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Morality, ethics and the emotional engagement of populations are in a constant state of change. Only the greed, corruption and treachery of the powerful and rich elite remains the same.
"A good slave works for food alone."

Q of the week:
Q: Does the decline in buying power of consumers in the past 35 years indicate a conspiracy of fraud among the wealthy elite and their wholly owned subsidiary politicians and other corporate clones?
A: Not necessarily. they might all be acting on a common principle of amoral greed. Each one takes all they can steal from US, without regard to the pain and suffering they cause to one and all. These people are as insensitive to their fellow humans as pigs to one another at the trough. They all focus so tightly on personal gain that they are as unaware of their cumulative detrimental effect on the economy, as they are of the pain they cause US thereby. Self awareness of collective evil, by the wealthy perpetrators, is a prerequisite to conspiracies on their part. They aren't smart enough to pull off a deliberate scam. The system only works because they and we believe we are good people in a just land.

Volume III Issue 12:
   Childish stupidity prevails. The wealthy elite, who claim to motivate progress with their money making schemes, more often impede it in the name of greed. They suppress advances, by refusing to capitalize them and other more active means, that threaten the profits of existing scams. They buy genius and its produce and lock it up with intellectual property laws that guarantee only the owners may direct the course of humanity. They also assure that the real originators of technology, literature, art or science will profit only slightly from their own work. Where is the human race headed under the leadership of the greedy elite? Wherever or to whatever they’re leading US, you can be sure they’ll have more of it and we’ll have less.
   Of course we’re free in America to choose not to cooperate with their selfish scams. We certainly don’t have to vote for their puppets or cheer their rapacity. If you do choose to exercise your freedom of choice in "negative" ways, instead of little, you’ll get nothing at all. You may choose of your own free will to starve... that’s the only freedom there is in America... else you must choose to obey. You must chose to be "positive". If the truth is not "positive", that is: if George doesn’t want to hear it, then the truth must be suppressed.

Illusions, Lies and Distractions:
   The cowardly sneaks, whose positions are hidden behind a curtain of lies, exert their social power like children. They gang up, all against one, as they single us out for discipline. Incredibly, they believe they’re strong, intelligent and mature individuals. Our children, we and our masters are deluded. The difference, when there is one, between children’s fantasy and adult evil, is economic gain. Individual strength and maturity have nothing to do with it at all. They always act as a gang. Whether overtly or economically violent, by force or by systemic fraud, the pain and suffering these gangsters cause is the greatest evil on Earth.
   When society is viewed as a whole, by what goes down, it’s seen that the rich have formed the most powerful and evil union the Earth has ever known. They band together with perfect solidarity to take and keep for themselves all the wealth but enough to keep alive and cooperative those they need to produce it for them. The human race is their herd and they are the owners, the controllers. They force US to purchase our existence by giving them the fruits of our labor. Yet it is they who are superfluous to the economic formula.
   No one may join their union without their permission. They never give it unless they feel threatened. By insisting that we act individually, while they act as a gang, they assure they’ll seldom need to allow newcomers into the temple of wealth. We’ll act for them by keeping one another down, through competition among ourselves. Only enough will succeed to maintain the illusion that anyone can be like them. If you’re one of many who believes anyone can be rich who is smart enough or works hard enough, you haven’t done the math! You’ve been taken in by the great delusion.
   To see the mathematical impossibility of riches and workless indolence for everyone, just simplify the economic equation, while maintaining its essential integrity. That puerile exercise would not be necessary in a world that had not been made stupid by the childlike lies of the selfish, greedy elite. Many of US saw this when we were younger but allowed ourselves to be gradually or suddenly deluded due to the necessity to survive (or we plain sold out) in a world of finance created by selfish abominations of human nature.
   What is the abominable disease that afflicts the human race? They are the rich and their corporations, wholly owned politicians, management and justice system. A part of the sick delusion is that the people in general are the stockholders who own the corporations. If, as they say, fifty percent of US own stock, so what? Less than five percent of them own at least ninety percent of the stock and everything else. Do you see now why it’s mathematically impossible for everyone to be rich? You should also be able to see why the rich are not merely unnecessary but are actually a harmful blight on the economy that sustains US all.

   I was asked, "Do you think Bush’s reelection is guaranteed by the capture of Saddam?" Are Americans really that stupid?
   But then we believe politicians care for US and our way of life, not just for the greed of their masters. Anyone who claims to represent all Americans is a liar. You can’t represent the vampire elite and their prey at the same time. The bible put it another way: "You cannot serve both God [good] and [the system] Mammon!"

