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"A good slave works for food alone."

Q of the week:
Q:Why do conservative Republicans place property before people?
A:Even Lincoln hesitated to free the slaves on constitutional grounds concerning private property. That set the tone and no amount of civil, that is legal, or even kind words will change it. What are we allowed to say? Words become more important than deeds if and only if we may not speak of what we are forbidden to do.

Week seven:

I don't live for money. I know that I need money to live but I don't have to like it. The God I want to believe in did not intend for us to have to live this way.

We are constantly distracted by merely trying to survive in the economy we have created. In the true biological sense of Darwin we are not likely to survive as a species if we continue reliing on our non-sensical abstract inventions. It's existance only really benefits a small minority of the population. It's been that way for thousands of tears.

Law and order:
Foreign Policy:

Editorial Column:
I've been distracted from watching the news this week. I don't believe I missed much. We all know what's going down. If we only check the news once a month we can record the progress of the politicians in putting our money in the hands of their largest contributors. They create some show pieces of legislation to pacify us but nothing meaningful to help us. They preserve their real power for ripping us off.

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