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Exposé: The Cultivation of Dependent Personalities by Selective Breeding

“The trade of the petty usurer is hated with most reason: it makes a profit from currency itself, instead of making it from the process which currency was meant to serve. Their common characteristic is obviously their sordid avarice.” - Aristotle

It’s the rich who are the weak. They give in to envy and desire for the produce of others. When they’ve misled the community and have hoarded our common wealth, they claim it was produced by their authority and hard work. We all know how many poor fools believe that sorry propaganda. We shall vanquish this evil. Remember, the profit of investors is the most unnecessary part of the cost of any product.

August 15, 2007
      Consider the evolution of free market capitalism from feudalism and the influence of the Roman Empire. The violent repression that accompanied the looting of the commons that’s been the hallmark of European/American ruling classes since the Romanization has resulted in selection for dependent, dull and foolish followers, who are systematically manipulated and exploited, in an economic system that’s virtually indistinguishable from slavery.

      In a secluded place on the Earth, there had lived an ancient tribe of hunter gatherers, who augmented their economy with simple agriculture. They hadn’t much war, crime or disease. There were cats, dogs and birds that lived among them and interacted positively with the culture. Dogs helped with the hunting for a share of the meat. Cats controlled rodents and other vermin and, like the dogs were considered part of the clan. The birds `were fond of foraging on the insects that foraged in the communal garden. The leaders were respected elders, whose authority depended on the consensus of the adults of the whole clan. In the case of conflicts, the dogs sided with those who were their special friends. The cats remained aloof and the birds were oblivious or indifferent.
      A group of Europeans came to the land, which had been unknown to them. They “discovered” the ancient people, who lived in peace and harmony in their secluded place, and who were supported by the plenty of nature. The military leader of the invaders thought that his glory could be enhanced by an easy conquest. The priest noticed they had fewer conflicts, because they had no sexual morality. They were free, open, innocent and sharing. Being innocent, they were in obvious need of Jesus to teach them how to live. The Christian cleric set about to undermine the Shaman and to convert the clan to the way of God. Disease was introduced by all present through, among other mechanisms, sexual interaction with the uninhibited natives. That helped to weaken the community/economy, which was finished off by the miners, loggers and farmers, who, noting that the people had no private property but personal possessions, set about to take the land, on which the Humans had depended for life for tens of thousands of years. The entrepreneurs created a profitable business that lasted for several decades, before the land was used up and wasted.
      It would be left to the heirs and/or backers of the miners and farmers, the bankers and factory owners in the cities, to which the people were displaced, to complete the process enslavement and socialization to a civilized life. Thus the newly dispersed tribe were individually subsumed, by the glorious new way of free market capitalistic life. After a generation or two they no longer even recognized one another, when they passed in the streets, with as little interaction (other than mutual fear that’s prevalent all over town but especially in the poorer neighborhoods) as possible. Several of them moved back, unknowingly, to the land of their forefathers and bought homes in subdivisions there. The developers of the abandoned mines and farms were also heirs of the land sharks, who’d taken the territory in the beginning of Christian civilization. Real Estate usurers are among the less than twenty percent, who can say, with less truth than they realize, that the economy works for them.
      The indigenous victims of the conquest/real estate scam, after several generations, are either dispirited and meekly accepting of their fate, or they’re dead or imprisoned. The few who have succeeded, by allowing themselves to be coopted by the conquerors, are incognizant of their treachery to clan and the Human Race or of the weakness and cowardice they’ve shown by selling out for a few dollars more.

      We talk a lot about those among the less than twenty percent of Americans for whom free market capitalism appears to work well. We all try to pretend we’re doing well but the poorest almost always know better. However, around twenty percent of US still stubbornly believe it works well for US. How are the 80% kept down? How are the 19.5% kept from seeing that they are next to be sacrificed on the altar of the profit of the elites?
      The subjugation of the workers by selective execution, imprisonment or debt is straightforward. I will provide only a general description of the process. The profoundly limited, who can’t see the conditioning regimen and who have managed to read so far yet remain clueless to economic reality, are possibly not intelligent enough to understand it. More likely they’re willfully ignorant and stupid, like some “virulently ignorant” ["virulent ignorance": the willful disregard for contrary knowledge and opinion in favor of a set of dubious "facts" that are the result of ideology and indoctrination. - Ed Brayton] religious fanatic. Whatever! They only need to enlighten themselves with the outcomes by looking up the prison statistics for America and comparing them to any so called advanced country. In any case, all of US who’re not of the less than 1% - the true ruling class - are either bought off cheap or intimidated or some combination of the two. We accept our total dependence on rich parasites, who fill US in on everything, including who we are.
      The middle classes are populated by those who’re selected from the community by elites, to manage the workers who create the wealth. Specially trained corporate clones are employed to devise new methods of exploiting our common endeavors for the individual gain of the masters. Many of the entrepreneurial innovations are so dissipative and dysfunctional that even some Wall Street Sheeple are catching on.1 All of US were equal at one time. But things have changed, though not so much as to make credible the hubris of the middle class. Today’s bourgeoises are closer to the peasantry they arose from than they would care to acknowledge, especially to themselves. They’re selected for malleability and loyalty to the conservative elites who champion the status quo for obvious reasons. The peasants, the forebears of today’s impoverished working classes, were repressed and selectively bred by thousands of years of violence and imprisonment - the reward for any who displayed sufficient spirit and intelligence to rebel against the wealthy ruling elites. One need only look at the percentage of poor Whites, Blacks and Hispanics in prisons and compare their personalties to those who’re allowed to remain free, to know that the repression of intelligence and spirit and encouragement of weak, dependent personalities continues to this day.

