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"A good slave works for food alone."

Q of the week:
Q:How does the corporate terrorist regime deal with resistance or the unspeakable, rebellion?
A:Much in the same way totalitarian leadership has dealt with dissidents since the time of the Roman Empire or earlier. Romans gathered all the men of a village suspected of counter terrorism and killed every tenth one. That is the source of the word decimation. Hitler's troops did much the same but gathered their victims at random from, for example, towns in France where "The Resistance" was suspected of activity. Modern economic terrorists more closely follow the second model.

For instance, if an economic victim fails to pay debts, the elite, who have caused the problem by hoarding all the money in the first place, instead of forgiving the loan and allowing the cash to flow and thus aid the economy, pass on the burden to other debt victims, who are not yet so weakened by corporate economic debt terror that they will fail to make the higher payments.

To add insult to injury the lenders then blame the victims for the crippling anti-life greed that characterizes the wealthy elite. If they were just lining us up and shooting us, at least there would be no doubt about the malice of the sub-human masters! We must cast off our misgivings and mistakings, if we are to solve our economic problems.

Week twenty-six:
Politics: Economy:

"... Indeed he is in great fear, not knowing what mighty one may suddenly appear, wielding the Ring, and assailing him with war, seeking to cast him down and take his place. That we should wish to cast him down and have no one in his place is not a thought that occurs to his mind. That we should try to destroy the ring itself has not entered into his darkest dream..."
"The Two Towers", J. R. R. Tolkien

If you are rich you may afford the luxury of high moral standards, for the pharisaic purpose of public display. Then you will, of course, ignore the mores while stealing your wealth from the middle class and poor.

But the poor can afford only to do what they must to survive. Our nature, by self preservation exempts most of us from the moral standards that the elite pretend to but ignore in their dealings with us.

The irony is obvious. No one lives the morality we profess. But where does irony stop and mass schizophrenia begin. That can only be determined by self examination. Judge not until you have judged yourself. Then judge only whether you are happy with the way our world deals with you. Do you highly value the way of life you have been forced to choose? Let he who is committing real sins of economic terrorism and wealth hoarding be the first to be stoned.

Even Christ drove the money changers (usary: making money from money) from the Temple. That's probably the real reason he was executed.

Editorial Column:
The Shamanistic tradition and philosophy maintained a viable group and individual psychology that supported human survival for over a million years.

The abomination of nature, human spirit and morality that we've lived for ten thousand years or less is anti-spirit, anti-human and anti-life. A pyramidic culture is self-destructive.

We can't all go back to being hunter gatherers and there is no need to do so. We can adopt a philosophy of Life that functions for the majority. In any case, we must rid ourselves of the parasitic, dysfunctional, pyramidic economy that serves only the elite.

The 5% and the 35% (CEOs, politicians etc.), who are their sycophant functionaries, perform or create nothing useful in our economy. Those 40% are parasites who derive their incomes from the abstraction of wealth. Their usary is forbidden by Mosaic Law.

Unlike true professionals, whose abstractions lead to the creation of real things, the 40% of whom I speak manipulate only money. They move about the tokens that may be exchanged for wealth but produce no useful thing by that labor. They need us to do their real work. We need them for nothing!

But apparently we like being preyed on by the rich. Unlike our dealings with the poor who beg a small share of the produce of our labor, that they might live, we eagerly hand over to the elite the greatest part of our production. We seemingly give our whole hearted approval to the system they have devised to avoid doing any work themselves.

The wealthy elite rationalize their sloth by telling us we would be just like them if we could. By our credualty we are enthralled. We make their lie our delusional reality. Though we know only one in twenty can be rich and significantly fewer can become one of them, we continue to do their work and give them most of what we produce. Is it fear or stupidity that keeps us in the harness? Is it better to live as a slave or die resisting slavery?

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