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Subservience to the rich, whatever alias they may be traveling under, has been constant throughout written history. Morality, ethics and the emotional engagement of populations are in a constant state of change. Only the greed, corruption and treachery of the powerful remains the same.
"A good slave works for food alone."

Q of the week:
Q: Will more tax cuts, real for the rich and token for a few of the overseers [middle class], forestall further economic decline and the human suffering implied?
A: George doesn't care... even if he does understand. The real question should have been: Does it matter if your killer is deliberate and malicious or just a greedy, insensitive fool? But, since I asked the other first, I'll answer it. More money for the workless class of rich parasites and their wholly owned corporate overseers and politicians will exacerbate the problem that their monopolization of the means and resources of human survival is causing to real human beings.

Volume III Issue 1:
   Terrorists and "rogue nations' distract us from the economic terror of un-American corporations... the means of controlling US slaves. The resulting induced mass delusion is a betrayal of humanity by our masters. Sound too simple? The pattern of economic oppression and exploitation of producers of material goods by the workless class rulers is not complex. It may be complicated by the attempt to list all the individual abuses. That exercise is futile and unnecessary. It doesn't matter how they're doing it. It matters THAT they're doing it! What we need to see is that for one parasite to have much more than it needs many people must have less... that our economic system is a betrayal of the human race by a few greedy, lazy, inhumane traitors to our species.

   What we need to learn is this: The measure of evil is the suffering and pain caused by acts (or words that result in acts and lifestyles), within the context of human social interaction. There is no morality, philosophy, religion or law that can prevent evil. The differentiations and rationalizations that go on in those mental games are irrelevant to those who suffer deprivation and death. Or they would be irrelevant, if they were not used to support the evils perpetrated on humanity by amoral plutocrats. The rationalizations of our leaders and masters become a part of the evil atrocity of economic terror they inflict on US and the rest of the people on Earth.

   The maximum penalty for treason is death. Possession of more wealth than one needs to survive, while many (moving towards most) have barely or not enough to live, is evidence of treason. The suffering and pain caused by the evil of greed is greater each day than all the acts of other kinds of zealots since the beginning of civilization. The plutocrats who dominate the Earth have betrayed not only Americans but all the peoples on the planet. Their removal, through the mechanism of their own laws, is not only fitting (ironic only in the sense that they never intended their laws to be used that way) but necessary for the survival of the majority of humans. Their elimination as a class will be required for the survival of the species.
   There are those among us (not only the middle class) who, in their delusional [wannabe] elitism, refuse to believe the problem threatens their existence. They won't see the increasing joblessness and homelessness nor that it is caused by the corporate policies of greed and the puppet politicians pseudo solutions. They're blind to the simple fact that tax cuts for the well to do will not allow the jobless or underpaid producers to consume us to prosperity. Making money from money does not create the material goods needed for survival. Wall Street is superfluous. Worse it is the problem. It facilitates the hoarding of goods needed by the majority to live.

Editorial Column:
   I'm an American. I experience reality first hand... only in America. So I know that what I'm about to say is true, for sure, only in America. From what I've heard, I guess it must be true everywhere on Earth. So I'll speak as if it's true throughout the Planet.
   On the Planet Earth, all laws and all nations support excess and hoarding of material goods by small parts of their populations. The things are produced by the remainders of the populations... the majorities who actually do the work. The rich do no work. They are the workless class.
   These economic systems, consisting of parasitic wealthy masters and poor slaves, cause great suffering, pain and many deaths among the majority... we who do not benefit from the work we do. Only the workless rich gain very much by our cultural paradigm.
   The measure of evil is the suffering and pain it causes. Laws and nations, as they are today, are the greatest ill on Earth. But, the institutions are not intrinsically evil. Used to satisfy the greed of a few at the expense of misery and suffering for the many, our civilization is become a corruption of our social instinct and an abomination of human nature. The measure of evil is the suffering and pain it causes. How do we alleviate misery?
   We can take a step towards the reduction of evil. We can raise the estate tax to 100%, with one standard deduction large enough to preserve a family farm or business. The money can be used to feed, clothe, house and provide medical attention for those who need it. It may be used for public works that provide jobs and create wealth that we all may share. We may think of more steps that can be accomplished within the law, to move towards a sane economy that works for all of us. But we must do something. The state of decay of humanity and danger of extinction grew gradually by the unwitting agency of the ignorant selfish few. We must now do something large and sudden to reverse the trend before their blind greed kills us all. Then we can begin to move, for our common well being, towards a sane, functional economy and world.
   And we must do it. We must realize that ecological and environmental dangers, like growing poverty, are caused by, what is for most of us, our dysfunctional economy... that the threat of war is based on economy... that racial and sexual bigotry are cultivated by conservatives to divert attention from the evil of their self serving economy. We cannot count on our leaders to help us save the world. They have a conflict of interest.
   No hero will save us. That requires sincerity and a good faith effort on the part of the ruling elite and their CEOs and politicians. I don't think George is up to it. He will, I predict, try to create the media illusion of salvation. But, barring a miracle, he will only make the problem worse by reapplying the ever failing, "tried and true", conservative theories. They've never worked and never will.
   No, George doesn't have what it takes to implement a real solution to our immediate economic problems. And he certainly isn't up to the long term threat of extinction due to total economic meltdown. Note that such a catastrophe might occur under existing rules even though there are plenties of food and material goods to go around. It can happen because the monetary systems which distribute the goods are not working. The money is stuck at the top and George and the experts can't figure it out. They weren't trained to deal with this inevitability. They're conditioned only to take the money by whatever means they can devise. They were never taught that the game can only continue indefinitely if they give it back, so we can spend it again. They delude themselves by believing they may have all the apples in one box and we can still play the apple game.
   We and I emphasize WE! must do something. They, our leaders, are challenged beyond their limited potentials. If we are to be saved we must save ourselves. No God or Hero will be forthcoming. We must do it ourselves. The masters will do nothing but to speak deluding words. They aren't able to let go of their greed. We're on our own. But there are a lot of us, more every day, and only a few of them. We have limitless potential. We may even have enough time.

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