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"The Dreamer"

      “... How to refocus? Obviously we need a common cause. 95% of the population will probably be starving in a couple of years but if we wait we'll be too weak to fight. It's appropriate to target the wealthy to act upon. (Challengers to that assertion must identify their home planet and register as resident aliens before I'll yield the floor.) However only a demagogue, like Hitler, would build power by isolating a particular group. The common cause is, none the less the exploited vs. the exploiters. It's what fits all our needs. But since across all grouping boundaries the distribution of good and evil in individuals conforms to the same normal curve that everything else does, we need another determinate beside wealth to isolate the common enemy.
      “My theoretical research indicates that the criteria for differentiation must be provided by members of the target group themselves. When we present our ultimatum we will note who supports and who resists or obstructs our demands. We'll also note but not negate, those who don't commit themselves. Punitive action for the latter will be postponed until after the war. In the discrimination process we must, unfortunately but necessarily, identify the true believers who support the status quo. These are individuals, and I use that term very loosely, whose natural loyalties should be with the rebellion, but due to some mental deficiency caused, no doubt, by the dis-nurturing provided by our culture, have been unable to break the shell of foolishness society employs to "protect" us. They require enlightenment. So lighten up fools!
      “The ruling gangsters include most CEO's and managers, and their lackey politicians, judges, academics and generals. The managers are a class that was invented at the time labor movements first began to evolve. Their purpose is to divide and control the masses. They are the group that are cut off from the rest and thereby deplete our numbers. Unfortunately most of the upper middle class and many of the middle class will need to be labeled reactionary and therefore declared enemies. However this probably won't shrink our recruiting pool appreciably since the middle class will continue suffer from severe downsizing and a McDonald's janitor is a more likely enlistee than an engineer or middle manager. All praise to the service economy, you may serve us in ways you didn't plan.
      “If there is time before unnatural calamities strike, I hope many of the overseer class may be saved through reeducation. Of course, throughout written history the truth has been consistently repressed, distorted and/or perverted by those in power. Any education that serves not the purposes of the masters, is undone - along with the educator.”

      He often muses like this, about the possible future of humanity. Or about his own future. His fantasies tend to be more positive than his projections. Especially if they unfold at his desert campsite. Everything looks better from 50 miles away, though there are things about human society he can't get far enough away from. Knowing that sometimes he makes people uncomfortable and at times they make him uncomfortable, self imposed exile is his way of dealing with mutual rejection. The difference between his being ill at ease and our's is his occasional ability to cease self deception, role playing and fantasy. While acting his choice of parts, he's uncomfortable due to lack of support from his fellow actors. When he ceases the unconscious daydream he discomfits those around him, who at some dim level perceive his seeing into their souls.
      Many become angry. Perhaps there is some subconscious envy for the sight they deny themselves.
      Other states of the dreamer’s mind bring forth thoughts of philosophy and morality; especially as they apply to human culture. One of his favorite philosophical fantasies proposes an alternative culture with a system of morality based on sustaining life on the planet Earth. For that system he "uncreated" the world. Recreating it, he opted for a simpler system than most wish to maintain. His model posited a Universe that always was and always will be. Whether contracting or expanding is irrelevant to the life it may contain during the midst of an eight to ten billion (or more) year cycle. The life exists in virtually closed star/planetary system(s). There may or may not be some I/O associated with star systems but for the day to day purposes of life it is negligible.
      As stated, this culture would base morality on the continuing ability for life to survive on this planet. An act of an individual is rewarded if it supports the life principle and condemned if it tends to inhibit life. The same rule applies to a given human culture as a whole. Of course right to lifers and population control groups would be at war over the interpretation and application of the principle. There may be real solutions, but one that can be obstructed is not a solution. He goes on like this.
      His fantasies often consist of such abstract summaries rather than imaginary theater. He's either too intelligent or not creative enough to elaborate upon them. But really, it's not that he isn't susceptible to fantasizing a more heroic part for himself so much as the abbreviated form allows him to pack more waste into less time. In the 1990's no one, not even the homeless, have enough time to do everything they need or want. Perhaps the time savers he’s developed for his personal lifestyle can be emulated without aspiring to his economic status. I know no one would set out to achieve homelessness, but suspect many more will reach it anyway.


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