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DNews Economic Analysis - Super Con, by Carlos Marques - November 20, 2006
Feature: Rumors of Troop Withdrawal, by A. G. Kaiser

I know from personal experience that Conservatives have been promoting fear and chipping away at our rights, since the 1950s. The truth is that they want to keep Americans in fear of criminals, communists, terrorists and anything else that works to repress our awareness of the looting of our community that the rich have been doing since at least the beginning of civilization. That’s what conservatives are really all about. They want all the products of our work for themselves. They fear our freedom to think for ourselves. If they use fear for our security to talk US into letting them undo the bill of rights, it assuages their fear that we’ll overcome our stupidity. If we stay scared at this time we won’t unite to do anything about the most dangerous threat we face. The greed and avarice of the rich are causing more pain and suffering in our communities each day than all the tyrants and terrorists since the beginning of the iron age. It doesn’t really matter how much evil they’ve done or who among them did the most. If we let it continue, it will kill US. Look around. The signs are there for all to see. It’s getting closer every day.

DNews Feature: Rumors of Troop Withdrawal, by A. G. Kaiser
      Face the Nation - Charlie Wrangle said let’s have a draft. When anyone’s child can be sent to Iraq the administration and congressional Republicans will find a reason to bring the troops home.
      Interviewed separately, Lindsey Graham says John McCain has one son in the Naval Academy and one in the Marines. The inference we’re plainly intended to make is that the exception is the rule, which proves that the elites serve too. He said it would make no difference to the Republican commitment to Iraq, if we reinstated the draft. Graham wants to put enough troops into Iraq to “win the war.” Winning means stabilizing the “democracy” there. He’s blames the instability on the Iraqis but says we can put in a strong enough force to get the violence under control. “They come after judges and anyone . . . The only way you’ll ever get a political solution is to control the violence.”
      An off the record comment by the CEO of a giga corporation, with contracts in support of the effort to rebuild the bombed out electrical and water plants among it’s other interests in Iraq, seemed to contradict the Senators stated reason for the war. Since Graham’s was the latest of a long series of “casus belli,” perhaps the unofficial corporate version is a preview. In any case here it is. You decide if it’s credible or not.
      “Our investors are happy with the progress we’re making in the rebuilding effort. Corporate profits have never been higher. We’ll hate to see this end. The completion of the projects will be the end of a very good thing. We’re there to do good things and will not withdraw until we have done all the good that can be done. We feel a lot more good can come from the war in Iraq.”
      Since much of Iraq is still without dependable electricity and water, the off the record comment is impossible to refute. The corporate profits are still pouring in and there’s a lot more work to do rebuilding infrastructure. The ongoing effort, in this light, seems to be successful and withdrawal would risk gains yet to be made. DNews editors suggested that ordinary Americans be asked to contribute their thoughts and analysis concerning Iraq and, if they wish, to address Iran as well.

      Not everyone has forgotten WMD. “The weapons of mass destruction either never existed or they’re gone. Saddam is tried and convicted. Elections have been held so democracy has been propagated. But the people, who didn’t rise up to help US achieve these goals are now rebelling against US. Could it be that what we’ve been fighting to give them is not what they want? Or maybe we haven’t really been fighting for the reasons Bushco gives US.”

      A bitterly sarcastic critic of the administration pretended, after his first sentance, to speak for the war’s cynical commercial interests, “Will China loan US the money to feed to Halliburton for the support of a war on Iran or China itself? First things first. We must continue to send American children to their deaths in Iraq until enough have died to honor the over 2800 who are already dead and until the investors in the war machine have satisfied their greed. That is: forever!”

      Another questioned the logic of honoring those who have died by continuing the war. “How many more soldiers must die to make the deaths so far worth while? 2800 more? 28000? 280,000? How many more deaths will make worthwhile the loss of those who’ve already fallen? If we must stay until we win, what is the goal? Not the ever shifting goals of the administration’s liars. I mean what are the real goals that make the expenditure of our children’s lives worthwhile?”

