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“Serve well your master . . . until you’re strong enough to cut his throat!” - A motto that may serve slaves, servants or employees very well.

DNews Report - The Keys to the Treasury Stolen - November 30, 2006
Feature: Report on the State of Conservatism, by A.G. Kaiser

I know from personal experience that Conservatives have been promoting fear and chipping away at our rights, since the 1950s. The truth is that they want to keep Americans in fear of criminals, communists, terrorists and anything else that works to repress our awareness of the looting of our community that the rich have been doing since at least the beginning of civilization. That’s what conservatives are really all about. They want all the products of our work for themselves. They fear our freedom to think for ourselves. If they use fear for our security to talk US into letting them undo the bill of rights, it assuages their fear that we’ll overcome our stupidity. If we stay scared at this time we won’t unite to do anything about the most dangerous threat we face. The greed and avarice of the rich are causing more pain and suffering in our communities each day than all the tyrants and terrorists since the beginning of the iron age. It doesn’t really matter how much evil they’ve done or who among them did the most. If we let it continue, it will kill US. Look around. The signs are there for all to see. It’s getting closer every day.

DNews Factual:
      There are twenty percent of them and eighty percent of US. When one of them says, “I’ve got mine, screw you!” it’s US they’re telling to bend over. If you know one of them, tell it to get it straight, we outnumber it four to one. If they don’t rethink their position, they shall go down with the parasitic masters. It’s a matter of self defense. If there has ever been a case for preemption, our survival is it.

DNews Feature: Report on the State of Conservatism, by A.G. Kaiser
      Rep. Rahm Emanuel (D) Illinois, appearing on The Daily Show on 11/27/06, said Bush compares himself to FDR in dealing with economic issues, war and a divided nation. The difference Emanuel noted was that where FDR inherited a divided nation and united it, Bush had a united nation after 9-11 and divided it. FDR took US from depression to hope and ultimately prosperity for all, while creating a middle class. Bush started with the greatest expansion we’d ever seen and diverted all the growth to the rich, while the middle class stagnated or lost ground. I think Rahm’s actual word on the middle class was “abandoned.” Many of the bourgeoises have been reduced to joining the 45 million without adequate healthcare and even the 35 million who suffered “low food security” [Bush’s USDA’s euphemism for hunger or starvation in America] last year. The power of the “opportunities” provided by free market capitalism to delude the 80% of the population who are left behind is weakening fast.

      Rahm Emanuel’s quips pretty well sum up conservatism. The neo cons, the latest variation on the constant conservative theme, will characterize themselves for demagogic purposes as any person or the representative of any popular ideal that they believe they can pretend to represent and thereby forward their agendas. There purpose is constant. It is to increase their wealth at the expense of the community. It doesn’t matter to them that their actions will prove their words false. That’s no more to them than their pandering to racism, bigotry or delusional economic theories in support of their greed. Nothing causes them to suffer the slightest twinge of conscience. Are they hypocrites? I don’t believe their reptile brained cunning and guile indicates a mind capable of the complexity necessary for hypocrisy. Their self esteem and sense of identity are purely reflexive and emotional: conditioned responses. Thought never enters their minds, unless it’s put there by their masters.
      “Those who would trade liberty for security deserve neither.” . . . because they’re weak and cowardly fools. Ironically, the conservatives who council or permit such erosion of freedom think themselves as strong, brave and wise. That’s possible because for them there are two kinds of people. One is a good steward who looks after his masters money maker. The loyal conservative believes he need not worry about loss of his liberty, if rights are weakened or set aside. The good conservative masters will only arbitrarily imprison or torture the “bad guys,” who are the other kind of person they can see in the world. Among the real bad guys are those who challenge the right of the rich masters to have the rest of US work for them, so that they [the masters] may hoard the produce of the community.
      Conservatives can be weak, cowardly fools who think themselves as strong, courageous and wise, because they believe that only the “bad guys” will be affected by the evisceration of the Bill of Rights. They credulously reinforce the vision of themselves as strong, brave and smart, because they oppress and torture little peoples who can’t fight back. They misdirect the necessary defense against strong and determined enemies, who can and do fight, to the kind of powerless talkers and other scapegoats that cons can handle. They are the school yard bullies who cave at the first determined resistance that they recognize. It takes a while for reality to penetrate to their lizard brains. Thus they pretend that their own fear and weakness is a trait of those they deem incapable of resisting their tyranny.
      At least they thought the Iraqis couldn’t fight back. But then in the 1950s they thought the blacks couldn’t fight back. That’s the trouble with fearful and foolish conservatives. And that’s pretty much the entire spectrum of conservatism. They’re foolish enough to hoard the wealth and thereby weaken the community that produces it, while living in a state of constant fear that the people who work for them will rise up and take back the ill gotten gains of the rich. And their followers? Well, they’re the fools of fools who are too weak, stupid and ball-less to stand up for themselves in matters of property claimed by our parasitic masters or to personally participate in the defense against enemies. And so leaders need scapegoats and invent incompetent and harmless villains to divert the attention of their foolish followers and excite our fear.

