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"A good slave works for food alone."

Q of the week:
Q:Has Bush II been distracted by the Pardon furor?
A:No, it has been created to distract us from what Bush is doing. Du-uh!

Week six:

According to one Bush skokesman, "pardons have not been a distraction to the presidents work on the budget..." etc. Good spin! I never thought the furor was an attempt to divert George. It is designed to distract us from what he is doing.

On Meet the Press 2/25/01 Sen. Domenici of NM said "Congress should get all the facts so we can tell the American people what's going on." I think I'd rather be given all the facts and trust my own judgement. Then Gov. Hucabee of AR: "Bush has done a good job keeping the executive branch and congress focused on the issues. Does the right brain know what the right hand is doing?

In the State of the Union [SOUA] address Bush claimed success by having set a tone of "civility" in Washington. Does that mean that no one may speak of the contradition between his words and his inevitable actions? What he does will economically devastate the majority of Americans. Disallowing the expression of the truth changes nothing. It only proves the weakness of conservative spirits.

Are you emotionally engaged by the president's promises? Thought conditioning depends on it. How else can the truth of actions be hidden from you?

"A tax Cut for real Americans", said a Bush spokesman on Meet the Press. "...marginal across the board...". "...the right thing to do...". Where does the money for FED loans come from. What percentage of tax money goes to paying interest on debt the Gov`t won't be paying down under Bush's plan.

Ads for 2nd mortgage loans are popping up all over. Spend your equity to help the economy. Believe me, you'll not get much from a Bush tax cut. Would you rather have 5% of $10,000 [$500] or 1% of a million [$10,000].

Bush said, "the warning light is on on the dashboard". I agree. However, The tax cut is misdirected. It is not a answer to decreased demand. "Low consumer confidence" is not a reflection of our "faith" in the abstract economy; it mirrors low wages. We don't have enough money to buy and we can't borrow any more. The market must expand at the bottom end. Fixed prices and a higher wages for the lowest 60% is the only solution that will work. But the unqualified truth is seldom heard from an MBA. They know only how to steal for their masters and keep quiet about it.

With fixed prices and higher wages, the money machine will then take care of the beneficiaries of abstract economy at the top. Of course that last will create the problem all over again but there is no point in telling the economic elite they can't have their cake and eat it too. They will throw an economic tantrum that will cause us more suffering than that to which their existence normally subjects us.

Conservative solutions are always designed to pump more money to the top. That's the fundamental problem with the economy [pyramid scheme]. It can't be solved by exacerbating it. Reaganomics proved that. The huge deficits, with the greatest part of the budget [tax monies] paying interest on them, started growing in 1981. Of course, the financiers loved it.

On a tangent: The rich are often explained as the Darwinian survivors: the strong. An ape has more sense than to hoard all the food depriving the rest of the social group. The group of primates has more sense than to tolerate such. An ape could never get away with forming a clique of like minded fellows, a gang, to steal and consume the resources that the rest of the family gathered. What end of social evolution are we at? Or is that devolution?

Law and order:
Increasing population densities are causing people to grow more insane. Putting the worst of the loonies in prison treats the symptoms but does nothing to stop the intensification of the disease. More money for the most crowded would allow them to purchase a little space. This might roll back the clock of extinction a little.

Bush wants to expand the petroleum supply wherever possible, incuding Alaskan wilderness. This is not a solution for today. It only plays to the game of having reserves to sell at the price they will bring in ten years [plan]. Further, the amount of oil there, may only be ten percent of what is predicted. The only real solution is non-fossil fuel energy and conservation. But, inspite of lip service during the SOUA, that wouldn't serve Bush's constituency. They want to maximize profit at our expense.

Foreign Policy:
Colin Powell and George I visited Kuwait for the ten year anniversary celebration of the Desert Storm liberation. The Arabs were assured we will be there to protect the oil whenever necessary.

Missile defense, in the unlikely event that it succeeds, will eventually stimulate the development of more deadly missiles. In the interim, it will shovel the tax surplus into the hands of [conservative] military contractors and require larger deficits. Remember Reagan's Star Wars.

We want to help religions with secular programs to assist government with the social agenda. Sounds good but is probably specious, maybe disingenuous and definitely naive on the face of it. Naive, that is, of anyone who believes that it won't end up being another way to funnel our tax money to George's friends.

The human species is only one of the life forms on this planet. In our minds and those of many of the gods we've invented, we are the most important life form here. We are only a part of the totality of life. We are responsible for what we do, for our lives. God is responsible for all life. I don't think God plays favorites. If I'm wrong about that, I still don't think a creative God would tolerate threats to the largest part of that God's work. In fact, the Hebrew God was famous for severe punishment of His chosen ones. Maybe that's because the non-human life does what He wants it to do.

Human genes are being patented. If God doesn't file suit, will air or water be next?

The arrogance of corporate America is incredible! But it is also self aggrandizing to fear that human uber-mensche will be the result of cloning technology. I think it is much more likely our corporations will desire a sub-species of slaves who are just intelligent enough to perform their tasks. The difference between these engineered morons and today's upper middle class is that the former will be payed nothing at all in order to secure their help, by the rich, in starving the rest of us into extinction.

