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"A good slave works for food alone."

Q of the week:
Q:If the Earth's problems are blamed on overpopulation, rather than the greed of the elite, what criteria will be used to decide who is culled?
A:The thinkers will protest at first... on humane grounds. After much anguish they'll agree with the conservatives in order to save their own skins. It will be called a compromise with the elite, who own the politicians and the world. Thus the problems will be temorarily abated while their cause will be preserved. Only the innocent will suffer.

Week twenty-two:
The indignant denial that we are foolish to tolerate domination by the wealthy elite is the basis of what it is to be a fool. We can never be anything but fools until we admit that we are fools. The cure for this disease is complicated by our failure to display the symptoms during individual encounters. We are usually only foolish as a group.

Bush says, "we are a much too litigious society". The reference is typical of conservative knee-jerk responses to law suits that threaten their masters' wealth. This week it's in defense of the tobacco industry. George is calling for the limitation of liability concerning the deadly and addictive drug with which these lords of darkness have poisoned the American people for the sake of their profits. Will treachery never cease?

I'm speculating on the notion of suing the State of Arizona for personal economic damage due to the dilution of the labor market, as a result of letting prisoners at less than minimum wage. In your face George!

A meaningful class action may be based on prison labor and related economic and common good issues. The suit against the several States and the Federal Government shall cover the following points:
1- wrongful death in any case involving murder committed in the course of a robbery or other act promoted by the inability of the perpetrator to gain lawful employment in the diluted labor market;
2- for allowing corporations to seek cheaper labor out of the country. This criminally negligent practice leads to homelessness and death of human citizens;
3- for failure to nationalize industries that produce goods and services critical to the survival of Americans. Energy, communications, medicine etc. must be considered public works which provide for the common welfare. Like roads, Post Office, military and police they are constitutionally mandated by our common incorporation.

The dereliction of duty by our lawmakers indicated by point three is their most onerous inaction of the 20th century.

I've been informed that Tucson expects 12,000 new jobs at Raytheon as a result of the proposed missile defense system.

If the 12000 jobs materialize and average 50k, the cost to the taxpayers is 6 billion plus at least 100 billion more which will be siphoned off by the stockholders of Raytheon and supporting vendors. The problem is consumers need more money and this cash will have to come from us through taxes. We will only see the [approximately] 5% that is paid in wages. We won't make enough to support the taxes so, as with "Star Wars", the government will borrow the money at interest from the already bloated rich.

Loans mask economic stagnation and decline. The problems of our economy will be made worse if we are so deluded. Ultimately the debt, public and private, must cause an economic collapse with the concomitant increase in joblessness, homelessness, starvation, disease and death.

The wealthy elite, their politician lackeys and especially the rank and file thralls will never see through to the end result of their short term bottom line greed. In fact they will try to move more money into their accounts by seeking cheap labor oversees. Anyone but a conservative fool could see why this will further exacerbate the problem.

There is only one lasting solution to the slowing consumption that is causing the economy to falter. The majority must have good paying (minimum wage $20/hour) jobs. Only if the conservatives let go of their precious dollars can they be spent (and so immediately return to the elite) by those who are are not too debt ridden to consume us out of trouble again. The private debt (note the recent barrage of second mortgage, refinance etc. advertising) that has kept us afloat till now must have a limit.

Higher wages as economic stimulus may be accompanied by government spending on frivolous or necessary common works. It doesn't matter whether it is military hardware (which wastes resources because it produces no permanent wealth) or homes for the poor (which are sorely needed). What matters is that the wealthy stockholders of the government contractors, who frenetically feed on the pork, be cut out of the loop. The 90% or more of the money they steal is counter productive to the hoped for effects of public expenditure.

If the government borrows the money or taxes the already suffering majority, the result is likewise negative. The only way public spending helps is if we tax the rich to pay for it. One way or another we must get the money back from those who have taken it all, if we are ever to solve our economic problems. That is the truth. [Ed. note: They'll get right back as soon as we spend it. What's the big deal?]

But the truth has a snow balls chance in the hell of an economy in which we suffer. The abstract economy, that which merely represents real things, the tokens and symbols we use to facilitate the trading of material wealth are given more stature than the goods themselves. How has this convolution of reality occurred? Ask the rich conservatives who have all the money.

Law and order:
They are protected by the laws their politician-employees enact. We take the orders.

The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission [FERC] has moved to limit energy costs in the Western States. They schizophrenically claim to be protecting consumers and investors.

The FERC action is too little too late. To hell with the investors. Energy is critical to our survival. If the immature power plutocrats threaten our lives with their childish greed, we must take their dangerous toys away. We must nationalize the energy industries if we are to protect our common interest: continued life.

Foreign Policy:
Are they running us through [with] the terrorist lesson again? Are you distracted from the formidable economic tyranny at home by the fear of petty foreign boogeymen?

Editorial Column:
Any industry whose bloated profits threaten the well being of Americans identifies itself as treasonous. The disloyalty to ourselves and our country must be answered by the majority who suffer from the deadly corporate policies. The corrupt principles that support such greed must be rooted out of the national psyche.

Get your mind right!

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