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Exposé: Iraq Adventure -The Reason Is Business as Usual

It’s the rich who are the weak. They give in to desire for and envy of the produce of others. When they’ve misled the community and have hoarded our common wealth, they claim it was produced by their authority and hard work. We all know how many poor fools believe that sorry propaganda. We shall overcome the resistance. We shall vanquish this evil.

January 15, 2007
      Mission Accomplished! Saddam was not in power when George II made that claim. That wasn’t the entire stated mission and not the most important part of it. But it was true. Even though he was still in hiding, Saddam was not in power. His regime was changed. It wasn’t certain at the time that a lasting change was made, and it still isn’t, but we know now that Saddam will never again lead Iraq. Since the 2003 invasion, WMD have diminished as the stated mission for the war. Iraq has been liberated from Saddam and an elected government is in power. No one is saying any longer that the mission is accomplished. The mission that we need to accomplish can’t be the pacification of Iraq. Our troops are more of an irritant than a peacekeeping force. We are the disturbers of the peace there. If the government we helped to be elected and to whom we’ve given our approval can’t pacify their country, can they be said to be a legitimate democracy, though they’ve apparently won an election by the people.
      Perhaps the Iraqi government’s inability to garner the support of its electorate has to do with the mission in Iraq. The real mission that is - presuming there was a real purpose for killing 3000 American children there, and hundreds of thousands of Iraqis, during the past almost four years. Mocking a process of elimination, the profit of contractors and the oil assets of the Iraqi people rise, like scum to the top of a pot of boiling pork, as the default mission that’s yet to be satisfactorily accomplished in Iraq. And of course, our rich investors can never have enough profit from missions. Halliburton received no bid contracts to rebuild electric and water infrastructure in Iraq that they have yet to accomplish, even though their employees are dying there too, while the investors in Dick Cheney’s company benefit from billions of our treasury’s borrowed dollars. More importantly, the Iraqi people’s oil hasn’t yet been privatized. How can the mission be said to be accomplished or how can enough of our children have died, if Exxon and Texaco haven’t yet taken their share of the loot.
      An aside on looting: In today’s army, the soldiers are forbidden to loot. Unlike the past when pillaging was encouraged in lieu of wages, soldiers will be imprisoned if they take what they can get their hands on. No, today the looting is organized and carried out by corporate contractors with the collusion of our politicians. It seems like every perk an ordinary person might hope for has been tied up by corporate lawyers, who write the laws to which we are subject. And into which they have inserted exceptions [loopholes] for themselves.
      Ironically, or not, that last mentioned loot to be fought over, the Iraqi people’s oil, may be the primary cause of the insurrection. The rebellion and civil war, directed at those perceived by many as our “elected” puppet government of Iraq, may be incited by the admitted mission of privatizing that oil. Bush, both of whose “elections” are questionable, referred to it in his recent speech as an international economic incentive package and [concomitant] economic reforms, to be embraced by the Iraqi government. That is a typical World Bank/IMF global corporate empire/neoliberal assault plan. [The incumbent president of the World Bank, Paul Wolfowitz, assumed office on 1 June 2005. He had been a Deputy Secretary of Defense under Rumsfeld in the Bush II administration.] They loan money, at a profit, guaranteed by the American taxpayer, and contractually tied to privatization schemes, all under the aegis of free trade agreements. The only beneficiaries of such “foreign aid” are the rich American investors and a few elite parasites in whatever country is being conquered by the tyranny of economic hegemony. In the case of Iraq, our Giga oil companies have probably squirreled enough cash with their profiteering to finance the takeover without the help of the World Bank, in which they may own a controlling interest anyway. What else can they do with the excessive profits but loan them out to get even more money. [If this all seems like a dissipative, impossible, perpetual motion pyramid economy to you, congratulations you’re starting to wake up!] If that’s the real mission, it still may never be accomplished in Iraq. The Iraqi people seem to be on to the evil corporatist empire and don’t trust the government that’s been “elected” there. Remember, our president has been “elected” twice. In what can anyone have faith?
      But the president, who led off his speech by claiming responsibility for what’s gone wrong, quickly slithered out from under, effectively shifting the burden of blame onto the Iraqi government, whose election remains the crowning glory of Bush’s mission that’s been accomplished in Iraq. Of course, he’s also had some fault to find with Iran, and their support for Al-Qaeda, especially in the Anbar province of Iraq. He mentioned another carrier task force deployed to the Persian Gulf and patriot missiles for the Saudis and others in the region. [Most of the hijackers on 9/11 were Saudis.] The patriot missiles remind US that Iran has medium range missiles and possible nuclear aspirations.
      Well, it looks like George is ready to give up on Iraq. But he’s not running out with his tail between his legs. No, with the army divided and bogged down in both the legitimate war in Afghanistan and the aggression in Iraq, he’s laying the ground-words for an attack on Iran. Look at the map. The Mid East and South Asian hot spots will be unified. And Iran has so much more oil than Iraq. The Chinese, whose loans are funding our military adventures, know what Iran has to offer. The Chinese national oil company is investing $16G there. So, if the demonstrable real reason for invading Iraq is the profit of rich investors at the expense of our children’s lives and the bankrupting of America, and I believe it is, though I’m not sure many if any in our criminal administration can see so far ahead, then there must be a profit in attacking Iran.
      Aside from the cost of the munitions and lost equipment, which the Chinese are unlikely to loan US1, I don’t see what’s to be gained from attacking Iran. That leads me to conclude that at least George himself and his most ardent supporters don’t have a clue - unless they think the South Asian alliance of Russia, China, India and Pakistan, with oil rich Iran sitting at the table but not yet a member, will respond to a nuclear attack. If that is the future then George and the good neo-cons will all be taken to a better place in the ensuing rapture, while the rest of US poor folk will be left to deal with the aftermath and a poisoned planet. It’s been often said of nuclear war, “pity the survivors.” We can only hope that George survives to experience some of the torment he’s visited on Earth. It’s the only justice we can hope for. They hanged Saddam. He won’t be testifying at a war crimes trial for Bush.
1George wouldn’t demand taxes from the peers to pay for anything. It would be virtually socialistic for the rich to actually have to pay for a thing that primarily benefits them.