Editorial Column:
If the self serving, pretentious leaders who, affecting high intelligence and moral principles, had themselves been made to drink hemlock in the Agora, instead of having been permitted to impose that penalty on Socrates, the world might be a much better place today. Instead of genious hobbled and under the control and direction of the weak minded but socially strong, the wealthy, it might be free to genuinely advance humanity.

Letters to the Editor:
The writers didn't request anonymity but the letters, inspired by previous issues of this publication, were addressed to me personally. I choose to withhold their names.


Greg K Thank you for your social commentary. I pretty much agree with your assement, however, I think your attributing this mainly to selfishness and greed, slightly misses a mark which plunges the whole society into the cause. It is selfishness but greed is secondary, it is self righteous, pious self centered-ness that is supported by the "science" of our day. PBS is doing a series called something like the survivors, in which it is presenting the history of life as a violent conflict under the guidance of Darwin's rule of the survival of the fittest. It is essentially saying that evolution is about the developement of weapons so that advantage is obtained in the survival of the strong. In other words those who have the weapons disposed to their side are the natural ones to survive. Indeed it is this fear which drives the socially powerful to their actions.

The politics of America is based on the declaration of independence, the bill of rights, and the constitution, yet the constitution was supposed to be a transitory republic, and our history up till WW II consistently created ammendments that weakened the republic and increased democracy's power. However, since WW II the republic has been strengthened to the point, that the bill of rights has been destroyed and freedom is no longer the abstract freedom of determining truth but rather the freedom to control others. This has been marked by the right of a corporation to have the rights of an individual. And the policies of Truman to maintain a military and to allow an elitist society to evolve around a republic. FDR may have contributted to this outcome. But the republicans and CEO's have gained the most from this situation.

However, it is the elitism that scientific opinion has gained from these developements that has been the cement that has held these social values in place. In case you did not know science now-a-days is held together by authority more than by experiment. Physics is not a description of mathematical formulas, it is a description of arbitrary mathematics on a probability base. It is the probability base which has been manipulated so that it (science) functions as a basis for empiricism. Technology leads science these days since science is not about seeking truth, it is about controlling truth. Science is not identifying truth, because freedom of speech has been stopped. Publishing has been controlling what scientific truth is these days. Science has become the religion on which the rich and powerful gain their validation.

Science does not know what is true anymore, yet they present truth as the big bang, and that they have some notion of what the genetic code might mean, yet one hears all this hype about understanding consciousness, teleportation, quantum computing, worm-holes in space. These are all hype and nothing more since the physics-mathematical basis for these things does not exist, except as abstract theorms.

Truth is no longer being persued, elitism has destroyed our ability to question truth.

The Democratics' old idea of "Tax and Spend" served as a sort of a "recycling" mechanism for wealth while getting public works done. But the Republicans are afraid:" If I pay taxes, my weiney will fall off!" The Republicans are happy with government spending--IF it goes to privately-owned government contractors so that it goes straight back into their pockets. But when everyone wants something for nothing; "I want a government contract but I don't want to pay taxes"; the government enters into "Deficit Spending", so that the government must BORROW money from the BANKS, who make a fortune on the interest.

During the 1990's, the popular thing for the Middle Class (those few who remain) was to invest in the stock market to "get rich." This has mostly funded huge corporate buyouts and mergers, while most people's incomes have not kept up with inflation. But "The Economy is Booming", so people have purchased lots of goods on credit to make things look like the economy is booming. "Everybody has a $40,000 SUV." This just means that private deficit spending has replaced government spending to run the economy. Moving productive activities to other countries (partly via NAFTA), where labor costs are less, has also improved profit for Corporate America. This also means thaT LAND THAT would have been needed for farming and ranching can be covered with "MORTGAGE BAIT"= expensive houses people can buy so they can pay interest on a mortgage.

One might label the process of banks backing housing development "MortgageBaiting". Thus in Arizona, we have banks mortgagebaiting in the desert, while in Indiana bankers mortgagebait in the cornfields. I've heard that outside of Buffalo, New York, there's some mortagebaition going on there.

One way to reduce the burden of the National Debt might be to provide the service of Doctor-Assisted Suicide for all the bankers to whom this enormous debt is owed. They might not realize how much pain they're in, but they still need this service. Then the Republicans can have their tax cuts, the Democrats can increase spending, and everyone can be happy.

Regarding the Harvest of Stagnated Wealth, one must think in terms of Orders of Magnitude, which can be confusing. A 1 MegOhm resistor and a 1 KiloOhm resistor can look almost alike, as can a 1 nF capacitor and a 1 pF capacitor. But if one harvested 1 Billion dollars, he could send $33,000 to each of 30,000 people and STILL have $10 million to work with.

Editors note: Increase one billion (1.0E9) to one trillion (1.0E12) and the 30,000 (3.0E4) becomes thirty million (3.0E7).

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