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"A good slave works for food alone."

Q of the week:
Q:Are they inept or do they think we are stupid?
A:Maybe they'll meet in the middle, where the Schiz and the phrenia come together.

Week four:

The Congressional investigation of "The Pardon becomes criminal as it moves to the JustUs department. Have our leaders thought this through? Does any politician really want us to look closely at the connections between political contributions and the subsequent acts of those who make and execute the laws? What will we find out about gov't contract awards for the military or public works? What of general procurment? From what else does the focus on Clinton divert our attention?

It's all illusion! I can imagine the strategy: "Create a spectacle and they won't focus on how we stole the presidency and are planning to use it to rape them economically. They will finally beg us to move on". The proofs that such schemes exist are the results that politicians have always produced. Their accomplishments are not in the words they use to engage us emotionally. Their real purpose can be gauged by the distribution of wealth in America. The only standard they hold is used to measure the money they value exclusivly of all others and things. That [standard] device is derived from the genuine principles to which they adhere: greed and selfishness.

We allow ourselves to be distracted by their childish, self righteous posturing. Don't be deluded by anything they say. Look only at what they do! Oh, and you can rely on today's politicians to project their own faults and crimes onto anyone and everyone else.

Election and/or Campaign Finance Reform:
A bill was introduced to order a nationwide poll closing time (9PM EST/6PM PST). First they steal the election then project their crime onto the press. Many, accepting Bush's "right to set the tone", allow themselves to be deluded by such foolery.

If large contributions, including those from PACs, were forbidden, no one could "legally" bribe our politicians for any purpose whatever. Until then, we will continue to have the best government money can buy.

The leadership is owned by a self serving minority of the population. We can count on apparent short sightedness and ineptitude in dealing with the Tax Cut and all economic issues. But western economies have been dominated by small, elite groups since Julius Caesar conquered the Celts.

Caesar's political heirs haven't forgotton his advice. They even cover their tactics by projecting divisiveness onto us... if we have the temerity to notice their thoroughly unscrupulous greed. The only remaining question is: are they stupid or crazy? Do they think, stupidly, that we are blinded by their brilliance?

The visit to Mexico was probably more an economic than foriegn affair. The impact on our economy of cheap imported labor is not what Bush would have us believe. For years conservative employers have claimed they cannot make a profit any other way, while the politicians publically denounced the illegals and privately supported their masters.

But the blinders of short term gain that conservatives wear prevent them from seeing the only ultimate solution for recession is higher wages and fixed prices. In such an atmosphere demand, production and profits grow. Even the financial industry parasites gain. Only short sighted greed and selfishness insist that we must have our cake and eat it too. George, you have to spend a dime if you want to keep making dollars.

Executive orders designed to further weaken unions will have the same effect such tactics and laws have had under Eisenhower, Nixon, Reagan and Bush I. They will help to bring on recession by repressing wages and reducing demand. In the end, production is cut, profits fall and the Wall Street parasites suffer too.

But certain of the Wall Street parasites gain. They are the ones with all the money. They control the majority of the abstract wealth. When the recession causes stock prices to fall they will have positioned themselves to have a large amount of cash or liquid securities on hand. Is the economic policy designed to allow these people to buy up capital, further concentrating wealth, when the exchange prices fall? Whose money are they harvesting each time this happens?

What happens to the tax surplus during a recession? Phony, self serving principles won`t save us. Conservative policy is designed to sink us. I predict there will be enough life boats for the economic elite. Of course, only those who remain loyal to their clique will be saved.

Has everyone forgotten there is a five to eight year lead time on new power plants? No amount of words or fault finding will solve a real problem. If you can afford it, build an individual power plant for your home. That`s what the corporations are doing. If corporate mini-plants succeed in reducing demand, do you care to wager that grid power prices fall? It`s bass ackwards of course. But independent power for people and industry power for industry, would not serve the profit god. It would require that we have some of the money.

Foreign Policy:
Colin Powell led a pep rally for George W`s "...vision of a hemispheric policy". The president was in attendance and spoke the ritual phrases. In his comment on the Western Hemisphere he didnt say anything beyond the usual reinforcements of morale.

Did George's visit to Mexico contain an agenda hidden in misleading words? Does he want a ready supply of sub-minimum wage labor to exacerbate our economic problems and make his friends richer?

Iraq has been punished and we are safe from Saddam for a few more weeks. I wish we were safe from the present danger posed by the economic raiders led by Bush. But we are emotionally stimulated by the allied attacks.

Does Bush thank God for the science of behavior modification? Is he aware that such exists or is he merely an unwitting victim of it? Learned mental inhibitions, remote stimulation of emotion, memory of emotion and other imaginary constructs constitute the genuine spirituality of many people.

Editorial Column:
What will be the final solution for the 40% of the population who will get little or nothing from the tax cut. Their wages are held down by the conservative principles of selfishness and greed. Incomes in the lowest and second quintiles top out at $17000 and $32000 respectively.

IF we delude ourselves, we might believe the average income for the second quintile is $25000: a taxable $15000 or less after dependent and other deductions. Fifteen per cent of that is $2250. A 5% reduction puts about $15 per week in their pockets. It will be less in many cases. Democrats are predicting much less in their assessment of Bush`s plan. In any case, there will be nothing for the bottom quintile. Moving up to the third quintile, we receive little more. Sixty per cent of the people get a token tax cut but we are expected to consume the economy out of the slow down.

By the time we get to the top of the fourth quintile the dollar amount of the tax cut begins to impress, if not anger, the bottom 60%. Though it`s not significant to those who receive it. But let`s return to the majority. Who are we and whose side are we really on?

We are the workers, the technical achievers and the lowest level of management. We are the people who actually make and distribute the things we need or want to buy with money. We deal with real material goods as opposed to the top 40% who mostly handle tokens and abstractions of the products and, of course, consume the highest quality and most expensive goods. They also own most of the land.

Land and the goods that are produced are the real wealth. The tokens and abstractions that represent them, such as money and stocks, will not support life. Yet we reward the minority who manipulate the abstractions of wealth and punish those who produce it from the Earth. Does this seem to put our economy at cross purposes to you?

Conservatives might be able to infer our existence from the goods they consume. Unless they are capable of so completely deluding themselves as to believe their sustenance is manna from heaven, they must know that someone produces the things they take from us. But when one lives in the abstract world of money, one is insulated from the real sources of every day things and the people who make them.

We think we choose sides. But, if we are honest, most of us just find ourselves on one, whether we want it or not. Many of us, in denial of reality, pretend that`s not really where we`re at.

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