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Exposé: Unnatural Selection

It’s the rich who are the weak. They give in to envy and desire for the produce of others. When they’ve misled the community and have hoarded our common wealth, they claim it was produced by their authority and hard work. We all know how many poor fools believe that sorry propaganda. We shall vanquish this evil. Remember, the profit of investors is the most unnecessary part of the cost of any product.

"The People, United, Will Never Be Defeated!"

March 1, 2007
      Nature’s purpose for providing US with social instinct, and the community it mandates, is clearly to support the survivability of the species, by massing individuals to increase the safety of the greatest number of US. The community that provides for the well being of most of it’s population indicates that it employs a successful social paradigm. The larger the percentage of individuals that can be nurtured to maturity and the longer they live, the more probable the commonwealth will produce successive and successful generations. The well being of the people is a natural and objective measure of the success of a community. That’s no longer the standard, by which we assess the value of our common undertakings.
      Most of US are conditioned to want more of the community’s produce than we can possibly create with our own work. Only a few of US can succeed in having much more than the average amount of goods. That’s a mathematical certainty. For one to have much more than the average of what we cooperate to produce, others must have less. To be rich means to take more goods from the community than we can possibly create by our personal labor. If one takes more from the pot than one puts in to it, dissipation of the economy is inevitable. That reduces the well being and survivability of the general population. Dissipation of the economy is a threat to our survival, because it takes from the common well being of the community for the benefit of few. It takes from the many and, like any pyramid scheme, it benefits the few who get in early. The existence of the rich, whether neo or any other kind of con artists, is an unnatural threat to the well being of US all. It must be inferred that we the people are the species and that our greedy leaders have arisen by some process of unnatural selection.
      The unnatural paradigm for community, which has evidently taken over our society, supports the pyramid scheme of enrichment of the few at the expense of the many. The community appears to exist, in violation of Nature’s law, to enhance the well being of leaders, without regard for the general population or the survival of the species. The [dysfunctional] theoretical model for community, which we’ve allowed to dominate US, is dissipating our life sustaining economy. Disastrously, we refuse to see the evidence that proves its [the theory's] realization is unable to perform the duty that Nature and Nature’s God intended. [See the archives at my website, agkaiser.org, for more detailed analysis, or search the internet for American
economic decline. Asia Times Book Review - “The Decline of the US Economy.” A Democracy NOW interview on 2/26/07 with Chalmers Johnson, author of “Nemesis: The Last Days of the American Republic" summed up much of the world’s problems, which are being exacerbated by neo-con’s greed and stupidity.]

      In the ideal economy, everyone is a producer and a consumer, everyone is self employed, no one works for another and no one consumes more than they produce of real goods. The ideal economy requires no services. It consists only of the trade of real goods from one Human Being to another. In the ideal economy, all producer/consumers trade among themselves for goods of equal value, as determined by group consensus. The most obvious means of valuation is the average amount of work that goes into the production of the item, whose value is in question. Reactionaries will bristle at such a Marxist notion. It doesn’t matter as long as the common pool of goods that are traded is not allowed to dissipate due to the indulgence of individuals, who take more than they produce and spend to acquire their possessions. A sustainable economy requires such equilibrium between the goods provided and the goods consumed. No, that merely sounds a bit like but is not supply and demand, which determines the maximum price and profit that the market will bear and is not concerned with sustainability whatsoever. That indifference, studious or just plain ignorant, is the fundamental flaw, which has been incorporated into the study of economics. And yes, an ideal economy is improbable but the closer we can get to it the more sustainable our economy will be.
      A real economy will require non productive service unless it’s very small and simple, such as one may find in a group of great apes. Even a clan of hunter gatherers had a shaman who acted as healer, priest, scholar and archivist, psychologist and performed other useful and necessary services. He or she may have engaged in the ordinary economic activities, such as hunting, gathering and clothes, shelter or tool making, but they were no doubt given some of these things in exchange for their services, which were highly valued by and necessary for the well being of the community. However their profit would be limited to levels that did no harm to the clan. It would have been dysfunctional, not to mention absurd, to reward a service so lavishly that the served community suffered deprivation. That’s a good rule. Limit the profit of non manufacturing services to limit their cost to the society. Usuries, especially the profit of investors, are the most dissipative of economic abuses. The most unnecessary part of the cost of any product is the profit of investors. They are purely parasitic to the economy. The best rule of thumb is: what we need or want in common we should do in common. We cooperate to create everything that we have. We can organize ourselves on a non profit basis to have all these things without paying the added, and unnecessary in a sane world, cost of investor's profits.

We’ve just spanned 10,000 years, beginning with a millions of years old sustainable economy and community designed by nature. The ten millennia end times - civilization - is distinguished by the dissipation and decline designed by priests and rabbis, tyrants and kings, military dictators, feudal lords, aristocrats, neo cons and neo aristocrats, for their well being at the expense of the community, we who do the work. In any community, at any time, the kinds of individuals who promote survival and those who are a threat to it can be differentiated respectively by those who give real goods for the common well being and those take goods for their private property and compensate the community only by misleading US and dominating US for their personal profit. “Minderbinders” that they are, they tell US we all have a share and, patronizingly, that it’s for our own good.
      It’s not for our common good. It’s for their own well being that those who mislead US in business and their wholly owned subsidiary politicians dissipate our economy and threaten our lives thereby. Their treachery is manifest in our decline, whether over the past thirty five years or our moral and spiritual devolution and the decay of economic liberty over ten thousand. It doesn’t matter who is taking from the community to create private wealth. It doesn’t matter why they’re doing it. It matters that it’s done. If we don’t stop it, it will kill US.

