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"A good slave works for food alone."

Q of the week:
Q:What fate should befall the terrorists who attacked and destroyed the World Trade Center?
A:All those responsible must be eliminated from the gene pool of the Planet Earth.

Issue: twenty-nine:
   Our shock and grief turning to anger and grim determination to carry vengeance to the responsible parties unites us in emotional single-mindedness. These common feelings are a normal part of the human social instinct. While they prevail, ralliing words and promises of retribution against those responsible are natural and predictable. Larger views are not to be expected at such a time.
   Though we can't expect too much objectivity when immersed in an emotionally charged circumstance, we must still remain on guard towards the less scrupulous among us who would profit materially or politically from the horrendous acts of other fiends.
   Responsibility for the single most horrible act of the new millenium is not limited to the perpetrators, organizers, financiers and those who shelter the vermin. We must examine the basis of our social-economic system for contamination with evil that contributes to the abomination of such people.
   Who is responsible? Is it just the latest boogeyman? No, anyone who supports economic oppression and terror at home or abroad shares guilt for the suffering imposed on ordinary human beings on September 11, 2001 and every day. Did any of the elite die there? Will any of them die in the war we must fight to avenge their material loss as well as the lost lives of our fellow Americans?
   Who will pay the taxes to support the "War on Terror"? Who will benefit from our willing contributions? I can predict the distribution of the burden we must support as easily as forecasting to which pockets the money will go. Sixty per cent of us physically produce all the material goods at all times. We receive the least benefit and our children die in the battles. Thirty-five per cent of us betray our fellow Americans by being overseers for the masters. That middle group are politicians, bankers, brokers, CEOs and managers. They are wannabe elite. [Some of them actually make it.] The five per cent who own ninety five per cent of everything including us [overseers too] will get the money and do no work.
   How is it that the five per cent who are elite have managed for thousands of years to live in luxury yet "they toil not"? These are not "birds of the air" and are not provided for by "the Father". They are provided for by us! Why do we do it? They need us. We don't need them. Why do we do it?
   Most of us are people of feeling. We feel pity and grief for innocent victims. We feel outrage at wanton violence. We feel the need for retributive justice when we encounter these things. Our masters pretend to feel what we feel, while coldly calculating how they may manipulate us by our common feelings... how they may profit politically and economically from our suffering. When they have taken our measure they inform us in such a way as to best satisfy their greed. They control the information we have to work with and we are so-o-o controlled.
   We are scared by terrorist acts and so terrified by the incessant government warnings, through their pet media, that we gladly urge them to curtail our constitutional rights by "giving law enforcement the tools they need" to fight terrorism. Luckily Congress, even some Republicans, balked at the point of allowing government snoops to track the web sights we visit. [I suspect corporate and educational systems managers have been doing this for their own purposes for some time.]
   There is also resistance to taking the control of wire taps away from the courts and placing it at the discretion of the executive branch (law enforcement). If we so allow the weakening of the fundamental constitutional division of power (checks and balances), after the too successful raid on the bill of rights, in the name of law and order, that took place in the 1980s, our democracy will no longer exist in reality. It will become a facade of freedom that can be identified only by a name with no living body.
   While we are distracted by our veangeful leader's plentiful words, the stock market is falling and the middle class is being stripped of its savings. Oh yes, the elite have plenty of cash on hand to buy up those bargain stocks. The rest of us are watching the CEOs get tens of millions in salary increases for laying off tens of thousands of workers. The predictable fall in consumer activity will further exacerbate the economic recession. Who cares but those of us peons who will starve? The elite will still have enough labor and machines to produce the things they need to maintain their lifestyles.
   And W is urging us to help the economy by spending money. Duh-uh, has he been paying attention. Where is that money supposed to come from? {Visa is advertising a contest: the more money you spend on your Visa card in two months the more chance of winning that amount. You too shall win the lottery! So spend, spend, spend.) Is Bush really that stupid or is the advice to consume merely a disingenuous lie designed as part of an overall policy of delusion?
   I wonder how our masters treat the employees of the foreign corporations they own?... say in Chile?... or Korea?... or Afghanistan? But world trade is best left to the big boys. They know what they're doing. We're too small and stupid to play in their game. We're just smart enough to be played.

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