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Exposé: Free Market Domination - The Freedom to Enslave

“The trade of the petty usurer is hated with most reason: it makes a profit from currency itself, instead of making it from the process which currency was meant to serve. Their common characteristic is obviously their sordid avarice.” - Aristotle

It’s impossible to explain specious to a shallow person. Unless you’ve plumbed the depths, you don’t have what it takes to understand.

May 1, 2007
      I remember conservatives in the 1950's and 60's, many of whom were Dixiecrats, still bemoaning the assault on states rights that began with the loss of property, when the slaves were freed. Post Brown v. Board, “legislation from the bench,” which later morphed into “judicial activism,” and “impeach Earl Warren” were the battle cries of the Christo-fascist wing of conservatism. Private property, dogmatic libertarian laissez faire theory and individuality were rallying points that controlled the right. The desire to dominate and manipulate the minds and bodies of others in order to enrich themselves was the motivation of the leaders. The rich elites in charge, then as today, conned the rank and file marks. Racism and bigotry are no longer accepted as legitimate tools of demagoguery and are not openly tolerated or encouraged. But with a wink and a nod, many are reassured of their genetic superiority, so that they remain useful pawns of the masters. The paradigm of economic domination is so thoroughly internalized that few recognize the truth of our condition. What we call freedom is slavery, for the majority of US. Only the rich, who parasitize our community, are truly free. Neoliberal notions of freedom to trade and choose, apply only to those with enough capital to really play the game. Orwell regards US with derision. Doublethink and doublespeak are our reality. We must face the truth, if we will be free. No god or hero will be our salvation. We must save ourselves.
      If we want to live, especially if we want a comfortable existence, we must accept the bonds of debt. I’m not recommending it. I’m pointing out an unfortunate aspect of our reality. There may be a few exceptions, but exceptions aren’t the rule. The demagogues would have you believe the opposite. They’ll convince you that you can win to get you to play the game and that it’s your own fault if you lose. They paint the rosy picture when it suits their purpose and the thorny worst case that will befall any alternative to being their schmuck that you may propose. They also use worst cases to get our money from our government to fatten their contractor peers. Then they’ll blame it on you by telling you that the private employees are being billed at $300/hour and pretending that the investors aren’t taking 95% or that for themselves. The part that they don’t pay US they lend to US, so we can feed, cloth and house ourselves.
      Most of US are in debt all of our adult lives. I know that leaves an unexploited opportunity. Forget it! Those with many more resources and much more money than you are already profiting by committing our children to lifelong debt, at as young an age as can be arranged. We are educated from birth to accept the legitimacy of debt slavery. Most of US are incapable of thinking about it objectively, much less objecting to its evil. Only those who dominate the market are free. Their freedom is the libertine self indulgence that permits them to enslave US to work for their enrichment and the support of their lives of indolent luxury.
      The system doesn’t work for the community. The community, We The People, work for the system of corporate parasitization by the rich investor/owners. It’s the theoretical model of economy accepted by most, which allows the travesty of Human dignity and common well being to endure. What Smith and Friedman cover has arguable validity. But what they ignore is the fatal flaw. The reality is: those who accrue capital, who have more than average, have all the power and will stifle any change for the better in our social/economic position, as long as we play their game. The theoretical paradigm of free market/free trade capitalism is their game. It’s ending, as it must, in a debt kite kept afloat by the hot air of economists and politicians, the faithful employees of the corporate slaves of the rich. It may not have been what the neoliberal thinkers or the neo cons they’ve spawned intended, but it’s what’s become evident. The rich get richer because there is no limit to their accrual or hoarding of money, or to their power to harm the community for individual gain. There’s no check on their descent to the lowest common denominator of morality, scruples and common sense in the pursuit of profit. The wealth is more concentrated today than it was in 1970. Today the economy is as unbalanced as it was in 1929.
      Their self serving theories are always rationalizations for the concentration of wealth. The engine of their greed is always a perpetual motion pyramid fraud. That’s not our fault or responsibility. But that’s the reality we must deal with. It will always remain the fatal flaw of economic theories because those with wealth and power will act in their own self interest and against the common interest of the rest of US, who are the community they parasitize. If the rich get what they want, and they always have, we won’t get what we need. They want it all! That, of course, is both dissipative to the economy we depend on for life and destructive to the machine which gathers their wealth. Our economy is their machine. They’re destructive to the community and, ultimately, to themselves. Their existence is a threat to the survival of the Human Race. They are an evolutionary dead end. Their reptilian acquisitiveness and cunning are not indicative of intelligence. (They’re not too smart either.) Their short sighted rapacity will never be overcome by working within existing models of economy or culture. We will lose if we continue to play their game. Our culture has been misled down an unsustainable path.
