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Exposé: Laissez Faire’s Opportunity Produces Forty Years of Decline

“The trade of the petty usurer is hated with most reason: it makes a profit from currency itself, instead of making it from the process which currency was meant to serve. Their common characteristic is obviously their sordid avarice.” - Aristotle

“Too long have the workers of the world waited for some Moses to lead them out of bondage. I would not lead you out if I could; for if you could be led out, you could be led back again. I would have you make up your minds there is nothing that you cannot do for yourselves.” - EUGENE VICTOR DEBS 1855-1926

December 15, 2007
      The common wisdom that’s reinforced at every opportunity by corporate interests, politicians and economists is that investment is beneficial to society. The ability to invest significant sums exists only for those who’ve accrued great capital. It can only have been taken from the community, our common property, by private individuals. It is used to control our economy, our government and We the People. Capital can only be rightfully owned by the community, which cooperated to create it. It has been usurped by misleaders for their private property and individual gain. Investment is not beneficial. It’s a means of continued economic tyranny.

      We need to know what’s going on, in order to decide how to best maintain our livelihoods and our lives. Many young journalism graduates would like to tell US what’s out there, if they could overcome their program enough to know what that is. In that unlikely event, the editor still determines what actually gets printed or broadcast. The manager hires and fires reporters and editors. He or she selects those for retention and advancement, who will say what the publisher wants to hear. The publisher is an investor or a front for investors, whose desire to keep knowledge hidden, in order to gain the greatest advantage in the market place, dictates that only they will know what’s going on. The maintenance of our lives and livelihoods ranks far below the profit of investors on the list of priorities of our conservative misleaders.
      I think the American people are beginning to awaken to reality. The profit of the rich investors is our loss and the truth about that or anything else is not to be found on network or cable news, or on conservative talk shows. It’s apparent - to anyone who thinks - that honesty is especially lacking in any program associated with any media mogul or Giga corporation. Therefore we need to find other information resources to understand the failure of laissez faire capitalism as an economic paradigm. It does not support the survival of the Human Race, which is the fundamental purpose of any economy a community creates for itself. It’s obvious that the “free market” only works for a few elite parasites and the minions who minister to them. They're less than twenty percent of the population - and shrinking fast - of the USA.
      The most reliable source of truth that allows US to embrace the reality of the failure of the magic bean market is our own memory. We can see for ourselves and tell our children of the decline of wages and increase of prices since 1970. We can remember when our family, with one income of a skilled worker or college graduate, could afford a home, cars, good food and health care, and college educations for our children. We can see the deterioration after almost forty years of domination by Milton Friedman’s Chicago School Theories of deregulation, no taxes for the rich or their corporations, trickle down, privatization of our community property and services, and the rest of the “free market” laissez faire lies. We see that the glorification of absurdly pretentious notions of status and competition have served to disunite our response to the economic tyranny with which the conservative/libertarians have afflicted US. Today it takes two or three incomes for many families just to live from hand to mouth. Only the elites and their upper middle class ministers and the economists and politicians who enable the Chicago School fraud have made out from the looting of America that’s concentrated the wealth and increased the poverty and debt slavery of the rest of US.
      The Growing Gap in the United States Between the Rich and the Rest
The Wealth Divide: - An Interview with Edward Wolff

