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Exposé: Economists Obscure Decline to Defend Looting the Community - Yet

“The trade of the petty usurer is hated with most reason: it makes a profit from currency itself, instead of making it from the process which currency was meant to serve. Their common characteristic is obviously their sordid avarice.” - Aristotle

It’s the rich who are the weak. They give in to envy and desire for the produce of others. When they’ve misled the community and have hoarded our common wealth, they claim it was produced by their authority and hard work. We all know how many poor fools believe that sorry propaganda. We shall vanquish this evil. Remember, the profit of investors is the most unnecessary part of the cost of any product.

September 15, 2007
      The plumbing in your house is a good example of a trickle down system. Shit trickles down and stink goes up. It works the same way in the economy, except that the American people are too stupefied by propaganda to raise a stink. Our corporations, controlled by a few rich investors, continue to loot the treasury through MIC and other contractors and privatization, while the rest plunder the national and local communities’ manufacturing, energy and other support infrastructure through outsourcing and more [insane] privatization.

      Propaganda stupefies US. By the time I was twenty five I realized that those who think they know what’s going on, and how to take advantage of it for individual profit, are not less stupid but only more evil than most. In the vain celebration of their self perceived brilliance, knowledge and most of all individual excellence, they say to themselves in unison and collectively, that greed is human nature and it can never be different. And most of all that they deserve the most of all. They confuse Nature with it’s growing abomination among Humans during the past 5000 years. If we all have an equal opportunity to be counted among the rich, which we don’t, what are the chances? That is: how many of US can grow rich, by the only tried and true means: looting the community?
      If one part of the wealth of our community is defined as the average, then a person with ten times the average has ten of eleven parts. That satisfies the zero sum equation by leaving one part for nine others to share. If rich is defined as having ten times the average of wealth, then it’s mathematically impossible for more than one in ten of US to be rich, even if the rest have nothing at all. The real conditions are worse than that. The more people who figure out how to get more than average for themselves the less wealth there is for the rest of US to pursue. This of course is just fine for the top ten to twenty percent. Neither do the leading sellouts, the economists, CEOs and politicians, see a problem in the state of denial of opportunity, which we’re told over and over is a benefit to all of US. Just ask Gary Becker what he thinks of the concentration of wealth.1 His inside the box argument for the well being of what zero sum reality dictates can only be for the few. It’s firmly rooted in the presumption of equal opportunity and meritocracy. Becker, of course, stands among and promotes the agendas of our rich masters, the arbiters of merit. He loads the mouths of middle class sellouts [for a few dollars more] with words that will trickle down to the lower and lower levels where it’s hoped to help maintain order in lieu of the share of the wealth we need to survive. That and prison and death for those who won’t submit to bullshit, are all the convincing we seem to need to keep our mouths shut and our shoulders to the load. We bear the burden of the rich on our community and they look down on US and smile malignantly.
      If you meekly question the dogma of Smith and Friedman, by asking if there’s not a way we can all have a fair share of the wealth we produce, you’ll get a lecture on the best of all possible neo liberal free market capitalistic worlds and a denouncement of the very essence of socialistic thought. You don’t have to read too many of Becker’s blathers to discover that he’s on the side of the spiritual heirs of the feudal lords who wish only to loot the community for the benefit of a few rich parasites. As to the failure to remedy the capitalist evil, he won’t mention the reaction of established economic power to socialist experiments, in the form of boycotts or armed intervention on behalf of fascist gangsters like Pinochet in Chile or the rise of the corporatist Mussolini in Italy that helped to sabotage efforts at relief from financial hegemony and affliction of debt bondage. He’ll merely point to the failures of twentieth century social experiments and blame it on fanciful idealism or a wrongheaded desire for real freedom and democracy in economy, the foundation of our existence. - "The Transformation of the Kibbutz and the Rejection of Socialism"
Becker, September 02, 2007
      The Human Culture has devolved to the point where a few loot community for their individual gain, to the detriment of all. We’re convinced [conned] that this is right, proper, fair and natural by our desire to do the same and the supposed opportunity to be rich ourselves. But we’ve been programmed to greed using mass media and no longer know what’s natural. When we do the math we know that the opportunity to have twice the average can only be realized by half of US, if the other half have nothing at all. Faced with the zero sum equation that rules our economy and most of everything else in reality,2 we turn our heads in denial and embrace the lies of the parasites who’ve created, for their individual enrichment and aggrandizement, the mass delusion that mentally hobbles and unbalances US and makes US self destructive. The existence of the rich is a threat to our survival.