      One way to play their game, to our own detriment, is to wallow in guilt for one’s petty greed. That rationalizes the parasitization by the rich and absolves them of their sin. That nonsense serves the institution of debt slavery very well and creates the further bond of inappropriate conscience. We don’t have enough money or power to cause the quantity of pain and suffering that the wealthy elite investors cause. We flatter ourselves to believe our picayune crimes make US as culpable for the condition we’re in as they are. Energy consumption and environmental damage of all sorts, fostered for their profit and foisted on a naive populace, are not the only things that are unsustainable.
      Even if we were drowning in cheap oil, if carbon and other pollutants were cleansed from the atmosphere, the pyramid scam economy must collapse when we run out of suckers to hook. The more successful the capitalist con artists who rise, the sooner the economy must fall. Perpetual motion of taking from many to enrich a few, who give nothing real and substantial in return, creates a disequilibrium. That’s why the economic paradigm is unsustainable. It exacerbates the unsustainable environmental damage. Their co-dependent experts support denial of the inevitable end to this forked self destructive path that we schizophrenically follow, by pointing to statistics that are irrelevant to the direction of the lemming stampede. [Forget the mixed metaphor. See if you can spot the specious use of statistics used to support the trite party line which is the theme of this article:
Neo Con Artist Drivel] hint: he counts the dissipative and inflationary increase in service activity as economic growth. But you know what? Even if his derisive remarks about doom and gloom nay sayers and his thoughtless, except for spin-side the box ratiocination, belief in the strength of the economy are true, they still only apply to less than one percent of the population, unless you count what’s left of the sellouts, sycophants and wannabees of the dwindling middle class. Even then it’s twenty percent and shrinking. If it was fifty percent, who had a good shot at “the dream,” as I believe we did in 1970, that’s still not good enough for me. Until we all have a decent life I’ll pursue the demise of the elitist capitalist fraud and its rich perps.
      The truth is, though, that it can’t last. The $13 trillion dollar economy and 13000 point DOW indicate imaginary growth. An 80% service economy indicates that only 2.6 trillion of the 13 trillion are real. The rest is inflation of the money supply to fuel the disastrous housing bubble, debt, investors’ imaginary profits and runaway medical and pharmaceutical profits. I didn’t forget the insurance and oil companies. It’s just that their scams are so onerous they deserve sentences of their own. The dollar has no value, because the 80% service activity produces no product that anyone can buy with the money we spend in China to get the things we need to live - the things we no longer make in America.
      The Chinese National Bank is already grumbling about loaning US back our money again, for another round of buying their goods with our re-borrowed and increasingly worthless paper. But maybe they don’t yet have all the factories they want. Whatever, they’re still playing along. Meanwhile, they hedge their stake by using dollars to buy real goods. Some of the one’s they don’t loan back to US are used to buy quality German manufactured goods made by highly paid union workers. The Chinese can’t make the really good stuff yet - and we don’t make them any more because there’s more profit in usury and trade. Maybe we’ve already lost the skills through disuse and no longer can. I know Ronald Reagan didn’t envision what that we’d become dependent on a Communist China for our livelihood. In fact no president since before 1970 ever obviously envisioned anything that didn’t server the short term greed of investors. The economists and politician toadies of the rich claim to be visionary but I suggest they’re merely schizophrenic.
      Where did the Germans get the2.6 billion yuan or 329 million US dollars, to buy the Huaxia Bank? People's Daily Are they really buying up our debt? Our MBA geniuses will be cashing in their Cayman Island stash for Euros when their service economy scam finally blows up. We’ll be left to starve after they’ve run off with the loot and plunder of America.) The rest of the Sino dollars go to buying Iranian, African and Latin American Oil. An interesting aside: Venezuela is offering better deals than the declining World Bank. And they have no impoverishing, to all but the elites, privatization and free trade strings attached.
      But the media experts are busy convincing US that it’s the rest of the world in economic decline [denial and projection] and that we’re doing great. The delusion/illusion is equal parts denial, projection and religious faith in their absurd economic theories. They, in their doublethink way, believe their own lies, while they speak and act to hide their scams and ripoffs from the rest of US and cover their butts by moving their cash offshore and converting it to other currencies. Meanwhile, the imaginary profits of the looters are sustaining the leading economic indicators. The pundits and politician lackeys are covering the end game frauds and the getaway.
