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Exposé: Market Solution Fantasies--The Market's the Problem

“The trade of the petty usurer is hated with most reason: it makes a profit from currency itself, instead of making it from the process which currency was meant to serve. Their common characteristic is obviously their sordid avarice.” - Aristotle

It’s the rich who are the weak. They give in to envy and desire for the produce of others. When they’ve misled the community and have hoarded our common wealth, they claim it was produced by their authority and hard work. We all know how many poor fools believe that sorry propaganda. We shall vanquish this evil. Remember, the profit of investors is the most unnecessary part of the cost of any product.

August 1, 2007
      I heard a speaker [an expert?] who talked of the complex maneuvers by swarms and flocks, in which each individual obeys a few simple rules, without any need for central coordination. I wonder how the rotating sphere of Sparrows, with spinning swirls on the surface, as they successfully evaded the Peregrine, is explained by the theory. It nearly hypnotized me as I watched the ball of birds roll across the sky. The poor falcon dove through the mass of complex motion, and didn’t snag so much as a loose feather. In any case, the model doesn’t apply to the individual pursuits in the “free” market. We’re more like chickens with a pecking order than intelligent birds like sparrows, who can act as individuals and cooperate as a group, as is appropriate to the context in which they find themselves.
      Think! Nothing is financed, by those who succeeded in the past, without strings attached. Don’t overlook the limitations on your freedom imposed by the usury you must pay on your debts, which robs US all by inflating/devaluing the money supply. [The gross inflation through debt is facilitated by our government, who delegated their power to mint money to private bankers, by the Federal Reserve Act of 1914 and its various modifications over the past 93 years.] There’s nothing individual or uncoordinated by central power, in the context of debt bondage. It indicates control by those who have excess money. The decisions of bankers and Wall Street investors impose much more central control than any Communist Committee ever managed.
      The more mature the capitalism, the more restrictive the control and the less real opportunity exists. The benefits of competition, lower prices and more choices, are virtual and theoretical. Your only real choice is to surrender your freedom, by working for someone else to make them richer and by going into debt, or to die. In the past forty years of conservative free market domination, choice has become illusory. This inevitable condition is the prime failure of free market capitalism. The danger our continued delusion poses to life, becomes more apparent each day to those who have the courage to see through the lies. The conservation of aristocracy, a small ruling elite, who hoard an ever growing fraction of the community’s wealth, is the only possible outcome that their game predicts. Everything they say and do leads US to the dead end, where they have excess of all things and we don’t have what we need to live.

