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"A good slave works for food alone."
"If there is no food, he graciously
dies for the sake of the master."

Q of the week:
Q:Is there a conspiracy among elite owned (they own 95% of eveything) corporations to cause harm to the human species or to life on the Planet Earth?
A:It doesn't matter if they have conspired to become of one mind or they individually came to the same conclusions based on what is good for their several bottom lines. It doesn't matter whether they each invented their own greed and selfishness or merely mimicked one another. It only matters that their principals, values and morality serve only themselves and are largely dysfunctional for the rest of us.

Week twenty-three:
On Friday June 29th, 2001, NBC aired a documentary entitled "Tampering with Nature". The thrust of the portion I watched was a sickening attempt to confuse the issue of global warming. The four "scientists" were not identified as to discipline. From the specious remark, repeated several times, that "warming may be a good thing", I conclude they weren't physical scientists.

They remarked that the economy would suffer if we did anything to cut down on carbon emmissions. They mentioned 17,000 scientists who did not sign off on the global warming warning. They said nothing about the field of study of those who abstained. They said nothing of ocean warming or the increase of silt in the rivers that kill corals and interfere with plant growth (including agriculture) at the base of the food chain, both on land and in the sea. Their interest is apparently limited to the protection of abstract economic issues that should have nothing to do with our basic survival or that of the rest of the interlocking life on the Planet Earth.

I'm left to wonder, "what planet do they come from?" Then it struck me. These are the kind of "scientists" to whom the president referred, when he spoke of reliing on "real" science. They are the kind who will say whatever it is the elite want us to hear.

The economy is fueled by buying. Two thirds of the buying is done by "consumers". The remainder of the buying is done by those who make goods for consumers or by the government for our common needs (apparently mostly military).

Consumers buy things. Five % of the population get 95% of that money. They won't give any of it back in the form of wage and salary increases if they can avoid it. They will try to find cheaper labor and reduce manpower in order to increase their profits. This causes the economic problems about which they are in denial. They will only loan their profits to us at interest, further exacerbating our economic woes.

The only solution is to get the money back from the top to the bottom so that it may be used to consume. Debt must have limits. But can the elite see this? No! They are selfish children who wish to have their cake and eat it too. They will affect a knowing aire and/or a commanding tone and we will suffer from their childish stupidity. Do the math!

Fossil fuel prices will continue to increase until there is no more coal, oil or gas to sell. The Earth's stored energy will take millions of years to replenish. When we have used it, less than 200 years after the start of the industrial power up, it will be gone forever as far as we're concerned.

If not for conservative energy policy designed to fill the pockets of fossil fuel producers, alternative power sources would have been developed and deployed by now. Solar electric systems have been cost effective for remote applications for 15 years. In 1986 it was cheaper to install a PV arrray with battery storage and AC inverter than to extend the grid five miles. The distance to that perimeter is inversely proportional to the price of electricity produced centrally. Power barons have suppressed this truth and many others with the aid of their politician lackeys.

A late scam is alcohol fuel supplements. To turn grain into alcohol to burn in our vehicles while as many as 30,000,000 Americans are under nourished is treasonous. When the lowest are dead, you may be required to replace them. Eventually the [possibly unconscious] culling will reach your level. At least 60% of us will be considered expendable by the greedy elite who have created the Earth's problems. Their solutions, as always, will be constrained to cause suffering to anyone but themselves. They will not see the danger they pose to much of the Life on the Planet until it is too late to save even their own less than worthless skins. Who cares what they may have foolishly intended. They are standing against Life itself!

They don't care if we suffer or die. They only care for their profits. It's time to disarm these criminal fools before it is too late for us. We must take back the money they have stolen. We must assert our right to life by stripping them of their weapons, the industries and privelege they have abused. It's them or us! Whose side are you on?

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