1 Stock Market Brushfire; Will there be a run on the banks? - Mike Whitney, 08/12/07 "ICH" to see the mechanism of debt enslavement. Can you see why the entire world of finance and debt are an impossible pyramid scheme and an attempt at perpetual motion? -- also check out Paul Craig Roberts, Asst. Sec. Of the Treasury under Reagan. He says in spite of our overweening hubris in our perception of ourselves as masters of the world, our Chinese bankers hold the hammer. "Uncle Sam, Your Banker Will See You Now" by Paul Craig Roberts, 08/08/07 "ICH" and “China’s ‘Nuclear Option’ is Real” By Paul Craig Roberts, 08/11/07 "ICH' Nuclear Option

      When rebellion is displayed by the children of superior classes, the more money the parents have, the less likely their progeny will be imprisoned or killed. When they go astray, thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars will be spent for psychological correction to redirect their anti-social tendencies into acceptable business practices,with the complicity of the justice [just us] system. The upper and middle class scions will also have much greater [than almost negligible probability for lower class kids] opportunity to act out their puerile sociopathic energy in the legal way.
      It’s the buying off and control of middle class minds that’s more subtle and much more effective in preserving the status quo of concentration of wealth in the hands of as few conservative elites as possible. I recently engaged in a conversation with a couple of bourgeois morons that demonstrates the degenerative selective breeding and the unconscious dependence of personalities quite well. They are seduced with hubris and their self delusion [vanity] and willingness to believe in the conservative invented demons and enemies as the real threat, indicates they’re much more weak, cowardly and foolish than the lower classes they came from and despise. At least some of the workers realize they’re held down with state/judicial violence. Some don’t end up dead, imprisoned or even dispirited, but bide their time. The middle classes always believe the propaganda and lies to a much greater extent. It’s their vanity and pretentious hubris, and there’s no other kind of hubris, that traps them. And the personality that exhibits these affected traits is assigned by the masters for whom they work. They’re dependent on the rich who’ve bought them [usually very cheaply] for all things including thought and persona. Look at so called liberal politicians. Few of them are aware of the evil of greed, or even that it’s their primary motivation alongside fear, except in rare moments quickly repressed. Conservatives never see that truth at all.
      The dull couple with whom I’d conversed tried to hard to articulate the impression of upper middle class status, in their subtle at times - not so at others - way. Without predictable and all too common pretension and affectation these wannabee elites would have little recognizable personality. Yet they prided themselves in their exclusive elite-ness, as their masters/controllers in the party have taught them. They never missed an opportunity to display their status by a condescending or patronizing remark, no matter how inappropriate or irrelevant. Those occasions are so predictable that their posture was wasted and ineffective. But they didn’t know that. Are they typically brain-dead Republican morons?!
      They’re full of greed and selfishness but are oblivious to there own evil. All is projected onto their victims, in accordance with the conservative handbook. They’re totally out of touch with the Human Race, which their unquestioned loyalty to the party of free market capitalist parasites helps to destroy. They parrot the party lines of past and present, ever failing to note any contradictions that are introduced in service to the moment. “All government interference and government and taxes must be minimized because it’s bad!” But the Bush administration is trusted to spy only on the [invented or augmented] bad guys - to use growing power wisely and in the interest of the party faithful and to increase the number of departments and government spending only where necessary: as for the enrichment of Halliburton stockholders. The perversion and corruption of the constitution and freedom in the defense of the rich may really work for the 20%, who’re served by the victimization of the rest of the population. But they fail to note that their number, as a percent of the population, are declining. They won’t see that they’re next, until it’s too late. When they’re neighbor slips into the oblivion of the masses, they quickly forget that one ever existed.