      The free market and capitalism must lead to concentration of wealth, which binds the “free” market and capitalism to the further concentration of wealth and dissipation of the economy that supports the life of our community and our individual survival. Say there are 100 units of what 100 people need to live and each one must have at least one half unit to survive. If one person has 67 units then 99 must share 33. The 99 can only have 1/3 unit each. This example is scalable. Two billion, slightly less than 1/3 of the world’s population, live on less than $1 per day. You do the math! Keep in mind that money is abstract. But its manipulation is capable of causing worldwide pain and suffering in a global economy. It represents real goods that people need to live. When the FED inflates it by creating money to loan, at the discount rate, to its subsidiary for profit banks, who re-loan the paper, written in our name, to US at interest, they are robbing US. They’re devaluing our currency by making more of it while the quantity of goods and material properties are not increased by the economic action. They charge US to perpetrate this larceny on the community. If we’re not already in critically bad shape in America, which I believe we are and that anyone with the strength to face the truth can see, we will be soon, given the direction in which we’re moving. But the conservators of aristocracy and their sellouts, sycophants and wannabees, in all less than twenty percent of the population and shrinking, are content with the ill distribution of goods in the community. They’ve got theirs!
      The entire free market/meritocracy non government interference, opportunity and choice illusion are propaganda lies. They thinly disguise classist bigotry, pretension and hubris in support of aristocracy and the educated middle class sellouts, sycophants and wannabees. Some of the young lower cost replacements for aging highly paid classists of previous generations want to do away with the illusion of opportunity that exists for most of US, by withdrawing government support for education. Degeneracy and declining intelligence but especially common sense about how much classist hubris the average person will really tolerate comes to mind when I experience people like Timothy P. Carney. He’s a “columnist” for examiner.com. The young man looks about 19 and can’t be older than- 25. His talk and the answers to the questions that followed verified that he’s not experienced enough to have an opinion of his own. He can only be repeating what his controlling masters trained him to say, which, of course, indicates there has been some serious deterioration of intelligence before Timothy’s time.
      He spoke to college students for the Young Americans Foundation [their website features a group photo including the lizard brained snake tongued Ann Coulter and the traitor Robert Novak] and the performance aired over CSPAN-2, on July 30. 2007. He’s obviously internalized all the free market propaganda and wants US to face the fact that the market doesn’t need so many college grads and it’s better to let it “naturally” select upper and upper middle class kids like himself, whose parents can afford to pay. That’s meritocracy for you. That’s how a degenerate moron like Dubya got to be president. He’s [George and Timothy are] for selection by free market forces. That, I infer, is the way he perceives that his “quality” family and friends ascended. He doesn’t go so far, as one question suggested, that he would to do away altogether with public education, at least at the primary level.
      As with welfare, he says a safety net should be left for those who can’t afford private school. Some of the crowd seemed unsure, some slightly skeptical and wondering if they should disapprove, but no one challenged his hubris. Timothy’s book is entitled “The Rip Off.” He was speaking, of course (and with no sense of irony) of the burden on “quality” people like himself to educate the poor masses, whom were made by God to serve his kind. His kind have quality, to be true. It’s the lowest quality of scum that’s risen to the top of America’s boiling pot. The young morons, who’ve displaced the older more expensive Republican middle class corporate clones, don’t even have enough sense to hide their [it should be] criminal abuse of the community they loot for their individual profit. They make the true believers of the “greatest generation,” who sold the farm, look like the wise men they pretend to be.
      The greatest generation of all that came before probably doesn’t understand why today’s children are so amoral, because they’re in denial of their own amorality. The children of today and my generation are increasingly sociopathic personalities. That happened because the post WWII people allowed themselves, in the name of free markets, business and anti communism, to be led thoughtlessly by sociopaths like Nixon and even psychopaths like Joe McCarthy. They raised a generation that couldn’t question the morality of capitalism, if they wanted, as all children do, acceptance. We in turn socialized our children in this degenerate fashion. For thousands of years we’ve been trained, usually with violent techniques, to serve the rich. But modern corporate media and their wholly owned politicians are much more effective. That’s why the culture and economy are deteriorating to the benefit of fewer and fewer people who have more and more of what the rest of US need to live.
      For examples of today’s sociopaths and psychopaths, look at Bush and Cheney et al. who’ve outdone their parent’s onerous lies and rip offs. And, of course, don’t forget Timothy, the young Republican working so diligently in his masters vineyard, trying to recruit college kids with that speech calling for limitation of education [spending] to the “right kind of people.” The kids he was trying to seduce with the “we’ve got ours let’s stick together to keep it that way . . . exclude the rest” line, to their credit, looked somewhat doubtful and at least one feminine face, in the group of several dozen students, looked at him with tentative disapproval.