      Neo con rhetoric tortures reason as Bush does language. They have an excuse for everything and a bad word for anyone who resists their domination of and oppressive profit taken from the hard working people they victimize all over the Earth. They always twist, lie about or omit the truth. Take Gitmo for instance. It’s either a “Geneva Convention conflict” or the armed pursuit of criminal terrorists. In one case, the Guantanamo prisoners have the right to contest their status as combatants and other rights to communication, red cross aid etc. In the other, they have the rights of any criminal to habeas corpus, a speedy trial, a defense attorney and reasonable bail. Anyone with half a brain knows that. But neo cons invent rhetoric and in their doublethink way convince themselves and others that they have unselfish reasons for doing as they do. It isn’t that the administration doesn’t really know what’s right. It’s that they don’t want to do it and they’re really good at fooling themselves and their base about it. But even the propagation of stubborn obtuseness implied by their puerile agenda is not the greatest damage they do to America.
      Their desire to advance their corporatist [fascist] agenda of the expansion of World Bank/IMF global corporate empire’s hegemony causes them to employ the fascist tactics that they try to spin into common sense security measures for the protection of the American People. Remember, they’re hypnotizing themselves too. The greatest damage the neo-cons are doing to America is the same that all conservatives have done for 150 years. It is the dissemination of the propaganda lie that what they do is in the interest of our [national and local] community. They are conservatives. They act only from selfishness and for the greed of their class. Fortunately, less and less of US are succumbing to their fraudulence. Unfortunately there are more and more prisoners of all types who are incarcerated as a display to reinforce the greatest lie on Earth. Their deceit is that conservatives act for the good of the nation. The reality is they act in all things for the good of the elite class, the peers of the neo-aristocracy.
      A tried and true conservative lie diverts attention, from their greed for the wealth produced by the community, by blaming the victims for the economic dissipation that impoverishes them. For instance, they create a deceptive issue: minimum wage ravages add to the damage done by tax and regulation to job creators. It’s supported with specious reasoning. They claim that increased wages stifle the growth that makes America great. That is both an onerous lie and correct in a sick way. It pretends to reason, while pandering to the common sense of greed of those who take more than their share of the community’s produce by having others work to produce their wealth. It’s the dissipative profits of the investors that they call growth. The attempt of the government-tax-evil crowd is to spin their selfishness into concern for the community, whose wealth they hoard, and whose economic equilibrium their activity upsets. It’s “I got mine. Screw you!” pretending to serve the common well being.
      Taking from our common production for their personal benefit is what conservatism and corporatism are all about. There’s no sincerity in them. Discussion and compromise can only lead to more damage to our community. But it’s true. If wages are repressed the neo-aristocratic parasites will be enabled to hoard a greater share of the communities produce. Their personal wealth will grow.
      The claim that business will be stressed by an increase in the minimum wage is specious. A business, large or small, that can only profit by depriving employees of health care, pensions and a living wage has already failed. That’s primary truth. The next reality to face is that finance, energy, advertising, communications and other investor profits are a greater burden on small business than labor costs or, in most cases including mine, taxes for that matter. The financial system and inheritance guarantee the further concentration of wealth and domination of the majority, who will find it ever increasingly harder to survive much less succeed at a small business or make it as a direct employee. Only the corporate monsters, owned principally by the rich investors, prosper. The neo aristocracy will not change voluntarily. They will continue to lie and deceive to keep the community’s wealth, the products of our work, which they’ve hoarded.

