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      Humanity is its own god and devil. Or so it has become.
      People may have known God in some ancient unrecorded time.
      I see only self interest in the confusion of God's today.
      I'm not befuddled so, for God would have us kNO[W]!
      When offered the opportunity to choose good or evil we
      Might have declined, leaving them undefined and not existent.
      Only Nothing is absolute!
      Where was negativity when required?


x "What chance do think there is that you'll do any good”?
o “Virtually none”!
x “Then why do you bother”?
o “It amuses me... what else do I have to do”?
      “The probability that what I've written will go to the common heart and the people will rise up and throw off the 6000+ year oppression of wealth and create a heavenly utopia is almost nonexistent and would be except for Schrödinger and Heisenberg who tell us that's impossible! It's that small; but still greater than my chance of getting a job in MBA ridden, living standard avalanching, service economy... And anyway, what else do have to do?”

“The Best Motivation and Guide”

      When God speaks I will answer because then I will know. My love, hate, anger, fear, hunger or lust are not affected by the positive or negative elements of my outlook or personality in any significant way at this time. Today the stimuli of emotion are reduced to the will to survive. My particular "Weltanschauung" is sufficiently developed for the wielding of the power I hope to create or channel.
      But I'll need to be quick. Studies indicate that a person who is homeless will live 2-4 years before succumbing to starvation, malnutrition, lack of medical attention, exposure, nutrition related diseases or some combination thereof. I didn't include alcohol or drugs, because they have no influence over me, though they might have.
      When the economic slide (personal) begins, despondency and depression often (maybe most often) result in substance abuse. Not the other way around, as the middle class wishes to believe! Homeless people are, in general, not responsible for their situation. Though we are as susceptible to the ubiquitous conditioning process, as any bourgeois. Thus many believe themselves at fault. The truth is, the same number would be made unpersons by the economy, if no culpable parties could be found. Politicians don't fix problems, they fix blame. But this is digression.
      In fact, I'm not even that interested in what motivates me. The only stimuli I'm interested in are those which will excite our people and their masters sufficiently. They must take responsibility for the oppressive conditions that they’ve created. We must learn to ignore their propaganda lies and to recognize their culpability and hold them accountable. Fear and greed are how we got here. I fear only fear will move the masters. A hundred years of non violent action and two summers of rioting brought about a civil rights bill in the sixties. A year long Simi Valley trial produced a travesty and a week of burning led to justice. What real change has ever come without pain? Then, what real change has not been undone?


Encourage me and help me to continue to survive and write!

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