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Q of the week:
Q:How has George W. Bush gained credibility as a leader?
A:Before the attack on the World Trade Center W. couldn't have led a shore party of drunken sailors to a whore house. Our confidence in him would not exist without the collaboration of terrorists. It makes me wonder...

Issue: thirty:
   We don't need to show complicity before or after the fact to asssign a measure of culpibility to Bush and his masters. They gained and are gaining power and money from the aftermath of the September 11th attack. While mouthing horror, grief and compassion and calling for vengeance they act to play our emotions for all they can win. They continue to ignore the economic terror to which they eternally subject us and the rest of the human race.
   The "leadership" continues to appeal to us to spend money for the sake of their abstract economy. They acknoawledge their deplendence on consumers but childisly refuse to see that we can't continue borrowing it back from them at interest in order to respend it and make them richer by sales and usary. Their greed and stupidity rivals Marie Antoinette.
   Wake up corporate idiots and Bushlike thralls! We can't spend more money. You and your masters have it all. We can't afford to borrow more to try to satisfy your childish greed. The limit has been reached. Your delusional beliefs blind you to the evil of corporate economic terrorism that is the basis of your lives.
   We must root out evil from human cultures. Our survival as a species depends on it. Should we start with Mid-Eastern boogeymen or the economic terrorists at home who make our lives miserable from birth to death; who cause untold suffering and pain for most of us, that they may live a life without toil?
   The answer, obviously, is to look away from the evil that is done to us by our masters. We must find other, less troublesome and difficult wrongs to right. This, inspite of the fact that corporate culture is responsible for thousands of times more misery, suffering and death each year than all the tyrants since the beginning of civilized, systematic exploitation and oppression of humanity.
   You know it's true. We only need to reflect on the nature of our existence to prove it. The truth never changes because we are too weak and fearful to act in our own behalf. we want someone to save us.
   No priest or politician, no God or hero will save us. We have brains. we must use them to save ourselves. If we follow W. or any other of the elite or middle classes we will be led to destruction. They can't get beyond their greed and avirace. Despite their pretentions to superiority, they are small, stupid, selfish people with inferior minds. They can't save us. We must save ourselves.

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