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DNews -The Shortcomings of the Great Social Experiment - November 10, 2006
Feature: The Bifurcated War - on Terror and for Empire, by A. G. Kaiser

I know from personal experience that Conservatives have been promoting fear and chipping away at our rights, since the 1950s. The truth is that they want to keep Americans in fear of criminals, communists, terrorists and anything else that works to repress our awareness of the looting of our community that the rich have been doing since at least the beginning of civilization. That’s what conservatives are really all about. They want all the products of our work for themselves. They fear our freedom to think for ourselves. If they use fear for our security to talk US into letting them undo the bill of rights, it assuages their fear that we’ll overcome our stupidity. If we stay scared at this time we won’t unite to do anything about the most dangerous threat we face. The greed and avarice of the rich are causing more pain and suffering in our communities each day than all the tyrants and terrorists since the beginning of the iron age. It doesn’t really matter how much evil they’ve done or who among them did the most. If we let it continue, it will kill US. Look around. The signs are there for all to see. It’s getting closer every day.

DNews Feature: The Bifurcated War - on Terror and for Empire, by A. G. Kaiser
      Some conservatives are admitting things aren’t going so well in Iraq. Bill Frist, a few days before the election, said among other things, “. . . some things will have to change . . . they’ll have to disarm the militias . . .” He was speaking of what the Iraqi government will be tasked by America (meaning Bush) to do. In other words, it’s their fault not ours. When in doubt, duck responsibility by blaming someone else. The wanton desire to have only opponents accountable, married to the unconscious arrogance that Frist displays here, is typical of conservatives and the very thing that obscures real solutions to anything, domestic or foreign, to which they apply their inadequate minds.
      In the case of Iraq, the emotion directed acts, which attempt to fulfill thoughtless desire for power to extract profit from all nations, fail to account for the traditional political structure in Arabia. The British had been the first to set up unified puppet governments in support of colonial enterprises in the territories of their conquests. It’s much easier to talk at a few local sell outs to a great power’s imposition of economic tyranny, than to deal with independent tribal and clan leaders, who are more likely than wholly owned stooges to have the genuine interest of their people at heart. But our leaders, especially those who identify themselves as conservatives, are incapable of perceiving the possibility that anyone might actually look out for the well being of a community, instead of their own selfish desire to profit at the expense of the common good.
      The mental deficiency of our conservatives stems from denial, of course. They see all others as like themselves [projection] because to do otherwise is to admit to consciousness their own evil greed. The conflict between professed morality and economic reality would be so in their face that Karl Rove would have to work over time at damage control. If the illusion of goodness, noble intent and righteous action at home and abroad ever failed, the conservative base might escape from thralldom and the 146 year construction of propaganda, lies and corrupt profits might come crashing down to be replaced by genuine concern for the well being of our national and local communities. It might even extend to the rest of the Earth.
      People, even those we think must know, are taken in by the construct of lies, spin and propaganda, which fools even its creators. The National Reporter of the Washington Post said that what happens after the election is important. He said that applies to Democrats, as well as to Iraq, where the government, even after the Iraqi election, doesn’t seem to be what the people want. He said that with a straight face. He echoes the common pap dribbling. We broke the dictatorial control over three disparate factions that were not traditionally a nation. Our fools in charge have said: religious zealots of the various sects are the disunifying force we must understand. That specious analysis, which we’ve been fed by our naive government and their pet media, is the flaw of intelligence that predicts perpetual failure in Iraq.
      Islam has never been organized under strong central governments. That is the truth. It is unpleasant for those who wish to impose a predominantly economic hegemony on a region. The British started buying and installing puppet governments to help manage their economic conquests (the military acted as bargaining agents) of non-European populations. Before the British, the rule of Islam had been the subtle influence of tribal and clan elders, who were also religious leaders. Such leaders had, in most cases, the well being of the community rather than individual profit at heart.
      The well being of the community is the antithesis of the Anglo-American paradigm, which utilizes profit motive and competition to obscure the economic tyranny of global corporate hegemony. Our requirement for the profit of American investors is what the Iraqis don’t want about the “elected” puppet unity government and the reason why it will fail. Unity governments in Islam serve the needs of western investors. Traditional rule in the Mid East is more responsive to the needs of the people. They will not accept a model that serves our corporations and enslaves Islam with debt. The Central and South American debt rebellions should have been a clue. We will never be strong enough to subdue all the slaves we want around the globe.
      The terrorists we fight in the hope we will subdue them must be differentiated from rebels who resist our economic tyranny. Our politicians have inspired fear in US in order to take and hold power over US by taking advantage of the existence of religious and political zealots. Some of them are doubtlessly mad dog terrorists and others sincere and well intended freedom fighters. Western demagogues lump them together by identifying resistors to global corporate hegemony and to the economic tyranny of debt slavery as terrorists. That deliberate lie in support of the investors who dominate our communities and threaten our survival with their greed is the exaggeration that compromises our credibility and undermines our war on terror. The distinction between rebels to the World Bank and religious fanatic terrorism also differentiates Iraq from Afghanistan, for those who aren’t brain dead (and pickled in nationalism) conservatives.

