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"A good slave/American works for food alone."

Q of the week:
Q:Would it be fair to the elite to confiscate their wealth when they die and return it to the common pool from which they stole it?
A:When we complain of slavery to Pharoah we are told: "life isn't fair." Fairness, apparently, is a quality that is owned by the rich and employed only for their benefit. They also own the creators of public opinion and contemporary mores. How do we solve this democratic dilemma? The future is writ in Microsoft(r) commercials. "Enterprise Software"(r) is a dissolution. not a solution for most of us. [Ed. note: Microsoft(r) is an example. This by no means indicates that they alone are responsible for our economic problems.]

Week seventeen:

"The Stone Truth"

Vera was remorseful for having lost her temper with Chuck Luce, the representative of the elite. She wasn't unhappy with what she'd said. When she reflected, though, she knew she hadn't been effective. Not because anything she might have said would convince a cynical master but that her anger could be used to label her as incendiary and reduce her chances to enlighten the general population. Practically speaking, they are the only real candidates for soul healing. The rich and their sycophants are too childishly selfish to ever open their minds to reality.

Ordinary people, unfortunately, have been the primary target of deluding propaganda designed to assure the perpetuation of economic tyranny. Veracity retreated to her stream and dream place to consider the democratic paradox. Many truths occured to her at the place of the Stone.

The middle class believe they too can participate in abstract economy. The pyramid requires an infinite base to grow infinitly tall. If the base is destroyed by stealing its substance to build the upper levels...

In 1970 chicken was 29 cents/pound, hamburger 39 cents/lb. A new Olds Cutlass Supreme(r) was less than $4000. A new starter home was $20,000.00. Compare: $1.29; $1.99; $30,000; $100,000. Prices have increased by a factor of at least 5, in most cases, over 31 years. [Other price increases are hidden by trick packaging. Weights and measures are effectively tampered with by injecting water in meat products and failing to label it properly. That chuck steak you bought on sale will shrink twice the norm for an unaltered specimen, when placed on the grill. If you try to fry it in a pan it will be boiled instead.]

In 1970 minimum wage was about half of what it is today. Wages and salaries in most positions have approximately doubled. A person in a given job can purchase 40% (100 X 2/5) of what one could command in 1970. A woman gets 75 cents for every man's dollar. If a male and female both work, their combined buying power is about 70% of what one of their parents could command in 1970. We are making up the difference with second mortgages and plastic credit.

Conservatives, who created the economic nightmare with their tight fisted greed, tell us that the cure for violence in America is strong family values. Presumably that means the mother should stay home with the children. They say this with a straight face. Ruling out sufficient mental ability for hypocrisy: are they schizophrenic or are they idiots?

If the rich paid for the support of the government in proportion to their share of the wealth (which reflects the benefit they extract from the system), we would have a very small tax burden. If we were paid wages in proportion to our real contribution to production we could afford to pay taxes. The elite want to have their cake and eat it too.

When all the manufacturing has been roboticised (we used to say automated) and is run by computers or delegated to China, Russia and other countries (maybe clones in the near future), what will happen to the 60% of the population who are in the process of being phased out of those jobs? What of the 39% just below the elite? Many, perhaps most of them can be replaced by Microsoft(r) products right now. But who is going to need Enterprise Software(r)? Who is going to buy anything?

An equally interesting question: when the Russian and Chinese manufacturing infrastucture has been built up to the level it might have been without an arms race, will they return to their old ways and nationalize the industries on which we, in the interim, have grown dependent? What will happen to the service economy then, fools? I'd laugh but the tragedy outweighes the irony.

Vera didn't need to create answers to these questions. She didn't create the problems they indicate. I don't believe our idiot leadership has even considered them. If they've thought about them, we've certainly been ignored in their self-delusional contemplation of future glory and happiness.

The fact is: each of them thinks only of their own bottom line. They don't care about consequences to us and don't think about the cumulative effect of their greedy, selfish and probably unconscious betrayals of America. Can they be excused for destroying US because they neglected to consider the harm they were causing? ...because no one had sense enough to object? If you were killed by a tree falling in the forest and no one heard it, would you be any less dead?

Vera doesn't need answers. She knows that denunciation of greed and acknowledgement of our dependence on one another for survival is the precondition for finding a solution that can work. The cowardly fear that our situation can only change for the worse may be offset by confidence in our own ability to work things out together. What will that solution be? It will come from all of us and be for our mutual benefit. We can't start to work on it until we overcome our denial about the problem. But she doesn't know how to overcome the despair of the majority. She doesn't know how to reverse the conditioning designed by coopted psychologists, philosophers, economists, politicians, theologians and other pseudo thinkers.

Wannabeism and the belief that we are individually self interested in maintaining this system are the primary deluding qualities that have been drilled into us. They are, ironically, rationalization and justification for exploitation of us by the elite who commissioned those lies. They tell us we are just like them in our hearts and that's why we deserve to be their slaves. Their closed loop projector has a faulty lens. But how is't that so many of us buy that bull?

Morality, ethics, biology, religion and philosophy have been extracted, studied, twisted and fed back in, creating an abomination of human spirit that has become the norm. This is the sickness of the soul of humanity.