DNews Factual:
      Social conservatism is represented by Republicans and the heirs of the Dixiecrats. It is the source of the attack on so called “activist courts.” They oppose judges and decisions that support minority rights or fail to ignore the predations of prejudice, hatred and bigotry They no longer rail against Brown v Board as they did in the 1950s. Today they couch their venom in terms of moralism, much like the moral conservatives do with sexuality. There is much crossover between bigoted descendants of the Dixiecrats in the Republican Party and the moral conservative. They can be very difficult to distinguish. They oppose Roe v Wade, gay marriage and stem cell research. They believe in intelligent design. They are called fundamentalists instead of Bible belt bigots as we did in the ‘60s. They think school vouchers will allow them to have their children educated in an atmosphere free from the racial strife and ethnic pollution of the public schools, which will be left without sufficient funding. They are taken in by that fantastic theory as easily as they are by any demagogic technique that flatters their genetic ego at the expense of the chosen inferior minority, onto which they may project their own sins.
      Many of the most onerous traits cited had been almost extinguished, at least in public display, if not from the American psyche, when reawakened by conservatives to revitalize their party over the past 35 years. They still publicly eschew racism and bigotry, though an occasional “macacca” slips through. Yet they frequently pander subtly to ethnocentrism, by pitting one group against another. For instance, they publicly say that Islam is not all terrorists, while letting out by word of mouth to the faithful that all “rag-heads” are an evil! No doubt they explain in private to their Saudi business partners that a large voting block can be controlled with such repugnant language. It helps to keep the money flowing.