   The economy is about the production and distribution of the real material goods and useful services that are required to sustain life or, when possible, to make peoples secure and comfortable. Banks and money, stocks and bonds are about providing luxury for a few individuals at the expense of the general population. Without the goods, those abstract means of making money of money have no use or value to the rest of US. Such schemes of enrichment for the few are the usury forbidden by the Law of Moses. They represent imaginary work, which we euphemistically call busyness. Real work is that which directly creates material wealth like houses, clothing, food or cars. Real work is hands on. Some abstract [imaginary] work is necessary but it is always dissipative to the economy. How is it that Moses could predict this outcome and forbid the practices 3500 ago but we're unable to face the facts and take responsibility for our foolishness today. The more generously usury is rewarded the more destructive it is. This is simple math. The rich and their wholly owned CEOs, politicians and lawyers are looting the country, and reassuring US that it's "the best of all possible worlds". What's really changed since the days of Voltaire?
   It's the same evil if you live in America or Russia (before or after the fall of the Soviet Union). Only the hands in the pork barrel change. The misery and suffering [evil] imposed on many for the welfare of the elite remains the same. They, whoever they are, appropriate most of the wealth and most of US suffer thereby. The economy must eventually collapse under the weight of their greed. It cannot forever bear an incessantly increasing load by the workless class elite. Only real work sustains. I'll leave it as an exercise of the citizenry to determine a means, without change to the U.S. Constitution, to encourage real work and discourage parasitic and dissipative economic practices.
   As things are, to profit, we must descend to the lowest common denominator of morality and scruples. Our collective efforts concentrate on the creation of money while the goods are made in China. As consumer's jobs and wages disappear, even Walmart prices rise beyond our reach. Safeway excuses abuse of its employees by citing the necessity to compete with Walmart. The monkeys keep on seeing and doing. As we increase the management and labor pools through job exportation, the unemployed will increase the power of abstract marketeers to economically terrorize the dwindling remainder of the employed, with the fear of function loss or lower salaries and wages. Though the economic tyranny, enforced by the lower and lower living standard that they inflict, is a boon to stockholders, what do those stocks [monies] really represent? How many of US truly benefit from our system? How many will be better off tomorrow? If you believe we can all be rich and no one must do real work, what do you think you’ll eat? We will have food marketing and distribution systems but no farms or farmers! Will they grow food in China to feed US? Will they exchange that food for worthless paper? Before it gets to that stage, I believe the Chinese will say, "Thanks for the machines and factories, now go home fools!"
   What is the plan for the worst case scenario? If the Chinese nationalize the multi-national corporate factories and keep the consumer goods for themselves, what will we do about it?

Law and order:
   Increased scrutiny at airports in response to the increased terror alert status just before Christmas must have added to the chaos on the busiest travel days of the year. Was this calculated to keep people at home and so to clear the lines for the sycophants of the elite? Whether this incident was coincidence or one more Machiavellian plot is beside the point. There is no goodness without good will. There is little good will left in the every day lives of Americans. "Nice guys finish last." Fixing the world begins at home and strengthening the just-us system will hurt, not help US. We need to quit running on fear and begin to think for ourselves. We need to defend our own dignity, lives and property from the evil, greedy elite and their wholly owned politicians and corporate clones.

   By 2020 the fossil fuel will be gone. George first acknowledged this 20+ year old data a few weeks ago, when he said we must plan for the energy needs of our children. Will power companies install PV on your roof, then bleed the kilowatts back over existing grid to redistribute it to you for an exorbitant charge. What seems like a George solution? The Oil Industry, fearing for their share of the loot, may prepare a war of liberation in which they’ll battle PG&E and others. They’ll refuse to be left out of the profits when the oil is gone. They can’t figure out how to start the war now, while they own the president, and maintain their claim that there is no energy/ecological crisis. How will they spin-play this one? We’ve already seen the start. George acknowledged the 20+ year old data.

   Mad cow testing, byproduct feeds, for show FDA meat inspectors... as profit motive does for all things, masters' greed gives US nothing. Unsafe food is nothing but another source of ill-health. The most greedy doctors and the most costly treatments are guaranteed by the same mechanism. Med school doesn’t attract healers. HMOs manage for their own profit. Corporate management and control of the means of our survival will kill US all! We’re diseased by the wealthy elite.

Editorial Column:
   To end on a humorous note: what hope is there for the survival of the human race? The seemingly coordinated corporate demands for our time are moving the middle class to postpone having children or to elect not to breed at all. If this becomes the norm, the true believers will effectively remove themselves from the gene pool. The corporate devastation of families will self destruct. All of our problems will be solved by default. After a generation or so, abominations like George W. Bush will simply fail to show up at the battle. The degenerate, through their greed and selfishness, ironically, will have neglected to regenerate.

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