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Exposé: Bourgeois Doublethink - Schizoid or Part of the Con?

“When I tell the truth, it is not for the sake of convincing those who do not know it, but for the sake of defending those that do.” : William Blake

It’s the rich who are the weak. They give in to envy and desire for the produce of others. When they’ve misled the community and have hoarded our common wealth, they claim it was produced by their authority and hard work. We all know how many poor fools believe that sorry propaganda. We shall vanquish this evil. Remember, the profit of investors is the most unnecessary part of the cost of any product.

July 15, 2007
      I would only change “do” to “will” at the first occurrence. Not that Blake’s words are in any way deficient, but the alteration is for the sake of fully understanding the folly of conservatism of aristocracy. It’s pretentious, pompous and an affectation of grandeur. I say somewhat redundantly, “affectation of grandeur.” The belief by an individual that their value exceeds that of the ordinary person can be nothing but affected. That delusion is further evidenced by the damage that each one’s private greed for the public produce does to the community that must be employed in it’s production. However the conservatives don’t know that. Zero sum has no meaning in their defective concept of reality. Their doublethink or schizophrenia, as you will, is founded upon that willful ignorance.
      The Orwellian doublethink schizophrenia of the middle class and many of their [conservative] masters springs from the conflict between self images of the righteous citizen and that knowing and worldly player whose shrewd dealings bring success. Not wishing to appear stupid, especially to themselves, while they inconsistently believe in the existence of their noble intentions towards the community at large, which they are looting, creates the schism of consciousness, to which I’ve referred. Without mindful irony, it’s considered the enlightened thought of the 20th and 21rst Centuries. They contrive to know themselves to be morally righteous, despite all of their lies to US and the self deception required to maintain their delusion. Their desire to appear not to be stupid is the key to catching them in the lie. It leads them to self contradiction, about which they can never be aware, if they’re to maintain their delusional self deception.
      The lie that they tell US is bad but most harmful to all is the self deception. While they will maintain their moral uprightness and benefit to the community, as Christ noted would the elites of the Jewish Community in Jerusalem 2000 years ago, they desire to have our goods at least as much as their good image. They attempt to have both by implying that it’s stupid not to get what you can for yourself while denying, at least implicitly, that individual greed is bad for the community that provides the goods and without which there is no marketplace. They compound the lie when they preach selflessness for US in support of country, law and the profits of the rich. We’re to selflessly give our lives for the expansion of their enterprises and the enrichment of brothers Halliburton and Exxon in Iraq. [Bush redirected the anti terrorist energy after 9/11 to the enrichment of Halliburton et al in Iraq and now won’t leave until the puppet government gives the Iraqi people’s oil to Exxon. The price of the looting by our monstrous corporations is 3500+ American dead and Middle East populations united against American Imperialism. Not to mention at least 10% of the Iraqi population, with a disproportionate number of the educated, displaced and taking refuge in Jordan and Syria.] And through all their lies in the name of greed they contrive by schizo-self deception to believe themselves good, while doing deliberate evil in order to continue to believe themselves not stupid.
      The inferred truth is not to be found in their words. They may differ on some details but the ruling elites and their sellouts, sycophants and wannabees agree on the main points, as may be seen by their actions. The less than twenty percent who are educated, middle class or higher, whether conservative, libertarian or liberal, are united with respect to their belief that the law must protect their right to have the produce of those who work to make the goods, which are the substance of the economy, and that give value to the money. They get more. We get less. That’s how the Freed Market works. Their busyness is a pretension of work. The careful examination of their ratiocinations expose their designs on all the goods produced by all communities. The possession of all is the end that they seek, though they hide it even from themselves behind the philosopher/economist’s cloak.
      So how does the Fried Market of Dr. Milton [Pangloss] provide the best of all possible worlds? The best of medicine and no lines for those who can afford it but if you have only moderate means your insurance company will deny you treatment in order to increase profits. That is the profit motive at work but the schizo media puppet, protector of the bourgeois mass mind, tells you that in Canada you’ll wait in line all day. You can wait in line until you die in America because your insurance executive wants another house in the Caribbean and to pad his Cayman Islands retirement fund. And of course, the man-eating investor-plant must be fed. But wait, you have a good pension and health care from the Auto Industry. Well, GM has hidden the assets by selling off the profitable financial wing, GMAC. Will it be long before they follow their parts supplier Delphi or Delco or whatever into bankruptcy to steal your legacy entitlement? Remember, before the [fraudulent] bankruptcies, when the airlines provided good jobs, with benefits and security, and did their maintenance here instead of Malaysia? You can afford the best of all possible worlds in America if you have much more than average. How many of US can have more than average and what must happen to the rest of US when they do?
