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Morality, ethics and the emotional engagement of populations are in a constant state of change. Only the greed, corruption and treachery of the powerful and rich elite remains the same.
"A good slave works for food alone."

Q of the week:
Q: When will George plant weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, if none are found to back up his claims?
A: That depends on how soon we forget the reason for the war and quit asking about WOMs.

Volume III Issue 5:
Distractions and Other Lies:
   Immediately following the invasion of Baghdad, the non-existent modern equipment from the hospitals was looted, along with artwork from museums, cash from banks and much else. I heard one baffled CNN correspondent report live that the hospitals seemed to be very well equipped though low on supplies. It was never mentioned again on any newscast I caught. The fleeing Iraqi officials were accused of the worst of the looting. Some of the artwork etc. has been recovered from U.S. reporters and soldiers. Where are the infamous weapons of mass destruction?
   What do we know for sure about anything? We know governments, our own included, sometimes tell the truth and sometimes lie. We know they dissemble or withhold the truth to forward their agendas. We know the emotion grabbing reasons they give for the things they do. We know those reasons and the "truth" we've been told can change on the fly when necessary to maintain rationalizations. We know we're expected to accept the contradictions without question. We're usually told it's a security issue. Morality, principles and values also cover a lot of territory. In the end, the only truth we know is that our government sometimes lies. We know for sure they lie!

   If spirits or backs can't be put in service or broken, they're imprisoned or killed. That's what Western Europeans have called life for 1500-2000 years. Strength and intelligence must serve or die. Amerikans and Euro-peons, who think ourselves the epitome of evolution, laid down our arms and did as we were told by the Romans or their spiritual progeny. Today's survivor is one who knows his place in a gangster society. What kind of culture has come of this abomination of human nature?

   How much of your money each year goes to insurance companies? How much to banks and other financial institutions as interest or fees? How much to taxes? Of the tax money you pay, how much goes to our common needs and how much is diverted to unnecessary corporate welfare, ending up in the hands of CEOs and principal stock owners? They are pirates of free market privateering; we call them "successful". Do we label them so because they "succ" us dry?
   Do they suck up everything we produce with our labor, beyond that which is required to sustain our lives? Are they starting to tap that final pool of common produce, because they're running out of things to steal from us? How do they plan to maintain their own lives(1) when we're dead? As their blind greed destroys the economy we all depend upon to maintain life, have they who will do no real or useful work thought of anything beyond their short term bottom lines? If you think George's masters are likely to care for those who provide their wealth, that they are capable of solving any problem they've created through their hoarding, you're kidding yourself.
   But you don't have to kid yourself. You'll soon be diverted by the next Mid-Eastern boogeyman. They played Russia for almost fifty years. They have Korea in the wings, just in case Islam folds early. What they don't have is creative ideas. To be conservative is to eschew thought in favor of the psychological conditioning we call information and education. It is to accept the lies of superiors without question and to allow yourself to be shunted into any emotional response which will cover the looting of America by corporate clones. Republicans, Democrats and good Third Reich Germans all have a lot of mental processes in common.

   Domination is the one true religion of the West. We call Jesus, the proponent of freedom, love and peace, Lord. We've perverted his teachings of self awareness and community interest to the abusive ends of the hoarders of our wealth. We render onto Caesar the wealth produced by our work, while allowing the money changers to foul the temple. We're dominated by the spiritual heirs of feudal tyranny and their Roman antecedents. Domination is abuse, no matter how gently inflicted or willingly accepted. It is sinful to dominate or to submit to domination. It's abomination of human nature.

   Doctors in Hong Kong, Toronto and at the CDC have filed patents related to the SARS variant of the Corona Virus. Have they invented or improved the virus? Is it possible to patent a product that occurs naturally? I want to patent the human eye, oh hell, why not the whole head including the brain. Then I can receive a royalty from anyone who thinks or even perceives reality through eye, ear, nose or throat. Understanding the magnitude and quality of that which we're willing to swallow, I doubt I'll make much money.
   During the week of 4/27/3, it was widely reported that there were no known cases of SARS in the U.S. on 5/5/3 I heard PBS report forty some known cases of SARS in America, up (by or from?) thirty some the previous week. I was driving at the time and couldn't take notes. The difference between by or from could correspond to advancing or retreating epidemic. But the data is not trustworthy. We were told during the previous week: there were no known cases. As usual, the only thing we know for sure is that we'll be subjected to lies.

Editorial Column:
   Does it matter whether or not George and his followers are true believers of the masters lies or their basis is cynical self interest? But that begs a question. Are they sincere in their belief that cynical self interest is the best strategy to achieve the goal of common survival? I can only answer with a question. Who cares? It's pointless to speak of the sincerity or not of a corporate clone of the elite masters. They believe what they're told to believe. The reality of suffering and pain for the fast becoming majority of Americans never enters their crooked little minds. They ignore forty million+ Americans without adequate health care. The refuse to notice the growing number of homeless: those whose unemployment insurance has run out without the recipient having found another job. They're blinded to the real effects of their greedy tax cut and are demanding more suffering and pain with another round. It's hard to accept that even George is that greedy and stupid. He can't really believe his own Bushshit. If he does, we're in real deep.

1They may be able to do without us, if we develop robotics or cloning sufficiently for them to survive without our cooperation... Dohhh!

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