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“Serve well your master . . . until you’re strong enough to cut his throat!” - With those who have some significant share of the wealth down from 70% to 20%, the forces of darkness, which have bound US to work enriching the masters for thousands of years, have succeeded in re-dominating US. That’s the evil work accomplished in the past 35 years of conservative and neo conservative ascendency.

DNews Analysis - The Magic Motion of The Service Economy - December 10, 2006
Feature: What’s an IQ Between 60 and 75? by A. G. Kaiser

I know from personal experience that Conservatives have been promoting fear and chipping away at our rights, since the 1950s. The truth is that they want to keep Americans in fear of criminals, communists, terrorists and anything else that works to repress our awareness of the looting of our community that the rich have been doing since at least the beginning of civilization. That’s what conservatives are really all about. They want all the products of our work for themselves. They fear our freedom to think for ourselves. If they use fear for our security to talk US into letting them undo the bill of rights, it assuages their fear that we’ll overcome our stupidity. If we stay scared at this time we won’t unite to do anything about the most dangerous threat we face. The greed and avarice of the rich are causing more pain and suffering in our communities each day than all the tyrants and terrorists since the beginning of the iron age. It doesn’t really matter how much evil they’ve done or who among them did the most. If we let it continue, it will kill US. Look around. The signs are there for all to see. It’s getting closer every day.

DNews Feature: What’s an IQ Between 60 and 75? by A. G. Kaiser
      There are two kinds of morons. One thinks they’re pretty smart. They go into politics and business and, contrary to “Nature and Nature’s God,” lead US for their own benefit and to the detriment of the community. They say, “we like it this way” and answer challenges to their greed and betrayal of the human race with, “not on my watch!” The other kind of moron follows the first. The ironic thing is that the second, by trusting others to lead them, indicate they may be somewhat aware of their limitations. Their lack of confidence indicates intelligence, for which there’s no evidence in those whom they follow.
      The morons in the White House say they won’t leave Iraq, until it’s stable and unified. If they cumulatively had a working brain, they’d know that Iraq already is unified - against them and the puppet government, which they’ve installed there. The instability is partly a reaction against stealing the Iraqi people’s oil and smuggling it into Turkey and Saudi Arabia. There are other looting and pillaging carried out under the guise of no bid contracts to Halliburton and their ilk. The Iraqis are certainly unified in their violent reaction to our oil companies’ parasitic plundering of their national treasure and the government we’ve installed to aid and abet that crime.
      Very recently a government imbecile said that a special U.S. envoy would be appointed to assure that the subsidiary Iraqi Parliament shall privatize the oil before we leave. Aside from his murderous repression of opposition, could it be that Saddam was guilty of using oil money to give free medicine and education to Iraqis? Had he built hospitals, schools, communications systems, power and water plants, which thereby created good jobs and gave first world amenities to Iraqis? Was the sin of cutting out the global corporate empire/ World Bank-IMF, by resisting their hegemony (using oil for the benefit of the people) the real reason Bush-I bombed their infrastructure? Is the threat of a socialist model that was able to rebuild in six months what Halliburton has failed to do in three years the true cause for which Bush II and the neo cons made Saddam’s elimination a priority?
      Whatever may have been going on in Iraq before our invasion and occupation, which has benefitted the rich investors in oil and the military industrial complex, we’ve certainly managed to unify the Iraqis and many others in the region against the global corporate empire’s hegemony in the Middle East. Just because the UN described mid 1980s Iraq as an emerging first world nation, doesn’t mean the 12 years before the invasion that we spent bombing their infrastructure into rubble was a reactionary response to the threat of a Mid East socialism, which was supported by the nations oil resource. The imbeciles that lead US are capable of actually believing the rationalizations they propagate, with their wholly owned media. Propaganda, is the ideas, excuses and ideologies that are propagated. Hugo Chavez, president of Venezuela, must hope that we remain bogged down in Iraq. - At least until some less reactionary and amoral president, without first loyalty is to his neo aristocratic peers, is in the White House.