      If we confront their duplicity the more cynically evil of them will own it, if only to say they are smarter and stronger than US and will have more than their share of the community’s wealth. At least the more openly selfish and less foolish ones will be honest when backed into a corner. They say, “I got mine. Screw You!” Using the puerile process that passes for thought in their little heads, they will simultaneously believe they’re not doing harm to the community that produces the wealth, because without their righteously rewarded management of labor nothing would have been done. How did the Human Race survive for millions of years before the greedy ones came to leadership between 100 and 5000 years ago?
      They deny their greed and superfluousness and ignore zero sum reality, while demanding even more of our common wealth, which no individual could produce without the cooperation of a community. When confounded with their true nature, they smile knowingly, hoping to disarm and humiliate you so that you don’t see through their lie but especially so that they don’t see through it. Then they change the subject to try to elicit a conditioned thought response like invoking the carefully cultivated prejudice against government or trial lawyers or any of the rest of the shibboleths which have been induced by the mass mind from the words of demagogues in defense of the elite ruling investors and their wholly owned CEOs and politicians, who are destroying America, in the name of individual greed.
      And that’s the point. They don’t care about the communities that sustain Human populations by our cooperative production and trade of goods.* They care only about their desire to own the produce of our [or that of the Chinese] hard work. The puerile greed and shortsightedness of our ruling class is a threat to the survival of the Human Race. But the rich elites and the sellouts they’ve purchased don’t see the damage they’re doing. Neither do most of the educated class, of cheaply bought sycophants and wannabees. Altogether they are less than 20% of the population and they see nothing but each other and the booming Wall Street Pyramid Scheme. They don’t care to see US or to understand the difference between real money that represents real goods and inflation by imaginary financial profits. If the morons were capable of understanding the devastation of the Human Race and the invocation to terror in the hearts of their victims around the world that their greed is creating, they wouldn’t care. They’d call for more powerful armies and bigger police forces to protect them from reaction to their evil destruction of Human Communities for the furtherance of their individual profit.
 *A complex economy consists of production, trade and consumption of real goods. It is then further encumbered by financial abstractions that add nothing to the economy and which in fact parasitize it.
      I suspect that the economic elites began to try to reassert their tyranny shortly after the successful rebellion somewhat disentangled our livelihoods from the controlling web of the British Aristocracy. By the time people began to jostle for a bigger piece of the pie for ourselves individually, the neo aristocracy was securely institutionalized to the point that even social activists and/or reformers seldom questioned the underlying establishment of ruling class wealth and privilege, but merely strove with the strata immediately above them for the reform of the playing field to make it a little more fair. There has never been a credible socialist movement in America. Their has never been freedom from economic oppression by the ruling class. We just fight among ourselves and never question our debt enslavement by the rich elite masters.
      The richer the rich get and the poorer the poor get the more obvious is the failure of our culture and economy to sustain the Human Race. Further, more evidence accrues that our elite rich ruling class are a threat to our survival. If an economy can’t distribute the goods and resources to where they’re needed, then it doesn’t work. The corporation that isn’t profitable, while providing it’s employees with a living wage, pension and health care, has failed. Outsourcing to increase profit is an idiot’s strategy, when the cumulative effect on consumers and the value of the dollar is considered. We lose our ability to buy the products on which the profit is made and must borrow to keep the debt kite economy flying. We lose the value of our money because we make no products that our foreign suppliers may buy with it. We lose the knowledge and skills to make products to sell to those from whom we buy the goods we need to live, because our brilliant business leaders discarded the American workers, scientists and engineers who did these things, in order to reap the short sighted short term profits from outsourcing for and insourcing of cheap labor.

