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Exposé: The Obsolescence/Irrelevance of Democracy

“The trade of the petty usurer is hated with most reason: it makes a profit from currency itself, instead of making it from the process which currency was meant to serve. Their common characteristic is obviously their sordid avarice.” - Aristotle

It’s the rich who are the weak. They give in to envy and desire for the produce of others. When they’ve misled the community and have hoarded our common wealth, they claim it was produced by their authority and hard work. We all know how many poor fools believe that sorry propaganda. We shall vanquish this evil. Remember, the profit of investors is the most unnecessary part of the cost of any product.

June 1, 2007
      We the People have been marginalized, as the process of government and economy that prescribes and supports our lives has evolved over the past 225 years. This knowledge, almost completely obscured by propaganda 35 years ago, is exposed today to more of US, as the veil is rent by the increasingly bold travesties and violations of the constitution, law and decent Human Standards of Community interaction. Yes, I’m speaking of worker/middle class repression, diminishment and impoverishment, and the use or war and torture to aid and abet the criminal enrichment of the wealthy elite parasites who dominate US. They are destroying our common world for their individual profit. Their perfidy is typified by The “Patriot” Act, which legitimizes government snooping, arbitrary imprisonment and other atrocities that aid and abet the corporate looting of America for the benefit of the rich investors.
      Elections are irrelevant in a two party system, which has two right wings, in a community whose media/communications are owned by a handful of wealthy elites. Our masters use every available means to manipulate US for their personal profit. Corporate economic power and autonomy have made and are making our constitutional government a sideshow. Our failure, to resist the influence and parasitization by the principle investors and their tools, the paper people, makes our government obsolete, because it’s apparently unable to deal with the threat that contemporary economically dissipative profit presents to the survivability of the Human Race. Actually, the weapon of taxation is available and able to defeat the enemies of life in the banks, the board rooms, the stock exchanges and brokerages but our politicians don’t have the will or the courage to use it.
      The corporations are not responsive to the community they exploit. The more they take of the common produce of humanity the greater our debt and their wealth grows by the usuries they charge so that we may have what we need to live, by going deeper into debt. They will have profit at any cost to the consumers whose purchases supply it and the community whose cooperation produces the goods that are sold. As they displace our democracy with their plutocracy, they, like we, aren’t aware of the destructive process they’re undertaking. A lot of the apparent schizo-reasoning is built into the general un-comprehension of the nature of our economy.
      Just to get an idea of what’s really possible, let’s look at some numbers. While incomes aren’t directly derived from dividing up the GDP on a per-capita basis (there’s a lot less real wealth available) the exercise can give a sense of the impossible scheme we’re trying to force to work for US. $13 trillion / 300 million people are $43,333 / person. Keep in mind, if you challenge my numbers you’re either a deliberately obtuse criminal con artist like our business people, economists and politicians, or you’re a brain-dead fool like our business people, economists and politicians.
      $43,333 / person is way more than is actually available for incomes for a number of reasons including debt liabilities and the interest on that debt and other inflationary pressure, though those are the most onerous and destructive. But for now, say that all people have an average of $43,333 to share, just for the purpose of illuminating the possibilities.
      If there are three people in a closed subset and one has twice the average, $86,666, then two must have half, $21,667. That is: $43,333 between the two. If one has one hundred times the average, $4.33 million, then 100 must have nothing or one thousand must have one $38,999.70. One person in a thousand is one tenth of one percent. That’s 300,000 people out of 300 million. That means, using their exaggerated numbers on economic growth, 299.7 million of US have an average of $38,371.71 to share amongst ourselves. If the top twenty per cent of the middle classes [19.9 percent] average $150,000 each , then there are $10,464.64 each for the rest of US. You say that’s plenty to live on. Well, even if the money was really there, which it’s not, it’s unacceptable and intolerable hubris on your part to think you deserve so much more than four out of five people. And I’ll die trying to convince the schmucks that they shouldn’t be tolerant of your greed. But the fact is, most of that money exists only “on paper.” It represents the liability of debt and investment, not the real goods that are necessary to back real money.
      An eighty percent service economy means that only twenty percent of the activity makes real goods for the money to represent. Worse, each year a smaller percentage of the population takes a bigger share of that mostly imaginary money. The only way to keep the rich investor’s pyramid scam delusional economy going is to put off the day of reckoning by borrowing more money, much of which is created, in our name, by the FED to be loaned at a non-profit discount rate to subsidiary banks that loan it to US at a substantial benefit to the stockholders. In fact they keep the debt kite flying and exacerbate the debilitating concentration of wealth by loaning US our own money, which we must borrow from them to live, at increasing rates of usury.
      We know that the numbers, which support the Panglossian economic picture being painted by neo-eCONomists. are out right lies of exaggeration and deliberate [or not] misdirection. For instance, to count all service and every transaction as part of the GDP, is to count the liabilities of debt and interest and other non productive burdens as assets. It’s a way of cooking the national books so that the con artists in chief can continue to loot our country and community for their personal gain. These truths are unacceptable to conservatives. They’re considered thought-crimes. Those who recognize and speak the truth are given the pejorative label of fomenters of “class warfare.” Well, at least they fear that their class will be investigated. That’s proof they act with deliberate malice towards the Human Race they betray and afflict. They’re also right w.r.t. my desire for class war! In your face neo-pig!! They show their guilt by trying to misdirect our attention so. They should be a target. They’re parasites and vermin, who plague the Human Race. The existence of the rich is intolerable. They’re a threat to the survival of the real Human Beings that they prey upon.
      The most creepy aspect of the threat that parasitic corporations, owned and controlled by a shrinking number of elite few investors,1 is evidenced by the usurpation of our government leadership, by the corruption of the election process that’s the heart of our democratic republic. Corporate lobbyists and private campaign funding have brought US government of by and for the corporations and the elite plutocratic investors who principally own them and US.

