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"A good slave/American works for food alone."

Q of the week:
Q:Do you believe in God?
A:Yes. I also believe that Lucifer won the battle for heaven and deposed the original creator. The devil then lied to us in the history that he wrote to cover his abominable crime. I know that's an unusual belief... but it does account for the ill nature of our economic system and that of the demons who control it.

Week eighteen:

"The Stone Truth"

"The Stone Truth" The Earth's northern hemisphere was approaching its maximum exposure to solar radiation for the year. Vera was relatively cool in the shade of the oaks by the side of the stream. The boulder on which she was sitting recieved little direct sunlight. It would stay cool well into the summer even though the nearby flow of water was small and almost silent.

The truth is silent when not spoken. Vera knew from experience that speaking the truth had not alone been enough to heal the soul of humanity. Until her own soul has been fundamentally healed, her mind cleansed of societal conditioning, her shortcomings will be percieved, the truth picked apart, twisted and turned against her. If she has perfected herself, her past sins may be sufficient for the process to be worked by less than sincere members of the elite. Must one be perfect to observe the truth? ...to speak it?

The process by which deluded mass mind defends itself is not a conscious one for many people. It is what too many call thinking. Unable to comprehend an overall formula of many factors contributing to problems, we tune our minds to ignore that with which we don't resonate. We are predisposed to finding the faults of an individual and ignoring information that fails to support our perceived self interest. The resulting "solutions" have usually been based on greed. Their inevitable failure is blamed on a scapegoat. Thus truthful evaluations of the condition of our culture have been silenced... By their projections you shall know them.

Charles Luce hadn't been silent following Vera's declamations on knowledge and society. But he hadn't responded to Veracity either. While she was meditating, he had spoken to the people through a press conference/ pep-rally. His way of dealing with the truth was to attempt to obscure and distort it whenever possible and to divert attention to some abstract facet such as a moral issue, when it couldn't be sufficiently hidden.

"Our economy is the world's greatest. If consumers support our tax cut, investors will create supply to meet your demands." The ralliing words took about half an hour but those two sentences were most of what was actually said, aside from labeling this generosity as "a tax break for working Americans". Notably, no mention was made that 1.35 trillion divided by 120 million is $11,250.00. It was mentioned that each American family could expect to receive $300.00 ($600.00 if both parents work) the first year. You do the math!

There is moral consolation. The bulk of the tax cut will go to the rich as God intended. That is the traditional, the "right" thing to do with our money.

A secondary topic was the deterioration of the American family. It was hinted that working mothers were neglecting their children and so the blame could be fixed for violence in the schools. There was no indication that wages would be raised so that one wage earner could support a family. Wage increases were labeled unnecessary and inflationary. They would also create a bad climate for investors.

Because he believed his own bull, he was not "lying". This makes the lies he propagates very hard to detect. Simultaneously, those who seed information can predict what percentage of the population will jump to the conclusion that the data is tailored to stimulate. This schizophrenic (doublethink because they also believe it to be honest) process is faciltated by preparing the moral ground. Chuck was unconsciously ignoring the same input he deliberately failed to provide to us.

At some point in life most of us start to sort things out. We usually end by trusting someone to fill us in. The smarter, the more skeptical among us test the information. The experience we test it with is usually filtered through the mores with which we're encultured by the lifelong course of socialization. Our mentors did the same. The result is mass delusion. We all come to the same wrong conclusion because of the biased process we've been taught and to which we've been emotionally attached.
to be continued...

There is very little that's straightforward. But it doesn't matter whether they lie about their intentions or they are merely selfish, pretentious children. It doesn't make a difference whether they take advantage of an existing situation or conspire to create it.

A perennial distraction that plays on our emotions and moral sensibilities is the wealth of entertainers and sports stars. At least they amuse us for their money. That's more than we get from those who only own stocks and other abstractions of the wealth that we produce.

