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"A good slave/American works for food alone."

Q of the week:
Q:How accurate, how true are the dreams, the stories, the visions that hold human societies together?
A:The value of a particular set of beliefs is not to be found in the beliefs themselves. They are as good or bad, desirable or undesirable, precious or worthless as the way of life that they support.

Week fifteeen: Distractions:
You think you've got it bad; what about him? The more severe mistreatment or abuse of another, while deplorable, doesn't mitigate the crimes our masters commit against us. This is difficult to learn. It requires the unlearning of some of our earliest training. On the positive side, when we identify those worse off than ourselves we have discovered possible allies. We can turn that to a high probability by cleansing ourselves of delusion.


"The Stone Truth"

A young woman sat on a boulder in the midst of a narrow stream at the mouth of a canyon. It was spring and the snow was melting on the mountain. The water was noisy, fast and turbulent. She'd sat in this place many times during the winter just past. Usually a trickle, the camparatively plentiful water refreshed her spirit.

After a peaceful time, she reached in and picked up a stone from a small eddy on the side of the stream. It was a deep red jasper about the size of the end of her little finger and shaped like a teardrop. She'd seen others like it but this stone struck a resonance with her. She put it in her pocket. That's when the stream began to speak.

It was indistinct at first but gradually the babbling of the water began to form its words clearly. The stream told her to hang the stone as a pendant on her forehead and to go forth and seek the wisdom of healing of souls.

It also said, "the power of the stone is to indicate the truth in the words of humanity. Tell no one of this gem. An honest, trustworthy person will see the stone but it will be hidden from those you cannot believe and from fools. For, though fools do not lie, niether do they know the truth."

Her commission, the quest for wisdom to heal souls, was no easy task. She quickly discovered that among those who speak what is commonly perceived as wisdom, none could see the stone. From this she concluded that wisdom is uncommon. A little daunted by her failure to immediately succeed, she wandered about aimlessly for a time.

Occasionly she met honest people who were not fools; they saw the stone pendant. She always had peaceful and comforting times with these. They did her spirit good. But none knew how to teach her the wisdom needed for the healing of souls.

When she came to the verge of despair, she was told of a man reputed to be very wise. The young women was disturbed though, because the informant hadn't seen the pendant. This person could have been lying or could be a fool... fifty-fifty. If merely an honest fool, there was a small probability that the information was accidentally correct. Overall odds of good info... about one in a million. At this point she asked herself, "what do I have to lose?"

When she arrived before the master he appeared to be very wise. His clothing was rich with sagacity. His manner was urbane and condescending as it must be when when addressing inferiors. He projected an aura of power and knowingness. He was used to the deference of all. He was bolstered in his self image by our training.

He commanded his employee to bring refreshment for the guest. They partook in a solemn and ritual manner. His demeanor had given her second thoughts but she had come so far. She asked, "teach me the wisdom to heal souls."

He smiled knowingly. He declaimed airily, "to know one's place and keep one's station is the wisdom that will heal your soul, my child. You must understand that there are biological differences among people that may not be transcended. Some are born to rule and others to obey and serve."

"What of the suffering of the those who work?", asked the girl, incredulous of the teacher's sophistry. In the girl's reflection was the realization that such beliefs are normal. They appeal to the childish vanities of some. They are taken to heart and cause the discouragement and nuetralization of many more. Those who would be of the elite group but can't gain acceptance are, if their spirits remain unbroken, imprisoned until they "get their minds right".

"Their reward is in heaven", was the unctuous reply of the exalted one. The picture produced in the mind of the girl was the of the master as satan tormenting the slave.

The slave, who had been standing quietly, head bowed obsequeously, snickered involuntarily at the the childish and pretentious foolishness of the master. The great one roared, "silence idiot!"

The slave groped to recover his mistake. The first thing he noticed was the stone on the girl's forehead. "What an interesting stone", he blundered, pointing.

The master followed the indication, "there is no stone fool... and your unabated impertinence has cost you your life. Take yourself to your dungeon and starve!"... Then softly, turning to his guest, "I apologise for that idiot but he will be no more trouble."

She laughed and said it was no matter, "but you appear to have something in your eyes."

She touched the stone of truth to the eyes of fraud and he became blindly enraged. In his fury, he fell from his great height and dashed his tiny spirit from his body.

She released the servant from his cell. He fell before her and pledged eternal loyalty. She desired to heal souls, not to create or exploit suffering. She would not be complicit with evil. Instead of accepting a slave, she raised him up and set him free.

And by the combined act of compassion, for the former slave and of having exposed the delusion of a hypocrit and ultimately a fool, her spirit was healed. She knew a wise thing and that was a good start. To be continued...

"Physician, heal thyself!"

It's still the same fraud.

Law and order:
It serves the purpose of continued subjugation.

Dependency enslaves.

Foreign Policy:
Distracts from domestic abuses by the elite.

Editorial Column:
Our economy is everything. It is survival. It is the source of politics. It is the basis of social structure and all culture. And its present form it is weighed down by our abstract inventions, our imaginary wealth. We justify this (most of our rationalizations are disgustingly similar and naive) by imagining that the economy is a natural outgrowth of our biological nature. To prove it we try to reform our nature to fit our abstract economy, our creation. We are going about things bass-ackwards! Have you ever known of an ape who hoarded all the gatherings and caused his family group to suffer thereby? What social mechanism does our biological nature really encourage? Note that our nature is not what we have been taught it is. Psycho-babble propaganda such as social Darwinism is abomination. Would God or Mother Nature approve of our imaginary corruption of Her or His creation? Duh..uh!

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