DNews Factual:
      Ultimately it doesn’t matter whether it’s natural, it’s always been, it’s morally or philosophically, religiously, or politically right or correct or any of the rest of the bull we drown in. If we keep on doing it we will die, because we’re doing it wrong. Are Americans really any more or less wrong than anyone else? Well, not in theory. But in fact, since we are the biggest and the best and the most dominant and hoard the most part of the wealth of the world community, we are, by lack of real competition, the most wrong. The thing that makes US and everyone else wrong is the hoarding of the wealth, which is needed to sustain US all, by an elite few. America hoards the most wealth, ergo, America is the most wrong. The rich, after all, are the root of all evil.

DNews Report: The Shortcomings of the Great Social Experiment, by Carlos Marques
      When the great social experiment in America . . . when we the people were allowed to democratically elect representatives to govern ourselves, the rich aristocrats must have been somehow assured that their power and wealth, the real rule, would not be threatened. In order to preserve the traditional [conservative] order, promises must have been made to the people that we too could become like the economic rulers. We only have to be as smart and strong as the aristocrats have always been, then anyone can be rich. There are two easily identifiable faults in the theory of upward mobility. The most obvious is that while it may be true that one will rise up from an undifferentiated mass of people to dominate and that all have an equal opportunity, still, once the position is filled the “incumbent” has an advantage in its defense and his children an unnatural advantage through inheritance. The other apparent flaw is that by the definition of rich only a very few, no matter how well qualified the rest may be, can actually succeed. The second must have been the first to be dealt with by the aristocrats, who risked their positions, in the formation of America. Inheritance is so taken for granted it defends itself; people are conditioned by the socialization process to accept it.
      One way to deal with the impossibility of we the people all having much more of the community’s produce than the rest of US is for the workless class rich to create a middle class to manage the workers who produce what we all need and want for our lives. That middle class can be given a little more than the workers to assure their loyalty to the conservative rich. And the workers can be promised they too can be educated and move upward. It doesn’t really solve the problem. It’s still impossible for all of US to have more than everyone else. Still, it lowers the bar and therefore increases the probability that one may be a little better off.
      The Republicans say there’s opportunity; anyone can be rich. It’s true that a few can become parasites who grow wealthy by having others work for them. But obviously we can’t all have more than the average amount of goods and property. Even if we inflate the money supply to make it appear that we all have more, there will still be the same amount of things to buy with it. Money that doesn’t represent the product of someone’s work is inflationary and steals from everyone. The greed of conservatives to have more than average can only be fed by the work of the rest of the community who must have less. Conservatives are an evil parasitic disease that afflict the Human Race. To pretend that any business that concentrates the produce of many in the hands of a few is a good thing is to deny reality in order to do the evil of selfishness to the community.
      Dildo says, “I don’t have anyone working for me. I just trade stocks and real estate. I live off of dividends, interest and capital gains.” The products that the fool buys with his money were made by someone, who did real work. The only money that doesn’t represent someone’s work is the inflationary money of finance. The profits of investors, bankers, insurance or whatever money industry that’s invented as the next fraud, are all usury. They create no goods but exist by making money. That foundation-less currency dilutes by inflation of the money supply the value of the work of others who do make things. Finance is the abstract form of trade, which at least moves real goods from place to place. But we can no more all live by trade, than we can by investment and usury.
      It is obvious to me that we can’t all live by investment, usury or trade. It is obvious that many must do real work making real goods for a few to live large by investment, usury or trade. Its further obvious that manufactures who have large numbers of employees working to make them rich are also using the community for personal profit. All employers living off the work of their employees are parasites that afflict the Human Race just as any banker, investor, insurer, large scale merchant or other con artist. Their excess of wealth is the cause of poverty. It is the lower economic strata, the working and lower middle classes who do the work. We are robbed of our profits by the bloodsuckers: the wealthy elites. The Human Culture has devolved to this dysfunctional order in almost every nation on the Planet Earth.
      The leadership of our civilization has been usurped by parasites that are an evolutionary misstep and a threat to the survival of our species. At the time of the American Revolution they maintained power by seeing to it that their wealth, land and employees/slaves were not liberated when the political system became free. They will identify themselves for you proudly. They call themselves conservatives. They are the bad guys who think that their desire, to have more than their fair share of the wealth produced by the community, is a good thing. They delude themselves by believing it is their own hard work and ingenuity and not the labor of their employee/debt slaves that makes them rich.
      More symptoms of their rather schizophrenic social disease are: admiration for royalty of old coupled to an incompatible identification with the patriots who rebelled against the economic tyranny of king and peers; the emulation of aristocratic self image of superiority, while professing a love of freedom and democracy; the free exercise of their own avarice for the goods of the entire community, while binding the majority to work in their employ producing those material things; that in our “meritocracy” everyone gets what they deserve; the belief that production may be increasingly abstract without harm; that profits can continue without consequences to selling off the ability to actually produce anything; that only winning counts and if increasing amorality is necessary to win then that’s what must be done, while continuing to hold that all this degenerative thought and behavior are a positive good in the community - and they are at the same time morally righteous in a traditional way.