      The doubts Americans have concerning the honesty of the Bush administration with respect to the war in Iraq leave many of US more confused than the Administration seems to be. If the original purpose of the war has always been to use expensive munitions to destroy infrastructure that Halliburton/KBR et al could be paid to rebuild, then the ongoing mission can never be accomplished, while such parasites continue to profit. But the war makes sense, in that dark way, if those are the reasons we’re there. The contractors in this privatized war do what any corporation does. They maximize profits for the enrichment of investors. They drag their feet and, if possible, unravel by night what they weave by day. They might actually task the Bush military to help with the re-destruction of their reconstruction, if and when the contractors actually do anything besides cash the government checks. What we know for certain, given that this is the only reason for the misdirected war that makes sense, is that it will never end at the achievement of a stated goal. It will last until no more money can be borrowed from China, in our names, to fatten rich investors. Worse are the contributions to profits made at the unconscionable expense of the lives of our children. The misadventure in Iraq will march on madly, while Bush and his corporate controllers are allowed by the American people (who lose no matter what happens) to continue to slaughter the youth of America in order to feed the profit/blood lust of the rich investors in death.

DNews Factual:
      They sided with the powerless against conservative socioeconomic injustice, the means by which it’s been inflicted and the pain and suffering it’s caused. They didn’t always agree with one another but they were all sincere populists with good will towards ordinary people. They had more in common than opposition to the injustice, which has ever been perpetrated by the conservative establishment. Opposition to the concept of law in the service of the greed of a few united the various opponents of evil. So did the enmity of the conservative rich that they opposed. Probably the best known fighters for justice in the 1960s were: John Kennedy, Medger Evers, Malcolm X, Martin Luther King and Robert Kennedy. There are few today with the courage to stand for the people. Perhaps they’re lucky to be ignored by the corporate media. Not so the people. In the sixties, we were fortunate to see worthy leaders in the forefront of social progress. We all died a little when they were gunned down.