DNews Report: The Keys to the Treasury Stolen, by Carlos Marques
      The Omnibus spending bill contained 8000 earmarks. If they averaged 1 million each, that’s 8 billion dollars. That’s absolutely a lot of money. If they averaged 10 million, the 80 billion dollars is still a drop in the bucket of the trillions stolen from the American people by the for profit subsidiaries of the non profit Federal Reserve Banks, a private consortium. The usuries are even greater tools of dissipative larceny than the corporate welfare to Giga oil and Halliburton that the bankers finance. But the lobbyists grease the big wheels as well as the relatively trivial earmark ripoffs.
      If a lobbyist takes $100,000 to bring home a $5 million earmark, that’s a 2% commission. While the usurious profit margin charged to consumers by the bank on the money it borrowed from the FED is probably about the same percentage, the amount of money “printed” [an anachronism: today it’s just marks in an electronic ledger that create money] in our name is much greater than the tax money that’s sold by lobbyists. Since the pork spending of tax money is more often than not for real and needed projects, (the exceptional “bridge to nowhere” grabs our attention but it’s not the rule) it would probably have been spent on some such project anyway. And while the lobbyist’s graft is a burden on the community that produces real goods as is the banker’s profit, still the former is sucked from billions in pork while the latter is the profit on trillions of imaginary dollars, hot off the press. Thus it inflates our money supply and so twice robs the consumer/taxpayer, in whose name the coin is minted.
      The keys to the treasury were stolen by the Federal Reserve Act of 1913. [“December 23, 1913: H. R. 7837. Public, No. 43. CHAP. 6.—An Act To provide for the establishment of Federal reserve banks, to furnish an elastic currency, to afford means of rediscounting commercial paper, to establish a more effective supervision of banking in the United States, and for other purposes.”
Federal Reserve Act .] The act effectively privatized the mint. Andrew Jackson sold the national bank to his friends. Woodrow Wilson gave them control of the mint. The Federal Reserve is a private corporation. That can be verified, with difficulty, if you sort through the semantic camouflage, at their government website. “The Federal Reserve System is not ‘owned’ by anyone and is not a private, profit-making institution. Instead, it is an independent entity within the government, having both public purposes and private aspects.” While it’s strictly speaking true that it’s not a “private, profit-making” corporation, that doesn’t say that it’s not a private corporation. That sort of flimflam is the standard propaganda that is the only information most people are ever given to see. As a result, the credible and complacent are obscured from the truth and they’re recreated as fools. The part they didn’t mention about the sucker that’s born every minute is that he’s easy to rob.
      The truth appears to be shocking news to people - those who rarely exhibit the courage to face reality. If you really think about it, you’ll see that things have been pretty much the same since the beginning of recorded history. The purpose of all law and civilization can be reasonably inferred to be the employment and control of the general population for the enrichment of a few elites. Further, when the financial power is extended beyond the borders to enslave other populations, we see that the economic hegemony that’s incorporated so, actually begins at home. Unfortunately the domestic consumers, whose wages had produced the profits that have resulted in investment in globalization’s outsourcing, are cut off in the process that produces goods less expensively overseas. Our falling buying power eventually shrinks the market for the cheap products. The tail of the debt kite, which we grasp like a lifeline, can’t keep US up forever.
      That’s the bottom line. We can ramble on discursively about Keynes, Friedman, hoodoo economics or who is the bad guy but the underlying truth is that all the theories are contrived to abet the pyramid fraud, which is what every economy has been since the days of the Pharaohs. We start with a dissipative economic system that robs the people to create the rich and which wants to maintain perpetual motion. Then we add complicating wheels that redirect and clone money instead of doing work that makes goods. Finance, the abstraction of real economy, is the futile attempt to keep the con game going. In the end the rich will have it all. That’s what the machine of universal fraud does. And we’ve built it for them of our children’s latent livelihoods.
      Eventually, we’ll have no money with which to buy the products on which their profits are made and the machine will stop. If we continue to borrow the money, which they’ve hoarded, to keep the scam going, we may delay the end but the interest we pay will exacerbate the dissipative effect of abstract economy. The grinding halt will be more destructive. By refusing to tax the profits of the rich or to return their estates to the common pool when they die, we eschew the only real correction that can save our flawed economic system for a few more years. Our leaders really are and always have been greedy puerile morons. If we're no better, it’s because we’ve been educated and trained to follow their example and to support the fraud that their existence realizes.

DNews Factual:
      The Bush USDA estimates that 12% or 35 million Americans suffered from hunger due to the inability to buy food at least part of last year. The government’s newspeak thesaurus calls it “low food security.” 35 million! - source: Democracy Now! 11/27/06
      “Low food security” indeed! That’s Bushco’s euphemism for hunger and starvation in the “richest, most powerful nation on Earth.” That impotence is a clear indication of the failure of the free market capitalistic economy. If those who possess most of the property in America can do no better than “low food security” for 35 million and inadequate health care for 45 million and god knows how many losing pensions due to the fraudulent looting [corporate bankruptcies] of funds and attacks on social security - all with the administration’s and conservative court’s blessing, then they don’t deserve their wealth. Their profits [corporate profitability] are the excuse for our deprivation, shrinking compensations and poverty. We must tax the rich investors and their sellouts, sycophants and wannabees until the community has enough resources to fend for ourselves. If that means they’re poor like US, then the just us system will be returned to justice. Self preservation is prime among the “. . . Laws of Nature and of Nature's God . . .” - Thomas Jefferson , “The Declaration of Independence.”