      The typical Republican wife I’d been speaking to, or at as it proved, said with guttoral force that, “Halliburton can do the job!” I’d just mentioned their fraudulent billing that’s under investigation by the military and congress. I looked at her incredulously and said, “they’re running empty trucks up and down the road and billing for them!” A few moments before, in response to my assertion that conservatives wanted education for themselves only [see the last exposé] she’d said the failure of education system wasn’t elitism or Bush’s undermining by “No Child . . .” but tenure and unions. I’d called that propaganda and lies and was about to give an inductive proof, when sensing a loss, she changed the subject. That brought us to Halliburton. When I told her the empty trucks were verified by the film “Iraq for Sale,” she projected extemporaneously from the party line. She copied me [not mocked this time, she was flustered] by saying that was propaganda and lies.
      The marketplace works for an ever decreasing segment of the population, as wealth is concentrated into the capital that is the foundation and pinnacle of the flawed [due to circular logic and perpetual motion] economic theory of “free market capitalism.” But that’s all right with the sellouts, sycophants and wannabees of the middle class as long as they have more than and can look down upon the lowest of the victims of the pyramid scheme we call an economy. Their sense of self and aggrandizement depends on thinking and behaving so . . . as they’ve been taught by their conservative mentors. They are unwilling to see the dissipation, predicted by the zero sum criteria that rules all transactions, that’s becoming a looming threat to our survival. The couple to whom I attempted to converse, divert their attention, and ours when they can, to failed socialist regimes or propaganda demonized experimental cures for their disease, like Castro’s Cuba or the growing power in Venezuela. They won’t hear the truth. They shut it out by misdirecting it to their belief that it’s a disloyal support for the demons they’ve been trained to see and into whom their own evil and greed has been projected. Barring the real crazies, there would be far less terrorists without greedy investors ripping off communities around the world, using the tool of their global, corporate, financial empire.
      The bourgeois use misdirection to hide from you and themselves any truth that disturbs their ignorant bliss, by attributing it to a paradigm or ideology, against which they are thoroughly inoculated and to which they can apply ready prescribed arguments. If you try to disperse their miasma, they will persist in projecting their inability to face the truth onto you. I said to the woman that what happens in Cuba is irrelevant to the pain and suffering of the majority here. She responded angrily that the Cuban model is relevant.
      When pushed to anger, this twenty percenter said, “I don’t care, I don’t want to live like the Cubans!” I’d already put her off three times by saying that no other model was relevant to the growing number of Americans without adequate incomes, health care or pensions. Whatever might be happening in Cuba or elsewhere is not germaine to our situation, if it’s an excuse to do nothing. We must deal with our own problems. Further, we know our government and businesses lie. Our information about Cuba comes from these and their agents who visit such places, while blindfolded and ear-plugged with scraps of our once proud flag. The only thing we know about information gotten from known liars, is that it can’t be trusted. They are liars!
      She refused to hear the truth and again insisted on associating me with Cuba and socialism. That, of course, is due to her limited imagination, which is garnisheed by training and selective breeding for the dullest minds. These are rewarded with positions of authority and influence in a community that exists for the enrichment of elites. Her confidence has been installed by the conservative elites for their own purposes, like everything else she is and thinks. Finally, frustrated by her impermeable stupidity, I said that we outnumbered them by four to one. If they didn’t find some way to get US what we need we’d drag them into the streets and tear them limb from limb. She succeeded, I’m sure, in not hearing what I said, even though she wasn’t strong enough to drown out my words with the nonsense she shouted in parallel to them. She didn’t quite cover her ears, shut her eyes and scream, “No! No! No! No! No!” I predict, with the resignation of Carl Rove and other unraveling of the Bush regime, we’ll see some neo con bitch, or maybe even Sen. Ted Stevens of Alaska, doing just that on national TV. I’d love to see Ann Coulter in that role.
      The truth that so many can’t accept is that all they really are, all that the Weltanschauungen their limited imagination allows, is pretension, posturing and an overbearing and completely unsubstantiated hubris that is the bane of the Human Race. Their stupidity and greed for the produce of the community, which we cooperate under their mis-guidance to create, is leading US to self destruction. The truth is, the only things they allow into their otherwise empty heads are rationalizations for greed and defenses of the wealth they’ve looted from the community. They’re dependent for these on the academic sellouts they’ve cultivated and coopted, especially in the fields of economics, psychology, sociology and political science.