DNews Factual:
      Population growth is an opportunity to expand the pyramid. That’s an opportunity for a few more to grow rich by exploiting the community. But the existing parasites want a bigger percentage, which will exacerbate the structural deficiency of the whole economic pyramid paradigm. They say that’s the way it goes. When problems result they’ll blame them on something else. Like a . . . like a . . . oh, “increasing the minimum wage is what robs the people of buying power.” Profits on investments and other usury will never be sacrificed to the economic truth or for the common well being of the community. If the poor have what they need to live, the rich can’t have it all!

DNews Reminder:
      Remember that a dominant male chimp is more protective and concerned for the welfare of his family than to take from them the food they need to survive, in order to increase his personal stash and indulge his greed. He does not demand that the clan do all the work and serve him his sustenance, while he lays around and does nothing but breed and lead. Unlike Human aristocrats who claim extravagant privileges as the right of their delusional natural superiority, he accepts breeding and leading as their own reward. Chimps, regardless of status, each do their own work of gathering food and demand no one’s service. A chimp has more sense than to threaten the survival of his community with personal greed and avarice, by hoarding the wealth of goods they need to live. It seems apparent then, that conservatives are socially devolved from chimpanzees. Perhaps that’s because neo and all other cons are also mentally and emotionally descended from higher animals.
      Unlike chimpanzees or gorillas, we no longer work well together as a community. We are socialized to compete, even within our own families. We must work all of our lives for increasingly longer hours to make our masters richer and for less compensation. We have no time to teach our children, even when we have any knowledge to give them that hasn’t been implanted in our brains by the masters’ media. Our educational system creates good corporate clones and consumers, who are harnessed with debt before we complete our educations. Most enter the work force already carrying a load they’ll never get out from under if they live to be a thousand. Eighty percent of our children inherit only debt and the other 20% inherit the paper that binds US to their service or are high level employee/slaves (our overseers) who serve the 0.7% who are the rich investor masters.
      Eighty percent of US work till we drop for 20% [0.7% rich and 19.3% sell outs, who manage US so they and their masters can appropriate the produce of our communities] who live in luxury, while we do the work and live in descending strata of increasing misery. What the hell kind of life is that for the majority, the employees of the world? Why the hell should we put up with these 20% who are the heart of conservative darkness Republican SOBs and their CEOs and politicians. It’s been that way for a long time. It’s snowballing its way deeper into hell today. Just look at the latest scams.
      They take away wages, pensions and health care in the Chapter 11 scam and the American workers snivel and whine and say oh what can we do but worry that the company will fail and we’ll have no jobs at all. No brains or balls are evident as the CEO gets a bonus and guaranteed pension for taking the investors through the bankruptcy for which the lawyers get hundred of millions and the investors get to loot the multi billion dollar pension fund. The banks and insurance companies clean up too. But Americans pull a long face and say what can I do? We don’t get it! The useless part of the economic formula is not the employees who make the product or provide the service on the ground. We need workers. We don’t need investors.
      The most unnecessary part of the cost of any product is the profit of the investors and the bloated incomes of the CEOs and lawyers who operate the frauds we call business. Those are parasites that must be eliminated. The Ukranians figured it out. The French figured it out. The Venezuelans, Bolivians, Ecuadorans, Brazilians, Argentinians and Cubans figured it out. They fight for economic democracy and a chance at life. The corporations don’t give these things away. Losers need not apply. If we don’t grow balls and use our brains the conservatives, the rich in America, will continue to take everything for themselves and leave less and less for US until we have nothing and die. We need to fight for decent treatment, fair and veracious rule by honestly, democratically elected representatives. We need to insist on fair laws like the French who have rioted to preserve their common well being. We must demand honest elections like the Ukranians have. We must nationalize Giga corporations that rape the community for the good of investors the way the Venezuelans did with the oil and the Bolivians did with the privatization give away of the peoples water supply to Bechtel. [Bechtel even required permits for the poor Bolivians to gather rainwater. The result was the first indigenous president anywhere in the Americas. Evo Morales repealed the evil neo liberal World Bank inspired law and gave the water back to the Bolivian People.] We must throw out the mobsters who hold conservative seats in Congress the way Fidel had done in Cuba almost 50 years ago. We must if we want to survive. Our political and economic leaders don’t have enough brains to restrain themselves from wrecking the economy and the entire Planet with their destructive means of acquiring profit. If we’re to be saved, no god or hero will save US. We must save ourselves from the childish, greedy fools who dominate US.

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