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One of the first issues of Delusanews reported a fictional upheaval on the Pacific Rim. The Imaginary Chinese military aggression was placed in the future at 12/24/06. Fear of the realization of that forecast, though the Sino economic threat’s growing, is not the reason that this will be the last issue of DNews. It’s simply time to morph into a fresher vehicle for what I have to say. Presently, I’ll use the Final Edition of Dnews to sum up crucial political and economic deterioration that I’ve noted in America and around the World in the past twenty years. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Greg

DNews - Final Edition - December 20, 2006
Feature: Superficial Twenty Year Summary, by AG Kaiser and Carlos Marques

I know from personal experience that Conservatives have been promoting fear and chipping away at our rights, since the 1950s. The truth is that they want to keep Americans in fear of criminals, communists, terrorists and anything else that works to repress our awareness of the looting of our community that the rich have been doing since at least the beginning of civilization. That’s what conservatives are really all about. They want all the products of our work for themselves. They fear our freedom to think for ourselves. If they use fear for our security to talk US into letting them undo the bill of rights, it assuages their fear that we’ll overcome our stupidity. If we stay scared at this time we won’t unite to do anything about the most dangerous threat we face. The greed and avarice of the rich are causing more pain and suffering in our communities each day than all the tyrants and terrorists since the beginning of the iron age. It doesn’t really matter how much evil they’ve done or who among them did the most. If we let it continue, it will kill US. Look around. The signs are there for all to see. It’s getting closer every day.

DNews Disclaimer:
      Remember, it’s about global corporate hegemony. It’s not about a George. George II is guilty of many of the offences of George III, which are listed in the bill of particulars contained in The Declaration of Independence. The Georges may be differentiated, though, by considering autonomy. The Third was less in the sway of the aristocratic peers than our George is directed by the neo aristocratic principal corporate investors. I suspect our George doesn’t have enough brains to be so evil on his own. At least that’s the appearance. Maybe George III was just as much of a puppet as Parallel George. What matters to US are the most repugnant similarities of the tyranny that oppresses US, to the object of our Founding Revolution. What’s certain is that at this time it’s not about George. He merely represents the tyranny. It’s about the corporate institutions that put the well being of a few rich investors before the good of the majority of the population -- the common welfare of the community. They are a senseless appendage to our economy.
      Remember, if I use George as the focal point for complaint, still, he’s only the representative of the elite principal investors who are the cause of our distress.