DNews Economic Analysis: Super Con, by Carlos Marques
      CNN - The Power of Positive Thinking - “You can attract what you want in your life by thinking it.” And when we all know the secret and all want more money than everyone else . . . When we’re all rich investors, won’t life be grand.
      The free enterprise system is broken. It has been broken by greed and the lie, which promises that we can all succeed. The original theory said that supply and demand marries profit motive to bring goods where they’re needed and wanted. That seemed to work pretty well as long as the goods exchanged, usually with the intermediary of money to represent them, were of approximately of the same value. In that case no great trade deficit, foreign or domestic [between rich and workers] builds up on either side. An equilibrium is maintained. But the greed for profit, whatever the market will bear, has upset the balance, whether intra or international. The puerile selfishness of the rich is the force that broke the system. That and the desire of too many people to join the elites in too great a piece of the pie. As the number of people who wish to divide a finite pie approaches infinity, the size of their slice approaches zero. The math is real simple. Our system can’t fulfill its promise. It is a failed economic theory.
      Our economic system will fail more quickly if we give the conservatives what they want. If they, the 07% rich and 19.3% sell out sycophants, get more and more of everything while we, the 80% who do the work, get less and less, and we resist their evil, slowing its progress, the system will take a long time to run down as we slowly starve. If we give them everything right now, which is what they really want, then our deaths, and theirs, will come much sooner. That’s the only way conservatives will agree to ease the pain and suffering of poverty and misery that their greed makes inevitable.
      The economy dominated by finance/usury, is certainly dissipative. It’s also a fraud. In fact it’s many frauds. The dominant fraud is called a “kite.” It is a debt kite operated by the central bank, the consortium of private banks we call the FED. The stock market and capital investment is another fraud that’s also a debt kite. The greatest rewards are taken by those who contribute no work making goods. That’s what upsets the equilibrium between the products and the money that represents them.They’ve taken the most from the community but given the least. Their words are nothing. To see the self destructiveness of the parasite feeding fraud of finance, look at the upper bound of the economic equation. Imagine that everyone lives by investment and no one works. The perpetually sustainable extended family system of the days of non feudal agrarian economy was destroyed for the benefit of corporate investors. These parasites have always been at the upper limit. When we all join them there, everyone will starve. Work will be beneath US all.
      The burden of the rich on top of the rest is the greatest force working to unbalance the economic equilibrium. Their profit is inflation of the money supply that robs the entire community. They pretend that’s the only way to have technological progress. But the way of profit of a few is destroying US. And the progress may have been much greater, if not constrained to increase their profit at every turn. They only let advances by funding that which works for them. Just as we serve them, so must progress. They tell US that we have the opportunity to be like them. If we really all had the same opportunity to claw our way to the top of this pyramid, it would be even more obviously an unsustainable fraud. The upper bound would be reached so much sooner and the Ponzi would collapse from lack of new meat for the cannibals who rule US to feed upon. Imagine the longevity of a world of cannibals, each feeding on itself.
      The much touted opportunity to rise by bootstrapping is imaginary. You can only rise by having others work for you. That is: by becoming a part of the elite who are a drain on the community’s resources and a threat to our survival. Personally, I believe everyone must do their own work and that it’s immoral to have others do it for you. That’s the original sin we’re born with and it grows more deadly by our willing participation and perpetuation of the crime against humanity embodied by the rich. The richer you grow by the work of others the more depraved you are and the more damage you do to the community that works to create your wealth. Pulling oneself up by one’s bootstraps sounds harmless to the rest of US but of course, like perpetual motion, it can not work. No matter how hard you pull on your bootstraps, you apply no force that can get you off the ground. It can only get you ungrounded in reality. For most people the opportunity to delude themselves is all they’ll be allowed by their fellow men and the laws of mathematics to realize.
      The mathematics are obvious and dealt with above, by the mention of equilibrium. The rest of that is left as an exercise for the student of reality. If you seek the truth you may find it but if you want to be rich you won’t like the truth. That’s well understood by those who are really in the know. The squelching of opportunity by pseudo competition and artificial pitfalls built by those who followed the path to riches before you are less well understood by the majority who are taken in by the fraud we call an economy. No one talks much about the machinations of repression by economic elites that are seen by anyone who tries to rise. They are there, if you have the strength and courage to face them. They aren’t noticed by the obsequious “good” workers. They aren’t noticed by the chosen few, who are blessed by the rich, with a real opportunity to achieve wealth. They are ignored by the 19.3% of the population who have sold the 80% of US out. But unless your loyalty to the oppression of the majority by the 0.7% wealthy elite minority is unquestionable, it’s very unlikely that you can fight your way even a short way up the side of the pyramid. It’s more probable that you’ll win a lottery or become a star.
      Oh, you say we get what we deserve in this meritocracy? Who then are the judges of merit? Who decides who will be supported and encouraged and who will be sabotaged and outlawed by the Just-us system? Do you naively believe that’s ruled by supply and demand and honest competition for the consumer dollar? If you believe that exceptions like lottery winners, stars or Bill Gates are the rule. then you don’t really know the rules.

      If you control a large enough block of stock in an industry you can manipulate its value by small trades in order to set up a big one. It’s called leverage. While it’s not illegal, it is harmful to the community. It would be illegal in a sane land. It undermines the competition and the supply and demand rationale that helps to excuse the overall fraud of an economy that only works well for a small fraction of the community. We created our economy for our sustenance. Corruption of our social creation, for the benefit of a few, defies the social instinct that’s the natural foundation of any nation. It does a disservice to the societies we originally formed to help assure our mutual survival. Anything that serves a few at the expense of the many is a corruption of social instinct and so an abomination of Human Nature. The existence of the rich is evidence of hoarding the wealth produced by our community for our common well being. The existence of the rich is a crime against humanity. Those who have the most, who have “leveraged their stocks” the most efficiently, are the most guilty of the crime of being rich. If we wish to minimize the damage these criminals do to our communities, we must go after the wealthiest first. They cause the most pain and suffering due to the privation their hoard makes inevitable. Fortunately this is easily remedied by minor changes to the tax codes and the way we provide the services we want and need in common.
      The law of God and Nature is that the good of the species comes before the individual. Even the rich recognize that when it comes time for the children of the poor to give their lives in wars fought to protect or expand the empire of the wealthy [principal] investors. They will also take advantage of a war like WWII, which was fought against enemies who were a real danger to the American people, to increase profits at our expense, while our children die only partly in the defense of and for the increase of their wealth. It’s also been hypothesized that some enemies might not have been so evil, but for previous economic aggressions by Britain and America. Whether or not a war is just, it will point up the universal truth. The community is more important than the individual. But some are more equal than others.
      Conservatives say they are more valuable and important than the rest or US. When there’s profit to be made at the expense of the community, they’re sure that they deserve to take for themselves what we’ve worked together to make. One evidence of that reality is the interest you pay to the banker to live in “your” house. The conservative masters save tax money to spend on corporate subsidies and fat contracts. They cut the veteran’s benefits, if and when they return home from war defending the rich and feeding the investors’ profits. Then the vets go to work making the parasites richer as wages are reduced, health care is eliminated and pensions looted by under-funding tomorrow’s liability by paying investors excess dividends today. Don’t misunderstand! This isn’t hypocrisy. The schizophrenic fools don’t have enough brains to be hypocrites. Their lizard guile and cunning are suited only to rapacity towards the community that creates the wealth they gather for themselves. They hire economists, philosophers, politicians, psychologists and priests to assuage any fear they may have for the well being of the community they loot and pillage. The academy of sycophants also work to keep the victims enthralled with delusions of freedom, opportunity and the promise of a better life when they’re dead. In the darkest irony, a better life after death is true for too many of US. The rich don’t have to worry about perceiving the damage they do on other than the gut level, which discomfort, if they’re sensitive enough to feel it at all, is easily calmed by their sellouts. Their minds aren’t up to the task of comprehending the evil their greed and selfishness do US, the source of their wealth.