The thoughts occured severally to Vera, each after quite times sitting on a favorite rock in a grove of Oak trees. The work was to assemble them in a more or less cogent manner. This iterative process had been going off and on for at least ten years, before she'd found the Stone. The self culture had grown more deliberate and diligent over the decade. Time in a quiet place (at least free in her head of the lunitic babble of self agrandizing common consciousness) is essential to the development of a clear, strong and autonomous mind.

She had expected the Stone to simplify the task of perfecting her thought process. So far it had only demonstrated that if she was to have any help, she would have to help herself. Everyone else she had met was enthralled with the common beliefs or coerced in to accepting the life they imply through an unstated threat of starvation.

The graduated levels of awareness of the underlying coercion that Vera had detected in individuals are the measure of the work to be done in each case. The true believers are the most difficult. They delude themselves to point they believe they are free and making their own decisions. They must know that their choices are dictated by their service to the elite. But they hide the knowledge under false pride and over fear.

The subconscious they so create becomes an auto-installed overseer for the masters. Multiply the process by several billion and what do we have? See the mass mind of humanity, grown from our natural social instinct, matured in the service of the elite and presently in full decay!

to be continued... (unless my hard disk crashes again and I can't recover or the paranoid security measures at public access points evolve into an isolation from the internet)

Politics may be defined as the art of creating policy. The policy for years has been to divide public opinion and virtualy enslave the majority for the bona fide benefit of only a handful of elite. They pit white against black, middle class against working class, anything that diverts attention from the rich who are the root of our problems.

It doesn't matter if they are labeled plutocrats, aristocrats, politicians or fascists. Morality, ethics, philosophy, religion, biology and principles are all distorted to serve their greed. What is important is the resulting physical reality. All else is delusion, merely words that bind us to their will.

Can it be better than this? Who knows? We live under the threat that it could be worse. No one has been allowed to publicly explore the positive side of genuine change. When suggested, the voice is drowned in paranoid theories that predict things must deteriorate. Who has such nightmarish fantasies and why?

A conservative Italian billionaire was elected Prime Minister [of Italy]. He promised to create conditions in which all could become rich like himself. He failed to note that, if everyone had a billion, a billion would be worth about what everyone has now. [Ed. note: probably less!] You shouldn't be laughing at foriegn folly if you believe the Bush plan is any less absurd.

Foreign Policy:
Speaking of foriegn folly, bring our investments home before the rest of the world gets smart and takes them from us. Our "fearless leaders" will not be able to Pinochet every Alliende who is waiting for an opportunity to help people. Do you think the puppet, George, will be able to bully and coerce the Chinese?

Policy and budget have been proposed to divert more of our tax money to the rich and less to our schools. Tax cuts and vouchers are part of the orchestration of the Bush score. Conservative and fraudulant are synonomous.

Law and order:
"Capitol punishment isn't vengeance, it's retribution." With that specious distinction Pat Buchanan dismissed objections to ending the suffering of Timothy McViegh by assisting in his suicide.

The message we are sending to would be mass murderers: "Don't worry, you won't have to live with your conscience too long. You may not even grow old enough for compassion and remorse to become well developed in you." Caring is a quality of emotional maturity: a state not necessarily associated with chronological age and never attained by many. It can even be apparently lost to some as they grow older.

"It would send the wrong message to investors to limit the profits of oil companies." I interpret that to mean that abstract economy always takes precedence over the real needs of people. Remember, 1% of the population own 90% of the stocks, personally or through corporations that they control.

If all the tokens, including money, that stand for wealth went away tomorrow, the things they represent would still be here. We would still need those goods to live. What we don't need is the parasites who own them.

So what is it these stockholders do to us? Higher gasoline prices will take our savings. We lose our little share of the stocks, mutual funds etc. or negate them with debt trying to keep up as the oil ripoff runs through the economy.

America is the land of opportunity. The economic elite who have negated that principle will persecute heretics. Who will have the timerity to question the holy writ?

Will the doctors who own the HMOs enslave their collegues in order to become billionaires? Will their wealth result in better health care for us? Will the lines be as long or the care as available as in countries where socialized medicine is practiced?

Editorial Column:
We need the rich to manage our economy. We couldn't survive without them. That lie probably started about four thousand years ago. Ten thousand on the outside. It has become humanities dominant delusion in the past fifty years.

The human species did fine, in it's natural chaotic way, for a million or more years before the big lie was invented. Chaos is preferable to the perpetual slavery for the bulk of humanity, that can be extrapolated from our "recent" history.

But the belief that chaos will result if we throw the parasites out is part of the lie that enlaves us. We at the bottom sixty percent of the scale of abstract wealth know the most about real economy. (60 percent includes low level managers and technology experts who are living stressfully on plastic credit.) We know how to grow the food and make the clothes and build the houses and manufacture machines and goods. We know how to create, maintain and distribute the real wealth.

The plutocrats who own it all and us too, know only how to manipulate the tokens of wealth and use them to enslave us. But we should be fair. Instead of reducing them to an inanimate state, let's put them all in one State of the union, with all their paper wealth, and let them go it on their own. That, obviously, implies we will have no more intercourse with those who have denounced their humanity in the name thier god: greed. [Ed. note: this proposal is not serious. It is a wake up call.]

They need us. The size of your paycheck should tell you that they are not in touch with that reality; they need to be reminded who does the work and who is getting the free ride. And who really needs whom!

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