DNews Feature:
      I’ve often heard that Gorbachev blinked, when Reagan faced him down. That’s what many if not most Americans believe effected the end of the cold war. Such simplistic explanations are well suited to the mass marketing of the kind of thoughts that fill the heads of true believers. More hubris, really, than thought, is inspired by the rhetoric of demagogues on any side of any conflict. That’s how they gain support for whatever real agenda they wish to forward.
      Aside from an ego boost, provided by the illusion of domination and conquest for nationalists and wannabee vicarious bullies, what else did the “fall of the Soviet Union” bring about? To see what went down and especially to what it led, we have to look under the “economic conquest of China,” which has overshadowed it. To understand either seduction or the direction they’re taking US, we’ll have to forgo the hubris, which is the only benefit most Americans have received from our victories. Arrogance and pride are little compensation for the deterioration of the economy and livelihoods of all but 20% of US.
      The 80% of US who’ve lost by our victories over Russia and China must see beyond the rhetoric to the true self serving purposes of the politicians and their corporate masters, who’ve misled US with seductive language. Our lives are more threatened by the perfidy of rich investors, performed in the name of greed, than by whatever past, present or future bogeymen they promote to enemy number one. That includes Osama and the terrorists. The lack of health care, pensions and living wages caused by outsourcing and rationalized by global competition will cause US more pain and suffering than all the ‘bad guys” since the beginning of the iron age.
      Open your mind to a possible connection between the fall of the Soviet Union and the first rate health care insurance your employer no longer provides. Then consider the pension fund that the principle investors are salivating over, as the president, congress and bankruptcy courts facilitate the looting of your future, while the CEO receives hundreds of millions for planning the caper.
      The benefits, of which we’re presently being deprived in order to bolster the profits of rich capitalist investors, were invented under the New Deal, to compete with Socialism. The socialist example of the Soviet Union was the first threat dealt with by FDR. He successfully defended the elite capitalists by encouraging secure jobs, decent wages, health care and pensions. Roosevelt realized examples of what capitalists needed to do to secure their futures, in the form of public works programs and social security. He was resisted by the rich conservatives (and the morons who followed them, usually duped by racist or moralistic promises and propaganda) from the beginning. The fools who dominate the economy will not consent to have less than all of the wealth, even if it means a depression1 or revolution that destroys the mechanism of the fraud that has enriched them.
1- A depression is what happens to a dysfunctional pyramid scheme economy, when brains and balls enough to revolt are not to be found in the population that’s victimized. It's the default action of collapse.
      After the Soviet Union collapsed, the need to placate the American People, with opportunity and decent livelihoods, went away. Socialism was dead and so there was no longer a necessity to care for those who’ve always worked to make the wealth of the rich. We now had no alternative but to work for them on their terms. The cynical ultra elite conservatives knew that after a successful propaganda campaign of sixty years duration [[three generations and counting as of 2006] we wouldn’t have enough common sense to demand living wages or fair treatment. They make any absurd excuse and we believe it. With the capitalists now free in Russia to do what capitalists have been doing to US all along, the rare protests in the defense of our livelihoods have even less credibility. The standard of living for most of US, which had been on the decline since the middle of the Nixon years, began to nosedive around 1990. But we didn’t notice because there was plenty of our spent money to borrow.
      In 1970, over 50% of the population had good health care, living incomes and the promise of a comfortably pensioned retirement. In 1970 one income could support a family. Today it takes two paychecks to provide 80% of the buying power of one just thirty five years ago. On top of that decline, much of which has occurred in the past six years, we must pay for our own health insurance and provide for our own retirement. From the 50-70% who had access to the American Dream 35 years ago, we’re down to 20% who can be said to be doing OK. While the greed of the elites always tries to push people back, the removal of the threat of the Soviet example exacerbated our plight. More so than anyone, the rich who have always been the most free, were liberated even further by the fall of communism. It encouraged our greedy capitalist masters to reach for and take ever more rapacious profits. They don’t think we have enough brains or balls to stand up for ourselves as they destroy our community in the blind pursuit of individual wealth.
      While the removal of the threat of socialism encouraged the growth of the corporate empire and the downfall of the American People, similar tragedy befell the populations of the disunited Soviet States. Rather than liberate the peoples of the world to prosper, capitalism inspired greed and freed the most criminal portion of the Soviet hierarchy. Former KGB officers took over the national oil supply for pennies on the dollar (You can convert that to rubles if it helps you to understand the metaphor, which represents the violent seizure of the wealth of the people.) Most of the infrastructure was similarly privatized, with an assist from American investors.
      Some of the new states and Russian Provinces are in a chaos of open warfare among the factions who want control of resources. The new free press is under attack by monied interests as journalists are killed for reporting the truth. But McDonald’s was thriving in Moscow, until very recently when the Russian People began, in the light of a declining living standard for the majority, to lose their taste for Western progress. The conversion of chemicals into plastic food may not be considered very progressive even by some Americans. But still, we can rejoice in the freedom of Russian capitalists to prosper by hoarding the wealth of their people.
      The China Factor has arisen to obscure the failed Soviet revolution. While the Russians already had developed resources and manufacturing capacity that our investors could only profit on by participating in redistribution of wealth from the many of the community to the few gangsters who wanted to take over, the Chinese were struggling just to feed their people. They had also managed to build a few railroads, universities, hospitals, fighter planes, missiles and nuclear weapons. But there was a great opportunity to build factories to make consumer goods and computer technology. Our investors jumped at the chance. They built their new factories in China and in many cases actually unbolted machinery and shipped it there. The profits continue to soar as they American elite supplement our declining ability to consume, because of lowered incomes and loss of jobs to outsourcing, by loaning US a portion of profits on our earlier purchases. The rest is either used to increase the trade deficit or stashed in the Cayman Islands. There is though, a fly in the service economy ointment.
      The Chinese are beginning to balk at the declining value of the American dollar. It seems they have the quaint notion that we should make some things that they want to buy. They think that would be a good use for our money that they take for the real goods they make. Those are the same goods on which we’re now dependent for our lives. They’ve loaned the cash to our government so Bush could pursue the war in Iraq. Additionally, their central (communist government owned) bank purchases our homes, land and infrastructure in the form of bonds and bundled mortgages but they think that circular motion is not a perpetually sustainable disposition of our money. Besides that, the Chinese Communist Government is encouraging the labor unions that had been held back for a while. It seems the Chinese People want the goods they’re producing in our investor’s factories.
      Now we have no real power to force the Chinese to continue to provide US with the goods on which our lives have become dependent. The paper that’s held by the investors, who have put US collectively [our community] in this position for their individual profit, will not serve as our sustenance. Meanwhile the Chinese are unloading dollars for European products, when German manufacturers will accept them, effectively converting them to Euros. Alternatively the Sino “capitalists” secure Iranian and African oil with our money. Under these circumstances, war with Iran is obviously out of the question. Rhetoric to the contrary is for the consumption of the idiot rank and file supporters of the morons who own and lead US.