      But we can’t fault the younger ones, who have succumbed to the propaganda machine. We perfected it in the employ of our masters. The free market is poised to fail, if it hasn’t already, to provide for our educational needs, as dismally as it has failed with pensions, health care and living wages for the majority. Timothy is in a sense, though unconsciously I’m sure, acknowledging that fact when he says that, in the name of free enterprise, we shouldn’t bother or be burdened by offering educational opportunity to any but his class and above. That is: like health care, it’s only for those who’ve stolen enough from the rest of US, the community, to afford it. As was, and is, and it seems always will be, free market capitalism is the greatest con on Earth.
      The theories of free market capitalism are dismal failures for the majority of Humans. The less than one out of five Americans for whom the economy is working are a shrinking segment of the population. The looting of the community proceeds, as the neo liberal theories of Smith and Friedman, and their acolytes, Greenspan and Bernanke, play out in the only way a sane and intelligent person would predict, by concentrating wealth. Marketing success is predicated on attracting the greatest number of consumers to the product. Market success is the measure of the profit taken by the marketeers. Both have resulted in low quality at the highest possible price and an overall dissipation of the economy into the unsustainable abstract growth of the past forty years.
      Look at the reduction in quality and increase in price of food, clothing, housing and compare and contrast with the lower quality jobs worked for less real compensation for most of US. Automobile quality is perhaps twice as good as it was 40 years ago but the price is more than ten times what it was and that’s due to greed not café standards. The only economic growth is that of the money supply as usurers and useless service suppliers expand exponentially. They make money but make nothing to buy with it. That’s a dissipative [to the economy] way to make money. Yes there are more millionaires but I said most of US are worse off and that’s irrefutable, if you’re capable of fourth grade math. That’s the problem. The economy and the government serves the few at the expense of the many. Government and economy must serve all equally or they can never be sustained. That’s zero sum reality.       Capitalism, making money off of money, banned by Moses 3500 years ago, is the profound problem of our economy. The free market economy leads to miss allocation of resources to those who can pay, because they’ve successfully defrauded the community with the private financial industry and banking scam, rather than to productive workers.
      Take the for profit insurance industry’s domination of medicine and for profit medicine itself, for instance. Imagine an elective cosmetic surgery, while the worker’s child is denied life, by the insurance executive, who receives the unnecessary operation. The system isn’t all that tightly closed, of course, but in our zero sum reality that evil is worked in the end. Though the arrogance, pretension and free market delusions that encourage such miss allocation of services are onerous enough on the surface, it’s the unstable economic equilibrium indicated by taking from the laboring producer for the abstract financial parasite that threatens the survival of the Human Race.
      Mitt Romney said that the way to deal with the 46 million without health care, whose neglect of course must be addressed, is not to have the government pay for it at the expense of the working taxpayers but to help people afford private insurance. The conservative assumption, with which they’ve conned [con-vinced] US, says that it’s black and white. In the black view, the government [a carefully cultured bogeyman] directly guarantees health care; the taxpayer will pay today’s entire health care bill, including the profit of investors, which is the most unnecessary part of the cost, except in the eyes of pig conservatives. They assume that if anyone is taxed to pay for worker’s care, it will be the middle class, not the rich who have profited from the work of the people they wish to discard, now that the factory has moved to China.
      The white side, and only other possibility in their limited vision, is that the magic bean market takes care of everything with just a little government encouragement in the form of virtual subsidies to the already bloated pharmaceutical and health management/insurance industries, through the ruse of helping the poor to get private insurance. Conservatives don’t see (or strategically ignore) that what’s making health care unaffordable is the profit of the investor’s insurance and pharmaceutical companies, along with the outrageous compensation of the corporatist officers. What the community needs in common must be provided in common to assure our survival. We can not afford to be dependent on financial lords who have a greasy ball of self interest in their chests. The conservative lie that government can’t work [backed up by sabotage at every opportunity] while private industry is more efficient, is disproved by the results. There are 46 million people without health care. Private industry provides the least care at the greatest cost. That’s what for profit means.
      They say competition will bring the best product at the lowest price. That hasn’t happened for at least 100 years. They support one another in looting their carefully delineated economic territories. They may compete for the biggest share of the loot but, like the disputes among feudal lords, no benefit of their infighting trickles down to US. If you want to see the solidarity of the rich, confront them with the evil of their class.
      Health care providers must serve the community, not the investor, first. We must community-ize health care, at whatever level of our common tool of government works best. One way or another, the reign of economic terror, by the few elite capitalists, must come to an end. For the really dense: the free market is a delusion. It doesn’t work and never has. It’s just a pyramid scheme invented to preserve the power and wealth of virtual/neo and all other iterations of aristocracy. It’s been slowly dissipative of the communities wealth from the beginning and the decline is accelerating today. It will destroy US in the end.

