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Exposé: For Profit Medicine and the Neo Aristocratic Strategy: :
The Tactics of Exploitation

“The trade of the petty usurer is hated with most reason: it makes a profit from currency itself, instead of making it from the process which currency was meant to serve. Their common characteristic is obviously their sordid avarice.” - Aristotle

"Through clever and constant application of propaganda, people can be made to see paradise as hell, and also the other way round, to consider the most wretched sort of life as paradise" : Adolf Hitler - German Chancellor, leader of the Nazi party

"See, in my line of work you got to keep repeating things over and over and over again for the truth to sink in, to kind of catapult the propaganda." - : George W. Bush - 43rd US President

October 1, 2007
      “Why should I pay taxes for health care for your kids? I pay for my own health care.”
      “Is it all right to spend almost $200G this year on Iraq but $10G for SCHIP [State Children’s Health Insurance Program] is a budget buster?
      “Security and prosecuting criminals (especially contract enforcement) is the only thing the government should be doing!”
      “F@#k YOU! If my kids and grand-kids have to suffer so you can have a few dollars more and then they must die to protect your greed, f@#k YOU! You better back peddle and apologize now or I’ll kick you in the ass and break your jaw”
      “Ah, ah, ah I’m sorry.”
      “Damn right you are and don’t forget it! I ever hear that evil bullshit from you again, I’ll invade your head-space as a preemptive act of self defense. I’m sick of you pretentious arrogant SOBs who regurgitate Chicago School propaganda in defense of the profits of rich parasites but don’t even know your masters are lying or that you’ve been made fools of by those lies. Foolish or willful, it’s evil that you do just the same!”

      OK, that’s not so likely to move a free market thrall and unwitting victim/supporter of neo liberal Smithsonian “laissez faire” capitalism as my fantasy confrontation wishes. But how do you talk to someone who will stand by and watch war profiteer/contractors steal billions from the military appropriations then adamantly oppose spending less than 5% of the war waste to provide for the health of the soldiers of tomorrow? The rich and middle class don’t enlist in the Army. How have these morons thoughts, if you can call what goes on in their heads thought, become so twisted and destructive to the community that is the source of their sustenance and wealth? Keep in mind that both mainstream parties are conservative but that the self proclaimed party of business, which propagandizes the absurd theory of trickle down but doesn’t really have the common sense possessed by a plumber, will say anything that serves to keep US foolishly in their service.
      Today’s conservative strategy for the preservation of the hoard of the community’s wealth by the neo aristocracy is based on the Smithsonian laissez faire free market theories of Milton Friedman’s Chicago School. They call for freedom from community intervention (government regulation) of their looting of the treasury and economy for short term gain. Our government and the majority of US are to be indentured to the rich by debt but they must be free to enslave US so. The competition among the masters to provide US with consumables is supposed to create choice and a better world for all. But there are fewer and fewer Giga corporations that control larger segments of the economy. The growth of financial service and the concentration of wealth that it indicates is necessary and sufficient evidence to prove the failure of the theory of free market capitalism. The medical industry leads the way to the increase of investor’s profits and the cost of it’s services, medicines and the insurance that is mandatory, if you want to remain among the living, like our rich masters. Instead of existing for our common security and well being, our community serves adequately only those who profit from the growing parasitic financial service component of what’s become little more than a pyramid fraud economy. Worst of all, the priorities of the medical profession are disordered from the provision of care to the population to the increase of profit for the investors.

“. . . ultimately, the job of capitalism is to serve the consumer. Serve the citizenry. You're allowed to make a profit for that. But, you've got to provide good products and services at fair prices. And that's the long term, that's what businesses do in the long term. The businesses that have endured in America have done that and done that successfully.

“But, in the short term, there's all these financial machinations in which people can get very rich in a very short period of time by creating highly complex financial instruments, providing services that can be cut back easily as in the hospital article, not measuring up to basically their duty.

“We all know that in professions, the idea has been service to the client before service to self. That's what a profession is. That's what medicine was. That's what accountancy was. That's what attorneys used to be. That's what trusteeship used to be inside the mutual fund industry. But, we've moved from that to a big capital accumulation - ‘self interest’ - creating wealth for the providers of these services when the providers of these services are in fact subtracting value from society. So, it doesn't work. . . .

