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Exposé: Finance, Frauds and Cons; Flaws of Civilization

“The trade of the petty usurer is hated with most reason: it makes a profit from currency itself, instead of making it from the process which currency was meant to serve. Their common characteristic is obviously their sordid avarice.” - Aristotle

It’s the rich who are the weak. They give in to envy and desire for the produce of others. When they’ve misled the community and have hoarded our common wealth, they claim it was produced by their authority and hard work. We all know how many poor fools believe that sorry propaganda. We shall vanquish this evil. Remember, the profit of investors is the most unnecessary part of the cost of any product.

March 15, 2007
      “The Earth is degenerating today. Bribery and corruption abound. Children no longer obey their parents, every man wants to write a book, and it is evident that the end of the world is fast approaching.” -- Source: Assyrian Tablet, c.2800 BC [This has also been attributed to Socrates.]
      Conservative enemies of and parasites on the Human Race will ridicule any such predictions. If they know of this old vision, they’ll be delighted by the affirmation of their self delusion. They’ll believe that it proves them right and righteous in their corruption in the service of “harmless” greed. That just goes to show how small is the mind and perspective of a conservative. They’ll assert confidently that they may continue to use the communities of the Human Race for individual gain, and to destroy the environment and loot the economy. without concern for the pain and suffering their childish desire, lust for material things and destructiveness causes to the majority who do the work, and to the life sustaining Planet itself. They’ll believe all that falsehood because the 5000 year old prophecy hasn’t come true yet. It’s folly to believe that five millennia are a long time.
      If we had only lived in communities for one million years, 5000 years are merely one half of one percent. That means that we had a functional paradigm for community for 99.5% [probably more like 99.95%] of our social longevity on Earth and that our civilization is a young unproved theory. Many today have clearer vision than conservatives. We can see the self destructive, dead end path we’re on. We know with certainty that the puerile greed of our plutocratic rulers is destructive to our community and a threat to the survival of the Human Race. But the rich who own US, and most property, will not see that they are our (and they’d know, if they had half a brain, their own) nemesis. Conservative politicians and managers sell out the Human Race and act as shills for the all time fraud of rich masters.
      There are various kinds of frauds or extortions but they’re tied together by a common thread. Their purpose is to gather wealth, which others worked to make, for the perpetrator of the con or the bully that threatens, in order to get what it wants.
      Investment is an extortion disguised by a con. The capitalist controls the means and resources of survival and only gives its Human victims access to what we need to live, if we pay its price. The con is the lie that we will benefit by allowing our community’s body to be fed upon by the capitalist parasite. In reality, the cost of any product is increased by the investor’s profit, while the superfluous activity makes no contribution to the community’s well being. The plutocrats merely take from our community and keep it for themselves. Each generation can only become deeper in debt to, and more in the control of, capitalists, because their economy is evolved that way. . Stasis of servitude to the rich, while the debt bonds grow stronger, is maintained by inheritance and law.

      “One of the Seven was wont to say: That laws were like cobwebs, where the small flies are caught and the great break through.” - Sir Francis Bacon

