms of the goods them selves.
   It is still abstract but imagine that one bean represents all the food and material things required to sustain one life for one lifetime. Further, let's say there is one bean existing for each person on Earth. It is a mathematical certainty that if one person has half of all the beans, one half less one of the people must have no bean. [Ed. note: Please don't get literal minded on me. I know there is no such thing as an indivisible bean representing a lifetime's sustenance. But even the densest should be able to understand the importance of this concept.] Let's poke our heads a little further out of the box. Imagine that one person, working moderately hard eight hours per day five days per week for forty years, using culturally developed techniques, could produce one bean during her or his lifetime without relying on anyone else's work. There are no doubt some rugged individuals out their who might produce two, three or even four beans, without relying on others to do the work that needs to be done to have so many. But no one could possibly do enough real work to produce half of all the beans. No one can get rich without relying on work done by others. If someone has told you otherwise, they are lying. So how do people get rich. now that we've seen the hard work theory debunked?

Abstract vs. Real Work

   Abstract work is like imaginary numbers, sometimes useful but never real. Yet it is non-work that gets the greatest reward. Making money from money, called usury and forbidden in the Bible, or conscripting slaves to do real work for you, are the only ways to get rich. [Ed. note: As seen above we're being paid less and less for our labor. Eventually, if the trend continues, we will starve. In the case of forthright slavery it's considered immoral not to properly feed and care for your slaves. Having freed us and paying wages instead is a great boon to business. The masters are now free to let us starve. That is, if we remain docile.] I repeat: no one gets rich by their own hard work. The use of abstract financial machines, or the stealing of the labor of others with money, is the only way to acquire and horde great amounts of material goods4.
   On the relative value of labor vs. compensation: If garbage men, farm workers, truck drivers and road crews withdraw their contributions to society and all the insurance companies, banks and brokerages disappear at the same time, which loss will we feel the soonest and most acutely? If you answered you'll miss the bankers et. al., you've never been hungry and are hopelessly naive. We should call you Marie.
   We need to learn to differentiate correctly between parasitic vs. constructive behaviors. That is: unnecessary services or those done by but not for the community, and those we require to make our lives livable. Services that are needed for all of us must be done by and for all of us. We have an institution designed to do what we wish to cooperate to have done for the common good. It's our government. We must take it back from the rich parasites who've bought it and twisted it to their own malevolent uses.
   Banking, insurance and brokerages must be nationalized. The fortunes amassed by the usurious private exploitation of these community functions must be confiscated by appropriate taxation5 and used to fund necessary financial and other services. Done that way, no additional burden will be placed upon the middle and working classes.

1The money the World Bank loans as foreign aid comes from middle and working class taxpayers. When countries default, the government sells the paper, at a discount, to private banks which ultimately foreclose on that country's infrastructure. The corporation grows richer and more powerful, while the rest of us grow poorer. This amounts to one more form of corporate welfare... another way to steal our money. In the end they hang the scalp of one more nation on their belts, right under ours.
   Let's recap. The banks bought the loans, that were made with our tax money, at a fraction of the cost. They get the interest. They get the country's infrastructure. We foot the bill because the rich, as everyone knows, pay no taxes.

2Bombs can only be used once. Unlike food or medicine, they do not help to maintain life. The munitions workers will get a few weeks or months of subsistence wages. The elite owners will get real profits which the rest of us will pay for with our taxes. Always keep in mind: taxes are a means of taking money from the majority to give to the rich. It doesn't have to be that way. Once upon a time we did public works with our collective money that benefitted the entire community. Though we continue to cooperate, through working for the workless class to create all the wealth, we get little of it. The union of the indolent rich must be busted.

3An economy that has rich and poor is like a chain letter. To be rich an individual must take a little of what many people make. No one can work hard enough to create enough material goods to be rich. A ten by ten chain letter requires 1010 (ten billion) people to respond in order to fulfill its promise to the person who started it. More importantly, the money always moves from the bottom to the top. Theoretically, the recipient will spend it and it will circulate. That's more likely to have some effect [Those with newly acquired wealth don't often immediately see that they must start some sort of bank or other financial scam in order to secure a high return on their money.] than trickle down does in the overall economy. The revitalization is hampered as more money is created by the inflationary interest charged on that which is loaned back to us.

4Speaking to jobs provided by the rich so that the ignorant, who can devise no way on their own, might live, I'll say: This is true only because of the monopolization of land and knowledge and the disruption of ancestral cultures. Many or most of the dependents of the wealthy would do fine if their patrons did not exist. It's ironic that the greedy workless class justify their existence by the harm they've done and do to the rest of us. Even disguised as the benevolence of giving us a way to live, the crime of having stolen our ways of life many generations ago isn't hidden.

5See prior issues for a definiton of appropriate taxation.

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