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Morality, ethics and the emotional engagement of populations are in a constant state of change. Only the greed, corruption and treachery of the powerful and rich elite remains the same.
"A good slave works for food alone."

Q of the week:
Q: Is SARS Mother Nature's final solution?
A: Perhaps. Or it may blow over, after drug companies have been granted permission to experiment on populations, instead of the costly laboratory process.

Volume III Issue 4:
   No matter what happens we can count on our politicians to exploit it for the benefit of their masters. Likewise, we can rely on their ability to distort, spin and otherwise distract us from their true intentions... even on those rare days, when they know what they're about.

   Is Bush of the 21st Century as great a showman as Hitler of the 20th? Is it possible for post modern speakers to be as effective as the great performers of earlier political dramas? Almost sixty years after the death of the Third Reich, we still fear the trappings of Adolf's demagoguery... perhaps more than the content of Nazi [or fascist] ideology and methods.(1) Though Bush is limited in the effects of staging he may utilize, by the lingering terror of Hitler's Germany, George still manages to put on a pretty good show. What really differentiates Dubya from Adolf?
   Though many of the stage effects of both demagogues are similar in style and psychological content, the massiveness of the props used to help create the desired impression on the group consciousness [mob spirit] that Adolf employed is not available to George. We keep the fear of Nazis alive to limit our charismatic leaders' abilities to ply their trades. Is our defense sufficient to protect our liberty?
   Except for a few, mostly Semitic Mid-Easterners and fellow travelers, we are free from secret and arbitrary imprisonment. White middle class Americans may come and go as they please. The same was true for most Germans in the 1930s and 40s. We have freedom of speech which we voluntarily limit to loyal use, in the service of unity. The Germans didn't want to say anything disloyal to Adolf or the Reich, as most of US curb speaking unguardedly about the trashing of the Bill of Rights by W. and his puppet court. We keep our mouths shut, when in the company of our conservative bosses, if we value our economic position. Nor do the economically unassailable have much criticism to offer... But theirs is a different reason. Not many have the courage to suffer the opprobrium of peers in order to speak an unpopular truth. [Ed. Note: Truths become popular by decree of the administration and are drilled into the mindless thralls, who blindly follow and echo the masters.] The abuse of freedom represented by speaking up honestly can lead to loss of job and livelihood. You and your children may be cut off from the benefits available to loyal constituents. Such taken for granted limitations on liberty [the price of freedom], if they don't lead to the physical violence of incarceration, homelessness or worse, are still powerful tools of the galvanizers of populations.
   But the real question is: does George W. Bush measure up in leadership ability to Adolph Hitler?.. NO!
   Hitler did what he did knowingly, though his course may have been redirected by the economic elite, after the fact of his control of the mind [singular by intent of the author] of the German people. George, on the other hand, is a premeditated creation of economic puppet masters. He is, most likely, unconscious of the strings he pulls to make US dance to the tune. [I said "most likely unconscious". But there are some similarities in the superficial mannerisms of the two, while making speeches, that may contradict my belief. These are especially evident in the smug, gloating facial expressions seen after they realize they've just put something over... or almost anytime they realize they have their audiences hypnotized.]
   In the final analysis, Hitler manipulated his people to the ends of his own insane imaginings. George is preformed [informed ahead of time] concerning his directions. He is, himself, just another true believer like the fools who follow him.

   American airlines gains wage concessions while protecting top execs' bonuses and golden parachutes. The news of the perfidy prompts unions to rescind the concessions made last week. Boeing to lay off 1000 aircraft manufacturers near Seattle, Washington. Most corporations claim they must cut costs to maintain (or regain) profitability. None see that as they and others in diverse segments of the economy cut jobs and consumer incomes their situation can only continue to worsen. The economic engine that provides human sustinence is running down. The imaginary Wall Street economy may perk up at the news of lay offs and wage cuts but the profits to be made in abstract manipulations represent no real material wealth. When we stop consuming, and so stop producing real goods and useful services, survivability suffers. Will the idiots running and ruining our world ever waken to the disastrous cumulative effect they're visiting on US like a plague?
   The plague of poverty that results from the ascendance of the panderers of abstract economy is a threat to the survival of the human race. The worthless workless class, who've devised this evil, need to be removed from power and privilege and made to do real work... to earn an ordinary living like the rest of US. Many of the fortunes that cause the disease these parasites propagate were stolen by those long dead. We need appropriate tax legislation to relieve our economic illness. We must free ourselves of the nectocratic malady. It threatens all of life on the Planet Earth. It's their money or our lives.