They create policy to preserve the system whereby we do the work under the scrutiny of politician and CEO overseers and other appointed or elected straw bosses. They take 95% of the proceeds. They create public opinion through the media they own. They are 1% of the population.

When we know who gets the most benefit from "our" system, we will know who they are. But it really doesn't matter who they are. It only matters that they are and that we must obey them to survive. Are you happy with life as their slave? That's a condition I'm no longer willing to endure.

We've all been to school but what have we learned?

Tax cuts for the rich, including elimination of the estate tax, will exascerbate the economic slowdown, which the politician puppets are acknowledging. Money needs to get to the bottom before it can be pumped back to the top. Eliminating any means that is an opportunity to take money back from the rich and put it into the hands of the poor will contribute to economic stagnation.

Set the estate tax deduction at two million with an additional ten million for bona fide family businesses that might fail if stripped of capital. The remainder of any estate after deductions, could be equally distributed to the workers who produced the stolen wealth. Or it could be sold at public auction and the proceeds go to building houses, creating jobs and providing medical care for our forgotten homeless and other victims of upper class greed.

Appropriate solutions in the case of abstract businesses, those which directly produce no material wealth, are beyond the scope of this text. I will say that humans can't survive in a world made exclusively of such parasitic enterprises.

[Ed. note: Solutions are never possible until the problem is known. In a large system of free people responsibility must be distributed. This publication hopes to contribute by increasing awareness in general. Until our eyes are open we can't hope to see where we may go. I'm aware of the irony in my abstract offering. But I'll starve to death if this is all that I do.]

Law and order:
Republican lawmakers have declined to investigate Dick Cheney's pay off reception or Bush's dinner for large, soft money contributers. "It's not the same thing...", [as Clinton] they childishly whined. Twenty-five million dollars were raised. Is soliciting bribes on a large scale, perpetrated in government housing, the same as the petty misappropriation of public property?

Enjoy it while you can still afford it. If they rape the last virgin wilderness to increase the supply of energy, they will still not sell it to you any cheaper than they must. They will only use any crisis to raise the price again and again. They will never begin to look at alternative energy sources until the last dollar has been squeezed out of dead humanity. It's a jealousy thing. Their humanity died centuries ago and they want to drag us down with them. Of course, when our bodies are as corrupt as their spirits, they'll still be alive.

Foreign Policy:
If all our manufacturing is done outside the U.S. we can all make abstract (service) contributions to the global economy. I'm sure China and Russia will recognize the need to be regulated by our management. We don't need to worry about having real food to eat or any material thing. We control all the money. Ha ha, what can they do? [Ed. note: the mockery above is not meant to reflect the hopes and dreams of the author.]

In 1936 George Orwell's "Keep the Aspidistra Flying" payed homage to the fearsome money god: "Something deep below made the stone street shiver. The tube train, sliding through middle earth. He had a vision of London, of the western world; he saw a thousand million slaves toiling and grovelling about the throne of money. The earth is ploughed, ships sail, miners sweat in dripping tunnels underground, clerks hurry for the eight fifteen with fear of the boss eating at their vitals. And even in bed with their wives they tremble and obey. Obey whom? The money-priesthood, the pink faced masters of the world. The Upper Crust..."

Are you afraid of the possibility of uber-mensche clones? Think again!

Editorial Column:
Our politicians have bolted from the influence of Americans and taken the leads of corporate campaign funding. Many believe the latest spy in the FBI should be executed. What is more trecherous toward the American people...?

Investing our manufacturing infrastucture in nations that we cannot defeat in war is treason. Balances of power shift. We cannot predict the future. Taking high paying jobs from Americans and shipping them out of the country for the sake of cheap labor is treacherous. This is true whether or not our military can gaurantee corporate oversees investments.

Corporations, their CEO's, major stockholders and their wholly owned subsidiary politicians who support this perversion of free enterprise must be tried for treason if America is to be saved.

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