      Today there is no loyal opposition. No one opposes the elite dominating class whose pyramid scheme is the economy’s eternal problem. Through all the maxima and minima of its cycles of looting of the community and depletion of our wealth by its concentration in their hands, it stands unchallenged No one in the leadership is loyal to the people and our common well being, which is the purpose of community and economy in the first place. They are loyal only to the rich parasites who’ve coopted the people’s representatives and rule the community, our tool of common endeavor, for their personal and individual benefit and profit.
      When the financial pyramid scam collapsed in 1929, we we’re able to recover because the factories that produce wealth were merely idle. Today they’re gone. They were shipped to China as a part of the free market fraud that looted America. Now we have only abstract activity that inflates the money supply and prices but creates nothing of value to trade. The investors, who've created this disaster for quick profit, claim that if they’re shorted on the dividends they expected they will not save US by holding what they have [the “bonds” of debt slavery] or investing more. Their pyramid of investment is the problem. They demand their right to have their capital property and even continue to gain by it. They say that the market will solve the problem if they’re allowed to do as they’ve always done. It’s time we face the truth. The market is the problem. The only real solution is a super tax on investors and corporations that seizes the capital that belongs to the community in the first place. Private Giga-capital, not your home, is an unnatural corruption of the community we form for our common well being. When we recognize this truth and, for our common well being, recover the property that the elite ruling class has stolen from US, we can begin to solve the problem our mis-leaders have created for their individual profit and our loss.
      Saint Joe and the Impending Global Financial Crisis
      We can’t afford private industry controlled by private capital. Their profit, especially that of the non productive financial services, is killing US. Today’s financial crisis cannot be solved by going further in debt to them. The problem is that they have too much money and we produce no goods, the profit on which is the source of input to the pyramid scheme of finance. Bush and Paulson say they’ll freeze rates but the investors don’t like that and threaten to pull their money. [an economist testimony at Dick Durban’s committee on 12/6/07 I think] That’s a threat to withhold that which has been stolen from US, if we make any attempt to undo the evil their existence does to US. The loans and interest are the problem to begin with and they say oh no you can’t solve it that way. They’ll accept no solution that doesn’t allow them to keep their ill gotten gains and get even more, though that Ponzi of finance is the reason we have the problem in the first place. They still say let the market work it out, though it’s obvious to anyone capable of independent thought that the market is the problem. Bush says let the rate freeze be voluntary. They will never do what it takes to solve any problem because they will never abandon their puerile greed and stubborn belief that our community is theirs to rule for personal gain.
      Take down the richest and its heirs. Seize the property for the common treasury. Call it the Super Tax. Take down the next. Build up the treasury for the common good. Take back the people’s resources from the energy Giga corps. Communitize all of finance. All capital belongs to the community. No one ever accrued capital except by having others, whether called workers or slaves, work to make it. It is ours. Our community must take it back for the common good. Take down the third richest and its heirs. Super tax it. Continue iterations of the cycle until the next in line voluntarily gives all that they own for the common good. Reward the desired behavior by giving back $5 million. Continue until no one has more than $5 million. This is a “voluntary” plan that will work. The community must come first if we’re to survive. The rich must be retrained to eliminate the anti social behavior that is evidenced by their existence and is destructive to ours.
      In the testimony before a Senate committee, which I witnessed on C-SPAN, someone expressed concern that foreclosures would cause local communities to lose tax revenues on those properties. There was also concern over loss of value to surrounding homes. I don’t know why this person doesn’t seem to know that property “values” have already tanked and that’s what’s causing the pyramid to collapse. The con artist induced increase in real estate prices overinflated the market to begin with. Now we see the “correction,” which is a growing economic collapse in all but the minds of the morons -and their servants - whose greed brought it about. But what about banks? Why don’t banks pay property taxes? What the fuck is that? Take the houses from the banks for non payment of taxes and give them back to the victims of the fraud of finance.

      I’m not impressed by royalty. The economic disaster that we face today and all of society’s problems can be traced at least as far back as those aristocratic parasites. Today they are, or are supplanted by, rich investors. They coopt economists like those of the Chicago School to program US to believe their exploitation of the community is benevolent. When the obvious ruinous end of their pyramid fraud looms over US they tell US the theory’s fine. Just stick to the laissez faire principles that got US into this mess and all will be well. We just need more of the same diddling of our life support system that’s threatening our survival. More of their puerile, moronic greed will save US from the harm it’s already done to our society. And the ghost of Milton Friedman encourages their evil.
      Naomi Klien narrates this trailer/abstract of her book. -- "The Shock Doctrine: The Rise of Disaster Capitalism"
      The entire capitalist system is a pyramid scam. The economy requires an infinitely expanding market [base] to continue to grow. If it doesn’t grow the profit simply concentrates the wealth at the top by depleting the goods that the rest of US need to live, while inhibiting the commerce of those that are still in circulation. The growth we’ve had recently is of course not helpful. Quite the contrary. By creating money with loans backed by bonds that are loans, the dollar is inflated and devalued and outsourcing means that we make no goods to redeem it. We’ve only the unregulated growth of nonproductive finance, which is parasitic on activities that actually support our survival. Unmoderated laissez faire capitalism must lead to the concentration of wealth that is destructive to the economy that we all rely upon. Isn’t this obvious to anyone who has the brains and courage to face the truth? Not to those few who benefit by the looting of the community for their individual gain. Not to the middle class sellouts who minster to them nor to the brain dead bigots, fanatics of nationalism or religion, or anyone who prefers to be programmed rather than to engage in honest, autonomous, clear and strong thought.

