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"A good slave works for food alone."

Q of the week:
Q:Should we forgive our trespassers?
A:Don't sweat the little things. But forgiveness is impossible while great sins continue. Remorse, a necessary pre-requisite to absolution, is only proven by undoing the harm. To believe otherwise is delusional. It is as absurd as a ruling elite who believe themselves to be righteous and causing no suffering. This is no petty matter! Foolishness is more damaging to the psych than critically damped anger or an unrelenting spirit.

Week fourteen:

We are told to judge Bush by his results. If we wait that long it will be too late. We will have suffered too much damage at the hands of this fraudulently "elected" puppet of the ruling elite. This tool of corporate tools is so far down the line from the real power that he has no idea of the full consequences of "his" actions.

I think part of the reason for my obstinacy is that I was born six years before the purge of '52. People took freedom seriously then and weren't so confused about what it is. The schools were not yet such efficient socialization machines.

McCarthy began to change all that. Along the way he boosted the movement that made it dangerous to be free, even in the expression of thought (Hitler started the last century's iteration of this recurring massmind). The chief method of torture for heretics was and is economic. The blacklists aren't popular now, so the persecution is no longer so obvious. I don't think that's an improvement. It just makes it harder to see what's going on. Dying of starvation or exposure is only more painful than gas chambers or bullets. Dead is dead.

Loyalty oaths for teachers, and for many others, were, if not invented, at least revitalized during Sen. Joseph McCarthy's life time.

A Harvard spokesman's comment on the sit in of students demanding a living wage for working class employees of the University: "Harvard pays competitive wages". This is a typical conservative spin. It means they pay the least possible amount for labor; what the market demands. It fails to address the real issue.

Lower interest and tax breaks will not revitalize the economy of wage and salary slaves. Two thirds of the economy is consumer spending. All is really, since the corporate and government spending must ultimately translate to goods and services useful or necessary to consumers. We are all consumers, even the wealty elite. Only higher wages for the bottom 60% will cure the chronic disability of our system to supply the necessities of life for all of us.

Greed and shortsightedness disallows real solutions. Lies and diversions get more employment than people. Conservatives don't even understand that their selfishness is the source of our suffering. Liberals usually support the nature of the economic system and attack specific abuses. This is treating the symptoms and ignoring their cause. Niether left nor right standpoints help the best part of us.

The middle class wannabes and sycophants are sufficiently co-opted to stifle their own best long term interests in the hope they can hold on to the bones they are thrown. They are in denial with respect to betrayals of their ancestry and their species. They are, along with the the politicians and police, the guard dogs of wealthy masters. The animals' restraints are in the hands of CEO overseers.

There are 40% of us who can know by first hand experience how difficult it is to survive in the land of the rich. Another twenty per cent should know but have sold their souls for pretentions. The one percent, who employ the the 39% closest to the top in controlling the majority, are disgustingly real but only pretend to be human.

Law and order:
We are a nation of laws designed by the wealthy to protect their fortunes and assure that only a very small percentage of us will ever join them in the freedom to make de facto slaves of the remainder of the population. Not all laws are flawed, just most. Unequal enforcement (profiling is the latest descriptive) deals with the oversight.

We are not to blame George for high gasoline prices. He may take credit for anything good that chances but will not take responsibility for what he actually does. Bad things are typically the fault of the Clinton administration. President Bush, a former oil company executive, I'm sure has no reason to want to support his masters in gouging more money from the American people. But the oil and power companies waited until he was appointed by the corrupted high court to begin manipulating supplies in order to raise prices and request environmental compromises.

I get tired of childish lies, especially those with grown up consequences told by superannuated spoiled brats.

Foreign Policy:
The resolution of the China crisis has the approval of a two thirds majority of the American people. Why did the chief executive walk and talk like a whipped dog throughout the negotiating period? Had he let his mouth overload his donkey at the outset? Is the approval really an inappropriate expression of compassion for a kindred dispirited soul? Or is it just a fiction created by skewed sampling of the populace?

We are here. We are alive. We are responsible for our own condition. God will not interfere to save us. We will save ourselves or become extinct. God values life. All life. God is just. God is impartial. God will not interfere if we allow a greedy few to destroy us all.

Believe the evidence of your senses. Do not filter it through the lies you have been taught. Believe your unqualified experience. Don't let your inner thought be formed [don't be informed] by the lies and distortions of the greediest few.

We need each other to create what each of us can't create individually. This is the cooperation on which survival is built. Our civilization is a creation of an abstract means of concentrating the wealth we produce in the hands of a few greedy parasites. It must be transformed for the well being of us all. Perhaps a metamorphosis of the economic vampire masters can accompany the necessary changes to our culture. There is some hope.

There is no salvation except unity of purpose of people of good will and cooperative spirit. It is beneficial to life to rid ourselves of greedy vampire-like influences. We can hope to cure them.

Would you take it, if the medicine you needed was available?

Editorial Column:
The explanations of events are words. The events need no words, they present for themselves. The state of human culture may be seen as the production of wealth by 99% of the population to support in luxury the elite 1%, who prey on us. This condition is self evident and no amount of words will change it. No morality, principle, value or law can justify it to the victims.

Perhaps we can convince the elite to get a real jobs and pull their own weight. I can just see the 1% and their CEOs, politicians, lawyers and managers plowing a field or working on an assembly line. I wonder if they would try to talk the dirt out of the ditch. Can you imagine them chained to a factory floor by the loans they are forced to contract in order to stay alive? I wonder what their moral pronouncements on bankruptcy would sound like after a year of debt slavery.

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