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Morality, ethics and the emotional engagement of populations are in a constant state of change. Only the greed, corruption and treachery of the powerful and rich elite remains the same.
"A good slave works for food alone."

Q of the week:
Q: What is the most basic function any economy must perform in order to remain viable?
A: It must provide for the continued survival of the human species.

Volume III Issue 6:
   Real Work - 1. Efforts of mind or body which result in the creation of material products. 2. A service with a direct physical effect or movement, such as transportation, medicine or the tangible alteration of existing material object(s). 3. The production of Art, literature, recreation or entertainment that someone, if only the artist, finds esthetically pleasing, emotionally satisfying, uplifting or otherwise valuable in their own subjective judgement is also real work. [Ed. note: Art may not be useful or necessary work; it may not feed the artist. It is none the less real. It doesn't contribute to our physical sustenance... "Man does not live by bread alone".]
   Abstract or Imaginary Work - Services, like financial, that manage, exploit or otherwise appropriate the value of real work done by others.
   Real work sustains the human race. Imaginary work is always parasitic on the economy. Some imaginary work is necessary to direct the flow of real work. i.e. We must cooperate to accomplish large tasks. Our interactions result in agreements that require necessary abstract work to create. But more and more of our work time is spent in fraudulent make-work (busyness), that is primarily imaginary work. Such efforts are designed to enrich the elite(1) at the expense of those who do real work. Necessary, useful, desirable or not, all abstract work is dissipative and therefore parasitic on the economy. We depend on the economy for life. Very little imaginary work is necessary. We don't need the rich at all.
   The rich don't earn their wealth by hard work. The rich force US to do the work for them, under a passive threat of starvation. Alternately they may have inherited wealth from those who had enslaved our parents and stolen the fruits of their labor. They speak of expanding the work of their fathers and the risks the family has taken over the generations. They would not have been in a position to grow so large without inheritance of the collaborations of a corrupt and dysfunctional (for most of US) society and culture. The wealth they risk is stolen from US. No one gets rich unless many others do the work for them. The abstract economic environment, that allows some to rip off the work of many and to become rich, is abomination of nature.(2)

(1) Some of the middle class are elevated. That maintains the illusion of a meritocracy. Remember, the [inferred] real function of the politician and management class is to create a buffer between the workless class elite and those of US who do real work. It is real work that's required to sustain human life. The buffer also serves as a conduit for the fruits of our labors which are stolen from US by the wannabees and corporate clones, for the evil elite they serve and emulate.

(2) To bequeath wealth is for the dead to exercise control over the living. The Earth supports life. It is unnatural for the dead to dictate who has control of the Earth... from which all things come. No other species can pass on the winnings of territorial/sexual competitions. We may righteously teach our children to compete but they must do it on their own. The beginning of the abomination of nature that humanity has become, may be traceable to consignment of stolen community property to individuals by their dead parents. Life is for the living!

   While fatuous Senators spiel specious rationalizations and a childish President boasts of the evil he does in the name of nationalism but really for the sake of the selfishness of the elite, we dote on their media reported betrayals of ourselves and all humanity as if they were the great and morally upright deeds claimed. We ignore the consequences of their greed inspired actions to the economy we depend on for life. We're easily diverted from meaningful thought about reality by the show they put on for US in the theater of lap dog media. When the stock market bubble burst the abstract economy was injured, with very real but unnecessary consequences from which we're still suffering. But that serves the grand illusion: the trickery by which real material goods are traded for the abstract magic beans of imaginary economic means. When the real estate bubble bursts the banks, the heart of the imaginary economy will be destroyed, with devastating results to the artificial and very plastic world of abstract economy.
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   Late in May, the junior Senator from Utah, Robert Bennett, spoke of entrepreneurship and small business in support of the new tax cut. He described how his own S-Corp distributed all profits to himself and the four other shareholders. It was then reported on their 1040 with their salary income from the corporation. The top income tax rate at the time was Reagan's 28%. Thus they avoided corporate taxes and dividend taxes. The corporation showed no profit and let no dividends. Further he stated he lived on his salary and all but the 28% of his share of the profits, enough to pay the taxes on the part reported as personal income, went back into the corporation. He mentioned having sold his shares before running for the Senate. This was early in the speech and apparently was meant to deflect charges of conflict of interest. He spoke of having mortgaged his home to get the $75000, which was his share of the startup capital. He said nothing of the ultimate gain he realized when he cashed out nor did he enumerate his increase due to his CEO salary. He spoke only of the inhibition to growth of new enterprises caused by taxes (especially taxes on dividends and capital gains) and that such increase creates new jobs. He implied that tax cuts to the wealthy elite and elimination of dividend taxes would benefit entrepreneurs like himself.
   Entrepreneurs like the Senator undoubtedly create jobs. Though the value of their enterprises to the human community may be questionable, many of them should be encouraged. Perhaps we should tie tax relief to an increase in the number of living wage jobs which contribute to the generation of real material wealth. But the elimination of capital gains and dividend taxes gives much more to the workless class elite than to the entrepreneurs it supposedly encourages. The true capitalists hoard wealth by usury and do no real work. The tax cut is one more flim-flam in a nation ruled by con artists. It will precipitate borrowing from the Social Security Trust Fund to pay for the administration's programs of corporate welfare: the corrupt government (military etc.) contracting system. The working poor and all those suffering from poverty and neglect will get no relief. They'll have their pitiful retirement looted. As in all things: we do the work; we pay the bills; they get the benefit! If I knowingly borrow money from them, that I can't or won't repay, I can be imprisoned for fraud. Who will prosecute our fraudulent, elite owned corporations or their subsidiary government. Justice in America is truly Just Us for the rich. The system can't work without undifferentiated enforcement of the law. If we must ignore the offences of some, then let's go for the criminals who do the most harm to US. That is: the President and his [ad]ministers, the Congress, the Courts, the bankers, the brokers, the CEOs and the workless elite who own them all.