      I said there are two kinds of morons. But the first kind can be further subdivided. We’ve glimpsed some of the contemporary activity and possible alternative explanations for the acts of the Military Industrial Complex kind above. Now let’s see if we can see into the future of the service economy variety of nincompoop.
      Well known psychic, Una Gloriosa Sequent, predicts that the Chinese will become less sanguine, about their conversion to capitalism, as soon as all of our manufacturing capacity has been outsourced to them. Her crystal ball indicates that they’ll grow tired of taking less and less valuable money from the former manufacturers, who now trade and profit from the sale of goods made in China. She says the new trend in Sino-thought will be driven by two inevitabilities. The first is the desire of the Chinese People, encouraged by a recalcitrant Communist Government, to have for themselves the things that they work to produce. The second will be the acknowledgment, by the emergent Chinese capitalists, that the U.S. dollar has no real value. The fact, which must lead to that conclusion, is that we make nothing in America that anyone wants to buy, except nuclear and military technology. We can’t afford to sell that technology, for obvious reasons, though I’m sure the Chinese won’t close their market to US in that area.
      The Chinese, by their recent attempt to unload dollars in European markets or for Iranian or African oil, are saying, “Show me the goods!” Unlike US, they seem to know: that’s what money is all about. To the American investors, who financed the movement of factories to China or built them there, they say, “Those who build house on neighbor’s land will soon find themselves homeless.” Our genius economists, who dreamed up the service economy and determined, along with their conservative politicians and other thralls, that high profits on cheap labor, for the benefit of a few investors, is best for our country, have not yet begun to deny their folly or to blame it on US. Well . . . they may have begun to have a vague feeling that all’s not right.
      They won’t live long enough to achieve the necessary wisdom to acknowledge the danger their short sighted greed poses to our survival - not if the morons live to be a thousand. They’re still congratulating themselves for the genius of distracting US from growing discontent, with the peril of Islam. That danger is largely stimulated by the economic incursions of their global corporate empire’s hegemony. But who pays attention to non-revised history, recent or otherwise?
      A crystal ball wasn’t necessary to see all this coming. Anyone but a moron conservative politician, business leader or rank and file thrall could have seen the inevitable. But all they want to see is the next dividend check. The ass-holes have no clue what people or life are all about. They think we’re just here to serve them and make them rich. The fools who mislead US think they deserve the wealth they’ve stolen from our community. I think they deserve what they’re going to get, when we have our way with them.
      Our way may be some distance off yet. In the mean time our leaders are casting about the entrails of the economy they’ve gutted, trying to divine a way to fix the responsibility on US. They will endlessly take credit for their imaginary successes but when the truth finally comes to light, we’re to blame for the snafu. Bush laid the groundwork in his last State of the Union address. He pointed out that Asian students were excelling and that we needed to compete with the Indian Engineering schools. The president doesn’t acknowledge that the MBAs, CEOs and economists outsourced engineering and computer science and stashed the savings/loot in the Cayman Islands a few years ago. The corporate parasites only hire and retain low cost entry level tech staff now. That’s our fault, for not studying hard enough when we were in school. That’s why investors had to lobby for visas to import lower cost talent to create the high tech designs.
      All the money the Congress inputs to American research and education (see PACE) ends up as a subsidy to the profit of rich investors. They get the benefit of taxpayer research as the “competitive private market” takes the profit . . . without the necessity of investment in research. When we buy those products we pay at the other end for what we funded to develop. The investor middle man is a superfluous, dead weight burden on the economy. We pay for the research with our tax money. We handle the products from the port where they come into our country. We purchase them as consumers. The investors do nothing. They won’t even pay US to make the products they sell to US. They’ll only loan US the money to buy them, from the excess past extractions of our money. The high cost of medicine and everything else is due to the superfluous profits of unnecessary investors. Lamar Alexander, R - Tennessee, says the bi partisan bill will keep our high paying jobs here.
      He mentioned China's and India’s commitment to technology education and thinks we should act to enhance our competitiveness, by funding education and research like they do. He fails to note that much of the work has been outsourced already and the jobs he imagines we’ll lose if we don’t act are almost gone. All he really does is to repeat magic words, like competition, that stimulate the conditioned thought responses. The reality is: only low cost inexperienced recent grads are being hired. The brain infrastructure has been damaged by the culling of experienced engineers and scientists. The service economics morons have set aside the well being of America, in order to increase investor’s short term profits. Lamar’s solution is too little too late and much too irrelevant to the real problem of CEO and investor greed that has destroyed the technological knowledge base in America. I want those morons out of here!

