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Morality, ethics and the emotional engagement of populations are in a constant state of change. Only the greed, corruption and treachery of the powerful and rich elite remains the same.
"A good slave works for food alone."

Q of the week:
Q: Is it time for regime change in America?
A: I'm not sure. I would like to believe the rank and file conservatives are starting to see through the Bush-shit. But I fear we'll have to put up with more of it until a critical mass of objectors is attained... due conscience, common sense or whatever awakens determination to resist economic tyranny.

Volume III Issue 11:
   There are no bad reasons; there are only bad acts. I see that we're living Act IV of a tragedy. Thank the greed of the corporate masters. With the aid of their wholly owned subsidiary politicians, staged right and left, their bad play has made a mockery of liberty in America. The freedom to choose between serving the economic masters as a corporate clone and starvation is an affront to the entire human race. But the flock of sheep we've become is blissfully unaware of our condition.

Illusions, Lies and Distractions:
   Push the cheat to the final throw. That's how to uncover the nature of the Bush monarchy. George II has substituted a mockery of freedom for rule by the people. He corrupted the electoral process with the fraud in Florida. He's gambled the survivability of the human race on "scientific" opinions his masters have bought and paid for. Thus he shall increase your sense of safety and well being as his corporate owners and trainers rape the Planet, on which our lives depend. He's almost finished gutting the bill of rights to give you a sense of security in a world indignant over the economic tyranny for which he acts as a shill. He's killed over four hundred American military personnel in Iraq, to increase the wealth of his evil masters.
   The illusion of liberty is sustained by the fault tolerant program(1) installed in the corporate clones of the middle class, the rank and file conservatives. But no conservatives see themselves as rank and file. It's their pretension and posturing, their credulity that makes them so easy to fool... with the same old tricks ad nauseam. Maybe, if possible, George's frauds will have to cause more blatantly obvious damage to America, before true followers will see reality. I'm not sure though, that enough rope exists for him to hang himself in the limited view of the party faithful. That's how efficient virtual sheep processing has become.
   The illusion of rebounding prosperity due to policies designed to impoverish US for the benefit of the wealthy elite and their sycophantic CEOs and politicians is shattered by noting one fact. Two people must work full time to earn 75% of the buying power of one in 1968. This follows 35 years of decline in real wages and good jobs. This is the Walmart and service economy legacy. If you wish to know the true intent of words or acts, see what they've accomplished. And if you want to know the true effects of tax cuts, note how much more than taxes you pay each year to banks in interest etc. or for insurance and day care. Note also that those necessary services would cost a third or less than they do presently, if done on a nonprofit basis. It's the unmitigated greed of the elite that causes most of the misery on Earth.

(1)See "Denial" Chapter 3, elsewhere on this site, for an explanation of "fault tolerant [human thought] programming."

   To betray the spirit of freedom in America is treason greater than any domestic terrorist or spy could imagine. The tyrant that controls by controlling the information with which choices and decisions must be made, by lying, is the most onerous of despots. A person who cheats in elections in America, through intimidation of voters, tampering with ballots and suborning Supreme Court Justices, is a traitor to freedom and democracy. Do you know any such treasonous person?
   What freedom and democracy remains when elections are no longer free and honest. If the outcome is rigged the election is a farce. Freedom and democracy no longer exist when a candidate's brother can throw the election to his co-prince. What we have now more closely resembles the neo feudal aristocracy that is the essence of our tyrannical economic system. That is capitalism truthfully described. What kind of idiot could support such evil and call it good?
   Is it possible in America to control intelligence in such a way as to spend American lives in order to provide windfall profits to your friends? What kind of demon would pervert the spirit of freedom in this way? How many high crimes and misdemeanors does it take to impeach and convict a president? What kind of fool will ignore consistent and persistent evil "for the good of our democracy?" The grim chuckle this irony induces must be nurtured and spread if our freedom is to be regained. We can rid ourselves of this evil, parasitic regime, if we will it so.

   Usury, the increase of money sans growth of material goods [real wealth] is the fatal flaw in our tragicomic economy.
   The harm caused by taxes is far down the list. The neo-conservative illusions haven't changed for eighty years. The skilled workers and middle class pay most taxes. They're tricked into voting for those they think will decrease their burden. As with the economic security they ache for, the carrot of tax relief will always be just out of reach. That's economic necessity. The equation can never be balanced but to admit the bourgeoises beyond token representation among the elite would not compute at all. The system couldn’t stand the shock the truth would bring. It's easier to win the lottery or become a star than it is to succeed by the traditional formulae.

   ADM feeds the world, except when they can get more money out of the corn by burning it in your SUV. But the producers of the gasoline that the alcohol supplements don't want to pay for damages their
MTBE may have caused. The Energy Bill, which conservatives vow will be back, limits a communities right to recovery of losses that might be suffered due to MTBE contamination. This is the kind of litigation the Bush administration considers frivolous and disruptive. Energy corps will be pardoned in advance for, and excused from liability for their environmental crimes. They want more money and to protect that they've already stolen but refuse to take responsibility for the harm done by their rapacity. We're expected to give and take but mostly give. They take and take some more.

   The profit motive guarantees the greediest will get most of the money and dedicated healers won't have the connections to get into med school. The insurance companies have already increased the cost of medicine beyond what most Americans can afford, through their rapacity. Their profits, like those of banks and brokers, are purely parasitic. They take money from the system but produce no material goods. The service they provide, if necessary to anything beside feeding their greed, can be done on a nonprofit basis. The things we need collectively shall be done collectively if our economy will be sustained. The survival of the human race depends on a sustainable economy.
   The medicare changes don't address the problem of insurance company greed. Note that many of the medical and malpractice insurance companies are owned by ex-physicians or their heirs. This means that practicing doctors are no longer working for themselves but are basically well paid wage slaves. Other than decent pay, they're much like ourselves. (Except also their pride in their pretentious social position. But that won't last unless they get the money and autonomy back.)
   The Medicare Bill doesn't address insurance company greed, the major cause of the failure of the health care system for most Americans. It actually subsidizes insurance companies. The 1.5 billion in corporate welfare is to encourage them to accept privatization. As with all government sell outs, the poor and middle class taxpayers (the poor pay a lot of SSI tax) will pay for the extra big mouths of the rich insurers at the public trough. How many times will they run this same con on US before we wake up and eliminate the unnecessary and destructive rich elite and their shills from the gene pool? [Ed. note: Literal removal is not implied. By eliminating the motive, these antisocial personalities will no longer be synthesized. Thus the genetic correction of the human species will be a nonviolent procedure.]

Editorial Column:
   An economy that rewards useless manipulation of money and cheats real workers and innovators is an abomination. You wonder why the third world hates US. You'll soon know first hand!

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