      I can’t make the point often enough or strongly enough that the corporations are harmful to the community, the people who are the community, which, in the corporate advertisements/propaganda, they claim to serve. The only interest the paper people, who limit the liability of their owners, have in the community is the profit they can take from US. The real reason corporations were invented was to protect the parasites that infest the Human race. The investors want to be able to sue US for payment of our debts, through their franken-people, but are defended by the monsters from our lawsuits to recover the damages to our community done by their greed and rapacity. Litigation due to dangerous workplace carnage and faulty products that harm US is considered frivolous.
      They invent foods to gain monopolistic control, with the aid of abusive intellectual property law and conservative activist judges like Scalia, who are corporate clones themselves and who act always for their masters. Genetically engineered foods are just one more way that the corporations endanger US in their blind pursuit of profit at our expense. They threaten our lives directly in this and other ways and indirectly through their inadvertent and obtuse destruction of the economy by outsourcing of manufacturing and the general emphasis on service that produces no real goods itself.
      GE foods and all the rest of the destruction for profit will certainly kill US, unless we grow the brains and balls to tear down their towers of complacency and arrogance. We must remove them from their high seats of power and tear them limb from limb in the streets where we live as an example to those who would mislead the community for personal gain. Their corruption of social instinct for individual profit is an intolerable abomination of Human Nature.
      They’re even importing food from China. Do you know how fucked we are?! For God’s sake! Our own rich investors are doing this to US. They can do it because they own most of the property. They have all the money. The only way to break this shit up is to take their property and money. Why should we work for them if they don’t care enough to see that we’re fed, clothed, housed and medically treated. Slaves get better care. They’re power to do this to US is their money and property. We the people need to take it from them in self defense. Now that’s real reason!

      The truth is: the material reality at this moment is immutable. It will never change. That was a moment ago and it is frozen for all time. The truth is reality. It may not be the same as the truth of a moment ago. But it is immutable. It is frozen for all time. The truth is reality.
      If the most despicable, evil, selfish and greedy person on Earth, a notorious liar, speaks the truth, it is not made false. The truth is the truth. It is the present reality. It is immutable. Only a future truth can be changed.

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