1 - Read Becker to know one who’s sold out academic integrity, intellectual honesty and the pursuit of the truth, for a few dollars more. These, as much or more than the ruling rich parasites, have betrayed the Human Race and are a threat to our survival. Becker the Aristocrat - “I believe that the foundation of the growth in earnings inequality of Americans has mainly been beneficial and desirable.” - April 23, 2006 Is the Increased Earnings Inequality among Americans Bad? BECKER

      Note well in Becker’s defense of the greed of the few at the expense of the many, that if he sees the connection between outsourcing to China and the income gap in America, he believes the additional profit of the elite parasites and their entourages sufficient justification for the pain and suffering it causes for most of US. He explains away the looting of the American economy by invoking meritocracy, which appeals to the pretensions, the vanity and ego of the college educated middle class. He also gives them ammunition with which to defend their prosperity and, supposedly, the words to be used to explain to [and confuse] their underlings that what's good for business is good for America. In feudal times the court philosopher, physician and even the jester looked down on the commoners in emulation and affirmation of the lord parasite’s paternal authority. Today, sellouts like Becker and the middle class sycophants play that roll for the rich investors of the neo-aristocracy.

2 - see Conservation of Mass and Energy or the Laws of Thermodynamics.

      Everything the conservatives have done, for at least the past 100 years, has been evil or stupid and most times both. To work in one’s own self interest and to the detriment of the community, which is the source of profit, is both evil and stupid. It kills the goose that lays the golden egg. Adam Smith said that each individual, working for himself, would create the best of all possible worlds. Apparently he hadn’t read Candide or didn’t realize that Dr. Pangloss was a fool. Adam unwittingly mocked Voltaire with his [Smith’s] pseudo scientific rationalization and wishful thinking. A glance at the concentration of wealth and the moral decline of the conservatives who have it, are enough to bare the lies that are the only substance of Smith’s economic liberalism, today’s neo-liberalism and neo con service stupidity that plunders the real economy for the benefit of the few. The fraud is demonstrated by Enron et al, who are the rule not the exception, and by the utter depravity of Bush’s war to loot the treasury in the name of security. Ironically, he proclaims the noble intent to spread democracy and freedom. Liberty is anathema to economic domination, which is their true purpose in all that they do. That’s why they’ve succeeded in giving so little to Iraq. They haven’t even distributed as much freedom as they’ve gathered from US, to protect US from the lie they’ve invented to justify their evil. That’s Bush’s socialism. The status quo is stupidly self destructive to the entire community, for the benefit of a few who couldn’t fix a meal or cut the grass, without our help. They’re evil abomination of Human Nature.

      When Friedman’s and Becker’s shit trickles down to workers and middle class lower level management, they hear only the pain of taxation and invocations of demon government intervention. Media installed and reinforced conditioned thought responses are twisted to fit prejudices and bigotries, which are subtly called forth from their latent state. Today’s demagogue attacks with words the foreign workers he hires and encourages in order to depress wages and thereby increase profits. He doesn’t assail Blacks directly. He rails against affirmative action, which might displace his slow Greek children from their corporate berth-rights. The foolish conservative base and most of the dwindling middle class sympathize with the desire to get rich and be free of social restrictions but never think of the mathematical impossibility that it will work for all of them. They’re cajoled to be fair to the poor rich masters but fail to notice that the established system of the rich is not fair to them. They don’t see that it can only work for a few at the top, like Becker and his friends, or that they’re being conned. The cure for the mass delusion is to imagine a world in which we’re all rich investors and no one works. Or imagine that ten percent of the population has ten times the average, so that nothing is left for ninety percent of US. If you think you’ll be a one in ten, think bloody. That’s not a threat. It’s a prophecy of what will come of breeding desperation in the many by the greed of the few. We can’t all live by looting the community. Anyone with a fourth grade education can understand that math.

      MIC: The military industrial complex is the greatest looter of treasury and our real treasure. Our children die to fatten the investors in Halliburton and the rest. The controlling investors are our greatest enemy. More and more people are without adequate health care or incomes and the burden of debt increases every day. Fewer and fewer benefit from the parasitic economy that loots instead of nurtures the community. We’ve been moving in the wrong headed direction of the enrichment of the few for five thousand years. We must turn this monster back or it will kill US all.
      How come they never caught bin Laden and why will we never win the war on terror? It’s like the war on drugs, which we can best understand by Hemingway’s Cuban politician’s explanation of why the aqueduct will never be built. - Islands in the Stream, published posthumously - The reason the fictional character gave for the failure was that no Cuban politician would be stupid enough to actually build the aqueduct, while there’s so much money to by made by promising to do so. With drugs and terror, there’s too much money to be made fighting the war to ever actually win it. The MIC investors can grow ever richer and all it costs is ever increasing debt bondage for the rest of US and the blood of our children.

