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"A good slave works for food alone."

Q of the week:
Q:If we undermine the inner city schools, will the socialization process suffer, resulting in many unruly people with little opportunity to divert them?

Week five:

While espionage by an FBI agent is not insignificant, it doesn`t deserve the share of the focus it is receiving. There are more relevant issues. But our politicians don`t care to take responsibility for the damage they do in the name of elitist greed and selfishness. They would rather we examine the more esoteric principles to which they pretend.

The purpose of their show and tell, whether it be foriegn or domestic threats, is to divert our attention from the real facts of life. We are and have been, in the case of western Europeans and derivatives, virtual [economic] slaves since the time of Julius Caesar. Longer or shorter times apply to other ethnic groups. All the spins and distractions created by politicians are designed to protect us from the hard truth, so that the status quo remains unchanged.

Bush's defense of the status quo suffers from a poverty of imagination. Clinton, old cold war enemies and petty tyrants in the Mid East must be constantly revitalized in order to keep our attention diverted from the eternal welfare for the rich paid by the rest of us. How much longer will we continue to succumb to those weak spins.

Vouchers will shift federal dollars from inner city schools that already suffer from overcrowding and under funding, to the elite school districts and private schools of the rich. This move, predicated on accountability and responsibility measured through skewed standardized tests, is supposed to improve education generally. Who will tell the emperor he has no clothes? Perhaps only a child could see through the illusions to the truth.

Is that because socialization has not yet completely deluded the children? If Bush`s education plan is implemented the one's with reason to ponder this will never learn enough to figure it out. They won't have as great a chance as we did. And apparently that wasn`t a very good one.

Earlier oil price increases result in less demand over all as consumer dollars are burnt up. Lay offs and a drop in production follow. Then the stock prices [abstractions of economy] are affected.

Tax cuts end up in the pockets of energy corporations and their stock holders. The middle class is already saturated with debt so cannot mortgage anything else. FED rate reductions will fail to help one day. Are we in that cycle?

Fixing the blame on the dependence on foreign oil does not fix the problem. Domestic oil will still be reserved for the day when energy costs are really high. The same corporations who monopolize the oil here, own or import the majority of the foreign oil as well. They may want to stake their claims on the national wilderness preserves but they will not infuse the system with cheaper energy. The profit motive gaurantees it. They are making too much money the way things are. Non-fossil fuel energy production for individual households is a solution the system`s owners will not accept.

Nor will they admit that only higher wages and fixed prices will allow consumers to revitalize the economy. Greed and selfishness are the principles that assure business as usual. We will continue to suffer under their dominion until we speak out with a single voice against traditional economic slavery and standards that value a rich minority higher than a productive majority.

But here`s a new spin for you, George. Get every one to forget about the real beneficiaries of abstract economy and turn their focus to the nouveau riche entertainers. It`s true that sports and movie stars must do something to begin to accumulate their money. But even if a personal economy has a real basis it becomes abstract as it grows.

This diversion serves the second purpose of increasing divisiveness among people. Often the newly rich remember their beginnings and try to use their growing power in the misguided attempt to help those who haven`t beaten the odds. Oh, has that distraction already been launched? I don`t know what you can do, George, that`s original.

Law and order:
Be sure to engage your emotion as directed by big brother. It wouldn`t do to have you thinking about the impending legal rip off of the wealth you help produce. A fearful employee is a loyal employee.

Cooperative existence is unnatural. You must only cooperate to produce wealth for the masters. You must not be aware of the process or the contradictions contained.

Think about something else. If you don't fear criminals will harm you or are not outraged by Clinton immorality, you may have time to think about who is always stealing from you. That would not serve your country.

Time to change fears/angers. No thinking in between. You might notice that California consumers, with their tax dollars, are paying for the import of electricity to fuel their industry until independent mini-power plants can be installed at the factories. I wonder if the corporations will get a tax cut so that we can foot that bill too?

Foreign Policy:
Major threats are low profile this week. If yuur emotional engagement is declining and you are in danger of thinking, perhaps you can conjure up a revitalized Russian menace. They are still watching us and it`s pay for view. Our wealthy rulers say our loyalty should be immune to corruption by money.

In 1936 George Orwell's "Keep the Aspidistra Flying" payed homage to the fearsome money god: "Something deep below made the stone street shiver. The tube train, sliding through middle earth. He had a vision of London, of the western world; he saw a thousand million slaves toiling and grovelling about the throne of money. The earth is ploughed, ships sail, miners sweat in dripping tunnels underground, clerks hurry for the eight fifteen with fear of the boss eating at their vitals. And even in bed with their wives they tremble and obey. Obey whom? The money-priesthood, the pink faced masters of the world. The Upper Crust..."

Editorial Column:
I've heard it said that our social hierarchy is a meritocracy in which the leaders are genetically superior individuals who are also those with vested interests in the community. The thought, and I use the term loosely, assumes that the best, not scum, rises to the top.

I assume that genetic superiority refers to the brain and not the musculature of the gifted individuals. But there was little detail about the occurance of such genious. Careful here, bigotry is straight ahead.

We avoid bigotry if we assume the the occurance of genious is statistically equivalent across racial, ethnic and class boundries. But who will decide when it has occured? Can a non-genious identify a genious? How does an ordinary person recognize the ability to create or comprehend that which the person cannot understand? But there is a less profound problem to address.

Identification of those with genetically superior brains is problematic because they will have been nurtured differently depending on economic class and other factors. Improper nutrition or inadequate health care or education can mask the attribute in question in too many cases.

On the other hand, superior care and education will allow many economically advantaged (or just plain lucky) individuals to claim a genetically superior brain that they do not possess. They will form a clique of their own to support one another's pretentions.

Genuinely superior brains [thinkers] will likely be eliminated from such groups as threats to expose the childish vanities of the pretenders. This dynamic creates a danger that the leaders of business, academia and government will degenerate to a collection of self deluded fools whose principal occupation is the defense of the economic and political establishment of which they form [invented] the spiritual center.

Worse yet, what happens to our progress on all fronts as a species, if genuinely superior minds are forced to conform, in order to survive socially, to the views of mediocre nitwits who are faking it? Will all true thinking be suppressed, even by the thinkers themselves?

Will we become an emotional mob bound together by social instinct? Will we be led to the fullfillment of the greedy appetites of the socially strong? Will that slavery be justified by referring to our possession of individual self interest and an artificial hierarchy of feigned genetic superiority?

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