      While American complacency and conditioned delusions obscure from US the threat of the corporate empire, a Latin American rebellion against the World Bank/IMF/WTO led imposition of debt slavery is growing daily. The Mexican uprising in Oaxaca continues, while “. . . Hugo Chavez is now an empowered symbol and leader of a growing social revolutionary populist movement . . . a way to be free from the US-controlled IMF and World Bank debt-bondage [which are accompanied by] . . . punishing fiscal austerity, state-owned industry privatization, social neglect, the loss of organized labor rights in a system of market deregulation benefitting the privileged alone at the expense of staggering levels of poverty, deprivation and inequality for the majority. . . . Chavez now has allies in Bolivia, Ecuador, Brazil, Argentina, Cuba, Nicaragua, Uruguay and even Chile . . .” - The Spirit of Democracy in Venezuela by Stephen Lendman.
      Like Venezuelan and Cuban led progress in Latin America, the people’s banks in Bangladesh give rise to hope that the tables may be turned on the World Bank/IMF led global corporate Empire. It’s ironic that we don’t seem to be able to muster resistance to economic hegemony in “the land of the free and the home of the brave.” Nobel Peace prize economist Muhammad Yunus spoke about "micro credit" in his acceptance speech.
Grameen Bank Grameen means village. The bank, founded by Yunus, has given loans to 7 million poor people in Bangladesh.
      Much terrorism may be deliberately mislabeled rebellion against the growing hegemony of the global corporate empire that’s impoverishing people all over the world for the benefit of a few elite investors. There are even a few Americans who are noticing that the dream is turning into a nightmare for most of US. I hope our delusion is soon cured.
      The progression of the finance and service economy paradigm, even without all the threats and perils it’s created for itself around the world, will, especially while pulled by unbridled greed, inevitably bring economic decline. The New Deal was able to reverse the decline for a while by kicking a little back. Today we deal with hunger in America by renaming it “very low food security.” That USDA gem was prized out by Jim Hightower. See his commentary for 12/13/06 at hightower.com.

DNews Analytical:
      We said above that unbridled greed accelerates decline. The collapse of the pyramid fraud we call an economy is inevitable no matter how long it takes. What makes it inevitable is disequilibrium. I remember Dr. Rellahan’s [University of Cincinnati, 1964,65]description of equilibrium that impressed an image in my mind. A solution at maximum concentration is in equilibrium. It will dissolve one molecule of solute only when another is released by the solvent. That’s the law of equilibrium for solutions. In economy it works similarly. An economic unit is a consumer-worker who produces and uses goods. The economic action is the exchange of those goods with other units with whom you have a mutual need for one another’s products. Money is the medium of exchange. (The balance must be carefully guarded, wherever money is involved. Any abstraction is more susceptible to abuse than the thing it represents.) The real equilibrium is in the goods themselves. In order to takes goods one wants and needs from the exchange system, the economy, one must put goods into it. An equal measure must be exchanged between real producers, for the equilibrium to be maintained. If one takes out more than one has physically produced and put in, the system must dissipate by that amount.
      Abuse of money, the medium of exchange, is called usury and is the predominant means by which disequilibrium and dissipation [entropy] is introduced to the economy.
      It doesn’t matter how one accumulates more goods than one has physically produced. Their possession is evidence that the equilibrium is upset. The average amount of goods on Earth is what we have to sustain any individual. If one has much more than average, others must suffer from less than normal possession of goods. One may have a little more than average by working harder and putting more real goods into the system. But to have much more than average, one must take goods out for which one has not put in an equal measure of the produce of the one’s own labor. The possession of a much more than average amount of wealth is evidence of an upset equilibrium. Without balance, the economic system must fall. A rich individual is dissipative to the community’s economy. That’s an obvious corollary of the law of economic equilibrium.

DNews Factual:
      Ditech.com is a GMAC company. GM must announce lay offs to get relief from health care costs and wages, while subsidiaries declare bankruptcies to legally loot pension funds for the benefit of investors, who are let off the hook for contracts their agents have signed. The scavenger banks, lawyers and the robber CEOs who engineer the frauds clean up too. Yet these and other corporate parasites have extra cash laying around to loan US for the refinancing of our homes. Yes, we know that GM sold off highly profitable GMAC subsidiary a year or two ago. Let’s see if we can find out how inbred their boards and principal stockholders are? Was it really a sale or was it income and asset hiding from the bankruptcy courts they’re courting. That’s the latest corporate fad.
      Corporations aren’t well known for thinking so far ahead. Or maybe they affect myopia as part of the performance of the business school scripted scam. They say that the purpose of outsourcing and squeezes of the middle incomes of workers and managers is designed to make corporations more competitive and to bring US lower priced goods. That’s all flimflam and hustle. The savings go into investor's profits. The truth is: the most unnecessary part of the cost of any product is the salary of the CEOs who dream up these frauds to ripoff consumers and to fill the pockets of the lazy rich investors who own almost everything already.
      CNN reported that Delta will emerge from bankruptcy intact, having successfully fought off a hostile takeover by U.S. Air. The Delta work force have tightened their belts. They’re just happy to still have a job . . . at least until the next round of bankruptcy fraud is perpetrated on behalf of investors by an overcompensated CEO, who was hired for that purpose.

DNews Comment:
      What conservatives are conserving is the desire of an elite few to have more of the community’s produce than average. They are therefore not conservative of the equilibrium that must be maintained to have a healthy economy and community. They are only conservative of the economic tyranny over the majority of the population by the neo aristocrats and every evil government since the beginning of civilization. They want it all. They think they deserve it all. They believe we’re here to serve them. They will not bargain in good faith. They will not speak or act honestly and sincerely. They possess no good will. You can not compromise with a conservative. They want it all! If we get what we need to live, they won’t have what they want. They want it all! They can only be dealt with like the parasitic vermin they are.

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