      What would our political spectrum and corporate media look like if all the rich investors were conservatives? Fox news would openly disseminate conservative propaganda. They and the rest of the corporate media would collaborate for weeks in advance when coordinated efforts by the White House and the generals - the ones who remain after conscientious and honest truth tellers have been weeded out in favor of rapidly promoted yes men - to paint a rosy picture in Iraq. The work of propagandistic art ignores the red of the costly blood but is sanguine with the prospect they’ll be allowed to continue the profitable war. They would divert our attention from real issues like the lack of decent health care for most of US and the decline in our real incomes, hidden by deceptive statistics, or the need for families to work three or four low wage service jobs to feed the kids. Instead we’d hear all about Paris Hilton or the scandal of the month. Wouldn’t it be sad if all the rich investors who control the media were conservatives and if my silly story described the way we get our news?

      Tony Blankley, WA Times Editorial Page Editor and frequent Sunday talking head sat in on WA Journal one morning recently. He said that the trade deficit and fiscal deficit are two different things and the money we owe China has nothing to do with whether we can come up with 8-10 billion a month out of our 12 trillion economy to continue in Iraq. That’s a crock of shit. In the first place the a good deal of the government budget deficit is made up of money borrowed from China, which they have to loan back to US because of the trade deficit. There’s also the looting of the SS Trust Fund and other sources but to say these things are distinct and unconnected, as he clearly tried to imply, is morally reprehensible and disingenuousness at best. Using the brave new economic statistics introduced by Ronald Reagan, which the Chicago School spoon fed to him, all transactions including the liabilities of debt are counted in that $12 trillion GDP. The old fashioned GNP that the baby boomers grew up with contained less cooking of the national books. .
      But all that reality is burdensome and challenges the imagination of fools like Blankley. I guess I don’t like him much. Perhaps it’s his subtle smug and knowing smirk and/or the patronizing, condescending air disguising his speciousness and ignorance that form my first bad impression of Tony. He looks like a low budget TV gangster. But ultimately it’s his mindless support for the looting of America and the world by the XNAT [Multi-National] Corporate Empire in his blathers, which pass for thought among the conservative “intellectuals” of our two right wing parties, that really makes me angry. [ED. Note: “conservative intellectual” is an oxymoron.]
      Later he said take it easy on the Iraqi government. Give them some time to deal with their country’s sole source of income. How can American, that is XNAT corporations succeed in looting Iraq, before time runs out in the game?
      Was “to bring about beneficial changes in the lives of Iraqis” the second or third noble reason given, during the first few years of occupation of Iraq, for having invaded? What are those changes really? Fact: Saddam used oil revenues to build roads, schools, hospitals, electric and water plants and other commonly beneficial infrastructure in the 1980s. Monster that he was, he spent enough of the money for the good of all Iraqis, so that Iraq was described as an emerging first world nation during that period. The real change we’re waiting for in Iraq is to see that the oil money goes mostly to large multinational oil corporations, with a little to a few sellouts among the Iraqis. That’s what the capitalists have done to US and they will not tolerate even the hint of an economy that works for a community.
      Iraqis pay no taxes. Their government has been supported by the nation’s oil for many decades. That displeases rich conservative investors in the corporations and empire that they control. The well being of everyone is a threat to the greedy hoard of the rich. If we have what we need to live the conservatives can’t have what they want. They want to loot our community and have it all for themselves. They don’t want to pay taxes on their booty though. But they can’t understand why Iraqis resist the bounty of Exxon’s profit and the opportunity it will give them to pay taxes after all these years. It makes sense that outside agitators from Al-Qaeda or Iran, like Martin Luther King going from Georgia to Alabama to stir up trouble, must be the cause of the insurrection.