      Blinded by greed, the neo-cons and all wannabe lords and aristocrats are unable to see the dissipative nature of their economic frauds or the inevitable failure of the pyramid scheme economy. They don’t want to see it, just as they don’t want to own that they’re Darwinian losers who’ve been chosen by the masters using a process of unnatural selection. They are set as overseers to our unwitting extinction. The masters are idiots too. They’re doomed to failure, because they won’t adjust their theories, when the evidence indicates that they’re not working. All that they want to know is that they, so few as they really are, have been enriched. That so many have been impoverished, since the election of Richard Nixon, they will not see. The theories of Milton Friedman, Gary Becker and their Chicago School have created a hot air blown debt kite of finance that must fall when the valueless money is recognized for what it is by our world creditors. They say its about giving US freedom and choice. It’s really about the freedom of our foolish leaders to sell our farm for paper profits. Our money is worthless because we make no products that anyone cares to buy with it - none that we can afford to sell that is. The impending doom is not predicted by their idiotic theories like trickle down and service economy. It is apparent in their delusional empire fantasies and dogmatic faith in their ability to impose their will on a rebellious world by the military force, which they’ve compromised by over extension. Our leaders today are children, who are playing with real guns.
      I heard an MBA claim that they must outsource engineering or hire foreign engineers, because our educational system is falling down on the job. He quickly turned right to another corner to fix the blame on American students, who choose other educational paths. [Conservatives, especially 21rst century Republican/neo-cons, can fix nothing but the blame, for which they never accept responsibility themselves.] Whether the schools are soliciting the big bucks from Near East aristocrats or the American students are abandoning the engineering and science colleges to the foreign students, because business school is where the money is, the decline in education is the fault of the service economists. They envied the incomes of engineers in the 1980s and maneuvered to hire them more cheaply, by negotiating with graduates desperately seeking a green card. The intervention of congress to issue “high tech” visas came later. All this is, of course, is rationalized by variations on the lies of Friedman, who always said what would curry the most favor with the neo-aristocrats. He talked of freedom and choice for all. What he meant was the freedom of the elites to choose to further enrich themselves, while impoverishing US. Milton was followed by Greenspan and Bernanke. They suck up to the rich by telling US it’s more profitable and less inflationary to loan back the money than to pay decent wages. While gaining the applause of conservative congressmen, they thus exacerbate the pyramid fraud and economic dissipation by pandering to the greed of the few. The economic theories of the dominant economists of the past thirty five years are the analogs of Bush’s “good scientists.” They say the Earth is 6000 years old or that global warming is a hoax or, on a good day, beneficial to US. They have been elevated to preeminence by the process of unnatural selection.
      Finance is a superstructure built on a real economy of production, trade and consumption. Finance effects the concentration of wealth by the pyramid scheme, to which our economy has devolved. As soon as trade moves from the control of producer/consumers to intermediaries, it becomes an abstraction that burdens the real economy. It consumes real goods but contributes only words, mostly formulated as commands, or marks on spreadsheets, in return. The capitalist “free” market can only concentrate wealth. It takes the goods created and needed by the many and places them in the hands of the few. That which they skim from the underlying transactions of goods, is dissipative to the economy that supports our survival. The money and wealth is concentrated at an ever increasing rate because the usurious structure guarantees that the more we do, the more they will take. As they loan US the money back for another ride on the merry go round, they take a percentage of that too. The debt kite cannot fly forever for the same reason that perpetual motion is impossible. Gary Becker has made a career of rationalizing this treacherous fraud. But he’s not the cause of the decline in intelligence and morality. He’s merely the unnaturally selected fool, who said it’s OK.
      The inevitable reduction to the lowest common denominator of morality and scruples, as fewer are able to succeed and then only by more vicious and [self] destructive means, is intrinsic in the pursuit of profit. This is profit motive and the free market at work. They can only dissipate the community’s economy. They can only threaten our survival. They are a dysfunctional social paradigm that moves US toward extinction. We are the victims of those who have been raised above US by unnatural selection. The proof that our unnaturally selected masters are the Darwinian losers who threaten our survival is the dissipation of our life sustaining economy by their greed and concentration of wealth. Free market is an oxymoron.
      Free market is a term that denigrates liberty. It implies our domination by elite owners, who force US to work for the enrichment of an employer or starve. The power of the owners is their monopoly of the land and the rest of the resources needed for survival. That is the action of free market that mocks freedom for most of US. It claims responsibility for progress that has occurred in spite of it; whenever it could, it has inhibited innovation, unless it could dominate and profit from it. It has always acted to concentrate wealth, which has resulted in the increase in poverty, especially in the thirty five years since conservatives have begun to fight effectively to reverse the New Deal. See McClatchy Newspapers’ WA Bureau report : Severe Poverty

      The increased poverty in America today, as has almost always been the case everywhere throughout history, is due to unnatural selection. We’re victims of the sellouts, sycophants and wannabees and especially the rich masters who bought them and raised them above US. We culturally and collectively that is. Even those who’ve betrayed the community, those who’ve sold out to the rich elite investors for a few dollars more, are fixed in the social economic strata that result, with a low probability of significant upward mobility, though they’re too stupid to know it. Their only real success is to make life more miserable for the majority, more extravagantly opulent for a tiny fraction of elites and slightly more comfortable for themselves. They were selected by the [neo] aristocrats for their weakness, their inability to resist the offer of a relatively small compensation to commit their treachery to the Human Race. The process of unnatural selection that may be deduced from many such examples we see about US everyday, from even ourselves, is that which has reduced US to the lowest common denominator of morality, scruples and wisdom in the pursuit of wealth. Greed is a threat to the survival of our species. Elite investors, the neo-aristocracy, have advanced US on the road to extinction.

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