      “Debt, debt, debt. Americans are not only cowards who’re afraid to stand up to the elite ruling class, who’ve enslaved US with it, but are fools who believe debt slavery to be a righteous condition, ideologically and morally. What idiots!” - An impartial observer.

      “Tell me my boy what seest thou there?”
      “A fool - tangled in a religious snare.” - William Blake.

      Why are we paralyzed in the face of the threat to our survival, which comes from less than twenty percent of the population, who have enthralled US with their lies? Why do we value their freedom to enslave US with debt more highly than our right to live? Why do we respect the laws the ruling elite have dictated, which protect their right to hoard that which we must have to survive? The American democracy, at least with respect to its representative republican form, is obsolete. It was unable to fend off the conquest by the capitalist investors who own the politicians, the educated class and the government. They’ve made the democracy, the elections of our representatives, irrelevant. We still have a republic but it’s no longer democratically controlled. It is directed by and representative of the owners who’ve enslaved US with debt. It is government of, by and for the rich, through the control by the corporations and politicians that the capitalists own. Scum has risen to the top of the pot of boiling pork that is America.

      Civilization was a great theory that didn’t work out. It became so corrupted to the concentration of wealth in the hands of so few that it was a failure almost from the beginning. Its failure is the course to certain destruction that it’s placed US upon. No matter how long the course takes to complete, it’s obvious to anyone with genuine vision that it is a dead end. It’s becoming more apparent to more people every day. Only those who childishly cling to their greed and desire for the wealth of the community fail to see that they’re destroying the community and threatening the survival of the Human Race in order to get it. And buying carbon credits says its alright to do whatever you can afford to do. What kind of a change is that? Yet as real, non parasitic, Human Beings awaken, hope reawakens with them. Still, so very few really see that the whole of civilization is flawed almost from the outset. The law has ever been used by the rich to defend their ill gotten goods from the community they abused to get them. They took the goods that are their riches from our communities, which become less viable as the wealth is more concentrated.

      At the top is the evil of unregulated greed. At the bottom is abject poverty. For most there is the stupidity of conformity or the sometimes try to be or want to be good people in between. We struggle with the need to do what we must, and the compromise of the morality we wish to project as a virtue before US . . . the good we wish to believe, the harm and vicious cruelty we must do, the allowances for the world that must be made, to survive.

      The community doesn’t exist for the profit of a few parasites. If the operations of capitalist investors fail to be profitable and provide living wages, pensions and health care to American workers, then the ruling elites have failed and their money and property are forfeit. The economy is about survival of the community and the majority of its members, the people. The elite owners who take all the goods and property for themselves are superfluous. The debt we take back from last years profits on the goods we bought from them is an ever increasing encumbrance that represents the infinitely expanding burden of the rich on the economy and community that supports our lives. The onerous elites of the ruling class are an intolerable load and a threat to the survival of the Human Race. Yet they demand that their interests be served first. They are the most absurdly useless tail that ever wagged a dog. They are those who are destroying the Human Race and our common Earth, which they claim as their private property. All the destruction, pain, suffering and poverty they’ve wrought is for their individual profit. In their schizo-con artist self delusion, all they can see is that they “have a good thing going.” In the final analysis their justification is that they’re strong enough to do it by enslaving US to the production of wealth for them. All the while they preach to US a morality of submission to their will. To mislead the Human Race for personal gain is abomination of Human Nature. In the root of the word you can see that community was formed, not for the benefit of a few elite parasites, but for the “common” good. If we will survive, we must bend our community to our will. If we will be saved, we must save ourselves, from the rich parasites who afflict US.

“The People, United, Will Never Be Defeated!”

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