DNews Eclectic:
      Oil is being smuggled out of Iraq. Hmm? Media hasn’t been reporting much on what’s happening to infrastructure or the oil in Iraq. The last twenty years of Iraqi history, not the drivel that we’ve seen on Fox News but the real history, interests me. Saddam [an evil tyrant] may have been sucked into invading Kuwait. It may be that a motive was to punish Saddam [an evil tyrant] and Iraq for embracing the socialistic notion that oil money belonged to the people. Perhaps the free schools, universities, medicine and hospitals were too much for George H. W. The power plants, roads and jobs that Saddam was creating for the people of Iraq and the description of Iraq as an emerging first world nation may have motivated Bush 1rst to push back the threat to global corporate hegemony in the region. They would have needed a pretext to destroy the Iraqi infrastructure. The plan may have been to slant drill under the border from Kuwait, employing Halliburton’s expertise. That goaded Saddam [an evil tyrant] into the foolish invasion, for which it’s been said our government had given the green light. Avenging the invasion of a small country could be more easily sold to the American people than the fear of the establishment for the example in the world of a government that does anything for people before enriching the elites.
      The second war was needed because Saddam [an evil tyrant] hadn’t let any reconstruction contracts to our corporations to rebuild the infrastructure we’d destroyed in the first. The current war allows the oil money that had been diverted to people in Iraq by Saddam [an evil tyrant] to be recovered indirectly by borrowing from China in our name to give money to Halliburton to rebuild in Iraq. It’s not consistent logic but it’s the best that may be expected from neo-cons. The profits will continue to flow as long as our troops continue to die and the oil can be stolen and smuggled out. All this is hypothetical but Saddam [an evil tyrant] was a bad boy. Others have been bad or worse and no doubt some still are. But the examples of Pinochet and other fascists were not socialistic threats to the American global corporate empire’s hegemony in the Middle East.

      Why can’t we intercept armaments being smuggled in from Iran to Iraq? Our troops are too busy supporting Halliburton’s profits, possibly including aiding the looting of Iraqi oil and smuggling it to Turkey and Saudi Arabia. We can’t account for $8 billion or the missing oil. It’s unlikely that mortar rounds or AK-47 ammo will be detected.

      “Employers find high school and college grads deficient.” Duh-uh! The managers dumped the experienced employees, especially engineers and scientists, for lower paid entry level grads, in order to increase the investor’s profits and CEO bonuses. Now they wonder why no one is learning the skills needed in the real world. I think a double digit IQ is a requirement for an MBA or a degree in economics!

      Book TV, CSPAN-2 9/24/06, “9-11 an American Empire: Intellectuals Speak Out” After the very good talks at the MLK Middle School in Berkeley, one of the questions concerned “secret” detention camps being set up by FEMA. One speaker answered that it’s not secret it just hasn’t been publicized. He said that the contracts have been let to Halliburton. Another answered that the camps were for the anticipated swarm of Mexicans who’re already estimated at 11 million. That sounds more like the ICE program I noted earlier this year.
      ICE is Immigration and Customs Enforcement and it’s organized under the Department of Homeland Security. Their presence on the Arizona border (and elsewhere I presume but AZ is what I see) has been growing and is huge already. I’m uncomfortable with Homeland Security to begin with. Homeland seems too much like Fatherland. Shutz Stafel [SS] can translate to security force and the Black Shirts and Brown Shirts or SA were private Nazi Party forces, like Blackwater Security, which were eventually given official status. We have sufficient law enforcement and intelligence agencies. Disband Homeland Security before they start rounding up protestors and anyone else the government doesn’t like. Free and courageous Americans may be too easily lost among the illegal immigrants and terrorist infiltrators in the camps that are being built “for our security.”

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