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"A good slave works for food alone."

Q of the week:
Q: Do you believe anyone will ever catch on that "free market capitalism" is an oxymoron?
A: Some have already caught on but we don't yet have sufficient numbers to bring about meaningful change. George Bush obviously has no clue. He continues issuing weakly disguised calls for the further concentration of wealth with no apparent recognition of the damage he's doing to the economy.

From the phony tax cut to protection of corporate interests with the version of the patient's bill of rights he is willing to sign, which like "workmen's comp" does more to protect the corporations from litigation than it does to aid the nominal beneficiaries, George has consistently supported the elite and their abominable domination of 95% of the population including himself. Don't be fooled by pretentiousness. George is just a wannabe like most politicians, CEOs and all the rest of the 35% of us who have betrayed the rest of us to curry favor with the 5% of us who have renounced their humanity in the name of greed.

By their laws, treason is punishable by death. My own folly is to continue to hope for their cure.

Week twenty-eight:
Does anyone still believe Bush about anything? Enough examples of his foolish servitude to the wealthy elite have been illustrated, not merely a few in these issues, to allow us all to see through him.

But he thinks we don't see through his resistance to the version of the patient's bill of rights which is the least of evils. He claims that lower limits on corporate [civil] liability are in our best interest. Are we as stupid as George seems to believe? Why should his insurance masters be allowed to mistreat patients at any price? Why should there be any settlement limit on deliberately managed medical malpractice?

If lawyers are charging an exorbitant 33% or more to handle malpractice or any suits, we must codify limits to their fees. But the civil penalties are the only little bit of control we have over the corporate maiming and killing of their "human resources" and customers. Settlements must be larger if we are to protect ourselves.

Larger settlements will serve the second purpose of stimulating the economy. They can be an aid in taking back a little of the money that the elite have stolen from us. If we are able to consume without the need for taking on self destructive debt, the wheel can continue to turn for a while. Of course insurance prices must be frozen at the same time for the good to take effect.

I know that large settlements and frozen insurance costs are only one small step for humanity but we must begin somewhere. Insurance companies, with their 400% profits and CEO compensation at 10 to 100 times greater than any other industry, are an obvious place to start. An after thought: oil companies may be worse because a lot of their excess thievings are reinvested in consumer credit and insurance. Come to think of it let's nationalize all three and outlaw the private businesses.

Let's begin ridding ourselves of economic parasites by eliminating the worst offenders. They would be a lot cheaper to support in prison and the economy would flourish without the dead weight of so many swindlers.

Editorial Column:
Shamans, for countless years before the dawn of civilization, protected the spirit of humanity. They were the psychologists of mass consciousness and the healers of individual minds and bodies, as well as the repositories of the clans inherited and acquired knowledge.

No recall of the ancient art and consciousness is likely. We must each heal our own spirit. Ultimatly we need to devise a way of life that provides for the healing and maintenance of our psyches. Difficult, but it's been done in prehistory and succeeded for hundreds times the years that "civilization" has been wrecking lives and environments. We can do it again.

Whatever we invent, we must destroy the abomination of spirit that seeks only to take advantage of our individual weaknesses for the satisfaction of the greed and malice of elite gangs. It must strengthen and empower every one of us individually and not do so at the expense of each other.

The masters devise laws to protect their own unscrupulous greed and selfishness. We must heal ourselves of the childish behaviors that infect us. We can start by outlawing parasitic economic practices that threaten our individual and species survival. We can no longer afford to support the rich!

I'm suggesting personal cleansings of perspective. I do not counsel elimination of any individual. If we improve how we think about the basis of our lives, our lives can change for the better. How do we know it will be better? Good will is the key and the discriminator. It is discovered in the real consequences to us of acts, not in the words they use to describe what they do to us.

Besides, if this is the best we can do we will kill ourselves off in most scenarios. That might not be all bad. Unless we change, it would be better for the rest of life on the Planet Earth that the human race be extinct. Let's not let us get down that far on this dead end path.

Remember, only one in twenty really benefits from our way of life as it is today. [Ed. note: "benefits" in this context, may be interpreted: is not humiliated, demeaned, dispirited, impoverished or made to suffer in some other way in payment for dispensation from the elite, if they deem you worthy, to continue Earthly existance.] That means our culture and economy is dysfunctional for 95% of us. And we do the work!

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