1 If you need me to quote facts to support the destructive concentration of wealth that’s been accelerating dramatically over the past thirty five years, you simply aren’t paying attention. Or perhaps you’re a deliberately obtuse sycophant, sell out or wannabee who thinks you have yours and screw the rest of US? Are you a traitor to the Human Race?

      We do the work. They get the goods. Conservatives insist on having the freedom from regulation of any kind in order to concentrate wealth, which can only be created by a community. Our wealth is owned or controlled among an ever smaller percentage of the population. We’re told this is all for the best. Supply and demand, competition and our freedom to choose among the masters as sources, for the things we must have to live in our Human creation, will magically provide the “best of all possible worlds.” Voltaire’s fool, Dr. Pangloss, would have praised the corporatist propaganda of Milton Friedman et al but then he lauded everything. He was very uncritical.
      We’re still plagued by the thoughtlessness of true believers. We do have a real choice whether to attend a sports event or pay to see a dramatic or musical performance. We have no choice about whether or not we’ll buy auto insurance. We have no realistic choice about going into debt or paying for medicine, energy, transportation or communications. There are laws against price fixing but verbal agreements made on the golf course are hard to detect. Ironically, they’ll hide behind lawyers and constitutional process, while calling for more police power, stricter laws and harsher penalties for petty thieves and other importuning competition. When they throw their money behind a move by using their privately owned media to program the public and by buying off the politicians, they always get what they want. And they want it all!
      The oppression of most of US by the rich has always been so but its much worse today. Never before have we been so capable of self annihilation in the name of greed. The destructors of all that we’ve worked to achieve are the elite few investors, who own the majority interest and control the Multi-national [XNAT] corporations. They order our world for their individual benefit. They tell US not to worry about global warming because if we tax profit, which is increased by indifference to environmental damage, in order to fix the problem, our impertinence will result in punitive price increases that will be blamed on the government and the people who demand a survivable environment. Thus the reasoning goes that we just can’t afford a healthy Planet but what they really mean is that they want all the money for themselves and that they choose to childishly and willfully deny any reality that interferes with their illusion/delusion. They use the same false and self destructive logic to refuse living wages and health care to the majority, who do whatever real work that gets done. If we deny them the use or their money to dictate our death, we are guilty of depriving them their right to freedom to control [and undo] our “democracy” for their personal gain.

