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Exposé: The Principle Made Me Do It!

Principles and morality that support domination by the rich parasites who rule US are dysfunctional to the human race. They threaten our survival.

January 1, 2007
      In our system of organization, many work for a few, who grow rich by IT. IT is both the hierarchical structure of our economic system and the work of others. If we were still hunter gatherers it would be morally permissible to ignore another starving human being. That’s because everyone did their own work in a primitive culture. When I observed my starving neighbor I was sure that what I had was not the cause of the other’s poverty. I had worked to produce my goods by my self or a group had been organized to accomplish larger tasks. The organizer, usually a consensus of the workers, shared equally in the work and in the reward. Share and share alike must be the rule of a small fellowship, in order to assure the cohesiveness necessary to face common perils.
      In a simple community, my wealth may not be taken from my fellow man nor may it be the product of anyone else’s work. No one was rich, because no one worked for another, either directly or indirectly. I guess it’s possible that I impoverished my ally by shrewd trading. But that’s unlikely in a small community. Others would have noticed my predisposition to cheat, by unbalanced trading predicated on the relative weakness, immaturity or lack of knowledge of my counterpart. Such self indulgence would have been considered unhealthy. They would have shut down my fraudulent and unfair business, before damage was done to the community that we all relied on to survive.
      It’s a given that a large complex society needs some sort of organization to exist. Notice that I’ve twice spanned six to ten thousand years, maybe more, in single bounds. The societies we live in today have at least a tradition and perhaps a basis of unbalanced distribution of wealth. The rich exist because others work for them. The poor exist because the rich don’t have enough work for everyone to do. The rich control the land and resources required to create livelihoods. They will not allow the excess poor to access that which they need to create their own livelihoods. So whether or not the poor are lazy is a mute point. The rich won’t take responsibility for the poverty that their excess makes inevitable, no matter what forces are in play. They have the goods that the poorest need to live. They have them because of the way our society is organized.

      They don’t even call them theories. They think of themselves as hard headed facers of facts. They rely on the tried and true. They deny theory. They’re right to do so but they don’t know it. The theories that they unconsciously operate with are not valid. The fact is: their absurd beliefs are hypotheses, which are formed from their moral, political and economic principles. Those are the basis for their paradigms for life. The essence of that fundament is their desire to possess the wealth of the community. Their behavior is predicated on their greed. They want the rules of life to limit our behavior to that which is conducive to what they want. They want everything. They want what they want to be accepted as right and good: truth, justice and the American way. That’s how our lives are to be guided. We must live to provide them service and wealth. The model they insist we accept is not to be questioned. That is the truth, which they insist we must see. The real truth which we must see, if we have the courage to be free, is the tyranny of the rich.
      They operate on unproven theories and ignore all empirical evidence, never questioning their assumptions even when the facade of the permanence they pretend to build is crashing about them. No, I’m not accusing them of deliberately lying. I don’t doubt that they believe in their posture of noble intent, while deep in their reptilian brains the intrigues that rob the community to make them rich are concocted without their admitted knowledge. There is no conspiracy to deceive. Cynicism or hypocrisy require some brain development after all. The clowns running this circus aren’t smart enough for a good conspiracy of deception, much less to cynically carry it off with conscious hypocrisy. No, they believe that the virtue of the application of the theory based on their moral, political and economic principles will act for the common good. They won’t allow themselves to see that only they benefit, while the majority suffer want so that they may have an excess of the goods we work to produce. They’ll stupidly insist that all is well, that others are to blame for the poverty, even when the evidence is overwhelmingly against them. What can we expect from snakes and lizards?
      How many unproven theories like “profit motive” and “free markets serve US best,” “capital is risked - work doesn’t count” - bullshit ad nauseam - must we tediously endure in endless repetition? Open your eyes to the truth! Profit motive guarantees the lowest quality product at the highest price produced by employees who require government welfare to survive. Free trade treaties take land, resources and infrastructure from the people of poor countries, who at least could eat before the World Bank got control. Accumulated capital is the concentration of wealth that makes more of US poor and less of them rich every day. Risk my ass! Capital must be seized for the well being of the community. It is a national asset that’s been hoarded and turned to the profit of a few parasites. Our lives depend on dealing effectively with the growing poverty in America and around the World, which is due to the global corporate empire’s greed and that of the fewer every day rich investors who own the controlling interest.

      Saddam is dead. Ruth Wedgewood, Johns Hopkins University International Law Professor says [sarcatically?] to the possibility that Bush and Cheney are also war criminals that, “what goes around comes around.” She went on to say, in defense of Bush and Cheney, that no fly zones and sanctions would not have prevented a genocide by Saddam. I guess she can predict international law violations from the farseeing advantage of her high chair at JH. Of course, advancing law and restricting or sanctioning entire peoples in order to deal with a worst case possibility, which is held before the credulous population like the image of a feared demon, is a tried and true corporatist political tactic for repression of the community that’s so defended. If she knew, she didn’t say what Saddam had to gain by future acts of state terror or how he profited from his persecution of the Kurds for that matter. She did say there was precedent in law for humanitarian intervention.
      You can bet that Halliburton knows where the profit originates. They know how to take it from our treasury for the rich investors, by not rebuilding water and electric infrastructure that they’re paid for in Iraq; thus they cause much pain and suffering and perhaps contribute to the inspiration of insurgents. Dow chemical knew what they’d gain from napalm and Agent Orange sales in Viet Nam. Bechtel hoped to advance the investor’s cause substantially through the World Bank/free trade policy that predicated the privatization of Bolivian water. They expected significant cash to be wrung out of peasants by forbidding them even to gather rainwater. The pain and suffering they expected to cause, in order to increase their wealth, was not prevented by a Bush military/humanitarian intervention. The Bolivian people, undaunted by their own police and military, drove the sell out politicians from power. They did it in the streets. Many died at first but in the end the forces of authority mutinied against the criminal corporatist rulers.
      The corporate plunderers of Planet Earth ordinarily task the country’s leaders to do their heavy work, as Halliburton does with Bush in Iraq. Saddam may have extracted wealth from people more forthrightly. If he used guns and goons to achieve his ends, the goals are not less worthy. Just as the ends don’t justify the means, neither do the means excuse the ends. They can only make it worse by adding so much more pain and suffering. Saddam’s methods of robbing his people are illegal, because they’re unacceptably harsh. But they don’t necessarily do more harm to the people who are the community. Our corporations [paper people] will create poverty and debt slavery or send our children off to die in unjust wars, in order to increase the profit of investors. If their means to these despicable ends are not illegal, in the twisted minds of corrupt lawyers who’ve sold out the human race to the corporate parasites, are we powerless to stop their destruction of our community, for the profit of a few rich investors? And guess what? In the end our corporate masters won’t hesitate to use the guns and goons themselves if they must to keep US under their control. They usually order their government subsidiaries to perform such functions but Blackwater Security is waiting in the wings like Blackshirt privateers and other corporatist forces of 75-80 years ago. Is it cynical hypocrisy or are the master traitors to the human race just stupid or schizophrenic?