DNews Factual:
      Two weeks ago Bush said he’ll stay until Iraq is stabilized and the mission is accomplished. Last week it was said we’re concentrating on the chaos in Baghdad . . . or abandoning the chaotic Western Provinces that are considered hopeless. It depends on your semantic preference. Reality is out of fashion in Washington. Sen. John Cornyn R - TX said that it’s not an open ended commitment but we’ll stay until Bagdad is stabilized. Lowered expectations creep upon them. Do they deny, even to themselves, that it was ever any other way? Maybe the mission really was accomplished in the fall of ‘03, when it was dramatically announced on the aircraft carrier. They were just staying around to be helpful but developments indicate we’re no longer needed. Our fearless leaders knew it all along. They just wanted to surprise US. [With the deaths of 3000 of our children?] Or maybe Halliburton just now completed a secret tap on the oil with a pipeline to a Kuwaiti port. Now they’ll no longer need to smuggle it in trucks that require military escort. The new development allows the corporate master to give Cheney permission to instruct Bush to pull out. If so, all that’s been classified by Exxon. Oh, and coincidentally, the violence is growing. Bush, though, is shrinking. Or maybe it just looks that way as he backs up so fast his following are scrambling to get out from behind him.

DNews Report: The Magic Motion of the Service Economy, by Carlos Marques
      Retired Lt. General, Jay Garner, said we need to jump start the economy in Iraq. His idea of giving $1000 to anyone who brings in a weapon or bomb is not what interests me. It’s the idea that an economy can be jump started. -- Like it’s an engine that has a circular flow that can break down and be restarted. The flaw in the hypothesis (or that which causes the metaphor to break down, as you will) is the notion of circulation. Money doesn’t circulate. It can be made to flow from bottom to top, where we never see it again, unless we borrow it back. In fact money does nothing in and of itself. It’s only an abstraction that represents goods, which are moved from the bottom, where they’re made, to the top, where the products of our work are coveted.
      The economy’s not an engine of perpetual motion that requires no input of energy in order for the rich investors to fill their accounts with the profit that’s driven out at the top end. Whether it’s a general, a president or a student of some hair brained economist’s theory, who wants to jump start an economy, makes no difference. It’s the ignorant faith that such can create a lasting and beneficial effect, because money flows without an input of people’s hard work to make real products, which is the source of our growing poverty. Work is the energy that’s input to the machine at the bottom. The profit taken out of the machine at the top can be fed back in, reinvested to produce more profit, but it can never be sufficient energy input to keep the engine running. Whether by borrowing to fuel consumption or investment of profits to increase the size of the machine, there’s no such thing as perpetual motion. The people who do the work must have money to sustain their lives so they may continue to put their energy into the machine or it will run down.
      The operation of the economic engine will always require real work. The rich do not labor and their investments do not initiate economic growth. They prey on the expansion that we create and the work that we do. Investors limit growth, by financing what is most profitable for themselves, instead of that which the community needs. The profit they take is dissipative of the energy, which our work inputs and which runs the economic machine. If they reinvest profit they increase the dissipation. The only way to have a machine that operates in a sustainable state of equilibrium is to have those who build it and input energy -- those who do real work producing real goods -- be those who each take of the output only as much energy as one has put into the system. The superfluous burden of rich investors and owners [neo royalty and aristocrats] can only overload the machine, by demanding energy output that has not been input. The existence of the rich can only tend to cause the economic system to break down. The richer they grow the more harm they do to the community. As time goes on that truth will become more obvious. Eventually, I think, even the most naive, superstitious and retro conservative, libertarian or lukewarm centrist true believer must see it. I can’t predict how much time it will take. I can only extrapolate imprecisely from the trend line that our livelihoods will continue to dwindle until our faces are forced into the muck - the detritus of rich parasites.
      And that, of course, is the source of my frustration. People are so slow to understand that the system, which they’ve been trained to believe is good and righteous, can only work for a few. The 0.7 %, who own the greatest share of the wealth and who hold the paper on almost everything else, are the only real beneficiaries of the fraud we call an economy. If it isn’t in the name of the rich, it still it works for them by paying them interest, which in less specious and more honest times would have been called tribute. Our semantic reality isn’t! It works for them and we’re conditioned to believe that it’s as good as it may be.
      If you’re fifty to sixty years or older and you haven’t succumbed to the programmed forgetfulness, you may remember a time that was better. Forty years ago 60 or 70 percent of the population of the United States had real opportunity and a greater real share of the wealth than had ever been allowed in the Civilized World. That short lived period followed thirty years of social progress spearheaded by the New Deal and the rise of the power of the workers. The neo aristocracy had been fighting back, not for want of prosperity even for the rich but “on principle.” They believe that only their class deserves to do well. Their pretentious sense of superiority sometimes appears to be more important to them than their wealth. They don’t care if there’s enough to go around. They want it all and are offended by the well being of US commoners. But even the brutal repression by Joe McCarthy and then Rep. Richard Nixon, couldn’t stifle the economic miracle wrought by the move towards justice and social/economic fairness. The confidence inspired in the average American by access to a genuine share of the wealth could only be slowly undermined at first. But as we can see today, with those who share in the wealth down from 70% to 20%, the forces of darkness that have bound US to work enriching the masters for thousands of years, succeeded in re-dominating US over the past 35 years of conservative and neo conservative ascendency.
      Yesterday I told a young upwardly mobile complacent that we outnumbered them four to one. I childishly rubbed it in that he was among the 19.3% of sellouts, sycophants and wannabees, who help the 0.7% to control the people who create the wealth of the community that the mis-leaders appropriate for themselves. I really shouldn’t have insisted that we will “get you” eventually. I could have pointed out that if we extrapolate the trend line, it will soon be down to one in ten who have a stake in maintaining the status quo. [ Picture the curve: common well being == C = C0(1-et) ] When that inevitability is realized, he’ll likely be on the our side, though it’s not certain he’ll know even then whose side he’s really on. If we’re to survive, people must wake up to their real choices.