“. . . money managers. They've come from eight percent ownership of American business to 74 percent ownership of American business. . . . ”- the father of index funds and the founder of The Vanguard Group
John Bogle
      On C-SPAN’s WA Journal one morning recently, Sen. Blanch Lincoln (D) Arkansas, was attacked by several callers because the SCHIP coverage is extended to “400% over poverty” which is a family income of $84,000/year. One typical con recited the “thought,” which universally programmed into reactionaries and then said to the Senator, “keep your hands out of our pockets!” The Senator explained several times that some states’ plans extended coverage to as much as 3.5 times poverty but that the president’s federal administrator had to grant waivers for more than twice the level, if I heard right. [verified by Senator Pat Roberts R-Kansas, on the Senate floor, see below. R also said that Bush had granted the waivers for fourteen states to include adults and expand coverage to upper limits.] Even one of the callers said she could understand help for incomes of 45-50 thousand.
      Of course the more rabid callers said they took care of their own and didn’t want $8 per gallon gasoline like the European’s use to pay for health care. The exaggerations and misdirections, the non sequiturs and outright lies, commonly repeated by such thralls, are typical conservative tactics. They’re invented and produced in think tank propaganda factories, like the Heritage Foundation or the CATO Institute. The truth is: SCHIP is revenue neutral. It pays for itself by increased tobacco tax. I suspect that’s why Bush is threatening veto. Not only are members of his class enriched by selling the addictive poison, but money paid for the health care of future soldiers isn’t available to be borrowed for the further enrichment of Halliburton and the rest of the MIC and petroleum industries today. Dubya’s rich supporters have put out the word that we hear regurgitated by fools like the ones who called in to WA Journal with the exaggerated protests, which are filled with disinformation, that Senator Lincoln endured so bravely.
      The protestors against universal health care, if not among the rich who design and propagate the bogus “I got mine screw you” arguments, are sellouts in the top quintile (and shrinking) who’re defending the few dollars more than the rest of US that they’ve received to betray US. If they’re ordinary working people - like the more than four out of five of US who can’t afford insurance company and corporate health care investor’s profits and CEO salaries - yet still support the raving lunatic greed of the neo con artists as a matter of conservative Friedman-esque principle, they are profoundly foolish.
      All conservative/libertarian thought is twisted to the preservation or creation of aristocracy. Obviously the smaller the percentage of aristocrats in a population, the more of the produce of the community each of them may hoard. The less of the fruits of our labor we must spend on for profit health care or anything else, the less the rich investors will get from US. That’s why they oppose US doing anything in common using our government, which is our tool, our community, our democratic republic. Yet many must support the insane and dysfunctional concentration of wealth, in order for the rich to maintain their aristocratic power. We fought the American Revolution to rid ourselves of the English aristocratic parasites. Why do we allow ourselves to be led to ruin by less than 1% of the population who are rich and less than twenty percent who have a few dollars more? To be viable in the long term, communities must work for all of US.
      The Senator from Kansas, Pat Roberts (R) said that SCHIPS was bipartisan and he’d vote to override the veto if necessary. He repeated what Lincoln said and added that the new version expanded coverage to poor children only. Then McConnel of KY simply lied, while calling the “other side” deceivers who wanted government health care and abusers who extended the coverage to adults, as Bush has allowed. So are the Bush waivers deliberate poison pills delivered in order to be able to blame the Democrats for what he did? Do we here witness deliberate neo con sabotage that threatens the health of a substantial percentage of the population? How evil are Bush and the Republicans, who blindly support him?

      The neo liberal revival of Adam Smith and free market capitalism in general claim, as their primary rationalization and benefit, to reward individual effort. That’s not true in the first place because very few efforts are truly individual. Except where a single family provides all the work and service that makes their business go, all enterprises require cooperation of many unrelated [by blood] individuals in order to succeed. The larger the operation the more need for cooperation. The way the rewards trickle down in America, it’s more like winner take all and has nothing to do with the work that’s contributed.

