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"A good slave works for food alone."

Q of the week:
Q:How can I be spiritually and politically free in a democratic (or republican) free capitalist society?
A:You are impertinent to ask! The only true freedom in a capitalistic system is for the wealthy aristocrats who own it. Your spirit must be subsumed in a group consciousness that serves the elite. A path to massmind nirvana begins at the TV portal.

Week ten:

Bush Press conference 3/29/01: On rescinding arsenic and blacklung rules and wilderness fossil fuel "we will rely on "good science" and common sense reality". Is "good science" that which allows corporations to neglect public and workplace health and safety? Is a person who dies because of the ignorance of an employer any less dead than one who is a victim of corporate disingenuousness and secrecy inspired by cynical greed.

"Tax relief - ...on the side of people... ...against big government." [Ed. note: "on the side of the people"??? Is George realizing his liberal side?]

His remarks were full of conservative touchstones and buzzwords like values, principles, the "right" thing to do, responsibility. His smoke is designed to cover the eternal truth. The only conservative principles are selfishness and greed. They value only money. They deny responsibility for the effects on the rest of us of their cynical, un-American self interest.

He tried to display awareness of our problems by references to: the energy crunch and consumer debt, "caught in personal debt crunch... like government debt". The words are designed to ease our minds and convince us he has the solutions we need.

His solutions are apparently naive, though obviously self serving. They don' acknowledge, for instance, that historically it is republicans who increase the debt and the tax burden on the bottom 99% through runaway, inefficient defense spending and skewed tax laws; that government debt is just another way to give our tax money to the rich.

The wealthy elite became more heavily addicted to the extra cash during WW11, while working class people were dying to protect their right to enthrall us with their spins. Will I be accused of disloyalty for speaking the truth about their treacherous lies?

Bush Press conference 3/29/01: paraphrase: campaign finance not about Bush McCain personalities. The press had stupidly tried to infer it was.

When will we ever learn?

Bush Press conference 3/29/01: "worried about the economy" "working on free trade with Brazil"

That's what we need: more cheap labor to displace American employees and lower wages and salaries for the lucky ones. That will get money into the hands of consumers so they can buy more, creating the demand necessary to end the recession. Good work George! Your friends, those who value greed and operate on the principle of selfishness, will love you for it.

1.6 trillion dollars divided by 40 million families without adequate health care equals $40,000.00 per family. That's about 100 times the three or four hundred you'll get the first year from a Bush tax cut.

I wonder if the AMA would support a tax cut distributed in such a way as to pay for the medical needs of those families? Or aren't those the kind of family values Bush has in mind?

A two million dollar estate tax deduction for anyone but 100% after that will recyle the horded wealth and renew the economy for each generation. There will be the added benefit of the ability of the latest parasites to prove themselves worthy of their parents genes.

Law and order:
An orderly society is characterized by a docile populace. 1.9 million in prison. Up 3% from last year.

Bush Press conference 3/29/01:
He said, if not exactly, certainly in effect: Look at all lands not fully protected. Canadian pipelines to US. Want more energy supply. Don't care where it comes from.

What good fortune giveth, conservatives taketh away.

Hydro-electric power developement and rural electrification under FDR fulfilled the promise of cheap and plentiful electricity.

Conservative greed reneges on the promise. After 50 years of reactionary legislation and policy, almost all the utilities are in the hands of private corporations.

Those corporations have set the stage for and begun to act out the rate increases that have the potential to destroy the real economy and price us out of the power market. We are dependent on both for survival.

If the working class dies off will they be replaced by a sub-species of slave clones? Was welfare reform the start of the pre-thinning? If the workers are culled who will be next on the list of replacables? Will managers no longer be needed? What is the real ten year plan?

Disclaimer: the speculations in the preceding paragraph are not based on any real plans of which the editor is aware. They are merely extrapolations founded on the likely realization of the conservative principles of selfishness and greed.

Conservatives value only themselves and their wealth. They don't care what happens to you as they satisfy their own desires. When you are dead you are dead. It doesn't matter whether someone conspired to kill you or it was just a neglected side effect of their single minded self interest. It is a little more humiliating if it's the latter cause.

Foreign Policy:
Bush Press conference 3/29/01: He wants to "facilitate peace in the Middle East". He vetoed UN "imposed" peace initiative. Urging Arafat and all participants, through Powell, to stop the violence, is the signal he says he is sending. Ignoring the protests of our friends and allies, he is moving forward on missile defense. He also dissed them, us and the Planet regarding the Global warming treaty. Says we will rely on true science [apparently there is a block of scientists who are wholly co-opted by the conservatives] and common sense. And I thought common sense was what we all saw, heard, touched, smelled or tasted. It smells like more crap to me.

Higher Power, save us! On second thought, it may be considered presumptuous to make demands of God. Maybe it is intended that we prove our worthiness to live by saving ourselves.

Bush Press conference 3/29/01:
Here's a thought dripping with irony: The "Patient's Bill of Rights" becomes side tracked to providing liability limits for medical malpractice suits. Is that a typical conservative spin!

Panos Savos conned a hundred year old Israeli rabbi into approving of his plan to clone a human being. A supportive Israeli doctor said he hoped that within two years a human would be cloned somewhere north of Haipha. He added that he desired the approval of the law.

Editorial Column:
The only way we'll ever afford proper health care is to have our fair share of the economy. We need to take some of the wealth back from the elite who horde it. I'm talking of real, material wealth, not the paper that symbolizes it. Their abstract tools serve their purposes by facilitating the theft of the goods we produce.

The following formula was forwarded by a friend:

Engineers and scientists will never make as much money as managers.

A rigorous mathematical proof explains:
Postulate one: Knowledge is power.
Postulate two: Time is money.

Every engineer and scientist knows...
Work/Time = Power

Since Knowledge = Power and Time = Money, substituting we have:
Work/Money = Knowledge

Solving for Money:
Work/Knowledge = Money

The limit [of Money] as Knowledge approaches zero is infinity, regardless of how little Work is done to achieve it.

I wonder if George developed this theory? He really is a mathematical whiz. Or maybe it was one of his "good" scientists?

[Editors note: I'm sure the knowledge to which the formula refers must be awareness on the part of the elite of the suffering of the majority as we slave to satisfy the former's insatiable greed. Managers are the sycophants the rich have cultivated to control us.]

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