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"A good slave works for food alone."

Q of the week:
Q:How long is too long?
A:To Anglophiles everywhere, 500 years is too damn long to be in Ireland. Get your "Sons and Lovers" the hell out of there! Thank You DH, even though my progeny thinks you're full of it; I know where you're coming from. To the lords and masters especially: there is nothing quite so evil as aristocracy.

Week nine:

America is a democracy? We aren't even a decent republic. It was all a scam to attract European immigrants. In the 19th century the heirs of English lords, who run this country, were short of thralls to die in their soul-less factories. "Give us your poor, your tired, your hungry". We can use them to replace the freed slaves and drive down the cost of labor!

Many things that have been said before need to be often repeated. They need to be presented in novel ways, if that can be done faithfully. The truths were either not understood, were deliberately distorted or were denied by some of the listeners at the times of previous publications.

Campaign finance reform will suffer because the wealthy corporations must not have their freedom of speech abridged (the right to buy whatever TV commercials they choose). So we can do nothing to stop them from making a mockery of our freedom by buying all the politicians and elections. Their privelege is sacred! The bill of rights is virtually dead for the majority who can't afford them. Will the corporations be sanctioned for disloyalty to America through their negligence in the destruction democracy?

Give 'em a break! They only did it out of greed and self interest. And we all feel that. Don't we? There is, of course, a critical difference of scale. However, if we try to limit their freedom of speech, we will only succeed in abridging our own. Their's will not be affected, even though almost eveything they are is affected.

If Bush has been talking of his tests lately, I haven't heard it. The meritocracy has always been a farce. Money always wins. No plan of George's will change that. On the contrary, he wants only to strengthen the monstrous power of the rich. Have you learned anything yet?

We don't seem to be learning to act more sanely or to be less deluded by this weeks lies. I wonder if many people could be taught to differentiate between their truely individual consciousness and that which is common? Would it be easier to distinguish between real time emotion and that which is born in memory or by induction from the mass mind?

Maybe we could sort out our own consiousness, but not by emulating role models. Differentiating emotion would definately be more difficult.

It's abstraction has benefitted only the wealthy elite. But even that will suffer if the rest of us don't consume to keep up demand. We can't borrow any more. We're too far in the hole already. We've reached the limit. We need higher pay and today's prices. If I weigh my right to live against a corporations right to set its pay scales, prices and profit margins, I know whose freedom I'll choose. We and the Planet Earth are the source of their wealth.

Anyway, they'll make more money on the increase in sales. They'll whine that they can't make a profit paying higher wages and maintaining fixed prices. They'll throw group tantrums led by Bush. But it will all be bull. Yuu can tell when a conservative is lying because he is trying to convince you it is the "right" thing to do.

Get real! Morality and law are great when they work. But life is what's important. Making it easier for us to live is the real purpose of society and economy too.

Law and order:
Don't argue with your superiors. They own the law and you get the orders.

They stole it all but still believe, foolishly, that they can dis the Planet some more and do it all over again. Whatever solutions they produce you can rest assured they will make more money and you will have less.

Foreign Policy:
Distracts too much from domestic travesties.

If you create your own purpose for your life, it can live as long os you.

You can't afford it. But that's not a long term problem. Once all the human genes are patented you won't be able to distribute your own. Without people, there would be so much less human disease.

Editorial Column:
I would propose a life license be issued at age 30 but the irony is too great. (Beside: I'm afraid some fool would take it seriously.) If one had to prove one wasn't a fool each year or have one's license to live revoked, our economic and political leaders and followers would be extinct within in 366 days.

The unfortunate irony is, if you are not a true believer, if you aren't a fool, all the fools who support the system, our human culture and economy, will do their best to insure that you don't survive. Is it better to have your freedom self-abridged because of the threat of ostracization, or have it taken by violent means?

Apparently, genuine freedom of speech is restricted to those with enough money to buy commercial air time. The only real freedom and autonomy that exists is for sale. But the rest of us must pretend to be free or risk being branded disloyal, with the usual consequence of ostracization and death.

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