      We’ve always comforted ourselves with the belief that we can change or cleanse our system by the power of the vote in America. That has been belied by the metamorphosis of the American left into a second right wing party. Democracy has been made irrelevant by corporate ownership of government and communications media. Our election process can’t cope with the Giga corporate interests that own US. We no longer have the ability to displace corruption by ousting the offending party. Both Democrats and Republicans are corporate owned. And there are no viable, or possibly even desirable, third party choices. Though, there are still some true progressives among the Democrats and Greens, who could help if they ever gained the credibility they deserve.
      The Libertarians naively support corporate freedom at the expense of the community and think the magic bean market can solve all problems. They are true believers in the Friedman religion of laissez faire and choice, and think meritocracy exists. They don’t see the favoritism, because, like the neo-cons, they don’t want to see it. They don’t know that the unspoken reality is: all that’s not forbidden is mandatory. . . . at least it is if you hope to purchase what’s needed to live. That is: they live in denial of truth. There is no real choice but to obey the dictates of the rich investor parasites. As long as they’ve got theirs or believe they’ll someday be rich, as in the case of the rank and file of the middle class, the denial and the cheating and obsequious capitulation to economic tyranny will continue. The Greens think the righteousness of common sense and self preservation will move the ruling class and their bourgeois sellouts, sycophants and wannabees to repentance of their evil greedy ways. But too few have awakened in time. Democracy has been displaced by the economic power elites. We will not easily return our government to rightful order. And it gets worse.
      In 1950 and 1960 there were still sincere people of good will, it seemed to me, in government and industry. Perhaps my puerile perception painted the brighter picture in my primary school days. But I don’t think I’m wrong in this. “At GE, progress is our most important product.” There were many advertising slogans like that in the days of black and white TV. And their originators sincerely believed them. But the colors that dominated by the time I graduated from high school in the mid sixties were muddled by planned obsolescence that had become obvious in automobiles from Detroit. This was the precursor of economic decline, which anyone but a Chicago School savant could see must be the outcome of freedom to maximize profit at the expense of the community, quality and the impoverishment of the workforce that produces (and consumes) the products.
      But our leaders had brought the American People through the great depression and two world wars. Our parents, great and grandparents trusted our leaders and taught US to trust in turn. The general progress and prosperity that came to be by 1968 was offensive to conservatives. They hid their envy of workers’ decent life (envy because it meant they didn’t have everything the community produces) in paranoid visions of enemies, whose characters they distort with their media, and the wars of acquisition they evilly fomented to, supposedly, rid the world of evil. They seduced the very employees that they rob with neo prejudices and thinly veiled bigotry aimed at Arabs, Latin Americans, women and gays. They claim family values and godly principles. I didn’t know avarice and greed are counted among such. And they furtively worked in the background to subvert our democracy with the money they’ve stolen from the community - which their greed is destroying.
      Now they send our children to die in Iraq for the profit of investors in the military industrial complex and Giga Oil. They stop their ears and stamp their feet like the puerile fools they are, when confronted with the tears of the mother whose son died for Halliburton and Exxon. And then the government is made irrelevant in preparation for the day when we rise in united anger to demand surcease of corruption and death, carried out in our name and at the expense of our blood, for corporate profit. They’re ready for US. The corporations pay minimal taxes. If we stand and resist their suzerainty, if we demand that our government respond to US, they have enough of our money to hire their own private army2 to maintain their foothold in Iraq until the political climate changes. But the representatives we’ve elected to end this evil won’t even push them to that dangerous game. Our tax money (or what we borrow from China in the people’s name) is still spent to carry on their evil. They don’t need to spend their own. And they don’t even pay taxes or give up their holdings when they die.

2 Blackwater Global Stability Solutions
“Blackwater USA, has a proven track record of superior advisory support to government agencies and private organizations. We are in position across the globe ready to provide rapid planning consultation, rapid mobility/logistics, and security assistance support in areas devastated by war or natural disasters.”
BlackwaterUSA [Ed. Note: I’ve heard of three bases in America. The first is in North Carolina. Blackwater North is in Illinois. The third is proposed in Potrero, CA. It’s meeting resistance in the small town near San Diego and the Mexican border.]

      But, though they aren’t yet forced to bear the expense, if we ever do grow balls or even more unlikely, our politicians do, and cut off funding the commercial wars of acquisition that we pay for with money and blood, the mercenary combatants like Blackwater Security are available for hire by the global corporate empire. They’re already in place and fighting in Iraq. In all there are about 126,000 contractors in the two wars. They’ve had over nine hundred killed and twelve thousand wounded. - “Outsourcing the War,” Jeremy Scahill || Democracy Now Interview, Jeremy Scahill If the government pulls out, all the corporation have to do to own Iraq is to start paying the bill. Well there is the possibility of a nationalistic insurgency of Iraqis to protect their oil and infrastructure, such as it is after 18 years of U.S. bombing. Meanwhile, Halliburton is still collecting payment from you and me to rebuild all that. All they do is stand by, while oil is stolen (300,000 barrels per day) and sit on their asses, while no reconstruction gets done. They blame it on Iranians for blowing up pipe lines and power stations to thwart their good-hearted efforts. Apparently no Iraqi would have the sense to try to slow the bleeding of their nations only material treasure.
      The emergence of private, mercenary armies is one more development that helps to make democracy irrelevant. The corporate owner/rich investors can simply push the government aside or go around US. The corporations no longer need to pay US any attention or answer to anyone at all but the majority stock holders, who profit by the economic tyranny that has displaced Democracy in America and threatens the entire Planet. The lack of will to deal with the threat to our lives is what makes our government effectively obsolete.

“The People, United, Will Never Be Defeated!”

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