      I sometimes wonder why I’m so angry with the victims of the neo aristocracy. Then I remember that their stupidity and foolishness impede the remedy for the parasitic disease that afflicts the Human Race. They need to know the truth of our condition and the threat that the existence of the rich poses to our survival. Even if they’re above the twentieth percentile of income or wealth, they’ve probably sold out the rest of US for only a few dollars more. If they’re in the lowest tier of the middle class they are the next in line to be “right sized” and disposed. Whether willful ignorance or conditioned thought responses are to blame for their unconsciousness to the danger, they’re still a part of the threat to our community. Our survival is at stake and the morons don’t even know that there are neo aristocrats or that the American Revolution has been undone for them, with the aid of sellouts and traitors like Friedman, Becker, the CEOs and most of our politicians.
      The middle class sellouts and supporters of neo-aristocracy are lucky that the majority don’t know how the sycophants live. If the more than 80% weren’t willing to accept the propaganda, by pretending they’re better off than they are, largely due to a self destructive pride that advertisers and treacherous politicians have programmed into the majority, they’d be a lot harder to control. The rich aristocrats and their ministers have fucked up by getting too greedy. The rest of US are catching on to their lie. I’m going to help wake them up. I predict the conservatives will try to bluff their way through with nothing but lip service so they may keep what they’ve hoarded of our common produce. I predict it will have to get bloody, like the French Revolution, before the idiots who mislead US for personal gain catch on.
      The rich neo aristocrats, in undoing the American Revolution with the assistance of their middle class ministers, have, led by their greed, gone way too far in looting the community for personal gain. The objects of their enterprises are profits on the goods and services provided to the consumer. That provision is the purpose of the economy in the first place. The fundamentals of economy are ignored. The provision of the goods and services we need to survive is now secondary to the profit of investors. The parasites have no interest in the well being of the community they loot and plunder by any means they can contrive, whether legal or they just think they can get away with it. They’ve become a threat to our survival and if their evil wasn’t so stupid they’d know their own self destructiveness as well. They’ve been encouraged in this by the specious theories of Smith, Hayek, Friedman and the rest of the Chicago School and it’s disciples like Volker, Greenspan and Bernanke.

      If you could find one with enough brains to understand cold logic, unseasoned by nationalism, religion, greed or emotion, an attempt to communicate with a conservative might continue along these lines:
      The conservative, after three minutes’ hesitation to gather his thoughts, might respond by picking on the one word he’d heard and understood of the last seventy six. “Hey, wait a minute! I don’t see anything wrong with profit. The economy is booming. The president said so.”
      “As far as the president is concerned, nothing he says can be believed. We know that he’ll lie whenever it suits him. The problem with the growth of the economy is that it’s virtually all abstract. It’s profit on finance that has no direct connection to real goods. That growing debt to China et al and the trade deficit are the transactions they’re counting as growth. That activity is a liability and the only way to get back the money we spend in China is to borrow it, which exacerbates the fraudulent pyramid scheme, the Ponzi of finance. We’re flying a debt kite and the foolish profits so generated are harmful, because they’re dissipative to the trades of real of goods that are the reason we have an economy, and the only thing that can sustain it. That’s part of what’s wrong with profit.
      “Profit doesn’t contribute to the growth of the economy or the value of the goods to which it’s attached. Profit can contribute only to inflation. It adds to the cost of the goods. It requires the creation of more money to distribute the same amount of goods. All profit detracts from the real economy of production and trade. The worst is financial profit, which is an unnecessary cost and a useless drain on the resources of the community. It takes from US all and gives nothing useful in return. It is the means by which the aristocracy control the community and loot it for the goods we produce. Would produce, that is, if the manufacturing and our livelihoods hadn’t been outsourced to China to increase the profits of the master parasites. There are only two reasons to live in denial of these truths and to claim to believe in the perpetual motion posited by our pyramid scam economy. One is: you’re evil and pretend to be stupid; two is that you’re so stupid that you tolerate this evil without knowing it. Either way evil prospers at the expense of US all. The question resolves to: are you or evilly stupid or stupidly evil?”

“The People, United, Will Never Be Defeated!”

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