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"A good slave works for food alone."

Q of the week:
Q:Which is better, the conservative or liberal "Patients Bill of Rights"?
A:Niether! The conservatives throw us on the mercy of the corporations who are cutting jobs and wages. The Republicans are assuring us that the so called free choice they claim to be providing will be the choice between eating and having any health care whatever. The liberals do nothing to address the 40,000,000+ [progeny of the 19th century's immigrants?] who have no health care at all.

Week twenty-four:
Renunciation of Delusion:
You owe all that you have to society and the economy that existed before you were born.

No! Being born into this system is like being born addicted to a hideous drug. It uses our bodies and minds against our own best interest. Without it we will die. It is dispensed by the elite at their pleasure and is the source of their wealth. It is they who owe us.

They owe us a way of life that is free of their evil. For many of us that is a philosophical change to such as existed before Julius Caesar brought Roman economy to Western Europe and Briton. To accompish this, the evil that has grown in us must be exorcised. Those who have renounced their humanity by having partaken willingly and having benefited substantially of the changling spirit must be exiled to live among their own species, whatever other than human thing it may be.

"It is wisdom to recognize necessity, when all other courses have been weighed, though as folly it may appear to those who cling to false hope. Well, let folly be our cloak; a veil before the eyes of the Enemy! For he is very wise, and weighs all things to a nicety in the scales of his malice. But the only measure that he knows is desire, desire for power; and so he judges all hearts. Into his heart the thought will never enter that any will refuse it, that having the Ring we may seek to destroy it..."
"The Fellowship of the Ring", J. R. R. Tolkien

An aspect of the ring that binds us is debt. The rich have all the money and will only loan it to us, exacerbating the economic slow down with additional interest to be paid from stagnant incomes. They've had the estate tax repealed to help them hoard even more. Forgiveness of debts would do something to balance the wobbling wheel.

The merry-go-round can't go on forever no matter how stupid the operator, who believes it will. However, if all debt were forgiven and wages were raised we could ring a few more rounds out of it and rid ourselves of some financial parasites with the same stroke!

Our present philosophy is described by our behaviors. Self preservation prescribes our interactions with one another. If we are unaware of inconsistencies between guiding thoughts and actions, we are schizophrenic. If we falsely claim principles that are contrary to what we do, we are unscrupulous.

Today's society forces us to be schizophrenic or unscrupulous (or some mix of the two) in order to survive. We can't adopt a positive philosophy of Life and make our actions consistent with it, if we individually hope to thrive. We will extinguish ourselves as a species, if we continue on the anti-life course set by the economic elite. The only way around the horns of the dilemma is to do what you must to survive in the present while working to bring about the philosophical and behavioral changes required for long term viability of the human race.

Such a course will be necessarily inconsistent in the short term. The conservatives, those who oppose life by their greed, [Ed. note: Yes, there is some of that in all of us but we must begin to heal ourselves and our species by limiting its influence.] will attempt to discredit any genuinely pro-life (nothing to do with abortion) formulation by pointing out the imperfections that are required for our individual, immediate survival by the mode of existence the same mob has prescribed. If we do nothing, we give our tacit approval to the self destruction of the human race by the corrupt, anti-life hierarchical construct of the plutocratic elite. [Ed. note: A thing that existed before you were born is not necessarily natural.]

We can't be altogether good and hope to live in this insane world we've created for ourselves. (More accurately, the world that has been created for us by the wealthy elite.) But we can, at least, not place ourselves in harms way by actively or morally defending and supporting the evil we must do to survive. We don't have to be wannabes and true believers.

The "Patients Bill of Rights", whatever form it finally takes, will serve the elite and further bind the rest of us with inappropriate gratitude. We will owe them no thanks though, because whatever compromise passes will assure that we have less and the elite have more money. Like death and taxes, it's a sure thing!

We can boast and bluster about how great is our opportunity but when the sums are complete, 5% of the population own 95% of everything including the politicians. Change will come when 95% of us refuse to continue to tolerate the deluding lies by which we live and the liers who mouth them at the command of the elite.

Be sure your children are taught to be competative. The corporations will not hire them if they are not willing to strive with their peers. "Divide and conquer!" Julius Ceasar, circa 50 BC. It wouldn't please the stockholders to have the clones, who do the actual work, act up before their betters. So they must be taught to fight only with each other, like dog's competing for scraps. Yet even coyotes are smart enough to band together to take down a large animal that threatens the pack. They also know how to get enough food to live. What else do we need to learn?

Is privatization and deregulation smart policy? Private enterprise is not more efficient than government bureaucracy. It only places superfluous, greedier mouths at the hog trough. This reality refutes the unsound conservative theories to the contrary.

Medicare, publicly managed health care, operates at 2% overhead. Privately managed health care operates at 30% overhead, while guaranteeing that competent medical opinions will be ignored in favor of profit producing managerial decisions.

The lines at HMOs etc. are as long as in countries with socailized medicine. The doctors are paid less than those in private practice so these corporate entities are not attracting the best. Our money is squandered and the the government hasn't touched it. It's like an industrial tax. Privately managed health care is the worst of both worlds.

Deregulation of energy and airlines have proven equally disastrous. In the sixties, planes were comfortable, uncrowded, on time and fares were low. No one was dying of embolisms caused by cramped positions long maintained. Anyone who flies, uses electricity or buys gasoline and/or other fuels needs no other example to prove the point.

Wake up Americans. Realize whose side we are really on. The truth is: no one in any of our layers of corporate owned government competently represents us.

Editorial Column:
In the beginning, at the dawn of history, we can see that small clans were regulated by their common beliefs and so achieved survivability. Some aboriginal peoples about the Earth have done so to this day. Shamans were and are chosen to help us keep to the path of mutually supportive single layer life. This survival strategy, this egalitarian economy, has been viable for over a million years.

In the end the economy is a vast pyramid that is crumbling as the individual members of the base compete with and destroy one another trying to rise to a higher level among the rocks. This is encouraged by the heads of stone at the top.

The leaders can't see the bottom through the haze of their privelege. They imagine themselves to be the grand culmination of evolution. Their self delusion is supportive of their greed. They don't understand the all too human nature of a pyramid but believe themselves to have been placed at the apex of their own abstract invention by God.

Foolish species like foolish individuals make themselves subject to extinction by a true and indifferent nature. No matter how high they stack themselves their dependency on the cooperation of others will bring them down as they destroy the base that supports their structure. This insanity is motivated by the misbegotten attempt to defend their dysfunctional distribution of wealth. Keep in mind: this anti-life construct is a human abstract invention. Though built on a purely imaginary base, it may have real and disasterous consequences.

The Shaman wouldn't have thought it possible to get here from there in a mere 10,000 years or less. We've wrought failure in less than 1% of the time that success had prevailed.

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