      Our social instinct mandates the formation of communities, for our common well being. In the Human Race and other species on the Planet Earth, communities are designed to serve the population, the people whose existence and continuation is the purpose of life. The corporate free market capitalist system, like feudalism, serves the few who loot the commons, at the expense of the many. It’s obvious to any with the intelligence and courage to see, that the global corporate empire is a threat to our survival. The rich and the sellouts and sycophants [CEOs, politicians and middle class wannabees] who serve them are traitors to America and to the Human Race. Fear mongering, sensational, nationalistic and hypocritically moralistic propaganda are employed to mislead US. Their greed and self destructive stupidity in the pursuit of profit are based upon spiritual abomination. The rich who’ve corrupted our communities for individual profit, not the boogeymen they invent or promote, are the greatest threat we face. The investors who control the corporations and own our government and almost everything else are the most formidable enemy that life has ever known.
      The status quo of a community that serves the enrichment of the few instead of the well being of all is of corruption of Human Nature. The corporations, people on paper, demand profit for the rich majority investors who own and control them, before the people that all of our social interactions are meant by Nature and Nature’s God to benefit. Their existence threatens the survival of the Human Race. Spiritual abomination of the Human Race has opened the way to their parasitization of the community. Even if it wasn’t evil and intolerably onerous, it’s unsustainable. Anyone who has been exposed to a zero sum equation knows that all profit and loss must be balanced. Conservation of Mass and Energy and the Laws of Thermodynamics also apply to economics. The Chicago School, special ed for neo-cons, seems to have forgotten the meaning of algebraic balance. Perpetual motion is still impossible no matter what Smith, Friedman, Becker, Greenspan and Bernanke or your real estate or stock broker might say. That’s why Moses banned usury.
      In the end all that the corporations have brought US is national and personal debt bondage, while they’ve profited by looting the treasury, the Social Security Trust Fund and the manufacturing ability, and stashed the cash in the Cayman Islands. The money they’ve taken has been mostly created by cooking the books with the aid of the FED and the rest of our trusted banking institutions. Which goes to prove what Adam Smith would have known if he wasn’t a head in the clouds libertarian moron like Friedman and Becker after him. An economy predicated on individual profit instead of the good of the community that is its source, must degenerate to the lowest common denominator of greed, morality and self destructive behavior. If you are capable of shedding foolish denial, look around you to see how we’ve been conned in almost all things. Honesty and sincerity went out of style with the economic elites of industrialism in the Nineteenth Century. It’s had little more than lip service from the elite rich parasites of all time. It has all but disappeared among today’s business and political leaders and the media they own and manipulate. The lowest common denominator of greed and selfishness are all that have trickled down to US.

      On 9/12/07 Sen. Brownback - R - Kansas, spoke of the [evil was intoned] Chinese government’s interference to keep up the value of the yuan, making it impossible for Americans to compete. He totally overlooks the concomitant devaluation of the dollar that must take place if the price of the yuan goes up. He also [willfully?] ignores the fact that the trade deficit is fundamentally a result of the failure of America to produce enough products at home and to employ American workers to make them. To make something real would both give our money real value, by providing China and others holders of deficit dollars with our products to buy, and give American worker/consumers, even among the dwindling middle class, non borrowed money to fuel the domestic economy. Making products here to trade for the money we spend in China is the only way we can fix the trade deficit, unless we quit buying Chinese goods. [id est: Most of US must quit shopping at Wall Mart and do without food, clothing and almost everything else.]
      The specious reasoning of morons like Sen. Brownback is regurgitated directly from Becker and the rest of the Chicago School for the mentally impaired, who’ve moved on (for the moment) to trying to divert our attention to Chinese pollution. How to Control China's "Export" of Air Pollution September 09, 2007 Besides their obliviousness to American corporate externalities, their expectation that the market will deal with China’s greed and connected pollution, as it hasn’t with America’s, is nothing short of idiotic. And that pretty much sums up our leadership at all levels. You know what? Global Warming’s a big problem but the ongoing economic insanity of allowing the few greedy investors who dominate our culture to exist, will kill US first. Without the burden of their parasitization and their past and present willingness to destroy the environment to enrich themselves, we wouldn’t be in this mess in the first place. Of course they’ll speciously say our demand for goods, not their greed for profit or the advertising that supports both, is the cause of all our problems. Blame it on the victim is the tried and true conservative strategy.

      “American Economy: R.I.P.” By Paul Craig Roberts 09/10/07 "ICH' -- “The US economy continues its slow death before our eyes, but economists, policymakers, and most of the public are blind to the tottering fabled land of opportunity.”
      “In August jobs in goods-producing industries declined by 64,000. The US economy lost 4,000 jobs overall. The private sector created a mere 24,000 jobs, all of which could be attributed to the 24,100 new jobs for waitresses and bartenders, and the government sector lost 28,000 jobs. , , ,
      “The data used in this article is freely available. It can be found at two official US government sites: . . .”. Bureau of Economic Analysis and
Bureau of Labor Statistics
      It’s not he dark side that’s made all this. The dark side profited by having our community make all this for them. The Dalai Lama says that Human Beings are naturally kind, gentle and sharing, like Orangutans. I agree with that. Most of US are still that way even though we may have too many bad moments and at a growing frequency. In order to become rich parasites, who are amoral, unkind, ruthless and avaricious all the time, we must overcome our Human Nature totally. That’s what leading conservatives have done, with the help of academic sellouts like Friedman and Becker. In ancient times, as they are today, they’re raiders and looters. We all know that if we’re all raiders and looters and no one agrees to work for US, none of US will survive. Only a few can be parasites all the time. Only a few can have overcome Human Nature to raid and loot our community full time. But we don’t need them. They’re a useless burden and a threat to our survival.

“The People, United, Will Never Be Defeated!”

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