      The denial of reality by those who’re already made leads to excessive repression, which can foment rebellion or, in the case of America, an overwhelming advertising campaign that amounts to mind control of a docile population. Part of the latter effort is abetted by mainstream politics, religion and economic theories. A cadre of wannabees, sellouts and sycophants, who hope to or pretend to be elites, and that’s made up of many more people than have any mathematical possibility of significant financial success, are trained to keep order among ourselves. The benefit of the competition is to the elites, who find US easier to control when so divided. When we’re young, we all believe it’s possible for US to be a successful entrepreneur like Bill Gates. We don’t know much about the law of averages or the difference between the exception and the rule. Many of US never know reality, mathematical or otherwise. The truth about our chances to get rich is not the only one that eludes most of US all of our lives.
      Every enterprise is intended to enrich the entrepreneurs, who undertake it. They claim success comes from their hard work and ingenuity. The truth is: they can’t work hard enough to create all the wealth that they want. The desire for more than the average amount of goods available in a community is what motivates their busyness to begin with. Their genius, if any, is to con US. In order to get what they want, they must have US to work for them. That is how the rich take from the community for their individual well being. Remember, there is no individual without a community. One who takes more of the community’s produce than their share, thus depriving others, is a dysfunctional element. Such a one is destructive to the community and therefore, ultimately, to the self. Enough like that and we get the dysfunctional community we have. I’m not being naive or idealistic. The pragmatic choice is: get over childish greed or die. It’s time for this iteration of Human culture to mature . . . or, when I have my way, we’ll push our puerile, brain dead, greedy leaders out of the way.
      Our service economy and its proponents are a threat to our survival. They’re dysfunctional elements of our culture, because they take but give nothing substantial in return. An economic system that results in a concentration of wealth is dissipative. Profits today are mostly from the abstract activities that produce no goods. Therefore the money they make has no value and is a burden on the workers, wherever they are, who do produce the goods. Meanwhile the profits are increased by reducing the wages of the employee/consumers who buy the products. The profits are further increased by raising the prices of the products whenever possible. The cost of the products that can only be purchased by increasing debt, is due to increasing profits. Then they loan US back the excess profits, so we can buy some more. I think this can end well. Oh yes!
      The truth is: profit, especially do nothing investor’s gain, is the part of the cost of any product that we don’t need. All profits from service activities are dissipative to the real economy. Those services that we want and need must be done by and for ourselves on a non profit basis. Some are appropriate for the local manifestation of our community-self to undertake. Others are better handled by our national or state commonality.
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      We’re, unfortunately, moving away from a rational and useful economic paradigm. Every successful entrepreneur, whether involved in a real or imaginary enterprise, will attempt to move his capital gains into finance. That is: the entrepreneur wants to transition from the possibly useful thing that made the fortune, to become a useless do nothing investor, who is certainly a burden on the community. All profit from finance (banking, investment and insurance) is not only dissipative, its [for profit] service isn’t needed. The most unnecessary part of the cost of any product is the profit of investors.
      I shouldn’t need to point this out. . . . But . . . Outsourcing is not manufacturing. It is trade and finance. It is investment. It’s an unnecessary burden on the real economy. It must result in increased debt. It must result in inflation of the money supply and its decreasing currency value, because it imports goods instead of producing them. Therefore we have nothing anyone wants to buy with the money we spend in their country, on the goods we need to live. The worthlessness of the dollar is exacerbated by the macro economic scam of the Federal Reserve Board. Money is created in our name by the private bankers on the board of the FED. (The Federal Reserve is the central bank and a non profit entity, created by Congress, which acts independently and is directed by a federally approved board - FED FAQ ) The inflationary dollars this robber with the keys to the mint creates are loaned to private banks at the discount rate and re-loaned to US at a profit. That’s what keeps the debt kite, which we euphemistically call the free market capitalist service economy, flying,

      We work for a few elites who dominate the free market. It’s resulted in: the concentration of wealth and growing poverty at home and abroad; the rise of 21rst Century Socialism in Latin America, which is competing with and defeating the World Bank; the rise of armed resistence to globalization, which has even gone on the offensive; world free trade that’s impoverishing all but an elite few in the first, second and third worlds; the trade agreements demanding access to a country’s wealth by Western investors and privatization of commons that cause or exacerbate the poverty that capitalism must produce, in order to enrich the few elites who profit by it. They’re almost finished looting and plundering US, so they’re stashing the cash in the Cayman Islands and moving on to territories that they haven’t devastated yet. But the danger, we’re told, is terrorists, who are what they are because they hate freedom and democracy.

“The People, United, Will Never Be Defeated!”

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