      Whether in support of principle, law or fairness, defense of the private property of the rich is a suicide pact for the rest of US. Capitalism doesn’t work. In 1929 the confidence of the rich in their own pyramid scam dissolved. The factories became idle because they didn’t want to risk their capital, the successful accrual and unscrupulous pursuit of which caused the crash in the first place. Franklin D. Roosevelt: accurately described much of the problem on March 4, 1933. Then as now capitalism doesn’t work for most of US. Today it’s worse. They’ve sold off the real capital and stashed the cash in the Cayman Islands. The factories are in China so we have no way to make the goods we need to live. The capitalist’s right to private property has been used to destroy the economy that we all depend on for life. We can no longer afford to tolerate this childish, greedy nonsense. And neo con artist economists are still saying you can’t reduce the ballooning interest or forgive debt because the investors who bought the paper expect the profit and if they pull out the market will crash. No shit! Super Tax the fools to death. Take all that they have gained by the pyramid scam of finance. Appropriate it for the common good. Our survival is the common good. Screw them! To protect the private property of the rich investors is suicide for the rest of US.
      The economists desire to increase the profit of investors and concentrate wealth in the upper strata is the problem. More of the same, as being proposed by banks and economists, is certainly not the solution. FDR saw that much. But he had idle factories not outsourced ones. The past is instructive. The cons need to read the 3/4/33 inaugural address. [see link above] They need to open their pinched and greedy minds enough to understand it. Other than shipping out the factories for quick bucks for a few parasites, whose greed threatens our lives, the situation is very similar to 1929.
      It’s time to open our eyes to reality. But Bush says let’s have voluntary forbearance by the Mortgage Bankers. Instead of confiscating the fraudulent gains we’ll beg the thieves to not use what they’ve stolen from US to destroy US. Who but a moron would expect the greedy fools, who created the problem of the community for individual profit, to know the solution or implement it if they did. Our faith in the iconic Milton Friedman has been misplaced. The dogmas of neoliberal deregulation, low taxes for the rich, high profits for the useless and free trade of the abstract means of commerce [money] while looting the country of the ability to produce wealth are a failed economic paradigm. I don’t care what our moron leaders and economists who’ve created this problem devise to replace the system that their greed had to break and has broken. They broke it. They must fix it or forfeit all. The money (they call it property but it’s not real) they’ve created to grow rich is the problem but they claim there is no viable solution unless they can keep the loot, of which their scam has defrauded the community. The responses so limited, they imperiously demand that we suggest a solution. Well we didn’t create the problem. They, in their insatiable greed for the produce of our work, created the problem. They damn we’ll better provide an adequate solution that satisfies all of US!
      If their solution, whatever it is, doesn’t feed US and our children and keep US in our homes, it will not be acceptable. In the worst case, it will produce the same results as the infamous quip, “Let them eat cake!” A general strike might, with a minimum of violence, produce the results we must have. If it takes more to convince our misleaders, I fear it won’t be gentle like the 1790s’ French Revolution.1 The belief that the mortgages or any other debt [slavery] mechanism of finance has a legitimate claim on property is self destructive. Such a belief system must be abandoned to help assure the survival of the Human Race.
      Screw them! Screw their profits! Screw their property rights! They stole it all from US, the community, in the first place. They must have. The community is the only source of profit and wealth. No one makes much more than average by their own work. They wouldn’t be rich if, one way or another, people, the community, hadn’t worked for them.
      There’s no possibility of coexistence with the rich. There’s no possibility for meaningful compromise or negotiation. There is no sincerity, honesty or good will in them. If they get what they want we cannot have what we need. They want it all. It’s them or US. They will drive US to extinction if we continue to tolerate them. They are the problem with the economy that We the People of the Human Race devised for our common well being. They are the parasites that afflict US, because they care only for their individual well being. Their wealth is accrued by taking from what we work together to create and calling it their own private property. They will be our death, if we fail to eliminate their greed.

1 - At least look over these three Wikipedia Articles on the French Revolution that began in 1789. Maybe check the references. They describe the conditions that led to the crisis and the ineptitude of the official response. There are many similarities but few exact parallels to our current iteration in a series of financial crisis, which like a cycle of violence will very probably never end without radical intervention. The characters are fundamentally the same, only the titles and forms differ. They’re in many ways interchangeable.
      inept attempt to solve
      The French Revolution
- A difference between the conditions that led to the French Revolution and today’s corrupt economy and politics is that many in the middle classes, the bourgeoisie of today, think that they’ve got theirs. Their grandiose self delusion is bundled with the false belief that we live in a meritocracy and that they are superior specimens. This propaganda induced hubris and complacency are being eroded by outsourcing. The middle class dwindles. It falls into debt slavery with the majority. However these, the most educated, are likely to be the last to catch on.

      My children have recommended and even rented and watched with me movies like, "The Future of Food," "The Corporation" and "McLibel." Young people might watch Naomi Klein's You Tube video if they can't be convinced to read "The Shock Doctrine." Naomi Klien narrates this trailer/abstract of her book. -- "The Shock Doctrine: The Rise of Disaster Capitalism"
      For reliable news there's the Democracy Now website, including the interview with Naomi Wolff - - about her book, "The End of America." I think, in short, that the best advice to young or old is to educate ourselves to the reality of our times. That means discarding almost everything we thought we knew, because it's mostly propaganda.

“The People, United, Will Never Be Defeated!”

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