      The inflation, caused by the imaginary [usurious] profits of finance and nonproductive service in general, the province of the rich, is inevitable and ever more destructive. As the numbers and wages of productive workers decline, the ability to produce and consume wealth [real goods] disappears. We’re hustled (another common fraud that is often employed in conjunction with cons or bait and switch operations to facilitate their action) into a war to fatten MIC [Military Industrial Complex] investors or to put you into a home with a mortgage that you can’t afford - “Oh don’t worry, the real estate market will keep going up forever!” Then the paper is sold and resold - the only activity that hasn’t been outsourced - while the profits are stashed in the Cayman Islands and the real wealth of material goods either goes up in smoke in Iraq or is deprecated for a newer model. Increasingly our obsolete before we buy them goods are made offshore and the worker/consumers in America must borrow just to have what we need to live. None dare call our non productive, 80% service economy what it is: a treacherous fraud. Worse, none will believe that for all its evil, which we endure because we’re promised it will sustain US, it just won’t work. Like any pyramid scheme, it’s unsustainable.
      Milton Friedman and Alan Greenspan allowed the conservative politicians to wring theories from them that support the continuing concentration of wealth. In reality, the exhortations to libertarian laissez-faire, competition and the magic of supply and demand have reduced a growing majority of US to poverty and the winners to the lowest common denominator of scruples as they compete to succeed in the declining market place. An 80% service $13 trillion economy is equivalent to a real economy of $2.6 trillion. The difference is the imaginary money that is created by non-productive service, debt and usury. As the percentage of service activity increases, our economy, which is the production and trade of real goods, is really shrinking. The only thing that’s growing is the debt fueled inflation, which is being hidden by spending the borrowed money overseas.
      The debt kite will fall when China displays a lack of confidence in the dollar, by refusing to loan them back to US for another cycle of economist’s hot air. The all time loser is the survivability of America. Adam Smith’s “invisible hand” (I understand that it was mentioned in a single paragraph in “The Wealth of Nations”) is no more magic than the proverbial beans for which the foolish child sold the cow - the families livelihood. Self interest has led to increased abstract activity, non productive service, which takes the greatest profit but contributes nothing real to the economy. That activity is growing more fraudulent and predatory all the time. But Milton, Alan, the politicians, CEOs and rich investors, who are destroying our community for their individual gain, apparently believe in the patently false happy endings of fairy tails. - At least they demand, in the name of loyalty and/or fairness to the parasites [often themselves] for whom they shill, that we believe the lies they tell US!
      Fantasy notwithstanding, the investor fraud or Ponzi, which’s promoted by the confidence game lie of a growing economy, continues. Even the government, a wholly owned corporate subsidiary, is cooking the books. GDP statistics are already exaggerated by including non productive products and other liabilities in the assets. “Real gross domestic product -- the output of goods and services produced by labor and property located in the United States.” -
commerce.gov This perfidy by our administrations, accelerated in 1980 when GDP replaced GNP, helps to drive up stock prices and increase the profits of the elite class of rich investors. In order to balance the books by eliminating some debt, conservatives want to default on that which they’ve borrowed from the social security trust fund, which has been looted for the benefit of the investor parasites who own America and our government. Their design is to disguise the rip off as privatization. As the middle class has dwindled from 50% of the population in 1970 to less than 20% today, under the guidance of the Chicago School, more and more of US awaken from the delusion of freedom, choice and prosperity to be had in the “free market” of the private sector. Increasing debt and poverty is a powerful stimulant that will arouse all but the most credulous from their faithful stupor.
      The inability of true believers to foresee the destruction of our life sustaining economy, by the debt kite of usurious frauds that must be employed to hold up the pyramid scheme of finance, may be attributed to the denial excited by the puerile greed of economic leaders. The fixes proposed through their shills, the politicians, increase the debt. That exacerbates the problem, with interest, and puts off the day of reckoning. Too abstract? The Chinese are buying our bonds, which support our war, and they’re buying bundled mortgages and infrastructure in America, while the value of the dollar falls as a direct consequence of outsourcing, which is our failure to produce anything at home that anyone can buy with the money we spent in their country. The economists think they’re brilliant for devising all these imaginary earnings, while impoverishing the American consumers who traditionally produced things, in the old days, when we manufactured real goods, which were sold by the owners to make a profit.
      Understand that the global empire fantasy, spearheaded by the assault of the World Bank/IMF, which, along with military force, many neo-cons believe will allow our continued and expanded world domination, is increasingly rebuffed by the peoples of the Planet Earth. See the 21st Century Socialism in Latin America. Note the violent rejection, by the Iraqi People, of their puppet government’s scam contracts, which award virtual privatization of Iraq’s oil to EXXON, BP, etc. These are the cumulative effect of the magic of greed that’s been sold to US as the best of all possible economic worlds. The fantasy world is the decoded promise of the theories of Milton Friedman. None of our bombs are smart enough to protect US from the universal rebellion of peoples, to our effort to assert world hegemony. The neo aristocrats, who’ve unwittingly devised our destruction, are clueless. When your neighbor confidently and condescendingly patronizes you, by assuring you, through the regurgitation of propaganda that it has foolishly internalized, that our leaders know what’s best, don’t say a word. Pick up a brick and use it to open the numbskull’s empty braincase. That will merely get his attention and possibly clear a port for input. Then you may attempt to explain reality to the corporately cloned moron.