      In their erudite discussions of productivity, trade, investment and macroeconomic intervention, the economists always fail to note that investment taxes productivity - as does usury, management, trade and mercantilism, and any other service. The pedants are, after all, middle class, upwardly mobile sellouts, sycophants and wannabees, whose identities are dependent on the world views of their rich masters. As are their liege lords themselves, the academics are selected and bred for their willingness to collaborate with the perpetrators of the [self] destructive greed that threatens our survival. It’s the dissipative effects of runaway abstract activity that undermines currencies. The profits of the investors devalue the money, concentrate the wealth and ultimately lead to the periodic economic crisis we suffer all around the world. In our global system, with so much distraction and obfuscation possible inside the box, it’s easy to lose sight of the fact that the desire of the rich to concentrate wealth has usurped the reason we have an economy to begin with. That pyramid scheme of the ruling elites is also the reason that the economy is dysfunctional for most of the community that generates it. They get rich by making imaginary money. That is their profit and it adds unnecessarily to the cost of every product we buy. There is no justification for the existence of the rich. Reinvestment of their ill-gotten gains, and there is no righteous profit from the work of others, only exacerbates the harm they do to the Human Race and our communities with the usuries they charge for recycling the money they stole from the community in the first place. They exploit US for personal gain, without regard for the purpose for which Nature and Nature’s God gave US social instinct. They think we and all we’ve worked together to build, exist for their enrichment. They ain’t all that!

      We must ask ourselves the question: growth and productivity of what? What is the product we’re making? Then we can see that the service economy produces mostly money. That is: inflation. The growth of the “economy” that we’re experiencing is also squeezing out the consumers who buy the products on which the profit is based by reducing their wages to increase the profits. The imaginary growth of the economy is the expansion of profits with no corresponding increase in the domestic production of goods. That growth is the most unnecessary part of the cost of every product we buy. Capitalism is a self destructive system. This is obvious to a mind that’s had the strength and courage to remain unlimited in imagination by corporatist media propaganda and other lies of the rich. They want only to continue to loot the community, for their personal enrichment, without regard to the destruction of the source of their wealth. We are the source of their wealth! They are destroying US to enrich themselves. The ultimately self destructive religion of greed [euphemistically called “free market capitalism,” which of course is an oxymoron] of these gangster/tyrant/raiders of the economy is proof of their willful [virulent some say] ignorance and stupidity.
      The elites will say anything to keep their money and power. Most of the conservatives of the 20% are bought out for a little bit more than average. They are sellouts, sycophants and wannabees. The rule that keeps them in line is their religious belief in the dogma of propaganda and lies invented by the rich to maintain their own wealth and power. That includes whatever enemies or demons that must be invented. In private they ridicule the superstition of the masses. How ironic! Like Proto Bourgeois, they really are credulous morons. The vanity, pretentiousness and hubris that’s been cultivated in, or even sought by them, is part of the mind control of propaganda that subjugates them but they don’t have a clue. They end up as docile and dependent of personality as the poorer people, who avoid death or imprisonment by accepting the lie. They think they choose freely not to act or speak against their slavery, to which they’re oblivious. The middle class morons are satisfied that they have US, and one another whenever possible, to look down upon.

      George Orwell predicted eternal crises and wars. They distract US from what the ruling corporatist elites are and have been doing to US, no matter what leaders have been called, over the centuries. Today we’re to think of terrorists instead of the misery of poverty, lack of health care pensions and living wages, all in the service of the profit of elites. How many Americans have died in the past six years from preventable disease and other poverty related causes? How many have been killed by terrorists? Poverty would be more sensational than terrorism if the corporate media chose to attend to it. This is only a part of the behavioral conditioning and misdirection that controls our thoughts and actions. The fundamental reward and punishment regimen is internalized as part of the socialization process we’re subjected to by schools and parents, who’ve been made stupid and dispirited before US. The key to understanding the true nature and state of our society is to perceive that all we know, do and are, individually and together in hopes of achieving some common good or necessity, serves the rich masters who exploit the community for personal gain. We do the work. They get the profit.
      We the People do have the power to destroy the evil empire that less than 20% are so stupidly proud to love. Down with the evil empire, of, by and for the corporations and the corporatist investor/traitors who rule US.
      Did anyone miss the central truth here? If the spirited and intelligent are killed or imprisoned, mostly the weak, stupid and cowardly will be left to populate the Human Race. That a larger percentage of poor Whites, Blacks and Hispanics are in our relatively huge populations of prisoners today is evidence that more genetic aberrations, if genetics is the cause, are occurring among the poor. Or perhaps there’s no correlation between genetics and the occurrence of strength and intelligence. That’s speculation. We only know what we really know. We know that if we have what we need to live, the conservative rich can’t have what they want. They want it all! It’s US or them. Whose side are you on, yours or theirs?

“The People, United, Will Never Be Defeated!”

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