Law and order:
   Indict, convict and execute sentence on the President, the Congress, the top corporate cloned marionettes and the puppeteers who own them all. It would send a message to others who might threaten our existence by stealing our sustenance.

   They're debating energy policy in the Congress right now. That is: they're deciding how to split up a large portion of the money they're about to steal from your social security to increase the profits of "the truly greedy".

Foreign Policy:
   While the US Military makes the world safe for the operations of corporate looters overseas, the children of our soldiers are eliminated from participating in the tax cut as are all of US (at least 40 million) who make less than $27,000/year. Who will fight wars of acquisition for the elite, when our children have been neglected in the name of the greed of our leaders?

Editorial Column:
   It's no longer about, never really been about, competing philosophies or religions. It's not about variations on the dominant economic theme of a time or place. Nor is it about conflict between existing political systems. It's about the freedom of the ruling wealthy elite to continue to live in workless class indolence, while the rest of us do the work that provides sustenance for the human race. We create material goods. They devise abstract means to steal them from us. If their law or morality fail to acquire the fruits of our labor, they organize us into police, armies and nations to control ourselves. We maintain their suzerainty by staying in the massmind places into which they put us. We're self maintaining thralls... virtual slaves.
   Right now, as at most times in recent human history, soldiers are acquiring the fruits of the labors of our fellow humans somewhere. That is being done for the benefit of the elite parasites who infect all the people on the Planet. I deliberately exclude the wealthy from the human community. They prey on us. They're no longer human because they do no work. They contribute nothing to and take everything from the human race.
   Don't condemn the soldiers among us, who do the work of the masters. Like most of us, "they know not what they do." When they confront the counterparts they've been pitted against, they may only choose to kill or be killed. Thou shalt survive is the fundamental law of nature. We all work, most of us unwittingly, for the masters. We enslave ourselves then forget, with the aid of the grandchildren of the mother of all lies, its supporting disinformation and propaganda, the true nature of our existence. We no longer perceive reality. We must at least pretend to believe the lies that rationalize their greed. If we don't, it's hard to earn a living. Most, who renege on the birth contract of virtual slavery, die. If the police don't get 'em starvation will. The dead and imprisoned can do nothing to help us awaken to the truth. But the dead of the rich can imprison our minds.
   If we're to be saved we must save ourselves. That starts with awareness of the "Mother of Lies"... the human culture of the past 5000 years and the greed its based upon. No philosophy, morality, economic or political system that's been theorized, invented or implemented in that time is adequate for our salvation. To begin to help find a better way we must first open our eyes to reality. When enough of us are aware of the problem, we can begin to create a solution. Ask yourself: How is the "Mother of Lies" reinforced by her descendant, contemporary propaganda?

   A reminder: What word or phrase was the semantic equivalent of "shock and awe" and was used over sixty years ago?
   "Blitzkrieg!" Office of Homeland Security services were performed by the Security Force (or Security Staff), translated from "Shutz Staffel" [SS]. The particular Semitic Nations pursued have changed.

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