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"A good slave works for food alone."

Q of the week:
Q:Are slave masters evil or stupid?
A:Wha' 'ell difference does it make to those who are permitted to live only to serve!

Week eleven:

I don't think we need to concern ourselves that George will apologize to the Chinese over the mid-air collision, though our leaders have expressed regret for the Chinese pilot's death. But he should thank them for providing a distraction from his domestic policy of economic delusion.

The Bush Department of Agriculture proposed lowering the standards for measuring salmonella bacteria in school lunches. This flag was hauled in after numerous protests by everyone with common sense. Was it a diversion designed to probe our defenses and give us a small victory (a political loss leader) prior to a big ripoff? Or are they really that stupid? Does it make a difference?

We don't have to judge good and evil to know what's good for us. And we don't need some elite jerk or one of the enthralled (yet pompous and arrogant) CEOs, managers or politicians (not to mention the echos from the rank and file) to tell us. [Ed. note: conservatives usually rely on economic intimidation, and the bones they toss us to fight over among ourselves, as their primary means of maintaining popular delusions. The basic difference between them and liberals are their styles of operating in that arena.]

I heard a snatch of a TV interview with Trent Lott. In as pompous, arrogant and intimidating voice as he could muster the senator said, "I'll tell you what's good for...".

That was enough for me. I remotely flicked off the TV. The key to understanding our psych(s) and culture(s) is contained in that fragment.

Some people are conditioned to believe one thing and some another. Differently brainwashed people clash like the colors in the clothing representative of a style for which you don't care. It's all good, if you benefit from a disunited populace.

They are telling us all is well, while they are looting our house. The Dow is down over a thousand points since January 20th. The Nasdaq is worse. Corporate layoffs and rising umemployment won't fulfill the promise of surplus tax money or increase demand to forestall recession no matter how misleadingly the word is defined by co-opted economists. The experts to whom we defer are not on our side.

Experts won't tell us, for instance, that the higher paying positions vacated by the laid off will be filled by cheaper, younger proteges and so on down the line. Nor will they say that, though the "cutbacks" increase the profit margin of each corporation that monkey does them; the cumulative effect is to weaken the economy. The same number of jobs or even more may exist but we, as a group, get less of the money.

They are free to run their businesses. We are free to starve.

Law and order:
The law is for the protection of the wealthy elite. The order is maintained by denial of that truth and delusions of grandeur.

The prices are going way up in California. They'll get around to the rest of us eventually.

Foreign Policy:
The ordinary overseas amusements have been eclipsed by the collision of a Chinese fighter plane with our spy plane. If policy is hypothesis then is diplomacy empiricism?

They say you have to take the good with the bad. The faith of the elite is that they will take the good and leave the bad for the rest of us.

If medicine and money ceased to exist the Earth would return to an unspoiled state. But that solution is as unacceptable as it is unlikely. Radical redistribution of resources is the right medicine we are unlikely to get. Right, in that sentence, is not defined as George apparently defines it.

Editorial Column:
We need to tell all the politicians. We need to say it loud and often. Abandon the policies that support economic tyranny. We want control of the wealth we produce. We don't need your abstractions. We are tired of your lies. We want the real thing. Stop the bullshit now!

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