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"A good slave works for food alone."

Q of the week:
Q: Is violent revolution or overthrow of the government necessary in order to bring economic relief to the majority who suffer under the domination of the elite masters of abstract economy?
A: No. The economic terrorism of elite owned corporations and government may be eliminated without recourse to violent means or change to the form of our government. The course of action required to make our economy functional for all of us begins with the redistribution of estates greater than ten million dollars by increasing the estate tax to 100% with a ten million deduction. Start by attacking the greatest evil. When the bad example is eliminated the individual learned behaviors will improve instead of degrade our species.

Issue: twenty-eight:
   The funneling of our tax money to the rich is still being hidden behind a screen of unrealistic projections and fraudulent accounting schemes designed by the administration to project economic growth by the redistribution of imaginary tax surpluses. Giving more of our tax money to the already bloated rich will further oppress our lives.
   The only way to stimulate the economy is to get money back to the consumers who must spend it. The conservatives selfishly refuse to increase incomes. They will only loan us the money at usurous interest rates, while increasing the pool of underpaid service economy labor, more of whom are homeless each day, by shipping jobs out of the country. Only a fool could believe that such policy will succeed in doing anything but to exascerbate the problem.
   A delusional rationalization for the existence of such a dysfunctional economic system is that the strong individuals naturally prey on the weak. But this has nothing to do with individuals. The wealthy elite are a gang. Their power is based on their united control of the mass of the population by the corruption of our social instinct. They count on our individual behavioral predictability to sustain the privilege of their abominable clique. They have betrayed humanity! After what they have done to us, what could we do to them that could be considered unfair?

   If over 40% of the population is without adequate health care what is the effect on their projected life span? If lives are decreased, on average, from 70 to 60 years, then (100 million / 7)/60 is the number of lifetimes wasted each year by the differential provision of medical attention. That is 238,095 people that could have lived another 3652.5 days but who died during the past year. In one hundred years over 23 million will have succombed to this wholesale slaughter in America. Neither Hitler nor Stalin accomplished so much evil in the long run.
   This wholesale death is a direct result of the nature of the abstract economy we have invented. Individual murders seem almost petty by comparison. Immoral or unwise behavior by the victims of the elitist health care system, while they may contribute slightly to the problem, are not the major force behind this pervasive evil perpetrated by our masters in the name of greed.
   Life is Great and we are part of it. If the wealthy elite are allowed to continue to wilfully satisfy their greed at the expense of the majority, for how long will we be able to continue to live?
   The question is not a moral one. The only relevant questions are: whose side are you on or which side are you supporting as you drift in anxious indecision?
   A choice based on wannabeism or false and foolish pride could prove fatal to you and your family. Perhaps more expicit f words would sound more forceful. I have more respect for the native intellectual ability of the majority of people, if reawakened, than to condescend or patronize. If instead I sound offensive and iconoclastic it is because I fear for the well being of the bulk of the population if we aren't soon shocked into awareness of the evil that openly bought America... while no one seemed to be paying attention.

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