      It’s almost always about control or domination. If successful that’s what we’ll gloat over. But we don’t say that. It has nothing to do with right or wrong, fair or foul. It’s what we desire. It’s what we want. Morality and the rest serve only to rationalize our greed. Our hope is that many are waking to falseness. Our doom is that so many remain so stupid.

      Exxon takes US into the future. Big brother BP uses the same kind of propaganda. They imply: like good clients, we should trust our Neo Roman patrons to look out for the well being of our community. Yet the corporatist elite investors have only ever looked out for themselves at the expense of the people who are America. Since the conservative activist judges’ decision that requires corporate officers to look out for the owner’s interest first, there has been no legal possibility that concern for the common well being will substantially influence management decisions. In fact the conservative campaign to redefine judicial activism as a conspiracy of the judiciary to do anything that helps people and limits the rapacity of corporations, by calling it government interference in the market or morality, is part of the support structure for elite plundering of our community. You’re right! I don’t trust, Exxon or BP or any other corporate predator of the Human Race to do any good on Earth. As to their advertisements: like any conservative, there is no sincerity or good will in them. They are vermin! They threaten our food supply and the goods and resources we need for our survival. They qualify as a target for a preemptive act of self defense. As you might have guessed, I’m not just talking about the evils of Giga Energy.
      Agribusiness threatens the safety and sustainability of our food supply. I was looking for some Canola oil to use in making popcorn. The food flower seeds are better than the cotton or soybean oils in Crisco or others labeled vegetable. Though these kinds hold up to the heat better than some, cotton and soy beans are not always raised as food crops and so the chemicals allowed in their production are less stringently regulated. But I didn’t want Canola grown from genetically engineered Monsanto Round Up Ready® seed. However, the FDA decided a while back that labeling of genetically engineered food products is not necessary. They extended that to cloned animal meat last week. See “The Future of Food” to see clearly why the profits of ADM and Monsanto and other Giga corporations are a threat to our survival. They are making US too dependent on too little variety in the genetic lines of the foods we eat. The failure of one variety of a crop can wipe the whole genus, say corn for instance, off the face of the Earth. To me the monopoly they’re building with the conservative court’s assistance, is reason enough to nationalize their industry in defense of the community and the lives of we the people who form it. This other, less subtle genetically engineered threat too our existence in the name of corporate profit, should be a no brainer. Yet, it’s hard to sell any more wholesome product, while competing with the propaganda machine of the corporatist parasites of the Human Race.
      Walmart threatens our continued access to the consumers goods that support our lives. That’s not their intention. They believe that by selling goods made in China for low prices and making US dependent on Chinese products, they are doing the community a service and taking a well deserved profit for themselves. As with the service economy in general, their business plan fails to see the inevitable consequences of reducing consumer incomes or moving the ability to produce the real wealth of goods overseas. While they were the only ones doing it, the effect wasn’t very noticeable. But the damage to our economy is cumulative. The signs are everywhere. One is increasing debt of all kinds, with China buying our bonds and bundled mortgages to get our increasingly worthless money back to US for another spin on the merry-go-round. I presume the Sino bankers will quit loaning the cash back to US, when our genius entrepreneurs have built all the factories needed to produce the goods the Chinese people want for themselves.
      The service industry, especially finance, is our greatest enemy. And when the Chinese quit selling US goods for our hopelessly inflated [due to interest from having borrowed and re-borrowed it] valueless money, demanding real goods for it instead, someone will come to know the meaning of trade balance and dissipative economic theories. But it won’t be the economists or politicians. There aren’t enough brains among the clowns running this circus to recognize the predator they’ve uncaged. When it bites them in the ass, they’ll still go on and on about the booming Wall Street market and never give the perpetual motion impossible pyramid scheme fraud they call finance a moments notice. Of course they will finally forced to see that finance is insubstantial - that not everyone can live by investments - when no one is left to deliver the food to them or cook it for them or even drive them home so they can see mess they’ve made. With their pockets full of cash and nothing to buy and all their potential employees starved to death, they probably still won’t understand the value of money - or that ours has none, because we make nothing that anyone wants to buy with it. But we won’t have to worry about that!

      I’ve always thought it interesting that, when Nixon and Agnew were driven from office, they were replaced by Ford and Rockefeller. In a purely colloquial and specious sense, it’s like being told by the establishment, “If you won’t have our corporatist representatives you can have the A-Dog capitalists themselves.”

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