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"A good slave works for food alone."

Q of the week:
Q:What is the truth?
A:The truth is: we've been had.

Week thirteen:

A friend sent the following in support of a previous issue: "...Unfortunately, knowledge has entered into a domain of individual authorities tyrannically determining truth and these truths being institutionalized. Science and religion have merged into the traditional western european view that personalities should dominate truth and social agenda." [Ed. note: traditional since the Romans, by the hand of Julius Caesar, wiped out the Druids and subjugated the Celts.] "What passes for physics and math at universities seems to be about individual control, rather than diverse debates and options about a multitude of possible ways equal people can deal with truth. Indeed the Ptolemaic system explaining our origins and building blocks must have the same fate as the old ptolemaic system."

I couldn't agree more. Unfortunately, if one succeeds in presenting the truth to the people and the ruling elite, in such a way that it cannot be denied, the plutocrats will embrace the truth and claim it as their own invention. Then they will distort and corrupt it to their own ends. That is the nature of our ego-centric universe. Look at what they did to Jesus. ["Ptolemaic": isn't it interesting that only the order of letters differentiates ego from geo. But, since one is Latin and the other Greek, I'll assume that's a coincidence.]

The wealthy controllers of our society are not interested in the truth. They care only to increase their wealth by controlling the mob whom they employ to create it: ie. manipulate by any and all means those from whom they steal money. That is the heart of our culture and the only truth worth pursuing.

The elite fear that truth. They will impede its propagation by whatever means they can invent. They fear the people they have subjugated. If the truth becomes open their paranoia may be realized.

Truth is generally known among the lower economic strata. But, ironically in our "free" society, most of us fear to speak it. The middle class, like Jewish trustees in forced labor camps during WWII, are co-opted by sufficient privelege and security to be motivated to accept the lies with which the elite, like Nazis, delude them. Even the degree of persecution is similar, though not so obviously violent. Does that make the situation better or worse? You can't resist what you don't see. Can it be seen from a different perspective?

Politics and all the rest are nothing but distraction, this week and every week. It's all been said here and elsewhere. It needs to be said over and over again until we "learn" the "truth".

Did you learn much? How much was school a place to be taught and how much a place to be trained? I've often heard "learn" used synonymously with the expected response to a course behavioral conditioning. That's an inappropriate use of the word.

Our economy is like the domestication of animals. We are the herd that is milked or slaughtered.

Law and order:
Law and order maintain our economy.

Our energy is controlled, like everything else, in support of the economic rulers.

Foreign Policy:

Is anger directed at the system poisonous to our spirits? Any strong emotion that has no immediate, concrete stimulus is artificial. The class of memory borne (artificial) feelings imply a feedback that builds intensity with or without a real time cause.

Imaginary emotions (abstractions of feeling) frustrate those who feel them and have no effect on the original object. If the emotion is purely imaginary it can have no outlet. If there is no real and honest outlet for any powerful feeling, damage to the psych is all but unavoidable. The usual method, deluding ourselves about reality so that the emotional turmoil may subside, is a cure that destroys the patient's mind.

The key to avoiding self inflicted spiritual damage from strong emotion is non-deluding mental discipline. We must each, somehow, find a way to differentiate real, immediate emotion from that stimulted by memory, including psuedo memories (lies and delusions) drilled into us by our culture. Doing that while remembering the evil in our society is difficult to say the least. But be clear and strong; that is what each of us must do to break the feedback loop and control the damage to our spirits.

They don't have the medicine we need.

Stem cell research is the best thing to come of the study of genetics.

Cloning a human is pointless grandstanding. It is not even genuinely technological. It requires a human ovum and womb to complete. Those who wish to do it are incompetant DNA hackers who know enough to cause harm but not enough to advance science. They aren't interested in science. They wish to be "leaders" at whatever cost to humanity. It's an ego thing.

Editorial Column:
As much as I eschew behavioral conditioning, some of it is natural, spontaneous and unavoidable. We do what we must to survive. We remember that which aids our struggle and that which impedes it. But we don't have to respond to psycho-emotional training.

We can take intellectual control of what goes on in our heads. We need to assist one another to keep mind and body together until we complete our course of improvements of our consciousness. Only you know the answers.

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