   Most fundamentalists are working poor whose only chance for the good life comes after they're dead. Bush could never get their votes if they understood the effect his policies have on people in like economic circumstances. As with gun control, he needs the support of those who wear blinders to all but their mind consuming obsessions. George will say whatever it takes. He doesn't care about America, freedom or even the God he speaks of. The only God that has any meaning to George, if we judge by his actions, is Orwell's "Money God". Is George W. Bush insincere or does he truly believe? It doesn't matter. The God he truly serves, whether W. is a hypocrite or a deluded patsy, is known by George's actions, not by his words. "By their works ye shall know them!"

   t0 = 4/16/03; t5 = 4/21/03 CNN- [paraphrase] China reports an increase in incidents of SARS from 37 to 339 cases in the past 5 days. Such reports are uncharacteristic of China.

___________ I=I0ekt ___________

I = 339; I0 = 37; t = 5 days; solve for k=0.443

I = 6 billion; solve for t = 42.67 days.

4/21/03 CNN- An Australian doctor comments: "No vaccine for SARS is in sight. If one were invented today it would take months or years to test and distribute."

4/21/03 PBS-[paraphrase] China admits to 448 cases of SARS after reporting only thirty-some last Friday.

Editorial Column:
   Politicians and media alike seem to consider China a poor source of information. China would, therefore, be a very good patsy to credit as the source of disinformation our patrons want disseminated. The closeness of the Chinese would make facts attributed to them very hard to check. If Dubya's gang made up the numbers above to justify deregulation of the drug companies, they are typical of the incompetence of those clowns. The exageration is, in that case, so blatant there would be no time to even over react. No doubt, if so, they'll create an even more outlandish story to cover the faults of the original fiction. In fact, as the day unfolded the character of the news story changed to hint that China had been hiding incidents in previous reports. In defense of the administrations IQ, it might be posited that they had put out the first story to create sufficient sensation to make US receptive to their plans, then toned it down to make it more credible. Check out the changing "facts of justification" as the war in Iraq unfolded. Most twelve year old boys tell more consistent lies to facilitate their manipulations.
   I don't know for sure what's true. I only know there are no reliable sources of information. Everybody lies to further their own agendas. In the end I can only make inferences about the truthfulness of individual statements based on the results, which I can perceive through my physical senses, discounting the words I hear. I may further judge those results by the amount of suffering and pain they relieve or cause, as the promises play out for good or ill.
   Distributing untested drugs is a crap shoot. The risk of exacerbating a problem outweighs any potential benefit. The more we screw around with nature the more insecure our survival becomes. That's all we can know for sure. In the case of SARS, the ability to run the risk of untested drugs doesn't exist. Don't let the fanatics of deregulation stampede US again.
   Perhaps I underestimate the evil of our leaders. How better to reduce the population than by tricking the majority into voluntary suicide... by steering the mob into demanding a poisonous drug we hope will save US. Is there enough robotic machinery; are cheap, stupid clones close enough to perfection to replace US as servants? Maybe we'll only be thinned out in preparation for the day our work won't be needed to provide life and luxury for our masters. Maybe the three year life expectancy of the homeless, as their numbers continue to increase, is an indication of the master plan.
   Whatever's happening we can be assured the quisling plutocrats are directing it through their treacherous corporations and politician puppets. The nature of our perfidious leaders is devolved to a blind greed that is the center of a failed strategy for the survival of the human race. We may choose to renounce their principles of avarice or be dragged into an evolutionary dead end with them.

(1)This ironic truth is evidenced by our willingness to support fascist dictators, like Franco, Pinochet and many others, if they allow our corporations to save money by using the labor of their populations to create products for underpaid Americans to consume on credit.

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