DNews Factual:
      They don’t understand what must happen when a market becomes saturated. They can’t see around the denial of their odious selfishness and dishonesty, to the reality of a scam they’ve overplayed. In the end only a few people can be rich by any means. The finance scam of so called free market capitalism, like any expansion of usurious means, doesn’t increase the percentage of the population that is or can be rich. Most who call themselves conservatives or liberals don’t understand that investment, like any other fraud, can only make a small percentage of people rich. But the true believers and wannabees, the sell outs and sycophants aren’t the only morons. The rich conservatives themselves don’t know that their scam is a scam or that it’s dissipative and ultimately self destructive. To not have the brains to know what’s really going on or to not have the courage to face reality, are not differentiable.

DNews Reflection:
      Roy Blunt, R-Missouri, Minority Whip Candidate held forth on WA Journal this morning. [on 11/15/06] It was apparent he is ready to work with the Democrats . . . if they come around to his point of view. “Many Democrats ran as conservatives. . . . our ideas didn’t lose, we did. . . .”
      Gov. Halley Barbour R - Mississippi, echoed that, saying that Bush insisted on doing what’s “right” in Iraq not what’s popular. He said that’s a good thing. . . . They say that when the conservatives are popular it’s because the people see that they’re right. But when they’re unpopular, it’s not because they’re wrong. Oh no. They’ve been slandered by the “liberal press,” for their indiscretions of pederasty or receiving bribes. If the people only knew that they’re still right and such things are only important when Democrats do them. When their free market capitalist [an oxymoron] system is failing because their greed to work their con overtime has gotten out of hand causing an economic collapse, well, then they’re still right and won’t back down just because “the stupid people voted for it.” [Henry Kissinger on the CIA overthrow of Allende and installation of terror dictator Pinochet in Chile on September 11, 1973.] Of course Halley also said in self contradiction to his implication of doing “right” in spite of popularity, meaning refusing to do what the people demand, that the Democrats do wrong no matter what the American people want. Can such profoundly foolish blind loyalty ever be admirable?

      Their first instinct is to lie. They’ll follow it almost every time. They’re quick to point out the lies of their adversaries. But, when they hear of the exploits of one whom they admire and wish to emulate, it doesn’t occur to them that the hero consistently lies too.

      When they do have something real happen in their lives, as when one of their children asserts genuine individuality out of step with herd-think, it usually makes them feel guilty and embarrassed. They hide it and deny it. More often than not, even to themselves. Worse they wring their hands in public penance for the child who’s offended their betters. What a sad world of lame people.

      The god of the bible, the one who’s on our side . . . well . . . Any god who would choose the side of violent, self destructive people, the likes of which blindly follow selfish leaders who cheat the majority and destroy the supposed god’s assumed creation in the greedy quest for wealth, is not a god who’s worthy of my respect. That god’s a fool. It’s just like the people who invented it.

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