      Here is partial list, in addition to what’s written above, of failures of the free market capitalist economy to provide for the support of our community, which exists to service our common needs.
      - The free market system fails to provide consumers with sufficient money to buy the products on which the profit is made. It’s not self sustaining. I used to talk about economic equilibrium instead of zero sum reality. They’re the same thing of course. But the emphasis on supply and demand and it’s “equilibrium” distracts US from the unstable condition of that [former] real equilibrium that rules the real economy. That instability, which threatens our survival, is, of course, unrecognized by the CEOs, MBAs and politicians, and especially by the degenerate investors in whose name the previously referenced ruling class clowns and renowned (re-clowned) economists all perform.
      -Some rich parasite can pay for top quality medical service for their cosmetic surgery or substance abuse rehabilitation. That precludes the possibility of those resources being used to heal the legitimate disease of productive members of society. We get the most profitable instead of the most needed pharmaceuticals from the drug corporations. Medicines go to the highest bidder and are formulated to maximize profit. The mandate to heal the sick is ignored. Poor and middle class people are denied life saving treatments. while the most wealthy get Botox injections. This and all market action is dysfunctional for the community as a whole. It works only for the rich elites. Cialis and Viagra are two more examples of miss allocation of resources by the marketplace.
      -Who is attracted to Med School? Do those who wish to heal the sick and the best qualified get in or do the son’s of rich doctors, who care only for profit and who are supported by sufficient power, get in?
      -Veterinary care for pets, while children die for the lack of Health Care is a failing of the free market as well as common sense.
      -I told Valery P. in the checkout line at the local supermarket, when she asked if I’d found everything OK, that I’d found everything but ripe nectarines. She said she had the same problem when she looked for one on break. I told her the MBAs, who rule the world [in the names of the economically elite masters - I didn’t say] had determined that shelf life and profit are more important than quality of the products that are sold to people, whose consumption fuels and is supposed to be the reason for the economy She laughed at my Parthian shot. I said I’d start a rebellion and she’d be my first recruit. I really have had enough of all foods, which like the fruit, are designed for shelf life and appearance, instead of the best flavor, texture, ripeness or healthful sustenance.
      -Almost everything in the entire USA economy has degenerated to the poorest quality sold at the greatest possible price to generate the most profit. But, dazzled by the glitter of it all, we’re easy marks for predatory business. Only the community and therefore the survivability of the Human Race, suffer in the end.
      -The fish in Lake Victoria are flown to the European markets. A few elite Tanzanians get rich while millions starve. The fish are flown out by Russian aircraft that bring arms into war torn areas on the incoming trip. - “Darwin’s Nightmare” - Sundance. Just as in America with China, the Europeans are being made dependent on Africa. When the cheap labor has starved, the Tanzanian rich will probably move to Europe. They, like mis-leaders everywhere, will wander why the Europeans have no food to sell or buy and have forgotten how to grow their own. It’s different with US and China in one respect. I don’t think we’ll starve because they’ve starved first. I think their government will cut US off when they have enough of our factories and processes up and running and they no longer have any use for our idiot service economists and investors. The evolution to a service economy is a failure of free market capitalism and sanity. It’s self destructive.
      -By the time the Chinese are ready to shed the burden of investors on their economy, we’ll have outsourced all of our knowhow (science and engineering) and all of our ability to produce what we need to live, for the short term profit of a few rich investors and the CEOs who have designed the deadly fraud. Remember, outsourcing is driven by market forces. The impending die off of the Human Race, at least in the West, will be a failure of the free market to provide what we need to live. If Bush doesn’t start WWIII in Iran first . . . If global warming doesn’t get US first . . . If Gaia doesn’t get US first- or some combination of natural and free market disasters, including wars of acquisition and economic domination. The perpetrators of the free market are pursuing the maximum profit. This bane is what the economy that supports our lives has degenerated to, under the influence of the corporatist traitors to the Human Race and to life itself. In Africa, Europe and the USA those who suffer the most, as the tragedy of greed of the rich plays out, are the poorer, less educated classes. Ironically they’re often the most loyal and moral and the hardest to convince that they’re being had . . . except for the middle classes, of course, who are impossible. They are ineducable, in this, where it really counts. They won’t admit they’ve been made fools for a few dollars more, even as they take their last breath.
      -No Child left behind shifts money from schools not doing so well to those doing better. Then the market forces come into play when parents choose the better school. This is nonsense like the pyramid scheme economy in the first place. Apply scalar factors later but now, for the sake of simplicity and ease of following the math, bear with me. There are 100 schools and ten thousand students. 100 students per school are the ideal. If one school has 99, another must have 101. If one has 10,000 the rest must have none. The first distribution will not harm the system. The closer we get to the second, the more impossible the system becomes. But as anyone with the least bit of intellectual ability knows, a school as described in our [scalable] model, can only handle about one percent of the total student population. That is: about 100 students. If one school ends up with all the money then only about one percent of the student population can be educated. Which, in our model school system, means that 9900 do without. That brings US back to where we were a few hundred years ago, when only aristocrats or their hand picked toadies would be educated. That, of course, is what conservatives have wanted all along. They are, after all, conservators of aristocracy and the wealth and advantage of the few, at the expense of the many.

      We know the market is supposed to generate new products (or schools) to supply the demand created by the loss of those that are deficient. But does the theory work? Those with money can buy what they want and need. The market supplies them with more and more, as money, power and wealth are concentrated and as democracy and freedom degenerate to plutocracy and debt slavery. Those without money must have less and less. Some cynical monsters, like Cheney or Karl Rove, know this and promote the inequality that’s encouraged by idiot paradigms like No Child Left Behind. Few good and intelligent people know that the theories aren’t what they purport to be and never were. The theoreticians and proponents just want all that we produce for themselves. The most evil of US cynically embrace the exploitation of the community in their individual interest. The rest of the support for evil paradigms comes from everyday fools.

“The People, United, Will Never Be Defeated!”

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