Most people, it seems, would rather be told what to think than to apprehend reality by the experience of their own senses. That demonstrates that common sense and common wisdom are not common at all. These rare and valuable commodities are displaced by the faith in and dogma of the money god. A fundamental moral principle, with which we’re indoctrinated and conditioned, was propounded by the Prophet, Adam Smith, and has evolved to what we know as profit motive. We’re reminded every day that the best of all possible worlds, the most choice of products, comes from free trade and competition for profit that’s unhampered by government interference. We’re cajoled and browbeat, or whatever serves to instill confidence in our masters. That’s what con men do.
      I’ve often wondered if the tyranny of a centrally controlled socialist dictatorship is worse than that promised by the inevitable domination of the economy by the one corporation that buys all the rest and dictates our lives, by controlling our livelihoods and property [mortgages] from its headquarters? If that ultimate winner is Halliburton, who just moved their headquarters to Dubai, will we acknowledge the rule of the Arab country? The more immediate question is, as our economic world is consolidated by mergers and buy outs, how is Friedman’s promise of increased choices and freedom realized?
      Don’t bother! That’s a rhetorical question. The theories of the Chicago school, like most so called thinking in the past forty years, are merely the ratiocinations of the con artists. They, who are destroying our world for personal gain, have all the choices. The only freedom is the freedom of the rich to keep US enslaved, to the production, management and defense of their wealth. Small government free market means the banks and other corporations may do what they wish to steal from consumers, without regulation or law to inhibit their rapacity. Profit motive guarantees that we’ll get the lowest quality product at the highest possible price and that our incomes will not pay for it. Our confidence and faith in our leaders has been repaid with perfidy. They are con men.

      The economist and politician shills of the rich continue to play variations on the moral imperative of profit motive. The instruments in their orchestra are our minds and souls. They convince US that our own well being is served, when our corporate masters own everything. To this end our common property is privatized. As with anything else, we end up paying more for less. Yes, at first there’s some tax money saved, at the expense of cuts in quality to those served. Then the corporate parasite finds a way to externalize costs, hiding the increased burden on public funds, mostly borrowed nowadays, and pocketing the difference. Then the quality, like HMO healthcare, is cut some more, the profits further increased and we’re told how efficient the private system is. A pretty slick and well run con game is what it is. The privatization scam sure pays off for the rich investors.
      Profit motive also attracts the most greedy and well connected to professions, like medicine, rather than the most qualified. The result is incompetent health care and the need to limit lawsuit settlements in order to protect insurance and corporate health care profits. The needs of investors always come before the needs of the people who consume the products or services that produce the incomes of the rich. That is the inevitable result of profit motive. Contrarily, they say with a straight face that the corporate cook book was written to serve US. And so it goes ever on and on with no relief in sight. We don’t even give ourselves a break. Sadly, most people will lie, cheat or participate in community breaking unscrupulousness and deception to sell a product, even when their only benefit is the approval of their boss - and the promised carrot we jackasses can never reach. The self destructive (by damaging the community which we rely on for the things we need to live) behaviors are required to keep our jobs. Oh, you think that liberal politician will help?
      A liberal is just a conservative with a twinge of conscience about the abuse of the many for the benefit of the few and enough brains to understand that you can only mistreat the people, who work for you to create your wealth, so much, before you incite rebellion. They worry that some smarter thug will organize the workers and replace the parasites that feed on our community. . . . One day though, we’ll rise up on our own behalf, led by our determination to survive. Then we’ll get them all.

      ‘ “Liberalism” can refer to political, economic, or even religious ideas. In the U.S. political liberalism has been a strategy to prevent social conflict. It is presented to poor and working people as progressive compared to conservative or Right wing. Economic liberalism is different. Conservative politicians who say they hate “liberals” — meaning the political type — have no real problem with economic liberalism, including neoliberalism.’ - Elizabeth Martinez and Arnoldo Garcia, What is “Neo-Liberalism”?, National Network for Immigrant and Refugee Rights, January 1, 1997 Corpwatch

      The end product of capitalism is Neoliberalism, which is really neo colonialism that relies more on banking and finance and less on guns and religion. The neoliberal tactic, and there’s nothing new or liberal about it, is to ensnare a developing country in debt, with loans from the World Bank and IMF. They call it foreign aid for propaganda purposes but the only connection to the taxpayer is that we guarantee the loans. All the profit goes to the investor. This is not charity. The capitalists end up owning the country and its people but take no risk in the venture. Peoples are stripped of their wealth and their potential to create more wealth. Thus the world is dominated by the global corporate empire of the conservative owners much in same way they conquered America. The flaws in the capitalist theory have made this tyranny inevitable.
      The capitalist theory’s flaws, decline to LCD of greed etc. were apparent to the far seeing before Adam Smith began its formalization. It should have become apparent to Americans, when Andrew Jackson privatized the national bank, allowing his accomplices to loot it. The purpose of any economic system, or any social system for that matter, is to provide for the needs and wants of the population such that the survivability of the species is enhanced. That’s the law of Nature and Nature’s God. Capitalism and it’s corporations detract from the Human Culture, because they act for the benefit of a few elite investors, who are parasites on our community. That violates the Supreme Law of Life.

"The People, United, Will Never Be Defeated!"

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