DNews Factual:
      I listen to conservatives. In war or economics it’s about winning. They delude themselves, by the belief that they’re strong and smart. They are those who feel the rest of the people, in this nation or elsewhere, exist to serve themselves. They have always intimidated or fooled US and they are confident they always will. There are middle class wannabees who are among the twenty percent. They have two houses and look forward to a comfortable retirement. So they support the fraud of ages unquestioningly. They’ve memorized all the answers and believe themselves among the conquerors and dominators, like the WA Times reporter who said that, “. . . without victory in Iraq the terrorists will be encouraged.” They’re clueless to the growing resistence to economic tyranny. We’ve been dominated since before we were born. The 19.3% don’t know they’ve sold out their own for a few dollars more. The professors, who were coopted centuries ago, saw to it that the functionaries and ministers of the neo-aristocrats, while still in college, were programmed to serve the masters. The harsh truth is: obeisance and fealty to the elites is, if not a condition for graduation, certainly required for admission to the fraternity of the highly paid corporate clones of the middle classes. They think themselves strong and smart because they have a little more than the rest of US. We outnumber them four to one. One day we’ll demonstrate how weak and foolish they really are!

DNews Comment:
      “It requires tough work. It also requires a strategy that will be effective . . .” Bush had been saying we need to be united and working together to win in Iraq. The conservatives, especially the Republicans, want US to get behind them in their ultimate and eternal goal, which is to loot the treasury and community of all we have or can borrow to give them. The war in Iraq is one part of the machine that gathers our wealth to add to their hoard. It’s the place where we donate our children’s blood to fatten the estates built on the rich military investor’s profits. Working together means, to Bush and his ilk, that they get fat and we sacrifice all to make it so.

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